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  1. Welcome to the Potato Lounge Community!. We are always looking for New Players, 18+, whether you are a Veteran or new to the game to Join our mature community. The servers are based out of NA East ( NY ). We also play other games if your looking for more than just 7 days with friends. Join our discord for more info. PVE. Server Name: TPL War3zuk A10 20.6 ver 7.8 IP: Server Name: Potato Lounge Darkness Falls (10k) - Current testing new Wipe combo IP: Server Name: TPL Ravenhearst (8k) IP: You will need the Mod Launcher Discord: https://discord.gg/6bsXnP8EfZ Do you got what it takes to survive in our server!?, see you there!
  2. The Oasis | 6k Map | Difficulty: 3 | XP: 300% | Loot: 150% | Resets: As Needed | Air Drops Daily | New mods every week | Monthly Wipes Old School loot shot survive.. ○ 15 New Item Modifiers ○ 50 New Weapons ○ 24 New Sets of Armor More mods to come at the community's request. Join Today steam://connect/ The Golden Rule applies.[-] We're all here to have fun, so respect other players and staff. Don't cheat. This includes all forms of cheating. You can get banned and that's not fun. Please speak respectfully in chat. We shouldn't have to tell you that racist or insulting comments are bad. Our admins will use their judgement about how you speak in chat. If you are warned, stop or the next step is banning. ]We are a PvE/PvP server. Friendly fire is on. Don't show up with an offensive name. They aren't allowed. If we say it's offensive, just go change it or find another server. Also, names with special characters are not allowed for a lot of reasons. Just don't. If you're here to play and have fun, come on inside! https://discord.gg/MRCMURFXVa"
  3. For those pipz that prefer newly established server. Asia Apocalypse has just landed! Best apocalyptic experience in Asia!Come join us slay some zeds!You'll receive a starter pack upon joining. There's available lobby, medic, horde base establishments for community use.Modded zombies and items are implemented, there’s exp multipliers too! Modded items can be bought from the web shop.In-game commands available for players to use such as / lobby, /horde, /medic, /bank, /gimme etc. more commands to be implemented as the server progress. See you let’s get lock and loaded Disc: https://discord.gg/GF3EY9aJVz Server name: Asia Apocalypse Location: Singapore Map: Cruzside - RGW Slot: 60 IP:
  4. So i use steam to play 7dtd and my friends recently joined me and they are using xbox game pass PC. The first few days was a good, and everything was set up via Dedicated server Pingperfect. Everyone having a good time. However just yesterday. All my friends are not able to connect to the server. It has this error on the command "WRN Net LiteNetLib: SendData requested without active connection". Already tried some of the solutions given to me by customer support like reinstalling and wiping the game from scratch. Changing <ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols "SteamNetworking"> to ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols "LiteNetLib". So far all of those did not help. If anyone has similar issues or has a solution for the problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Me and my friend have been getting back into 7 days to die recently. However, we have came across an interesting quirk of the game that we have only encountered somewhat rarely (2 or so times every 10 days). In this event, every zombie that spawns in is feral, and mysteriously de-activates/despawns in the morning. We are on the highest difficulty setting, so we are wondering if this is an unknown feature or an unreported bug. Thank you in advance.
