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Scavengers of the Living Dead


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Below are previews of what you can expect.


Converted POIs


Thanks to the talented Sinda (Sinder) and Robear Scavengers will see the return of a host of A16 pois. Tired of dungeons? These stripped down recreations of beloved pois are right up your alley. With new lurking dangers to discover. Nostalgia will hit big time when you see these in game.











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Mod Credits


ATLA5 Vanilla Food Expansion Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...e-Vanilla-Food

MeanClouds Mining, Fishing Modlets https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...ets-Collection

Doughphungus punishing weather modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...r-quot-Modlets

Spherecore with various modules (Husbandry, Legacy Terrain, Spoilage, Take and Replace etc) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...eii-s-DMT-Mods

FiftyTifty No Crafting Bonus Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...afting-Bonuses

Tins Zombie Snagged Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...eaks-for-A18-3

ExtremeLurker StayClear Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...n)-18-3-tested

Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...byah-s-modlets

Sirillion SMX Menu https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...92-SMXmenu-A18

Added Xyth Creature Zombie Pack https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...entity-project

More Foods Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...LL-IN-ONE-PACK!)

Ragsys Zombie Removal modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...sy2145-Modlets

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Welcome to development on my newest mod project Scavengers of the Living Dead.


Some of you may remember the old version of this mod that was available for a coffee cup before A17 released and buried it under the pile of A16 memories.


Here is a link to the A16 Version Link


Scavengers is intended to be a companion piece to Ravenhearst, which can be found here.


What Scavengers is is a tribute to traditional and classic zombie horror survival. If Ravenhearst is the Resident Evil of mods then Scavengers will be the Night of the Living Dead. Its focus is not on horde nights, or Demolishers, or even mutations but will be on primitive survival tactics, hordes of unrelenting WALKERS and respectful of established "traditional" zombie lore (no runners, headshots kill etc).


The challenge of this mod for me as we go forward is to make it as difficult as possible yet be something completely unexpected and different than what you would expect from 7 Days. We have Ravenhearst for the kitchen sink type of mod, this will be sleeker, meaner and rely more on natural challenges than things like bullet sponges. Building will not be the focus here, rather will be a luxury. Nomadic gameplay style and smart survival decisions will be key to your survival. Zombies will be enhanced with several new "sniffing out" techniques that could very quickly spell trouble for you in short order if you get overwhelmed. The gameplay will feel very similar in style to older Alphas, with less focus on points and perks and way more focus on crafting, resource gathering and scavenging of course.


I've been working on this concept for a few months now on the side, and with Ravenhearst nearing release ready for 18.3/18.4 I have always wanted a secondary installment to compliment it. One that was a bit different than RH. So while there is no playable demo yet, it is coming very shortly and will be developed publicly.


This means most likely lots of wipes and restarts. I will keep these to a minimum. But if ever you wanted to experience what it is like to watch a mod develop from a hobby to something like Darkness Falls etc (full blown overhaul) this is a good opportunity to catch a behind the scenes glimpse.


Keep in mind that this is not gong to be for everyone. This mod will be grindy, it will be difficult and it will be for seasoned players. My goal is to go beyond hat RH achieved in difficulty. Please keep this in mind if you are jumping on board this ride. Any suggestions or ideas should be heavily focused on the primary goal the mod is trying to achieve, and that is difficulty and challenge.


Stay tuned to this thread for more as I develop this into a sustainable long term overhaul.




There is enough work done on this mod to justify a soft release. It is not complete, rather I would suggest anyone who wants a complete experience to simply wait until we hit the first official release version. There will be bugs and most assets and mechanics are incomplete. This is a concept mod right now, and I am releasing it now because I am working on it currently and A19 seems to be right around the corner so I do not want this one to fall by the wayside.


**Features of Scavengers**


-Traditional Zombies. Walk Only, Headshot Only, No Ferals or Demos etc, no climbing or jumping, realistic damage. Danger comes in numbers.

-Fewer resources from everything

-Increased ingredient requirements on recipes

-Perks are available for now but will soon be removed

-LBD system where stats increase with tool and weapon usage not perks

-Reduced loot

-Wilderness style maps

-NO traders or quests. Taking it back to the old fashioned blood sweat and tears of finding stuff.

-NO technology like turrets gyrocopter etc. This is not Fallout

-Traditional farming returns. No planters

-Increased crafting timers where they make sense

-EVERY container can be looted. No more open and closed. Now you must go through an entire poi and search it

-Costs of repairing and upgrading increased (soon to be replaced by special kits)

-All items now break twice as fast.

