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  1. Or, alternatively, set the autohide to 30secs, apply, back out menu and change your weapon/tool so that the toolbelt shows then go back into the UI settings and choose disable. Gives you a full 30secs to change it and worked fine for me! Cheers
  2. Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Auto Hide Toolbelt I believe that's what you're looking for? Just change to disable. Cheers
  3. There is an official website/wiki listed in the first post. Maybe that's what you're looking for? Link below! Official Website/Wiki
  4. Wow! I'm having a blast so far, may even put this on my server sometime. Thank you Subquake and team. Incredible job!
  5. I ran through a house with rocket launcher clearing it out and EVERYTHING woke up. Not sure why, I'll have to see where the bug in the code is.
  6. Stephen, if you are reading this thread pay no attention to the information. All those torches in your base are needed to stop mobs from spawning, so you pack in as many of them as you can lil buddy!
  7. Yep, trader sells both the water cooler bottle and the full water cooler, just keep an eye on his stock and it'll eventually rotate in. Same for stoves, grills, ovens, lots of nice things. Cheers!
  8. Ah, good catch! To be honest I've only ever used the working sinks and filtered water so never paid much attention to the saw requirement, but yeah, you can change that to whatever requirements you like since the tablesaw is indeed gone now. Good luck!
  9. There is a v1.4.19 for Alpha19 on the github. I've been running it and haven't had any issues, I did however need to make a small change to the progression.xml because it's still set for the perk "Yeah Science" to unlock the Filtered Water Cooler and Yeah Science perk no longer exist. I just made it unlock from Advance Engineering along with the usable stoves and ovens. Good luck, great mod!
  10. If you click the little book for "Description" it tells you to place the door from the outside and the door rolls away from you. Just loaded the game and checked to verify because I remember my previous base had garage doors on it and remembered seeing it. Good luck!
  11. 14U2NV

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I downloaded this and it appears to be only .xml files, no new icons or such so you should be good with server install only. No need to install on client side. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Nice looking UI Riles. Thank you for this.
  12. Yeah, seems the Nexus link is indeed broken, but you can type War3zuk in the search bar at the top of the Nexus page and click the War3zuk Alpha 19 All In One link to get to the files. Thanks for working on updating this to A19 War3zuk, def one of my favorite mods. Cheers
  13. Absolutely loved this mod in A18.4 and looking forward to A19 version. Thanks War3zuk. Cheers
  14. Incredible! Thx D2D, I've been wanting to play 18.3 with some nice lighting. Cheers for updating before 18.3 goes stable.
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