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  1. Has anyone had any issues with the zombie resurrection table? No matter which angle I approach it from, no matter where I hover the crosshair, I cannot loot it after it goes through its stages.
  2. I'd definitely like to see the Decoration and Husbandry mods updated for A20. I enjoyed the heck out of those. 😃
  3. Got it. Setting the ChunkObserver to false did the trick. Now I don't have to worry about losing my pets when I log out. Thanks. 😁
  4. Is there a way to keep animal followers from disappearing when you log out in a single player game? Human followers don't seem affected by this.
  5. I think it is. I went and tweaked the stack size myself, and I haven't had any corruptions or player resets since. XD
  6. Another question: Is there another way to get human DNA besides doing the cloning quest line? It doesn't show as a craftable item like the animal DNA.
  7. Actually, I'm wondering if the glitch is caused by the 100k stack size for dukes. The game has been known to bug out with anything more than 30k stack sizes.
  8. Okay, that seemed to do the trick, but there's another problem. On the second page, someone commented that their character had been reset, and the save file had been corrupted. I've had that happen numerous times lately myself, so I think there is something going on with this mod that's borking the save files. I just had the game crash on me during my stream, and when I relaunched, my character was reset.
  9. I just downloaded your mod for the first time (so I got the latest one), and there are a few things that immediately stand out to me by looking at the skills menu. ...Is this intentional? Are there really only two and three levels of the new perks respectively? It won't let me unlock the last few levels, despite having Fortitude and Intellect maxed out. Also, seed packs have no info on how to unlock them. The XML file says they're unlocked by the Planting and Growing perk, so I assume you have to have that maxed out to unlock the seed packs, which it's not letting me do.
  10. Oh nice! I just wish we could collect them and decorate our own bases with them. XD
  11. While this looks interesting, I'm sad that it's a direct xml edit rather than a modlet.
  12. Well, the prefablist.txt thing did the trick. Thanks, everyone.
  13. That...might be it? I'm not sure where to find a vanilla prefablist.txt, though...
  14. Suddenly, I can't seem to get NitroGen to generate POI's anymore. I had copied the WotW prefabs to the vanilla prefab folder to generate a map for that mod, and it had worked. Now I've deleted those POI's and re-added the vanilla prefabs to the prefab folder. (Even tried verifying the integrity of the files.) Now when I generate a map and spawn into the world, there are no POI's. I can't figure out why...
  15. I have a question. Or a couple. XD Does farming work the same as in vanilla? Or does the severe cold ruin the crops? Are there animal followers as well?
  16. It was Caterpie. I hadn't tested with very many of them, however.
  17. Okay, I did get it to work. It's just a very tricky hitbox. XD
  18. Thanks again for updating! It looks like some things have changed. For instance, can you not return your Pokemon to their Pokeballs anymore (outside of when they're defeated)? When they wander off and you never see them again, are they really yours?
  19. Sounds like some cool stuff. I especially like the craftable trader. However, it's generally not a good idea to have so many different ingredients for a single recipe, as the vanilla crafting menu can only display five different ingredients. Therefore, players are going to be confused when they have all of the ingredients shown and still can't craft the item because they don't have the ingredients that can't be displayed, and have no idea what additional ingredients are required. If you want to make the recipe expensive, it's better to raise the quantity of each ingredient.
  20. Yeah, it does work. Thanks for the quick fix. And it's good to know it wasn't caused by one of the other modlets I was using, lol...
  21. Okay, thanks. I don't plan on updating the game until 19.1 goes stable, so in the meantime, I'll just replace the cops in the current files...
  22. Okay, I went into the spawn menu and spawned in each zombie to see which one was causing the NRE's. It's the zombie cops that are doing it, all three variations (normal, feral, and radiated). I don't know why, though...
  23. Yeah, I have the Romero mod installed in a separate directory than the Steam game (because it's DMT and I don't want to screw up the main directory). The latest output log in that directory was created on 9/11/2020. It's now the 18th. So why isn't it generating the log (and I just exited the Romero game a few minutes ago).
  24. I have an issue where I get an endless string of NRE's half the time when a certain entity tries to spawn in. It seems to happen with a wandering horde, or when sleepers try to spawn in. Unfortunately I don't know what entity is causing it. The NRE's only stop when I use the killall command. The game doesn't seem to generate an output log with EAC disabled, so I don't know what to do. It stinks, because the wandering hordes are half the fun of this mod.
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