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A19 pre-experimental testing

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Thread is locked now, second wave incoming soon.

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Hey guys!
We just sent out  the second wave of tester invites.
We did lock the thread because as of right now we are not looking to do another round of invites.

For A20 pre-testing we will be selecting people based on how well they report bugs during A19 experimental and stable, instead of creating a thread like this one.

So if you did not get picked, really show us your bug reporting skills as soon as experimental releases.

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Steam name: dcsobral https://steamcommunity.com/id/dcsobral/

Hours played: 5,257 hours

Started on Alpha: 15

Discord name: dancapo#4416

Native language: Portuguese (brazilian)


Community involvement: I've plenty of bug reports since alpha 16, and, being a software engineer, I strive to stick to the form, and provide clear steps to reproduce. I was part of the dev/tester team for Ravenhearst mod, and I'm on guppy's discord providing help on xpath/xml every now and then. The only reason I'm rarely on TFP QA Stream discord is that I rarely get any responses there. Besides, conversation seems to happen when I'm not there, so it's rather boring. I do have YouTube and Twitch channels dealing mostly in 7d2d, though amateur and low views.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPt...Y6LaB4STZO-inA


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Steam name: FuzzySadist

Hours played: 2591 hours

Started on Alpha: Alpha 8

Discord name: FuzzySadist#2447

Native language: English


Bonus: I'm a software tester / developer in test ... so I know how to post information on a bug, including decent repro steps


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Steam name: Rakoshnor

Hours played: 360

Started on Alpha: Alpha 14

Discord name: Rakoshnor#7385

Native language: English


Most of my experience with the game has been with friends both as other streamers and family. We start up games at random points and go through on or off stream as far as we can for as long as we can!

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Steam Name: ssrjazz https://steamcommunity.com/id/ssrjazz/

Hours played: 466

Alpha Started: A17

Discord Name: ssrjazz#4929

Native language: English.


I and several other twitch streamers play on a private server. We have squad streamed a lot of hours on a17 and a18. I also run a test private server to check out updates and experimental builds before playing on our “live” server. Would love to check out a19 both client and server if at all possible.

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