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  1. I'm fine with "hard" POIs, especially if they're marked in the highest Tier. Just wanted to say: Even if you are on a high game stage, with T5 armor and weapons and good, skilled perks: When you enter the top chamber of the Shamway, fall down in the middle of 20 or 30 Zs, including radiated ferals. You will be wrecked in any case. Okay, normally with that game stage you've already some experience with that and it is part of the game to learn, that T5 can kill you instantly. For new players it is frustrating. Drive to T5 quest (could be 2 or 3 km away from your base). Clear everything (takes around one hour in real). Enter room, fall through the floor, get killed without any chance to do anything about it. Now you have to run back (takes another 20 minutes, try to get back your backpack, maybe get killed again because all of your "good stuff" is in your backpack or your vehicles). If you see it as a part of the game experience, it is fine. But in any case it will lead to some rage quits (as I did it myself several times 🙂 ). So you need to learn the POIs first, than check your game stage and then you can do it. The question is: Why should I do T5 quests at all, when I need already the best armor and weapons to get them clear??? => For me this is the central question. While doing T5 quests you can run through a lot of "easier" Tier quests or normal POIs, skill in Lucky looter or Trader perks and check all the traders for good stuff. On the other hand nobody MUST do T5 quests and can chose the other way when it fits him/herself better. Maybe there could be some "hint" from the trader on T5 quests or something.
  2. I fully understand the OP regarding quest difficulty. Especially the night quests (and with feral sense on) you can enter one room, and have 10 Zs running at you. Even with some perks for agility/stealth. I always skip night quests and try to do the normal ones. Until T4 Quests for me the difficulty is fine. You have some rooms where you have to handle up to 10 or 15 Zs (maybe 2 or 3 ferals, but nothing which can not be blown up with a good weapon according to your perks). But with T5 quests the whole thing becomes really challenging. I think of the Shamway factory, where you enter the last room from the roof side. You will break through the floor and 20 Zs, including at least one radiated feral and several ferals come after you. You will be wrecked within seconds. Quest is gone after death, and that after you cleared 95% of the quest and spent up to a whole day doing this. If you know all the POIs than you can avoid that "traps", but for new players this is really frustrating (and even for me with several 100 hrs played). On my second try I made it (cleared the floor, and killed all Zs from above). Quest finished (took me the whole day without doing any looting). The night occured and thanks to feral sense I had 15-20 ferals running at me all the time while I was trying to reach my motobike outside the factory. Outside I was standing there, still Zs running at me, searching my motobike... But it was not there anymore. From the logs I saw it was still saved, but I couldn't see or find it on the map or with a marker. So at the end the endless stream of Zs got me killed. The quest itself was fun (when you know the POIs), but losing a motobike and getting killed because of this was not very funny at all.. Maybe it was because I made a copy of my savegame before and restored this save later...Don't know and this issues is already addressed in the bug forums. Just wanted to say, that there that the difficulty curve for all quests does not match the Tier in some cases. Maybe it makes more sense to add a new T level, so T4, T5 and T6 are available. Or generally mark the quests of one tier by "internal" difficulty. e.g. T4 easy, medium, hard. And for medium and hard you can get one small "extra" reward, medium some chips, hard one extra loot item
  3. Hello all, I've started my second game with A20, first one was without Feral sense and default difficulty. Now I've re-started with one difficulty higher and feral Sens on. In early stage feral sense did not affect me that much, some more Zs when you run/drive around at night but no very hard to handle. I'm on day 22 and have cleared all T4 quests so far. But I never finished a T5 quest so far. I have some T3/T4 steel and iron armor, and I'm around level 38. First T5 quest was the Dishong Tower in Wasteland. I entered the building and it looked like I pulled the whole city. 2 or 3 cops, 3-4 ferals + 2 Z bears and 1 dire wolf (+ several normal Zs). Hardly managed it to survive (with running around and using the mini bike to drive around the building). Ended up with broken leg, broken arm, infected and smaller wounds. So I decided to move back to my base. After blood moon I gave it another try: Surprise: Higashi Tower (directly opposite to the Dishong tower). Drove there with the Minibike, checked area, started quests hub, entered bulding and the same thing happened: 3-4 ferals, 1 or 2 bears and some other Zs from around the building attacked me instantly. From the red dots it looked like most of the Zs are not from the quest but are spawned "normally". Strange thing is that one feral bear was in a closed room of the building, but was not marked with a red dot. So for me it is like small random hordes/Zs are spawned while you do the quest. Are there any similar experiences? For me in the current state the T5 quests are not doable with this massive spawn around the building. I can try to get better gear, no problem. Just was overwhelmed because of the massive difficutly jump from T4 to T5...due to feral sense?? or just bad luck, don't know Are there any tips how to handle that better with A20?
  4. Hey all, I don't have any logs or a screenshot, but it should be simple to reproduce. For a treasure hunting quest the quest marker was set directly on a tree. That means it was set ON TOP of the tree (35 m high). I tried to cut the tree down, but the quest marker remains in the air. Maybe it should be checked if there is something placed before setting the quest marker.