  6. Libertas Legion 18+ PVP Modded Server (Restarted 05/31/2022) The LSLN Community has launched a Modded server for PVP players. Refreshed and restarted, we are proud to offer a server with a large random map, PVP/PVE with active admins open to all! We want to see the server take off and introduce new and old player to a unique 7DaysToDie experience! Bring your friends! Our server offers: An 18+ active community of players PVP/PVE at your discretion 44 Custom Server Side mods for new and old players Active Admins and Discord Server Information: Name: Libertas Legion 18+ PVP modded IP: Port: 26900 Mods: - Acid Recipe - Bushcraft Bites - Advanced Medical Craft - Car + Forest Respawner - Boiled can water + Snowberries and Herbal Medicine - Random Animal/Animal Pack Spawner - Specialised traders + Unique items + Open and Close Times - Robeloto Zombies Expansion - Robeloto Dismantle Traps - Schematic List/Tracker and Craft ability - Server Side Vehicles - Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack + Loot Box Addon - Sewing kit recipe - megacrush Recipe - Jail doors/bar recipe - Donovan Megastacks - Donovan More Perks - Donovan CraftSchematics - Donovan Longer Loot Bag decay rate - Doughs Grenade Buff - Doughs Infection Buff - Doughs pipe bomb buff - Doughs Craftable santa hat - Doughs Soup Chef of the Apocalypse - Doughs YouGotMail - Working Ice Machines - KHA20 3 Slot Forges - KHA20 12 craft Queue - KHA20 Steel Ammo - 60 slot BackPack + 30 Reserve - More Lights - Nomad64 super chargers - Parts Crafting A20 - Plaebad Lever Action 44 + Realistic Silencers - RELXIX Tree Drops provide loot - RELXIX UI Compass Highlight - SawWoodS - Sams Building Stuff - Sams Council Stuff - Sams Deco Stuff - Sams Steel electric fence - SKarmah Player Body Remains - Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus - Sams Special Ammo - Sams Storage Stuff - Sams Tactical Nuke - Sams Working Stuff - Valmars Animal Snares - WMM Avoid Blood Moon - En Zombies + Patch - JaxTeller718 More mod slots - Stallionsdens More Lootable objects, pallets and shelves - Stallionsdens Supply crates (Custom version for Rad Zone) For server/mod details, any questions or information, we have an active server discord over at: https://discord.gg/NGrFqjnxUj
  7. Handcrafted Map | 1000+ selected POIs | Fun Focus | Many Server Side QoL Mods | Custom Economy & Quests | Server Side Shop | Multi Group Horde Nights | Plot Claim System Like On Minecraft City Build Servers * Our persistent player city that will stay as it is till A21, and beyond. We plan to migrate your buildings into A21! * Server-side shop with non-game breaking items, sold for our custom currency: Zombie Parts * Short nights, traders open in daylight. We don't like idling so much. * Event Arena and irregular server events * Custom quest line which will be extended over the next weeks and months * New dangers and zombies, while keeping the early game doable. * Defend the player town as a huge group. Server-wide quests will spawn hordes that need to be eliminated by the community. Handcrafted map with a new biome and custom decorations: * North: PvE in forest and desert * South: PvP in snow and radioactive wasteland T5 buildings can only be found in the south, so prepare well. Website for rules and more: https://supersmack.city/ Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/9E7Pc5d8m9 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperSmackCity
  8. https://youtu.be/gewjxgeyqTw
  9. I started a new series today of 7DTD A20 on my gaming channel. A ship hit a reef not far from a large island and 200 passengers swam to the safety of the island. However, it was soon clear that this island was not safe. Not only were hordes of zombies roaming the island but it was going to soon be clear why this island was known as Snake Island. Episode 1: I found a house to explore on the island and this shocking thing happened to me.
  10. A20.4.101 version is here Nexus mods page is here (I appreciate if you download and endorse the mod there, I'm earning points when you download and with points I can get free steam game keys or donate to charities etc.. Thanks for your support.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys and Gals, Welcome to the 2022! Wishing Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! I just made big change on mod structure. Also added some little QoL and fun extras. Now this is not a modlet that includes everything, it is a compilation of 18 modlets. Check below descriptions to learn what's included in them. If anything doesn't suit your taste, just delete its folder from ~/Mods folder. If you want what you deleted back, just open the archive and put it back into ~/Mods folder. For the sake of simplicity old descriptions removed but changelogs preserved. Therefore you have to try all these special things yourself to see what's so special about them if you are new here and didn't have chance to try earlier. special_things_00_basics ### Mandatory to have. Never delete this folder unless you want complete