-Removed surface ores

-Ore traces are back in boulders.

-Layer of hard stone underground that can be only broken by iron tools

-All ores can now be found underground below the hard stone level

-Zombies hit HARD! Infection chance increased

-NO QUALITY. You heard me right. One level of all tools and weapons. The progression is not in rng or crafting boosts via phantom perks but in using the actual tools. As you level the action skill the tool and weapon gets better.

-Along with that new system come a host of changes like 3 mod slots ONLY, no more recipe unlocks via perks you MUST find schematics and more.

-Workbenches and stations are no longer crated from normal parts, but from special station specific parts wrenched from the specific workstation or found in loot. These parts are used to craft the proper bench.

-NO working benches in the world. Harvest them to build your own.

-No over the top enemies. No night terrors, no demolishers, no radiated, no vultures or zombie bears. Realistic natural enemies in overwhelming numbers.

-Harder food survival. Harder to find, harder to craft.

-Building overhaul (not implemented yet but building will be easier with wood, harder with brick and concrete. NO STEEL. Kits will be required to upgrade and repair)

-Less trees. Plant them to maintain your wood supply. Less grass as well. For performance and balance reasons

-Focus on survival food, and much less on fancy recipes.

-Less focus on dungeon pois. POIs will be reworked over time and be more traditional like A16. Sinder is pulling A16 pois and converting them, I will be removing certain pois that do not fit the theme and treasures will no longer be the goal of a poi. Loot everything because great loot can appear anywhere now.


This isnt even the half of what is planned. Some mechanics are not even implemented just yet but will develop over time. The goal is to become the go to mod for traditional Romero style zombie horror.


Please note: This is unfinished and most likely buggy so play knowing these conditions. There will be numerous updates for balance and fixes and content. As such a server version will NOT be available for test or play until I am comfortable with the stability of the core SP experience. I know this may suck for some but realize that we take pride on releasing stable (as best as possible) mods so you can enjoy the end product more. I assure you anyone that knows my work from RH that this will be given as much care and attention to that mod. My goal is to lure fans of traditional zombies and give players who think RH may be a bit much a different experience.


That said..Scavengers does exist in the same world as Ravenhearst. Just... earlier :) So as we go to gold look for more quests and stories that tie both together as well as lore.



Download for A16

Download for A18

Download for A19 Experimental


version 19.0b157 Experimental ONLY


WARNING: This mod is unfinished and unbalanced. There will be several updates, removals, additions and work done. Wipes will occur, nulls and glitches and bugs are a guarantee at some point. Some things may not make sense yet but will. Only play this if you wish to see how our direction grows and builds. That said it is playable enough to be enjoyed. 

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Great stuff, can't wait! And, welcome back Jax, hope you're doing well mate! :encouragement:


Thank you, its nice to be working on something. Ravenhearst is in bug fix mode so that feels like work work, and I need to take some small breaks in between working on it. This mod will give me a chance to explore my creative side and allow me to work on something that will feel different than RH. Im excited for what we can all come up for it.


That said heres the first few bunches of updates that I have made so far to Vanilla.


For this I started with a Vanilla copy of 7 Days Stable 18.3b4 and just went in and created modlets for changes I wished to make for this mod. I present to you the first update.


- - - Updated - - -


Scavengers of the Living Dead v



-Addition: Set up Mod folders and copied Vanilla version of Client and Server

-Addition: 3 Backpacks with Set Sizes to be Worn

-Addition: Headshot Only from Wookie

-Addition: Wood Nails


-Change: Infection Persists through death

-Change: All zombie walk speeds slowed

-Change: Increased Biome Spawns


-Removal: Gyrocopter

-Removal: Removed Newbie Coat

-Removal: Ferals, Bosses, Vultures, Radiated (major assist to Ragsys modlet) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?106453-Ragsy2145-Modlets

-Removal: Traders and open trader quest

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Scavengers of the Living Dead v



-Addition: Irrigation Modlet

-Addition: Slower Progression

-Addition: Useable Wood Burning Stove

-Addition: Tougher Farming

-Addition: Reduced Surface Ores

-Addition: Tools and Weapons Break

-Addition: More Complex Engine Crafting

-Addition: Less Resources Modlet

-Addition: Birds Nest and Trash Destroy

-Addition: Realistic Vehicle Damage

-Addition: Sticks

-Addition: Tent

-Addition: Survival Campfire


-Change: Bedroll Model


-Removal: Water in Loot

-Removal: Craftable Mods and Recipes. Loot only now.

