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  1. Watch the FPS counter on the left side of the screen 7_Days_to_Die_2020_08.05_-_19_43_11_02.mp4
  2. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    Ah, no worries - not interested in MP.
  3. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    This is server only for now, correct?
  4. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    "Added Flashlight & Vibrator"
  5. "Up to half of the world's population is infected by toxoplasmosis, but have no symptoms." And then it mutates to the Zvirus
  6. When is the cut off? Trying to get some friends to apply.
  7. Does someone have to go though all those applications?
  8. Steam name: FullAutoAttack https://steamcommunity.com/id/fullautoattackq Hours played: 4,786 hrs on record Started on Alpha: Kickstarter -1st build available to kickstarters Discord name: Maledon Native language: English (I work in QA and also test the 7DTD mod Darkness Falls) Systems: PC and Mac One of my favorite parts of 7DTD is starting over.
  9. So is it not possible t0 mark thrown spears on the map or compass? I've lost so may and i don't want to mod them now because I'll lose the attached mod too.
  10. Trying to get 16.2, would it be: download_depot 251570 251578 7471919719367957705 ?
  11. So survived my first night with a new game, one bug I saw was shooting a wasp with an arrow and when it hit it it turned the arrow into a 300 foot arrow which was very freaky having a wasp fly at you with a 300 foot arrow in it. This is after I killed the wasp.
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