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  1. Aww sorry mate. You do build good stuff though, and I have learned a lot from your instructional videos!
  2. 5 best: xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) xcostum_Hospital(by_Wsiegel) xcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_OrigamiGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_bridgesideapartmentsA16(by_Batman) 5 not so best: xcostum_TheSphinx3(by_Andyjoki) xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz) xcostum_ThemePark(by_stallionsden) xcostum_Nicehouse(by_BigC90210) xcostum_SuperStore(by_Volar) Most prefabs I have looked at
  3. Alpha 19 is amazing for its graphics. A supply drop in the desert looks just like a comet in the sky! Nice job, Fun Pimps!
  4. So, along with custom prefabs dotted throughout the map, we've been having a lot of fun building our own city at The Outpost - and Alpha 19 with its colours and lighting just lends itself to beautiful pics and scenery! Here's just a few: The possibilities in this game are endless! It's not just survival, and tactics, and making good, good friends. No time to be bored with 7 Days to Die!
  5. Thanks! It was super-fun to build!
  6. Not yet, Laz, it's on our server atm, but I will see what I can do about getting it together for you!
  7. The Mad Hatters Tea Party! A fun build, purely for fun and looting - part of my Story Book theme. Just ask Alice!
  8. Jayden Enterprises on The Outpost of The Dead server A Level 5 Quest build, with stores, offices, a conference centre, and LOTS of zombies! Eighteen floors to the rooftop - can you make it through without dying? This is neither a fast nor safe prefab - but the rewards are well worth it - just remember to take plenty ammo and meds! (Mod Pack (available from the website) is required for this server.
  9. The Outpost of the Dead. PvE Server. Now with farming mod, and many other custom mods and prefabs. Safe areas for beginners, challenging prefabs for more experienced players. Come join us! https://7dtdoutpost.enjin.com/
  10. Here's a video made by one of our Admins, Pashmina to give you a taste of some of our public areas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtSwt_BSkMc
  11. I live in the countryside - believe me, any journey on bumpy, twisted roads takes its toll on the body, no matter how long or short!
  12. Steam name: Libby; https://steamcommunity.com/id/Libby_A/ Hours played: 13,655 Started on Alpha: Alpha 9 Discord name: Libby#6676 Native language: English 5 years as Server Admin; also ran my own 7D2D server.
  13. Just this, Simmeon, under Fixed: Bicycle dismounting causes player movement to lock and lose toolbelt items
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