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  1. So, along with custom prefabs dotted throughout the map, we've been having a lot of fun building our own city at The Outpost - and Alpha 19 with its colours and lighting just lends itself to beautiful pics and scenery! Here's just a few: The possibilities in this game are endless! It's not just survival, and tactics, and making good, good friends. No time to be bored with 7 Days to Die!
  2. I live in the countryside - believe me, any journey on bumpy, twisted roads takes its toll on the body, no matter how long or short!
  3. Magoli This is so very useful! Thank you for clear and easy instructions!
  4. Well done Mag - we appreciate all your hard work!
  5. Haha, right? My pc itself is awesome but I've been using a tv, with limited res, always meaning to get a better monitor. The tv gives me a great screen for games, but not so much for programs like Pille's editor I have decided to get myself a new monitor soon, but.. the good news is, in the meantime, this update is perfectamundo! And you sir, are a star! And a genius! And I am a happy bunny!
  6. I am using Windows 10. One of the issues with Windows 10 is that it won't let you set your own scaling below 100% as you used to be able to. That would probably solve the issue in one step! I look forward to trying the new update when it comes. EDIT: since I have an nVidia 1070, I managed to play around with the custom resolutions and found one that is workable for the time being. I had to adjust the zoom on web pages, but at least now I can see all of your program!
  7. Well I got it downloaded and installed, and I set the GUI scale factor to 0.5, to 0.7 and to 0.9 and none worked. They basically all gave me a blankish screen, ad I had to re-set the editor each time. So, I guess for me, it's a new monitor! Thank you so much for trying, Pille!
  8. Awesome! Thank you, Pille - mega Kudos!
  9. That is what I am thinking - some fixed setting. Can it be edited, I wonder?
  10. @Pille or GuppyCur. I have an issue with the Tools/Advanced window. Whichever resolution my pc is set at (it is normally at 1360 x 768), the Exchanger window is too big for the screen. I have to keep switching to higher display resolutions over and over to get one that works, and when I do, all other windows (eg, browser windows) are now fuzzy. I then have to switch resolution back again to see my browser windows properly. Obviously this is a bit of a pain. Is there any way you could make that "Exchanger" window resizable? Thanks!
  11. Same here, Just confirming it is a current issue. Libby
  12. @Guppycur - yeah, for sure. I've been playing around with it and I really like what I see so far! Great work!
  13. ah he's not so bad, and sometimes he does a silent vid with just the text - that's cool too - as long as we can see the commands and what happens after he uses them.
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