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  1. Punishment is and then pain followed by sorrow.....
  2. @ Ansalem Don't know if this will work but since your looking anyways, go into Mods folder in 0-SphereIICore, then into Config, then Blocks.xml, Open Blocks.xml, look for property class="AdvancedUI" , under it will be <property name="UnlockEnemyHealthBar" value="false" /> Set the false to true, no guarantees this will work and Jax probably has it set to off for a reason, besides it being annoying IMO
  3. I through the Z's into Ravenheartst and Holy@#$ I love the additions and you showed me that new entities can be created without throwing in new models. I just hope someone with more experience adding new Zombies puts something together
  4. Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies to see how to make Z's using just the game base models and only changing settings. No modeling required if your still looking at keeping up with UMA Zombies modlet
  5. Awesome, was looking for this @ mr.devolver
  6. Is it possible to exempt certain blocks to not damage the hands <property name="SoftHands" value="true"/>
  7. I'm just going to create some Z's and let those that can put them in game do it. Its' all a bit too much for me. I plan on doing Z's and Bandits. I'm working on the process right now on getting it down. Hopefully you will have and the rest of the community will have a depot full to work with.
  8. Now I see your point, Now I get a Steam version as well then. Thanks for clarifying xyth
  9. Fuse and Animator are their 2 buggiest apps, like now I've had to install and uninstall Fuse 3 times. Steam has the 2013 version, I was installing 2017, now I'm going to revert to 2016. I'm probably going to have to install the Steam version and then I'm going to let them know about it.....but wait I just tried to get some community help on my issue and the Adobe website keeps refreshing so I can't even ask my question. It makes me wanna go find a crawler Steve to bash with my wooden club
  10. I pay Adobe a monthly contribution had no idea they put it on Steam lol
  11. Cool, installing Fuse in CC now, think I started off using it and it was really buggy and switched to Autodesk. I'll hit you up later on Discord Mumpfy
  12. Also, I know Mumpfy is re texturing Z's but I know my way around Photoshop and can add different variants of texturing to models. I just need the files. I got some spare time. Just message me.
  13. I exported my file to .fbx and imported to Max. This was my old laptop, I don't have access to my student version of 3DS anymore and only have my exports and Mudbox save files. I did this for college project. The model is my face and tattoos with, sculpted to my head and frame. The clothes are free assets I used and are not mine. And I slapped on s D00M logo for good measure. I have uploaded my files to my Github. I'm not into Github and am not a coder, except for HTML, I do Graphic Design. Download Mudbox-Me
  14. To someone who adds model assets to Unity , I have modeled myself in 3DS Mudbox and have the exported files rigged and skinned. Its game ready as far as I know. I was going to let the community have it to use as a Z or whatever. Message me if someone wants to add. I will give you my profile link to view the model.
  15. The archetype just tell the game to assign specific mesh parts to an entity in entity_class. Or did... <archetype name="BanditLeader" male="true" hair_color="148,74,40" eye_color="68,68,60" skin_color="175,175,175" type="None" stance="Like" voice_set="trader"> <base_mesh_parts> <part slot="head" layer="base" mesh="male_base_face"> <texture name="male_head" color="skin"/> <texture name="male_head_old" color="skin"/> <texture name="unisex_tattoo_tribal" color="15,20,25"/> <texture name="male_head_beard" color="hair"/> <texture name="male_shaggy_eyebrows" color="hair"/> </part> The problem is that the zombie archetypes are replaced with prefabricated meshes which look great but we end up with just the same looks. The models themselves will have to be manually edited. The hair and skin look like they may be able to have changes. It doesn't look to me like it can't be done with Z's but I'm not a Unity modder so I was throwing it up to you in hopes you might know. And yes, the bandits and survivors from the creature packs are what I meant as well as from vanilla. Just for a little diversity.
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