uninstall. ### • Special Forge and Workbench • Invulnerable materials • Special Stone Axe special_things_01_extras ### Extra tools that I didn't want in basics. ### • Special Claw Hammer and Nailgun • Special Paint Tool special_things_02_apparel ### Very useful apparel. ### • Special Cigar and Shades • Special Mining Helmet • Special Rocket Shoes and Rocket Boots special_things_03_consumables ### Very useful drink, food and meds. ### • Special Beer • Special Hunter and Farmer Stew • Special Painkiller special_things_04_melee_b ### You can have candles made of zeds or charge your phone over zeds. ### • Special Torch* and Flashlight • Special Fireaxe and Javelin *Known bug: you can't power attack with Special Torch in 3rd person view. (3rd person view is only available via Debug Mode) special_things_05_ranged_b ### Silent. Useful. Long ranged. ### • Special Bow and Crossbow • Special Arrow and Crossbow Bolt • Special Junk Turret special_things_06_blocks_b ### Nothing can destroy these unless you want it happen so. ### • Invulnerable Steel Shapes • Invulnerable Glass Block, Ramp, Plate and Pillar • Invulnerable Storage Box special_things_07_blocks_e ### Indestructible housing blocks. Mannequin is a training dummy. ### • Invulnerable House Door and Vault Door • Invulnerable Cellar Hatch and Vault Hatch • Invulnerable Garage Doors and Draw Bridge • Invulnerable Female Mannequin special_things_08_bicycle ### Fast speed. High resistance. 90 slots. ### • Special Bicycle special_things_09_trader ### She sells what's most required. Always open. Refreshing stock everyday. ### • Special Trader special_things_10_melee_e ### More melee weapons including those added earlier upon request. ### • Special Machete and Knuckles • Special Club and Sledgehammer • Special Spear special_things_11_ranged_e ### More ranged weapons, firearms to be exact. ### • Special Double Barrel Shotgun, Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun • Special .44 Magnum Revolver, Desert Vulture and Pistol • Special SMG5, AK-47, Tactical AR and M60 • Special Hunting Rifle, Lever Action Rifle and Sniper Rifle • Special Shotgun Slug, .44 Magnum, 9mm, 7.62mm Bullets and Bundles special_things_12_armor ### Special Tank Top removed. Nothing else here yet. ### special_things_13_ui ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### UI modifications. ### • Shows HP and name of entity • Adds center mark to compass, color is aqua special_things_14_hand ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Improves player hand and makes brawling a competitive build. ### • Increases player hand's speed and damage special_things_15_stack ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Increases some stack quantities to 50K. ### • Resources, foods, drinks, medicals, drugs, ammo and others special_things_16_7x24 ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Change of working hours for all traders. ### • Now traders are working tirelessly, 7x24 special_things_17_loot ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Harvesting animal body gives an extra resource. ### • Rabbit gives Blood Bag • Chicken gives Sewing Kit special_things_99_nsfw ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### IF YOU ARE NOT AN ADULT DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT. ### • Removes top from female torso (makes topless) • Removes shorts from female legs (a panty will still be there) How to find in game Crafting Creative menu What other This mod is server sided, if you prefer multiplayer your clients don't need to download anything. Upgrading invulnerable block = getting regular destructible block Magenta = new = added with latest version ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog A20.4.101 Localization files structure fixed for A20.4 (they were causing red warnings at loading but somehow they were still working... now there is no error at loading) A20.3.101 Added two QoL hack as a new modlet • Harvesting a rabbit's body will give you blood bag • Harvesting a chicken's body will give you sewing kit Adjusted all recipes • Changed first entries of most recipes (Just recently I learned we get first entry when we scrap something) • Made balance changes / mostly raised quantities required (some items are still left easy to craft intentionally) • Added new requirements like armor parts for apparel crafting and tool parts for axe and hammer crafting • Added optional secondary recipes (for Special Torch and Flashlight) Updated some localization files • Ammo bundles desc. were "... 100 pieces", now they are "... 