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  1. Is eating glass still a thing?
  2. Yes, I miss this feature too. Same goes for crops growth too. A18 I could login and my crops/trees were ready to be harvested, but sadly its no longer the case in A19. With only me and a friend that plays I'm thinking I'll just do away with my bluefang server, the continuous processing and growth was one of my major deciding factors on getting a server in the first place.
  3. Farming is definitely super important and I enjoy the fact it's the same as it was in Alpha18 but I've noticed that my crops do not continue to grow on my server when I'm offline. This definitely wasn't the case in Alpha18 and I miss being after to harvest the crops and load up a ton of cement mix before heading off to bed to be ready for me the next day. Didn't see that in the patch notes but its very possible I missed it. Other than that; good update I think.
  4. Absolutely loved this mod in A18.4 and looking forward to A19 version. Thanks War3zuk. Cheers
  5. The mod seems to be only .xml files so server should push it and doesn't need to be installed on client! Nice mod UbberNoober, Thank you!
  6. Well, they do have the right to "Bear" arms too.... Sry, I'll show myself out
  7. Great stuff, can't wait! And, welcome back Jax, hope you're doing well mate!
  8. This is the mod I use and have always used. Its nice, simple and looks like it's part of the original HUD. If you only want food and water displayed then just look for the "Simple UI Left HUD No Temp" mod. I have this installed on my server and it automatically pushes to client, but since it only displays thirst/hunger info then I assume it will work fine on client side even if the server doesn't have it installed. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that. Good luck! https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94502-A17-Simple-UI-Modlets
  9. Hmm...I wonder what changed with the release of A18.3? I'm using this (without custom button images) on my A18.3 (b4) Exp server and it's still working fine.
  10. Incredible! Thx D2D, I've been wanting to play 18.3 with some nice lighting. Cheers for updating before 18.3 goes stable.
  11. Probably a silly question but is the Tasty 18.2 b5 lighting files need to be installed on server and client, or client side only? Many thanks to you Dust2Death, I used this mod in A17 and absolutely loved it! Cheers
  12. Great news! By far my favorite UI, thx Stedman
  13. 14U2NV

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I believe others have said that disabling Texture Streaming in your in game video options fixes the blurry textures. Not 100% sure though, but hope it helps you out.
  14. 14U2NV

    Home Depot Mod

    Thank you for this mod Orbital. It's exactly what I was looking for!
  15. I do believe you pick one. I run only plants_wind and it works fine
  16. I just had to register on the forums to say that this mod is absolutely incredible! Beautiful work D2D, amazing and I look forward to installing this on my Dedi next world restart. Cheers m8.
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