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  1. We have a "Giveaway" bot in our discord. Next weekend, starting Friday night, and ending Sunday night, I will be hosting a Steam Key giveaway. The prize(s) will be 4 Steam Keys for games worth 19.99 or more, and the top prize will be any one item purchased from Steam for the winner worth $59.99 or less. But I am only doing the giveaway if we have 75 users online at once (not counting staff) so join us Friday, be around Sunday for the winner(s) announcement. Come for the giveaway, stay for the servers and community. We host giveaways one a week, this one just happens to be a big one. I also bought 18 random steam keys yesterday (I have no idea what games they are) and I will be doing several one hour giveaways this weekend, so feel free to join us today!! Here's one random key right now. Let me know what game it was. DAANI-WF93T-JZCRK
  2. Server now has a currency called Banished Bucks. You can spend these in the daily lottery by buying tickets with /gamble amount. Tickets are 25 each. You can also buy from the server shop by typing /shop. There are only basic ammo, a few medical items and food/water items, and a bicycle. We don't want people killing a mass amount of zombies then buying tons of guns and vehicles lol. Currency is earned 10 Banished Bucs per zombie kill and 2 Banished Bucks per minute spent on the server.
  3. THANK YOU! This is amazing news. I have an idea for a mod for A19 based on this answer. TY TY! EDIT: Regarding my customizable drones question.
  4. Server updated to 6.4.4 and Head shots only. We have now added donation Tiers. We do not give out weapons/armor/mods out so we can avoid pay to win, although most of us are working together and it's not PVP so even if we did, which we don't, it shouldn't matter much. Some examples of donation rewards: Backpacks (adds 3 slots) Choice of Scrap, Iron, or Steel tool (depending on donation level) Donators are allowed to set 1-5 waypoints (depending on donation level) Steam Game Keys – I (Rizzano) has a a list of many different game keys, some premium (75% high reviews or more) and some not so well known. Depending on your donator level, you will get 1-2 keys of your choice. Top donation level will get an item up to $59.99 on Steam. Resrictions Apply. Dukes, Schematics, Advanced Workstations, and much more....for more information on donation tiers click here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ONCtBU5ZFbSc9asCebF0bh1ny79worNJ1Gt6HiYNf70/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I have a question about the drones. I know that vehicles can be created and modified to make new vehicles within mods of the game. Will we possibly be able to do the same thing to drones? Create new drones or perhaps even turn it into a humanoid of some kind? Basically I am asking that the same things we can do with vehicles in modding can they also be done to drones?
  6. Greetings! [Haven of the Banished], an established gaming/discord community, has pretty recently opened up a PVE Ravenhearst 7 Days to Die Modded Server PC. We are on day 16 at the time of this posting. Server Name: [HotB]Gaming-Ravenhearst-level 3-4/26 Admin: Pardoxed Penguin, Rizzano, Triggy TL;DR – PVE, PC, Ravenhearst Mod, drop nothing on death, server manager, helpful spawn building, plans on future horde base, waypoints and game keys for donators, helpful and friendly community, discord, other game servers. https://discord.gg/TGymnBw Settings - A18.4 (b4) - Difficulty: Warrior - 18 Hours of Daylight - Day Cycle: 120 Minutes - Zombie Day Speed: Walk - Zombie Night, Feral, and Blood Moon Speed: Sprint - Max Zombies 70, Animals 600 - Loot Respawn: 10 Days - XP Multiplier: 150% - Loot Abundance - 150% - Drop on Death: Nothing - Airdrops: Every 3 Days - Claims Allowed: 2 - Claim Size: 41 - Blood Moon Count: 12 - Claim Duration: 7 Days Other notable settings: Botman server manager, and also, since this is the Ravenhearst Mod, and it's very hard to build a base from scratch, you are allowed to take over a SMALL non-essential POI to hide from the coronavirus infect zombies. We also have a SPAWN building that new players will spawn into when first joining. We have basic workstations such as a basic campfire, forge, personal crafting station, and workbenches on the bottom floor. (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE tools from the stations as they are meant for everyone to use.) On the second floor we have a storage area for people to take from or donate to. (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE everything. Items are meant for everyone to use not just one person.) We also have a jukebox and radio on the first floor that play music if you happen to have a universal remote. Spawn is only usable for levels 1-20. Useful bot commands. /spawn – This will teleport you to spawn. Spawn is protected, so feel free to spend the night here if you are fearful of being out in the open or in a POI during the night. Please do not spend horde nights here. Either fight the horde elsewhere or log off for horde night. /setbase or /sethome – this will set a home base teleport at your location. Please do not do this at /spawn. Use /base or /home to get back to said teleport. /gimme – this will give you a prize or spawn a zombie on you. You can only use this outside a protected POI. /set wp name - This creates for you a waypoint at your current location that you can teleport to. Donators only. /wp name – This teleports you to your named waypoint that you created. Donators only. Future plans: /horde – we are in the process of building a protected horde base to