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  1. I dont put in intelect cause the crafting stuff, I focus intelect cause barter skill, rewards from quests, junk turrets, Physics skill and Advanced Enginering... - Turrets are OP when moded and help very much in BM nights, they have the most cheapest ammo in the game, they can even be used as a normal gun or a stationary gun. I use 2 turrets in the start of the game, one as a weapon, another estationary, when the estationary run out of ammo, I swap with the one I am handling, so I have a turret working all the time. - The trading skill is great too, save you Money from buying and give you more Money from selling, Money can be smelted and turned into bullet case... The more Money you have, more ammo you have. - The Daring Adventurer skill give you great rewards, auger, chainsaw, first aid kits, dukes, weapons, books... - With Advanced Enginering you can craft forged steel more cheap, without it you pay 30 iron and 15 clay per bar, with the skill maxed you can craft steel ingots with 20 iron and 10 clay. It is perfect to a builder like me who spent lots of steel fortifying my external walls. - With the Physics skills my healling is more effective, In a situation I need 2 bandage to heal my HP, I can use just one with same ammount of healling and plus: more fast healling, and on top of that I can help a friend, get good exp and heal myself with just ONE item! The less healling I spent, more I will have to use. - With Science I can craft gunpowder and fuel more cheap. Needless to say what uses there are for gunpowder and fuel. The Intelect branch not are just for crafting purposes, it is for the economic purposes, most of it. The more you save, the more you will have and less time you will spent looting. Of course you can learn all crafting stuff by recipes, but the true economic advantages you wont get just Reading recipes. Anyway, sorry for the grammar, hope you understand my gamestyle strategy.
  2. Thanks for the answer, very fine words, but I still thinking the skill progression in this game is broken. Economy is broken too... But I will not talk more about that. Cya.
  3. I agree with you, the only skills i really like to max are the endurence branch and intelligence. The rest I dont focus max.
  4. We can use everything without having skills, but that is not the point, the point is the attributes are linked to some weapons and items. Cause that, some players take too much time to turn good at their own style. Why weapons and items are linked to attributes? Why I cant be a Strong guy with a decente skill in sniper or a smart guy with skill in handguns? Ok I dont need be good at everything, I just want be good at 2 thinks: building and explosives, but building is intelect and explosives are perception... I just want be good with 2 items, and the game oblige me spent points in 2 attributes branch. That is very annoying... In my opinion, just general skills should be linked to attributes, for example: Mining skills are ok inside Strenght. And how about armor and weapons skills? How about put those skills in a separated branch where you can choose your own set of weapons without need spent points in 2-3 attributes? Well, if TFP want creat player role, then they should be more especific. Just like Darkness Falls modpack with its professions.
  5. I dont like that mechanic of you to bound some weapons and armor into atribute branch. This limits gameplay very much. For example, I like use heavy armor and sniper, but I need Split my points into two branchs cause the item skill are linked to the atribute... In my opinion, skills linked to items should stay separated from the normal atribute branch. Then we can build a tough guy who like use pistols, or a silently assassin who like use sniper rifle. Of course, in the endgame we can get all, but the point is about early and mid game.
  6. With Physician you can hell your friend and yourself with just one first aid kit. First aid heal 180 HP, painkiller just 40 HP, it is not best or worst, they are just tools you need use according to your needs.
  7. Sorry dude dont meant to be agressive. Well, what you need learn is: painkiller is for that, save you from death. First aid is to heal all your HP. But like I said, if you max Physician, First Aid will heal you pretty fast. Not instantly, but very fast and it is affected by skills. Painkillers not are affected by skills.
  8. Dude, thats why we have 4 healing objects: bandage, first aid bandage, painkiller and first aid kit. - Bandage: Stop bleeding / max HP healing. - First Aid Bandage: Stop bleeding / max HP healing / slow small health. - Painkiller: instantly healing / huge healing / thirst /cooldown. - First Aid Kit: Stop bleeding / max HP healing / Slow healing / huge healing. As you can see, you should use every one for your needs according to each situation, for example me when battling huge hordes I use painkiller, and if i get hurt again I use first aid while painkiller is in cooldown. Everytime I heal my friends with first aid and bandages, and I cant do it with painkillers. On top of that, if you max up Physician at Intelect branch, first aid will be more powerfull and painkillers not are affected by any skill. None of the healing objects are useless, best or worst, all have they advantages and disadvantages and you should use each one properly according to your needs. Stop asking for a super medical nutella healling and learn more about the game.
  9. I disagree. 1: Its no sense in first aid curing infection, just look at real life. If you need heal inffection you need buy antibiotics at pharmacy. 2: Inffection debuff wont killl you unless you is very very very unlucky. You can easy come back to your base and drink your stored antibiotics. On top of that, you can put some medical supplies in your vehicle. My motorcycle and 4x4 aways have plaster, antibiotics and 1 goldenrod. Ok ok I know, 3 slot wasted right? NO! The game difficulties are there to challenge not to be dealt by a nuttella easy way. 3: In late game stage I dont even need goldenrod and plaster anymore, cause maxed Iron Gut and Parkour. 4: You dont even need worry about desintery if you have a beaker, just turn all your water into redtea, STONKS! Desintery and inffection are debuffs that kill only at first or second stages of the game. And serious, I have 2300 hours of gameplay, most at multiplayer, and I never died by inffection and never saw anyone killed by inffection. I dont need a miracle super nutella first aid kit what heal everything even my ugly face.
  10. I disagree. 1: Painkillers can heal you a huge amount of life in seconds but you will need drink some water, and painkillers dont stop bleeding and cant be used in friends. On top of that, painkillers have a cooldown, you cant use one after another very fast. 2: With the Medical Skill, a single First Aid can heal almost all your life very fast. First Aid Kits can be used uninterrupted and can be used in allies.
  11. Laz Man, can you put all your quests in a mod so we can download it and play? I can help you with that if you want as a beta tester. And about the quests, agreed, but it will be better if these quests are optional, some peopple dont like building stuf (just like meganoth) and some peopple dont like fight zombies.
  12. The idea of using a magnun is to intimidate the vendor. Why a vending machine should have fear of a weapon? Not make sense.
  13. I disagree, it is not fair punish a unprepared player for avoiding bloodmoon, how about that guy who have only 50 bullets? And the other who have wooden base? Npt fair.
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