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  1. Hello! Thank you, I am satisfied with your words. And about your comment over the molds, it is fantastic!
  2. Hello. You have a good, really a good point, but pay attention: I am not suggesting reduction in the crafting system, in esscence all schematics and way to craft and forge items still the same, the only change I am suggesting is the reduction of one bench. But ok if he dont like my suggestion. Thank you for your attention.
  3. Hello. I appreciate your advice but... 1: I already checked about Feral Sense before play and before come to this forum. Of course I do, that would be stupid from me complain without being 100% certainly about my situation. 2: I know very well what is forge and what is blacksmith forge, but looking to your words, I am sure I dont have expressed my suggestion clearly. By merging forge with the blacksmith forge you have a unique bench with the forge AND blacksmith forge in just one place. I am just looking for more optimization of the game. 3: Of course I know very well how to play stealth, maybe I can even teach you one or two tricks... But again, thank you for your advice, I am sure any newbye what read your post will find your tips useful.
  4. Hello friend! 1: Unzip and copy all files to main game folder. 2: Initialize Steam. 3: Open the game folder where you have instaled UL and start the game by initializing it in the 7DaysToDie.exe located there. Hope I have helped!!!
  5. Hello everyone! First of all, sorry if you encounter any grammar errors, I am not good with english. Second, very thank you for your efforts and creation into this marvellous overhaul mod! Third... I come here to show my opinion about this mod, things I think can be improved. 1: Zombies sense: I am not sure, but I fell zombies are more aware than normal and can sense my presence very easy, specially during the night. I am playing single player, insane difficulty, Agility build specialized in parkour, stealth and sneak attack. Sometimes they awake inside a room even before I enter, even with me playing without armor, using bow and dont steped into any trash... If you developers have improved zombie senses, I ask you to undo this, because the game already have a option, and I particularly think this totally broken stealth gameplay... 2: To be able to craft plates I need Artisan's Table > Forge > Blacksmith. To be honest I think Forge and Blacksmith Forge can be merged into one. 3: How about forge have more slots for molds? And how about more molds like: arrow head, bullet casing, bullet tip... 4: Building is trully a pain! To craft a wood frame I need 5 wooden planks and 5 nails, to upgrade to wood I need 5 more wooden planks. I need 5 wood to craft 10 wooden planks, 1 tree with 4000 HP drop 15-22 wood approximately (without skills) and 30-44 in late game (full skill and perk). So, in the early and mid game... 1 Tree = 20 wood 20 wood = 40 wooden plank 40 wooden plank = 4 wooden blocks... 100 wooden blocks = 25 Trees... I think it is too much and I suggest rework these numbers. 5: The nights in early game are very very very boring, I cant even open a box inside my base, without the zombies coming looking for me. All I can do is stay still and wait the sun rise... Even with me not moving the zombies all come to my location and start wandering around my base... In the early game I cant build a underground base, because I dont have proper tools and skills to do that. Enough of the criticism... Now my positive view: 1: I really loved the new item system, new crafting and recipes. And Data? Amazing! 2: I am in love with the new vehicle system. S2 3: New weapons and ammo? HELLZ HYEAH! 4: New traders and new places for the traders! AMAZING! Anyway, I am just loving this mod!!! Again very thank you for this! Cya. Beijos e queijos.
  6. If my cage are flooded with zombies, of course I will throw a grenade there!
  7. Hello. It is a old glitch... But it is possible affect or access blocks in diagonal. The problem is: explosions can damage these blocks. Look my paiting: all blue blocks get damaged by explosion, it is ok. All green blocks as well and it is ok too. The yellow block wont get affected, and it is ok. But the problem is: the red block get damaged too and it is fully corvered!!! Because this glitch, your bloodmoon cage/base can eventually collapse because the blocks what are supporting the walls are getting damage and you cant repair then...
  8. Hello everyone!!! 😄 Heres my opinion 😅 1: I dont like the replanting method, it is very irritating. Also I think we should have a machine what automatically collect the crops, but of course it is a top tier machine for late game. 2: Why farms grow too fast? 3: Why farms dont need water? 4: Why we can have good farms in the desert, wasteland and snow? 5: Why we dont need fertilizers?
  9. Hyeah! I agree, I usually use a macro program for it. Also, about my suggestion, when we use a power tool, it is muted for us and the other game sounds, except the music are lowered. That effect will work as we are using earplugs in the game, just like guys in real life do when using tools like it. None of us want be deaf at the end of the day...
  10. Ok, but I want mine and still listening the music from the game and other sounds. I want want to play a silenced game.
  11. Even with the noise we can hear screamers and horders, I aways can hear they comming. The matter is: the power tools noise are terrible. The option wont touch in heat generation mechanics, it will only mute the sound of the tool for yourself. Others players and entities will still detect you. The purpose of this option is to mute the horrible noise of the power tools and care about your health in real life. Not only images and colors can be harmful to players, noises can damage your ear speacilly the irritating sounds os the power tools.
  12. Rekt dont have vending machines for rent no more. Did they forget to put it on?
  13. Voce e Brazil? Abraco!! Tamo junto!!

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      Sim, abraço tamo junto man.

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