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  1. Did you wipe your saves and start a new game after uninstalling those mods?
  2. Pretty easy to edit the entity group xml to remove them yourself. There are only few entries for them. Just change animalSpider to another animal and poof. I would go with animalBoar for an easier time or animalWolfMale to keep a little of the tension. Thats what I did with the vultures cause they really annoy me.
  3. Did you try starting a new game after making the changes? Generally modifying the progression xml on an existing save does not go well. Does a lot of weird things.
  4. Need more info. Are you loading through the launcher, the exe, or steam? What version of the game are you on. What other mods do you have installed? If you are loading through steam, you can find an ouput log in the 7DaysToDie_Data folder otherwise it may be in the user/appdata/roaming/7daystodie folder. That should tell you the error it ran into when it crashed.
  5. I just downloaded it through drop box and was able to extract it just fine. When was the last time you updated your winrar and 7zip? Sometimes older versions have trouble with newer compressions. Also, an unstable internet connection can cause corrupt downloads so if you are connecting to your router wirelessly and are far from the router that can cause issues. You can get an app for your phone called wifi analyzer that will let you know exactly how strong of a signal you have wherever you are at in the house. If you are in the yellow by your computer then I would suggest getting a signal booster.
  6. Try running the launcher as administrator if you haven't already. One thing windows continually fails at is user account controls. A person would think if there is only one user and they are set as administrator that everything they launch would be launched as administrator but they would be wrong. The way windows assumes everyone who uses it is an idiot that can't be trusted is quite annoying. Some days I miss dos. One simple command from you and it will kill itself. Thats how machines should be. You start letting them question our every actions and we are one step closer to skynet.
  7. Did you rebuild it in 17.2? A lot of items have to be remade when you update to a new version. Darkness falls mod had the same issue with the advanced forge. People needed to place a new one for it to work properly.
  8. Looks amazing, but is it worth the production costs?
  9. Are either of you trying to run it on 17.2? The mod only has a 16.4 version and a 17.1 version.
  10. As way of an apology for my snarky response to your question. Here is a little help on making zombies run again. dwallorde intentionally stopped them from running. Gives it a more old school zombie feel to it. To change that you need to make some changes in the entityclasses.xml Here is an example of the mods settings for the base zombies speed. <property name="WanderSpeed" value="0.08"/> <property name="ApproachSpeed" value="0.2"/> <property name="NightWanderSpeed" value="0.08"/> <property name="NightApproachSpeed" value="0.2"/> <property name="PanicSpeed" value="0.25"/> You will notice that the nightapproachspeed is the same as the regular approachspeed. Easiest thing would be to just worry about adjusting nightapproachspeed because that is the one that is used when they are going after you at night. There are quite a few entries so it will take you a while edit it all. 1.25 is the default nightrunspeed in 17.1.
  11. Because its called war of the walkers.
  12. I believe they have a timer to slowly decay and disappear. - - - Updated - - - As far as compatibility goes. The primary issue is to create a new experience, Khaine made sweeping changes to the progression.xml and there isn't a good way to achieve what he did with allowing more compatibility. It would take far less effort for someone to make small modlet compatibility patches. With xpath pretty much anyone could do it so it doesn't have to take time away from the authors.
  13. @ringkeeper For a temp fix you could open up the games blocks.xml search for wallTorchLight and change the canpickup and destroy lines to HDHQmeleeToolTorch.
  14. @Major Valentine The only things you should lose by deleting the progression.xml is the ability to craft the guns or I should say, the ability to learn how to craft them and skill bonuses may not work with them. You may also get some yellow errors when loading but they can be ignored. You could remove the learnable tags in their recipe.xml to be able to craft them but that would make early game a little too easy.
  15. I just tested out the new version and it is working for me. Now I can just sit back and watch a movie while I wait out the night.
  16. I had one where the female trader was spawned over one of the male ones so she looked like a woman but talked like a man. I called her Lola. Its a crazy mixed up shook up rwg world
  17. @Mundfaul I downloaded the mod and took a look at the xmls. There are only 12 entries in the entitygroups.xml for the behemoths so it should be pretty easy to remove them. Just search for behemoth and remove each line that has them. That would be the fastest method but would require doing it every time the mod is update. You could also make a modlet to remove them. Create a folder named something like BehemothBegone and in that folder make a text file called Modinfo.xml and put this in it. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <xml> <ModInfo> <Name value="BehemothBegone " /> <Description value="Removes the big baddies" /> <Author value="Your name here" /> <Version value="1.0" /> <Website value="http://7daystodie.com" /> </ModInfo> </xml> Next in that folder make a folder named Config and in that folder make another text file called entitygroups.xml and put this code in there. This should remove the behemoths although, I have not tried the remove xpath with entities yet but it works for recipes without a problem. <configs> <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup/entity[@name='DFzombieBehemothFemale']" /> <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup/entity[@name='DFzombieBehemoth']" /> <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup/entity[@name='DFzombieBehemothFemaleRadiated']" /> <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup/entity[@name='DFzombieBehemothRadiated']" /> </configs> Edit: Figured I would try my hand at adding attatchments. Also, put a z in front of it to make sure it loads after Darkness Falls. My game is too butchered to test it out properly. I did do a quick test removing burnt zombies and that seemed to work. ZBehemothBegone.zip
  18. @Hixxydubz I would try redownloading the mod. Could have been a weird corruption. The space is probably not the issue. I tried copying and pasting the code from the xml and it threw the space in there for no good reason. Forgot the command for posting code. But you could check the entityclasses.xml in the mod anyways. Just search for beetle and look at the line for the prefab to make sure there isn't an extra space at the end
  19. I'm guessing they are asking to put it on another website. Likely a Chinese site judging by the characters at the end of their post and that they will credit you and put up a link to this thread.
  20. Are you on pc or mac? His mod comes packaged with both versions. If you are on pc, ignore the one folder that says macosx and just move the folder that says mumtexturesbright or mumtexturesdark to the mod folder. Also, make sure that you don't have a mumtexture folder in a mumtexture folder. It should look like 7 days to die folder > mod folder > mumtexturesbright folder > config, resource folders and modinfo.xml
  21. Replacing the entity classes, entity groups, game stages, and spawning xmls with the vanilla ones should get rid of the new zombies but you would probably have to edit the loot xml to add some of the items that were only dropped by the new zombies to loot lists for the old ones. Some quests would also need to be edited or you would not be able to complete them. For the inventory UI, open the windows xml and search for windowBackpack. There may be two, skip the one in green since that isn't being used. width, height, and font size are the things you would need to tweak to change the UI. It might take a lot of trial and error to get it to look right. I would have your bike near a forge and storage container so you can see how it looks with various other windows open next to it.
  22. Maxcount controls how many can spawn at a time in biomes. Respawndelay controls how many days til they respawn. Total alive controls how many can be alive at a time in that area. This is usually used in conjuction with total per wave for hordes which controls how many total will spawn for that event. For example, if the blood horde has a totalalive at 10 and totalperwave of 50, you will have 10 zombies coming at you at a time until it hits a total of 50 zombies at which point that event ends. I really wish there was a spawn factor variable that would just multiply all zombie totals by whatever factor you choose rather than having to edit every individual line.
  23. With those two stores carrying some of the rarest loot they may have a low spawn rate compared to the others. I'm pretty sure I've seen both in one of my games with this pack.
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