  5. You can drop every quest in Quest menu with the "Stop Sign" at the top while your current mission is selected.
  6. Getting excited! In EU half the day is nearly gone 😈. Wake up Murica!!
  7. This is due to some kind of shader checking. Steam released this while ago.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the huge Alpha cycles TFP have been moved in. In fact TFP (or at least Joel) has stated, that the first really long Alpha release (I think it was A16) takes that long because the development tools will get some updates to speed up Alpha release cycles. But it did not change the release cycle. BUT I think the Alphas have become much bigger, more content, more features, more improvements. And for me it is quite fine: I paid 10 €, for a game I have 100s of hours played (think most of all games in my life beside some MMOs like WOW, SWTOR or LOTRO and maybe Crusader Kings2/EU4). And every Alpha is some sort of a "NEW" game for me with a lot of things to discover. I work as a Software Dev myself. And I "love" the guys which make bull @%$# software because of a manager who says that the deadline must be kept in any case. So much crappy software out there because of that attitude. Spend some more time and some more money und you will get a good product. And as long as TFP still sales 1000s of copies they can make 100 Alphas instead of a unfinished GOLD game, where you have to buy a DLC for every crappy extension. So keep calm, take a breath and enjoy the waiting with some other games from small developer teams.
  9. I do and will never understand the popularity of streaming. Watching others playing a game while actually you can do it on your own? The only reason I would understand: You are interested in the game and you don't know if you can buy it. But hey.. there are some simple ways to get some information about the game: Check Youtube reviews, game reviews (Steam, metacritic etc.).... or maybe there would be some kind of a "demo" or "shareware" you can have a short trial of the game? This type of "trying the game" has been completely abandoned due to the possibility to refund a game within 2 hrs on some platforms. And that (beyond my understanding) there is lot more to gain from marketing view when you use streamers to promote your game instead of trying it on your own. Maybe it is a generation thing and I don't bother if the game drops 2 days earlier to streamers or not. I mean we have waited 6 months up to 1,5 years for each of the latest alphas. I hoped with the announced changes around A16 the development speed would raise, but if it takes that long: who cares. I bought the game for 10 €, have spent 300 hrs or more... I just play one of my 100s of my epic and steam games meanwhile. Calm down boys and girls. Go outside and take a deep breath and enjoy your life 🙂
  10. I also pick it up more "slowly". Finish starter quest, so you have the trader. Find a POI or nice spot near the trader (and best with ore veins within reach) to spend the first nights or already start up building a base. Level ups will follow automatically by finishing quests or looting buildings. For bases I prefer massive square buildings (between 9x9 and 16x16), double or triple walls, place 2 or 3 rows of spikes around it, later additionally add turrets and traps. Stuff is located in a separated base with the same structure, ideally connected with a tunnel OR deep underground the base. So no big loss if base is overrun. At the top outside border I place Iron bars horizontally, so no spider zombies can enter the top of the base and I have the roof clean (beside some birds, which normall are done by turrets). So you can kill everything from top. To enter the base simply place some wooden frames with a gap of 1 or 2 blocks (or a tunnel far away to not attract Zeds to find it). Will see if better AI will kill this concept, but until now it was simple, and successfully.
  11. I would like to have a A20 some day 😈
  12. I love 7DTD, it is beside CIV games and some MMOs the only game I have several 100s of hours played. BUT, I remember the discussion around A15/A16 when it took nearly 1,5 years for a new alpha, and from TFP it was stated, that it takes so long, because they implement a system which allows them to work on the project faster for future alphas. What happened: Every new alpha took as long as the old ones (between 6-15 months). I can live with that, but don't understand what system was implemented to speed up the development to end up with slower release cycles :-). But as I'm a developer myself I understand that, and the fact that TFP is working on another project, while 7DTD has still real good sales counts (so money should not be the problem) it will probably take another 2 years to get it gold (or never will be out of EA, who knows). I check out other games or mods and as soon as new alpha drops in, I will check it out. So I will not spend any more time to think about "why is there no new alpha", but just going to enjoy other stuff.
  13. The loot is based on your gamestage. It is a combination from skills, your level, time (but I think other can explain it more detailed) etc. You can see it in character menu if I'm not wrong. You will still have little chance to get some better weapons but most of it will be basic grey/orange stuff like spears, clubs etc. For me it is a great update so far. The most annoying thing was the really bad performance when resolution was higher than Full HD. Now I can play with my GTX1080 in UHD and it is very smooth so far. I like the slower progression and the reduced loot. As long as you have a small chance to get good/epic weapons/armor in lower gamestages as well. Don't want to play a Zombie FPS, but a bad @%$*#!, burning club swinging, in full metal clothed former IT student how has been infected by a boar 5 minutes after starting a new game...(without the club and iron armor) BTW: is it wanted that boars can infect you? Normally I would say they are not infected at all. But the little I have seen so far was great. Feels a little bit easier to play with melee weapons in early game stage on "adventurer". The Zs take fewer hits and they don't start getting furious by nearly 100%, but with lower chance now.
  14. Ok.. thanks for response.. but this is too much for me.. hunting or crafting in wilderness is impossible. At least at the beginning.
  15. Hello, first: great mod. I've used the Modlauncher to isntall revenhearst mod 7 Days Horde SP. But it seems that I've accidently got the "extra spawning" version. Direct from the beginning there are always 3-6 Zs spawning near me. This seems a little bit odd an I don't want this extra spawning. How can I disable this with the launcher?
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