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  1. I ran through a house with rocket launcher clearing it out and EVERYTHING woke up. Not sure why, I'll have to see where the bug in the code is.
  2. Stephen, if you are reading this thread pay no attention to the information. All those torches in your base are needed to stop mobs from spawning, so you pack in as many of them as you can lil buddy!
  3. 14U2NV

    Home Depot Mod

    Yep, trader sells both the water cooler bottle and the full water cooler, just keep an eye on his stock and it'll eventually rotate in. Same for stoves, grills, ovens, lots of nice things. Cheers!
  4. 14U2NV

    Home Depot Mod

    Ah, good catch! To be honest I've only ever used the working sinks and filtered water so never paid much attention to the saw requirement, but yeah, you can change that to whatever requirements you like since the tablesaw is indeed gone now. Good luck!
  5. 14U2NV

    Home Depot Mod

    There is a v1.4.19 for Alpha19 on the github. I've been running it and haven't had any issues, I did however need to make a small change to the progression.xml because it's still set for the perk "Yeah Science" to unlock the Filtered Water Cooler and Yeah Science perk no longer exist. I just made it unlock from Advance Engineering along with the usable stoves and ovens. Good luck, great mod!
  6. If you click the little book for "Description" it tells you to place the door from the outside and the door rolls away from you. Just loaded the game and checked to verify because I remember my previous base had garage doors on it and remembered seeing it. Good luck!
  7. Dying Light has the absolute best zombie animations that I have every seen. The way they would walk and stumble into the front of a car trying to climb the hood was absolutely brilliant, reminded me much of the walking dead Z's. Me thinks it may be time for another playthrough of DL.
  8. If it's blue for the "testing team" then we should all be blue!
  9. I still have my working Commodore 64! Complete with a 5 baud modem
  10. That video above was my exact experience too. Super smooth b163 to a slideshow in b169. Hopefully TFP figured it out and SylenThunder saw some improved performance in his/her test, so fingers crossed
  11. Thanks for the info SylenThunder. Here's hoping that I get performance on par or better than before b169 dropped.
  12. Seems the last few Fridays have had an update, so here's hoping...
  13. Possibly a gpu issue, but my concern is that from the moment A19 Exp dropped it's ran perfect for me (probably the best performance I've had from an Alpha in quite a while) but this last b169 introduced serious stuttering and overall lag. I have a nVidia 950 GTX SC btw. Fingers still crossed for TFP to track down what changed and if its something that works great for some and not others then maybe have it as a "enable/disable" option.
  14. I agree, although I'm a bit fond of the little "poop" pile, looks like a little Hershey Kiss
  15. If you're asking if your chest will be destroyed then the answer is no, they are perfectly fine sitting outside. Zombie don't specifically target them and weather doesn't affect them. Hope that's what you were asking.
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