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  1. Some recipes are very expansive to creat, like Pancetta Languini and its duration is very short. It is very unfair.
  2. Amazing mode, very funny, but where I can find infortmation about the mod? Recipes, breeding?
  3. Hummm, lets see... lets see. And I am listening a video about atrophisics too, something about Interestelar Space and Space Voyages.
  4. Where are you to help me then? =( I am infected and with broken arm and no medication, that is in my vehicle in the entrance and I am at 13th level.
  5. I am playing right now, cleaning Dishong Tower alone with my crossbow.
  6. Hey man, dont take it bad, but I think your job as a moderator would be more productive if you dont just answe like: "You shound't post it here.". Try something more functional and instructive like: "Here is not the right place to post something like that. Go for this (link) session".
  7. @madmole Hello. 1: Machete Power Attack have less reach and knockback than regular attack. 2: A Matter of Stacks 3: I am going deaf thanks to this game!!! 🧏‍♂️ Thank you for your attention.
  8. @madmole Hello! Ok lets go. I have complained very much about this game, I know, I am annoying sometimes. But after these 2 last update, A-19 178b and 180b, I feel obliged to come here and give my greetings to you and all your staff. CONGRATULATIONS! The work you did and the modifications you made to all weapons are AMAZING. Finally is worth use double barrel shot gun and magnun, the new firing animations is perfect. Please, tell to your staff it was trully a great work! And thank you very much for changed the food prices at player and rented vending machines, I have reported this "issue" and wow, you really worked on that. I am very happy I have helped in some way, even in a minor one. But if you permit me, I have a little suggestion about shotguns, the ranged is very, very short, I saw many friends complaining about that, specially during bloodmoon cause sometimes they cant shot in the zombies running around our cage. I have talked with my friend (he has a lot of knowleged about firearms) and he told me the range of this weapon in this game is trully very short, I even have studied about these weapons in the internet and have to agree with him. I suggest you change the ranged and increase it to 10 or 15 meters. Thats all, and again, congratulations and keep the good work.
  9. I really want see him come to me and trying get more stuff... "Hey Biscoitoso, I am back and I want more from you." = Oh! Really? How about that rocket... "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM". Oh man sorry! I was thrilled.
  10. @madmole any posibility of Duke appear in the future versions of the game? I really like to see this guy and greet him with my Rocket Launcher...
  11. Watch my video, I am sure it may help you. Try use a chainsaw like me, it will save your time much more. Every answer and publication have a report button. Look at the right upper corner.
  12. @madmole, @Phoenixshade35 Problem with hit box? I dont. Harvesting with Chainsaw by Biscoitoso
  13. Sorry if my grammar is not good, english is not my mother language and I have to learn that by myself. =/
  14. Very thank you for the explanation and the new deatils, now I understand your point of view. Drink water and fix your backs.
  15. Its looks like you get offended by my words. Take it easy. Sorry if you feel like that. I am not programer, I am just a gammer who love to play this game. Sorry for my ignorance in the matters of programming. I am just asked if my request could be fulfilled. If not, ok. And about "buggy mods", dont misunderstand me, many are bugged, many not, and sometimes just one bugged mod can destroy a entire savegame with hundreds of gameplay. It is a risk we players take sometimes trying turn the game experience more enjoyable. Thats why I have requested more decorative stuff to you, because it is much more trustworthy if the things are inside the vanilla version who has been developed, tested and revised by professionals who have the responsibility over their shoulders, the same responsibility you mentioned. I already have understood the problem with performance even before your words. But thank you for your attention and detailed explanation. The answer for my request was: no (at least, for now). Life goes on. Stay safe and well. Drink water.
  16. 1: Madmole dont mentioned nothing about "textures" to me, what he told is "What a survivor craft and dont craft". 2: I am not asking for fast implementations, I am asking if it is possible, and all everyone told me before you is: "No". I dont read nothing like: "In the future we will add more decorative stuff.". 3: I know the game is still in alpha since I bought that (around 4 years), you dont need tell me it is still under development. You even dont need explain me what an alpha stage is. As I already said, I am not asking for fast modifications, I just suggested new objects, I am not trying to force anyone to introduce it into the game. If they cant add because optmization problems, ok. If they dont want creat new objects, ok. If they can add, but will do it later, ok. If they cant add clean painting textures, ok. My real request is: Can TFP add recipes or add to trader's store items that already are in the game? All I want is a definitive answer and the ones @MechanicalLens gave me, is enough: TFP wont add more decorative items because optmization problems.
