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A19 pre-experimental testing

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Thread is locked now, second wave incoming soon.

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Hey guys!
We just sent out  the second wave of tester invites.
We did lock the thread because as of right now we are not looking to do another round of invites.

For A20 pre-testing we will be selecting people based on how well they report bugs during A19 experimental and stable, instead of creating a thread like this one.

So if you did not get picked, really show us your bug reporting skills as soon as experimental releases.

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Steam name: EffiJeffy

Hours played: 2382 hours

Started on Alpha: 10-11

Discord name: EffiJeffy#4851

Native language:Slovakian,but I can write fluent English :) (I don't have a microphone)

Operating system:Windows 10 home

I Would love to help and find bugs for a better A19 :).

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Steam name: Shurenai https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shurenai

Hours played: Steam lists 868 hours, But I've played at least around double that counting the pre-steam days, modded installs, alternative version installs and so on. Maybe 1,500ish at least.

Started on Alpha: 1! :DwAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ Or might have been 2. Very very long ago; Pre-steam.

Discord name: Noa Aldritt#4713

Native language: English, born and raised. I'd like to think I'm decent at it. :)


I haven't been super active here on the main forums(Though i plan to be changing that soon.); But I've been quite active on the Steam side of things. Was recently made to be a moderator there and here. Don't mind having to start over again and again in the slightest and would love the chance to help bugtest this game I love. :D

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Steam name: CanadianBlueBeer https://steamcommunity.com/id/canadianbluebeer

Hours played: 2,775.

Started on Alpha: 16.4

Discord name: CanadianBlueBeer#8313

Native language: Beer, er, English

Twitch: canadianbluebeer


edit2: mainly use linux, but do have that *other* OS. :)

edit3: remove live link to twitch (oops, didn't expect it to be a live link, sorry).  LINUX (ubuntu 18.04, upgrding to 20.04 soon) is main OS for 7DTD.

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Here is what we would need from you:

Steam name: Highope

Hours played: 7769

Started on Alpha: A1

Discord name: Highope#9700

Native language: English


I contributed a lot since day 1 of 7 days to die. I create awesome mods for the community very involved.

Overall I'm all in for this game it's such a great game with great people. I'll report bugs :)!


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Steam name: -TSBX-

Hours played: 3545 (Through steam, many more through the .exe)

Started on Alpha: Alpha 7

Discord name: -TSBX-#6147

Native language: English


Additional info:

• Former team lead of Medic team in Doc's Army

• Manager of Guppy's Unofficial 7DtD Modding Server (900+ members)

• Experience managing a dedicated game server

• Experience with JIRA

• I'm not Joe Exotic

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Steam name: Sadist https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198971483889/

Hours played: 10k+ using 15-16 accounts (Has been banned a lot due to spawnkill, provoking and other rude things on pvp servers).

Started on Alpha: Alpha 2

Discord name: Sadist#3747

Native language: Russian

Operating system : Windows.

Also I run 2 servers - PVE and PVP.

Active modder, did a lot of custom stuff.

Want to try new things in A19 and squish some bugs.

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Steam name: Ragnarok http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198420509660

Hours played: 4205 on this account as an admin. 3248 on previous player account.

Started on Alpha: A15

Discord name: Ragnarok#5217

Native language: English


I ran a server for almost 3 years, in which time I wrote my own modlets and server manager.

I've helped establish a few servers from the ground up 1 of which is Salty Zombies

I've released a few modlets to the community, mostly by request through discord.

I'm currently helping on the server side API manager for botman.

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