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  1. Some recipes are very expansive to creat, like Pancetta Languini and its duration is very short. It is very unfair.
  2. Amazing mode, very funny, but where I can find infortmation about the mod? Recipes, breeding?
  3. Hummm, lets see... lets see. And I am listening a video about atrophisics too, something about Interestelar Space and Space Voyages.
  4. Where are you to help me then? =( I am infected and with broken arm and no medication, that is in my vehicle in the entrance and I am at 13th level.
  5. I am playing right now, cleaning Dishong Tower alone with my crossbow.
  6. Hey man, dont take it bad, but I think your job as a moderator would be more productive if you dont just answe like: "You shound't post it here.". Try something more functional and instructive like: "Here is not the right place to post something like that. Go for this (link) session".
  7. @madmole Hello. 1: Machete Power Attack have less reach and knockback than regular attack. 2: A Matter of Stacks 3: I am going deaf thanks to this game!!! 🧏‍♂️ Thank you for your attention.
  8. Zombies hiding inside closets and ceiling are a great imersion for me, I like the feel they were humans hiding before die and turn into zombies. But I miss the great roaming horders from A-14-15.
  9. @madmole Hello! Ok lets go. I have complained very much about this game, I know, I am annoying sometimes. But after these 2 last update, A-19 178b and 180b, I feel obliged to come here and give my greetings to you and all your staff. CONGRATULATIONS! The work you did and the modifications you made to all weapons are AMAZING. Finally is worth use double barrel shot gun and magnun, the new firing animations is perfect. Please, tell to your staff it was trully a great work! And thank you very much for changed the food prices at player and rented vending machines, I have reported this "issue" and wow, you really worked on that. I am very happy I have helped in some way, even in a minor one. But if you permit me, I have a little suggestion about shotguns, the ranged is very, very short, I saw many friends complaining about that, specially during bloodmoon cause sometimes they cant shot in the zombies running around our cage. I have talked with my friend (he has a lot of knowleged about firearms) and he told me the range of this weapon in this game is trully very short, I even have studied about these weapons in the internet and have to agree with him. I suggest you change the ranged and increase it to 10 or 15 meters. Thats all, and again, congratulations and keep the good work.
  10. Sometimes I leave my base to mine or scarp things. The point is: I dont need leave for glue and paper.
  11. Ok man, Super Corn is useless for you. Ok, nice for you if you can get resourcers from quests. But for me, who dont like stop building and manage my 10 furnace producing concrete, bullets, smelting stacks of 5 radiator, it is very nice to have a plantation of glue/paper in my on base. I dont need: Leave my base, go to a trader, take a quest, go to the POI, start quest, go inside the POI, fight zombies, farm, leave and go back to base. I just need... Go to my plantation, harvester. END. Your gamestime is good and functional, but super corn is still very valuable to ppl like me.
  12. You wake up, naked, with few rations and a note from Duke, the guy who took all your gear and left you to die alone. And on top of that, in the note he mention he will be back to take more stuff from you. How you want to kill him? Me: a field filled with deactived grenades, electric fences and several speakers. When he comes I will shot in his leg with my sniper rifle, turn on the speakers, call zombies and watch him being eaten alive. But before he die I will shot him again, but this time with my Rocket Launcher to watch him explode with all that zombies in a bilion of pieces. After that, I will plant my crops in this field and use his remains like fertilizer.
  13. I really want see him come to me and trying get more stuff... "Hey Biscoitoso, I am back and I want more from you." = Oh! Really? How about that rocket... "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM". Oh man sorry! I was thrilled.
  14. @madmole any posibility of Duke appear in the future versions of the game? I really like to see this guy and greet him with my Rocket Launcher...
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