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  1. Some recipes are very expansive to creat, like Pancetta Languini and its duration is very short. It is very unfair.
  2. Amazing mode, very funny, but where I can find infortmation about the mod? Recipes, breeding?
  3. Voce e Brazil? Abraco!! Tamo junto!!

    1. Biscoitoso


      Sim, abraço tamo junto man.

  4. Agreed. But now we have this stupid RPG Attribute system that force us to play with pre-made characters. TFP: "Oh, you want be a miner? Ok, but now you will fight using shotguns and clubs." Player: "But I dont like shotguns and clubs, I like knifes and machineguns." TFP: "That is not our problem."
  5. Man.. I totally agree with you!!! Miss the gold and old A-16.
  6. And whats the problem with people changing the settings to turn their games more easy? Whats the problem if they want play in creative? Or even without zombies? Or XP 300% and Loot 300%? Its a game after all. The purpose of a game like this is to give fun to its players. If you like hardcore game, like me, just configure settings like you want, or play in servers with hard settings, if you dont, just easy the game. It is fair enough for all of us, hardcore and soft players. Dont try oblige all players play YOUR style of gameplay. I would be very angry if someone came here and said that now, mandatorily, the maximum difficulty of the game would be easy and without bloodmoons just because there are people who hate bloodmoon. And I am sure you would be very angry just as me. So, if you dont like this idea, dont try forcer others play hardcore juts because you like. And on top of that, there are players who dont have much time to play, they not are like me, who can play 4-8 hours in a single day and can go through a hardcore gameplaying. Some can play just 1 hour, or 30 min, but still like the game, still want play and need easy settings and easy looting to achieve high levels and high tier. Without the soft settings, these players will be locked at the stoneage forever. And no fun for all. Less players, less customers buiyng the game, and at the end: TFP droping the project and turning our beloved game abandoned. I will stand by your side if you want TFP improve gameplay mechanics and add more hardcore OPTIONS to the game, but I will opose you if you want turn these options mandatory. Think about that.
  7. Hi. My HP, Stamina, Food and Water bars droped bellow 80 and wont regenerate, even after use of bandages, food and water. I wanto to know how to get it back to 100+, please, is that a bug?
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