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A19 pre-experimental testing

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Thread is locked now, second wave incoming soon.

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Hey guys!
We just sent out  the second wave of tester invites.
We did lock the thread because as of right now we are not looking to do another round of invites.

For A20 pre-testing we will be selecting people based on how well they report bugs during A19 experimental and stable, instead of creating a thread like this one.

So if you did not get picked, really show us your bug reporting skills as soon as experimental releases.

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Steam name: Khaine (https://steamcommunity.com/id/KhaineGB/)

Hours played: 2,400

Started on Alpha: A7 (if spawning, dying to a dog and rage-quitting counts, otherwise A8)

Discord name: Khaine (Khaine#3479)

Native language: English, Sarcasm


Idiot who made an overhaul in A16 and kept it updated through A17 and A18 (Darkness Falls). Also have experience testing other games (notably EverQuest 2) and thus dealing with the required NDA nonsense if that matters. :)

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Steam name: Subquake (https://steamcommunity.com/id/SubquakeLV/)

Hours played: 4159

Started on Alpha: 11

Discord name: Subquake#9636

Native language: Latvian & English


Programmer & website designer by trade, started development of Undead Legacy mod in A14, released it in A16 and actively developing it through A17 & A18. Currently mod's experimental version is in testing phase. Have extensive knowledge how the ingame user interface is coded and how to change or improve it. Always glad to help other community modders with answering questions and helping with advice about XUi, SDX, DMT, Harmony, XML and C# questions.

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Server owner of Barren Realms for the last 3 years. Admin on the 7 Days Admin Coalition Discord server. Participated in the a18 Streamer event. Helped QA team repro several duping and spawning bugs.

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Steam name: Teamhair http://steamcommunity.com/id/Teamhair/

Hours played: 1151 hrs on PC (played on console before that 200+ hrs)

Started on Alpha: 14

Discord name: Teamhair #7097

Native language: English


Semi-related: I've worked test and adjust for Disney, written SOPs for several companies, and experience with quality assurance. I don't post often because most of my ideas end up in my husband's posts (Gareee - but don't hold that against me! LOL) because we usually browse the forum together.

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Steam name: III NAZARA III

Hours played: 3945

Started on Alpha: Shortly after the steam launch A6-8ish

Discord name: Naz #4595

Native language: English


Server owner since A16. I do Tech Support on the admin coalition discord and wrote some guides/faqs on the 7dac website . I hosted a server for a content creator in the a18 streamer event. I posted bug reports in a14/15 before the standard exp template bug reporting form. I ran performance benchmarks in a15 and posted the results on the form, i've made and shared prefabs and mods, aircraft carrier poi and a guide with template files on how to modify allocs webmap to alter it's appearance/background etc. I also help other admins on the 7dac discord with their mods.

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Steam name: Tearstone

Hours played: 945 hours (listed, pretty sure it's more than that offline)

Started on Alpha: 14 or 15. Didn't pay attention to that when I started, but definitely a while before A16

Discord name: Tearstone#4865

Native language: English


Am a mod on the QA Testers public Discord, and usually help wrangle people during the time leading up to, and around Alpha builds coming out. Have helped with a few bug hunts, and helped nail down the problematic bridge bug. (Which finally seems to be fixed! Yay.) - Also help admin for a fairly popular PVE 7 Days server, as well as their Discord.


Excellent communication skills. (Creative writer since 1996, also have copywriting skills.) I do have some graphic design skills, streaming experience/lknowledge as well.


I usually try to repro a bug before I submit, and try to include video and logs if I can.

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Steam name: DerValiser

Hours played: 1560

Started on Alpha: 8

Discord name: DerValiser#1097

Native language: German


Ex-Youtuber with more than 1400 Hours Gameplay on Youtube since Alpha 8. https://youtube.com/DerValiser

Twitch-Streamer and "member of the alpha pre-stream-group".

Also organizer of the large german yearly charity-event "7DaysToCharity" for children with cancer.


Professionally I am a software developer and have an idea of how to test and report.




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