  17. Sad. If the devs cant do nothing about extra deco stuff, then we need relly to the modders to do something truly usefull and not buggy. And to be honest, I am feared about mods, becouse they say one thing, but do 3289140389089. For example: "This mod add one extra slot to forges." In the gameplay: the extra slot, the zinc, the copper... What? I dont have asked for zinc and copper...
  18. Add recipes to items that already exist dont will turn the game more "heavy" to any PC. All the data about the item already exists, even its graphics, hit box, etc. This game lacks of decorating stuff. They have added the R menu to Storage Box, it is amazing, but we want craft/buy others objects that already exists in the game. If you dont want add recipes, just add it to traders store and we will be ok. We already have air conditioner and sinks, why not doors or hospital beds?
  19. I understand your point of view, but its dont have any solid foundation. Because this game dont follow the reallity. In a reallity based game: your argument is OK. In a game like 7D2D it is not ok. It is not fair you let a character without any equipament fall from a skycraper without any damage just because it have ate a candy, and dont let players like me have a glass door. We builders are a good % of your public, and customers as well, most players who play in PVE servers, play because they like build. I know a lot of guys what just play in creative. The game will not lose its "survival post apocalyptic charm" if you add some fancy decorative items and painting textures. They will be options to the ones who want use. If you doubt it, just open a voting and ask to your players: "Have the game need more decorative items?" - Yes / No. And see whats happen. "Mod it" => What I can do if dont know how to mod? Or what I can do if dont found any mod for what I want? And what I can do if the modding community just dont answer my request? If TFP already have very much work, then dont need creat new items, just creat recipes for the already existing ones or add to trader, like commercial doors. Thanks for your attention. Stay safe and well.
  20. My hatch elevator since A-18. 2020-08-01_03-23-32.flv
  21. @madmole Me and most ppl I know, love the building aspects of this game. I always play in PVE cause I like build, just craft and build. And I miss very much recipes and paintings textures. To be honest, I am very gratefull what TFP did in the last versions of the game, the R to change block shape is superb and very functional. The extra shapes to storage box too. But I miss more doors, specially dual doors (I can build dual door using 2 single doors, but they not will work as a one door and not will open in opposite sides.). We want more doors, glass doors, commercial doors recipes and house doors. Medical forniture, medical beds too, they already exist in the game, all TFP need to do is create recipes. And we cant forgot the electrical lamps, we want more styles. We want clean paintings textures, almost all the ones we have in the game looks like deteriorated. When I paint with blue, I dont want a deteriorated blue, I want a clean and neat blue texture. I know our characters live in a post-apocalyptic world, but we are survivors and we are rebuilding the world, or at least we want play in this role. Like an RPG. Every time I played this game, I have played in PVE servers and aways shared my base. I aways build hotels or villages and let others players live with me, or near me, creating enormous communities. And we all, builders, miss forniture, doors, lamps and clean painting textures. That's why I get your attention. I am bored of looking for good mods to fill that aspect of the game. I know you and your team already have much work to do, if you cant add more painting textures for now, please, add recipes to already existing forniture in the game. Or at least, put more forniture options to sell in the trader, like the air conditioners what we already have! Very thank you for your attention. Stay safe and well. 😊
  22. @madmole plz, add all doors recipes, please. Miss Commercial Door. =(
  23. @madmole, maybe I should report this in Bug Report, I dunno. But if I scrap a glass block in my hand, I will get only 1 Broken Glass. If I put it on the floor and broken that, I will get 2-3 broken glass.
  24. Maybe a indesctrutible chest can be at final loot, that chest have 2 locks, one can be opened by lockpick/destruction, another can be opened just with a special key. That kay is randomly droped by any zombie in the POI. Even if the player use nerpolling, he cant get the final loot without that key.
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