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Scavengers of the Living Dead v



-Addition: ATLA5 Vanilla Food Expansion Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?132630-More-Vanilla-Food

-Addition: MeanClouds Mining, Fishing Modlets https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?132019-MeanCloud-s-Modlets-Collection

-Addition: Doughphungus punishing weather modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?141346-Doughs-quot-Punishing-Weather-quot-Modlets

-Addition: Spherecore with various modules (Husbandry, Legacy Terrain, Spoilage, Take and Replace etc) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103783-sphereii-s-DMT-Mods

-Addition: FiftyTifty No Crafting Bonus Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?137748-No-Random-Crafting-Bonuses

-Addition: Tins Zombie AI Overhaul Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?147586-Tins-Tweaks-for-A18-3

-Addition: ExtremeLurker StayClear Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?160069-StayClear-(No-Sleeper-Respawn)-18-3-tested

-Addition: Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?109542-bdubyah-s-modlets

-Addition: Sirillion SMX Menu https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?128092-SMXmenu-A18

-Addition: Added Xyth Creature Zombie Pack https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?143515-CreaturePacks-A-community-entity-project

-Addition: More Foods Modlet https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?149369-Gopher-s-Modlets-(NOT-AN-ALL-IN-ONE-PACK!)

-Addition: Nuts and Berries from Grass

-Addition: Added 3 new vanilla zombies, 3 burnt zombies and 3 skeletons


-Removal: Stone Tool Crafts

-Removal: Fireaxe, Shovel and Pickaxe Crafts (New way of crafting planned)

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  • 2 months later...

Hi Jax,


Was in Guppy's discord this past week spit balling how I wanted to make a walking dead (more realistic mod) and then i run across your description and its like 90% of what I had in mind. Super excited to give those a go once its available for testing / consumption. :)

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Hi Jax,


Was in Guppy's discord this past week spit balling how I wanted to make a walking dead (more realistic mod) and then i run across your description and its like 90% of what I had in mind. Super excited to give those a go once its available for testing / consumption. :)


We can never have too many of Walking Dead style mods :) This was my next mod before i went into the hospital. It got back burnered but i have a lot of it written already and these past few weeks ive been polishing it to playable. Id definitely look forward to what you think, especially since you are just a big of tradition as I am.


We had this out for a16 but 17 dropped literally 3 days after i released it and it got swallowed up lol Was getting requests for it back. I guess people arent in love with Demolishers lol


Look for this to drop in the next few days. Its definitely not finished and needs way more work but Im happy with what Ive done so far.

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Y'all should collab. Laz can pop his big mod modding cherry. Also, latest CP has a shit ton of "traditional" zeds that would fit, and I used individual .unity3d files.


...uploading to xyth now so it may be a day or so. But I'm over 60 entities now, most are zombies and most of those are non specials.

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This looks mad house Jax


Thank you it feels madhouse and i was trying to develop this one under the radar lol It definitely feels different so far. Look for an updated first post later today.


Y'all should collab. Laz can pop his big mod modding cherry. Also, latest CP has a ♥♥♥♥ ton of "traditional" zeds that would fit, and I used individual .unity3d files.


...uploading to xyth now so it may be a day or so. But I'm over 60 entities now, most are zombies and most of those are non specials.


I would love to work in a team environment but I cant lie im very bad at teams lol. Im thankful to whoever that my RH dev team puts up with my shit as is. Id love to talk shop with Laz though, as I dont want this to take any of his passion away for making his mod. We can approach the same subject from different perspectives and that is whats great about modding, people may hate some things i do with this while others may love his approach.


I just had a read in the creature pack channel man. Holy amazeballs. Id LOVE to showcase your zombies, you do an AMAZING amount of work and they are one of the most popular features of RH right now (doctors people love them) and with permission id happily give these bad boys a home in my Romero house of insanity.

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Feel free to hit me up on discord. The mod I was thinking of is just in the design/conceptual stage so I don't worry too much about it. With my time constraints, it is probably better I contribute to yours if your open to it. (e.g. prefabbing, some XML, etc.)

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I just downloaded this mod from the mod launcher today. I was going to give feedback about the stone axe and its placement in the starter quest, but I see in the notes above that you're planning to remove it. I do plan on streaming it tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the mod.

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Been playing this, it's really fun.


Couple things I found that seemed odd, not sure if they are intended or not.


Cotton, Yucca and Aloe plants give seeds when harvested. No way to get the actual fruit. Actually looks like all plants only give seeds.


There's no 'E' function to pick up small rocks, have to smash them.


Thanks for your hard work!

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