100x100 pieces" • Removed a redundant line break from Special Stone Axe desc. Updated out of date meshfile paths to A20 (some of the ranged weapons had old meshfile paths registered) A20.0.100a Small bugfix for Special Nailgun (Native nail as a magazine item was not doing any damage, it is fixed immediately.) A20.0.100 Now this is not a modlet that includes everything, it is a compilation of 18 modlets. Check above description for what's included in every one of them. Added Special Flashlight Added UI modifications Added player hand improvements Added QoL modifications Added something nsfw A20.0.004a Note that: Below issues were related to invulnerable blocks only version. Main versions of the mod don't have any issues. Fixed storage box recipe Fixed having no tool to upgrade invulnerable blocks A20.0.004 Fixed no inventory issue when you open special forge or special workbench (it was because in A20 devs decided to add open_backpack_on_open="true" close_compass_on_open="true" parameters in xui.xml file) A20.0.003 Fixed Invulnerable Glass blocks, they are working on A20 now A20.0.002 (not released to public) Added forged intermediate. A working -normal- forge needed to craft intermediate; intermediate needed to craft special forge; and intermediate + invulnerable steel + invulnerable glass needed to craft special workbench Removed admin shotgun and added admin pipe pistol instead Fixed Special Trader, it is working on A20 now Fixed Special Bicycle, it is working on A20 now A20.0.001 (not released to public) Initial version for A20 build A19.6.100 Disclaimer: Weapon IDs changed (e.g. AK-47) If you are updating from previous version some of your weapons can disappear. Major changes Fixed names and added description texts to all. PM me if you are interested translating into your language. Made special items and invulnerable blocks craftable only on special forge and special workbench Adjusted ranges, zoom levels, spreads and kicks of all weapons Minor changes Added special painkiller to bring "removeallnegativebuffs" buff back Changed special stone axe into less powerful tool but, now it is possible to craft without workbench Added special claw hammer to fill the void of old special stone axe Added special javelin, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench Added special spear, basically better version of special javelin Added special fireaxe, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench Added special admin shotgun to help server admins. It is not viable to craft, since target users are admins they can get via CM Changed some weapons' sound as silencer version where it is possible Removed special stun baton as it was able to harm traders irreversibly which can affect gameplay in a bad way (No problem though if you used on Rekt, he deserves it) Fixed some minor errors those missed earlier Made many minor changes and adjustments Note: Crafting special stone axe, special javelin and special fireaxe without workbench can seem overpowered to experienced players but, it is not completely right. I tested them to not make them dominate the game in day 1, yes of course they are not your ordinary useless stone items, of course they are special however they still can't save your day solely against a horde night. They are just Quality of Life tools, especially when starting a new game. Also many newcoming players find 7DTD challenging to play and drop playing, I believe these tools can make some players actually start enjoying the game and keep playing. v8.0.0 Added special melee weapons - Candy club - Sledgehammer - Steel spear - Stun baton Added special ranged weapons - Compound bow - Iron crossbow - Pump shotgun - Auto shotgun - Tactical AR - M60 - Marksman rifle - Sniper rifle Added special ammo - Steel arrow AP (and its bundle) - Steel crossbow bolt AP (and its bundle) v7.3.1 Increased invulnerable storage box stack to 30k like other invulnerable blocks v7.3.0 Added invulnerable storage box Fixed special forge and workbench being destructible (now both are invulnerable) Created optional/lightweight/nostorage edition of mod due to compatibility issues with Undead Legacy. (Download from here) v7.2.5 Added special handgun desert vulture Added special torch Added special food hunter stew Added special food farmer stew Torch power attack effects implemented Fixed knuckles power attack harvesting options Knuckles block damage and range increased Changed craft times (to bring some immersion) Changed the ammo types special weapons can use (now you can use regular ammo with special weapons) Exhanged swing sound of machete heavy and light attack as well as knuckles Added elemental (explosion) resistance to helmet, tanktop, boots and shoes Improved some passive and triggered effects (minor edit of some buffs like adding radiation resistance to special apparel) Removed removeallnegativebuffs effect from special foods, instead added extra health bonus and matched its duration with stamina bonus Changed Invulnerable blocks upgrade items (to make them vulnerable) to forged invulnerable materials (previously those were invulnerable blocks themselves) Changed Invulnerable blocks repair items to forged invulnerable materials (previously those were invulnerable blocks themselves) Other minor fixes v7.0.0 Added special bicycle Added special turret Fixed wrong icons for special ammo bundles, now bundles show corresponding ammo's icon. Other minor improvements. v6.0.0 Fixed special forge and special workbench (XUi was missing). Added missing invulnerable steel door