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  1. Yeah, and some of these are mentioned in the OP. I'd wager that the new ISS is big enough for it to be at least mentioned in the OP too.
  2. I think it'd be a good idea to mention the new survival system in the OP.
  3. A19 lookin' sweet! I myself am not seeing any A19 change or addition which makes me doubt if it's a good idea. This is the first alpha to feel like that for me. I'll miss food poisoning but I realize that food will be in the midway of development in A19, while still acceptable. I wonder if the "Difficulty" option will one day be cut to Zombie HP and damage options, relegated to the "Advanced" tab. Then "Difficulty" could just change some settings in "Advanced" and make the gamestage progress faster. That'd make basic difficulty viable changes for people who don't want to dive in the advanced options and think about what fits to their game or doesn't, considering currently people sometimes talk about how the higher difficulties make the zombies huge bullet sponges. It'd also allow more customization for the advanced players (Zombie HP and damage)
  4. If that old build felt that solid to you, I can't wait to read or see how you experience the latest one.
  5. Well, cuts and removed limbs aren't the same. Maybe the zombies react badly to sharp metal.
  6. The new forums look sweeeeeet! Edit: Even looks good on mobile!
  7. Doubt it will happen, art had to be remade for the new lighting.
  8. Oh thank god . I instantly thought of that when you talked about this.
  9. Will there be swimming animations? Or zombies will just float up in their walking/crawling animations?
  10. Zombies already can bunch up and climb over walls though.
  11. IIRC @faatal looked into this. Is that correct, @faatal ?
  12. Not true, many modern games have an option called 'Render Scale', of which low settings render the game on a lower resolution, but keep your UI crisp.
  13. And the UI will stay the same right? Or the dynamic resolution won't use render scale and instead change the whole resolution, thus making even the UI blurrier?
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