fight the horde. This should be done soon. Use /horde to teleport there (make sure you have a /home or /base set so you can teleport away. /spawn is right next to /horde. We plan to implement a tiered donation system. $5.00, $15.00, and $25.00. While we aren't 100% sure what the rewards are yet for each tier, we are planning on giving waypoint(s) to each level of donation (you can set a waypoint at any point on the map and use /wp name to get there. We also plan on giving away game keys per each level. For a possible example of what we are thinking, Tier 1, the $5.00 donation would get 1 waypoint, 1 game key worth $5-$10, and a backpack (Ravenhearst has backpacks that unlock slots for Pack Mule.) For Tier 2, the $15.00 donation, we are thinking that would earn you 3 waypoints, a game key worth $10-$20, and 2 backpacks. For Tier 3, the $25.00 donation, we are thinking you would get 5 waypoints, a game key worth $20 or more, and 3 backpacks. For game keys, you would get a list of that donation tier of keys and get to pick what you would like. We are also thinking about giving away an Auger or Chainsaw on one or multiple Tiers. MODS: You do have to have the Ravenhearst Mod installed, version 6.4.3, and the latest 7 Days to Die build, 18.4 (b4) in order to play. If you need help installing the mod, join our discord (link at the bottom) and someone from the community will assist you. Discord: We do have a discord for the Heart of the Banished Gaming Community: https://discord.gg/TGymnBw – We have multiple channels, including music sharing for Rythm Bot, multiple voice channels, and we plan to implement a rank bot and maybe a trivia bot at some point in the future. We also have other game servers in the community: A modded Ark server, x25 everything with many mods. a modded Conan: Exiles server with many mods. The admins and owner are working on adding future content (how about a Mario 64 Princess Peach Castle with multiple Dungeon wings? Currently a WIP,) - No Raiding, killing other player's, destroying bases, looting secured chests / crates, hate speech, racism, or discrimination. We are a friendly, helpful community that is always ready to assist anyone in joining or downloading one of our servers, and offer any other help that we can assist with. Please do not discuss politics or religion, hate speech, racism, or any other derogatory things. - Feel free to friend me in discord or the server, I am Rizzano. PS: Please check out JaxTeller718's Ravenhearst Discord to keep up with the mod: https://discord.gg/0uy8OaV8YAMGZKeS PPS: Please check out JaxTeller718's NEW Discord for the new Ravenhearst type survival MMO he is working on: https://discord.gg/fC4UzBA and website: https://ravenhearstmmo.enjin.com/ Tell them Rizzano sent ya!!!
  7. Steam: Rizzano Hours: 2617 Played Since: Alpha 7 Discord: Rizzano#0673 Native Language: English
  8. Yep Tig, it's me, Rizzalicious! Same guy. Yeah I got it figured out. Me and Triggy had to make shafts every 4 blocks instead of 7. I am able to plant everything now. I am going to do the same thing for an underground tree farm.
  9. No I am not playing an older version. I am playing a modded version that has both types of farming.
  10. Ok so it's really aggravating. I have a ladder shaft with a hatch on the opposite end of my base. I place a dirt block 2 blocks away from it, hoed it, and it will let me plant a seed, corn or potato. It also will let me plant a tree seed. I only have 3 blocks headroom. Ok so I am figuring it HAS to do with light source. For some reason it's just not consistent though. Because I place dirt and hoe it in the middle of my base, tons of blocks away from any sunlight source, and it won't let me plant any seeds or trees. Mushrooms are the exception. EDIT: Yep it was the light source, I made 8 more light shafts. I can plant everything now.
  11. Yes but I tested the same type of thing with a light source 2 blocks away and it wouldn't let me plant anything on that either. I had plenty of headroom. However in the same spot I can plant a tree.
  12. I have the same amount of headroom on every block. For shits and giggles, I cleared a few more blocks above the problematic areas. I cannot plant potatoes which should not require as much headroom as corn. I am not planting any trees, but earlier in the week I did test plant a tree and I only had 4 blocks headroom and it still planted and grew.
  13. Ok so I have a problem and I cannot for the life of me figure out the issue. Someone told me that you can have a sunlight shaft all the way down to bedrock and that a shaft like that, one block, you can plant seeds 7 blocks out from it. So I made a 15x15 farm. 7 blocks out from the center on all sides. The problem is in some parts of the grid it refuses to let me plant a seed. And it makes no sense. For instance the top left corner, 7 blocks from the center light source, it won't let me plant anything. However, straight down from the center, up to 6 block, it lets me plant but the 7th won't allow me to plant anything. BUT right next to it 7 blocks out I AM able to plant. Screenshot for reference. It makes no sense. I thought maybe the problem was I needed more light source shafts but it lets me plant 7 blocks out in some spots but only 3 blocks out in other spots. Any idea what the heck is going on that's blocking me from planting? EDIT: It will let me plant mushrooms there, so it's not like something is blocking the seed. Also, yes, I've hoed the dirt.
  14. If I place a block of dirt underground and then plant a tree seed on it, will it grow without sunlight?
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