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  1. Where does this modlet go? Does the XUI go in the lower case config folder? Does it go in the mods folder? EDIT: yeah, my bad, I totally put the windows.xml in the wrong folder and it screwed the server all up. I ended up wiping the server before I realized my mistake and corrected it. The mod works beautifully after I put in the proper URL's to the images.
  2. Just made 2 images, the welcome screen and the crafting screen. Set them to be equal to the size listed in the xml. Uploaded the images to my website, configured the xml, installed the mod, changed the line in serverconfig, will report success or failure by editing this post. EDIT: Somehow in adding this one minor mod, my loading screen is stuck on Creating Player. I followed the steps exactly, left the @ symbol in, put the . in the serverconfig, and I am stuck. Cannot load. I don't know if this is localized to just me or if all my players will be having this issue. Before anyon
  3. NEW AD: We have added much more stuff to our servers. Greetings: We now have three (3) 7 Days to Die Servers - Ravenhearst - Darkness Falls - War3zuK All servers are managed by CSMM Server Manager. We have things like a gimme game, a voting rewards system, online shops, teleports, and currency earning for kills and minutes spent on the server. For more information go to https://hotb-gaming.com/7dtdinforules.html. This pa
  4. I'm one of the admins of a gaming community. The owner has two 7 Days servers on his machine. They both run simultaneously and well. The questions I have is about allocs map webpermissions.xml. 2 questions. First, with two servers on the same machine won't both servers link to the same save folder to serveradmin.xml and webpermissions.xml? How would I go about separating the two maps? The server permissions is not a big deal because the same admins are for both servers. Secondly, my users cannot seem to view the map for the first server. The default level is 2000. If I wanted a p
  5. We have switched gears and are not hosing a 19.1 War3zuK AIO Modded PVE Server. Greetings! HotB Gaming, an established gaming/discord community, has a War3zuK AIO Modded PvE PC Alpha 19.1 Server! As of this posting, we are only on Day 36. If you want to join but need help with installing the mod overhaul, be sure to join our discord (link is farther below) and ask one of our friendly staff for help. Server Name: HotB Gaming War3zuK AIO Mod 9/28 Admins: Paradoxed Penguin, Rizzano, Triggy TL;DR – PVE, PC, Modded, drop nothing on death, CSMM server manag
  6. Haven't made vids in a long time - long story, short of it is family and I were homeless, then in a shelter for 2 years - we just moved into our own place and I can now make vids again! Started off with the War3zuK AIO Mod! https://youtu.be/W0iPfxvnI0g
  7. Also, I, um, was, drunk, yeah that's it, or maybe the sun was in my eyes, yeah, and I accidentally deleted my Builder Quest Chain (the class I picked at the start of the game) and the Bruiser Quest Chain. I am on a server and am talking to the owner there. Is there anyway to give myself those chains back? Or am I pretty much screwed outta those chains?
  8. How do we repair AK-47? I have rifle repair kits but it won't repair? I don't see any machine gun repair kits. EDIT: NVM I accidentally crafted hunting rifle repair kits.
  9. When AIO is updated to 19.1 will we be able to continue a save from 19.0 or will we need a new game? For now i've reverted back to 19.0 so I can continue playing.
  10. For the truck elevator, is this server side only or do clients need to install as well?
  11. For the horse mod, will this be a mod that clients also have to install, or can it be server side only?
  12. I don't know if this has been asked, but if this is on a server will clients need the install as well?
  13. I have a colleague who swears that since the last couple of alphas, specifically Alpha 15. he's played vanilla and swears that in vanilla, cars respawn. I say he's full of crap. I have played since Alpha 3 and NEVER had an experience where cars respawn without a mod to make it so. I know in certain circumstances a car or few will respawn if you have a quest and wrench and loot the cars then activate the quest, THEN cars will respawn around that POI. But in the wilderness, I have never had cars respawn in ANY alpha. I told him show me the patch notes where this is true. He said Devs don't
  14. Greetings. In addition to our 7 Days to Die and other servers we have added the following: -Atlas Server -Heat Server
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