recipe. Added special steel knuckles. Added special rocket shoes and changed special rocket boots. Also there are other minor changes; * special mining helmet's light changed, * bartering bonus of special beer adjusted, * special smg's recipe changed, * standardised code/text in items.xml, * fixed special machete stacking issue, * improved special shades (added attribute bonuses and loot game stage bonus), * improved special cigar (added attribute bonuses, improved barter sell bonus), * removed negative earth damage multiplier of special stone axe (for faster digging at early game). v5.0.0 Fixed recipe of special trader. Fixed/added recipe for special machete. Improved text/code of special drink beer, created new buff for it. Added special forge and workbench. Added invulnerable steel door (simplistic alternative to vault door). v4.0.0 Fixed invisible icons of invulnerable steel bars. Fixed wrong model of .44 Magnum handgun. Added Special Machete (to farm animal fat, leather etc). Added Special Trader (Copy of Jen with different items; you can buy, sell and take jobs like any other trader, you can place her anywhere and also place as much as you want). v3.1.1 Standardises code between A18.4 and A19 to apply future updates easily on both version. Removes all harvesting and dropping chances from invulnerable blocks. Adds new invulnerable steel hatch (looking more simple than vault hatch, added upon requested). v3.0.1 Bugfix; CustomIcon parameters changed to fix invisible icons in A19 version. v3.0.0 Gun parts name in recipes changed for A19 compatibility. Before v3.0.0 ... special_things_by_hsngrms-700.zip special_things_by_hsngrms-400.zip special_things_by_hsngrms-500.zip special_things_by_hsngrms-600.zip
  11. All Night Gamers - Undead Legacy I PvE Come on down and have some all-night fun! General Server IP: Game Port: 26900 Game Version: A 20.5 Undead Legacy Version: 2.5.82 Difficulty: Survivalist Basic 24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes / Daylight Length: 18 - Default daytime: 4:00 Max Zombies: 100 Max Animals: 50 Advanced Player/ AI Block Damage: 100% Loot Abundance: 100% / Re-spawn Time: 30 Days Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing Blood Moon Count: 8 Multiplayer PvE only - No Killing Claim size: 51 Blocks/ Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PvE only No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader and don't build or within 200 blocks of any city. Respect other players and the admins.
  12. Description Shady Grove is a PvE challenge server with a focus on long-term progression. We have many mods with no download required. Mods include action skills, EN zombies, challenge farming, immersive vendors, alchemy, H7SB seats and backpacks, Ranger Mod, nutrition buffs, and many more; some made especially for this server. Guides for the modded elements available in-game by just typing "How To" into the crafting search. We have a beautiful player shop area town with an inn, where players can claim space and build their own shops. Wasteland is now an end game radiation zone with real radiation and extremely powerful zombies, as well as a T5 castle end-game POI. No P2W. No gameplay advantages for donators. No unfair playing field at all. Brand new server hardware. Very fast; no lag; fast restarts. Regular off-site backups. Feel free to join our Discord at https://discord.gg/RuqsG6HxhN to get started, or jump right in: steam://connect/ShadyGrove.NightscapeGaming.com:26900 Details Version: A 20.6 Day Length: 2 hours Night Length: 4 hour nights (22:00 - 02:00); traders open at 02:05 Loot Abundance: 85% XP Multiplier: 75% Land Claim Size: 70 Land Claim Count: 2 Bot Commands Available: waypoints, home teleports, bot currency, etc Current Day: 184 Current Players: 2-3 that sign on daily; around 8 that sign on at least weekly Game Duration: We'll run until corruption forces us to restart, then we'll do so with additional mods to explore and enjoy
  13. This is the second episode of our horde base called the electrified killing corridor. In this episode were about to take on the 44 day horde with the upgraded version of the base.
  14. Greetings to all, dear forum members. I'm playing with my friends on the server, and we have a problem. From electronic structures (turrets, electric fences), experience is given only to the server owner. Is there any way to fix this, or do I not understand something?
  15. I want to find some people with whom I can meet, so that we can play 7days in a way that's really close knit. If you've watched Neebsgaming on YouTube you'd understand quickly; but what I'm hoping for is something that is akin to a semi-roleplay scenario, where we can chat on call like it's first person, optionally utilizing Discord channels for when the group is separated, and even with the possibility of being recorded, like in a series format. The recording isn't important, I just figure it would be a fun way of showing the story and progression of the team! If anyone is interested, I'm online from 8am-8pm Pst for the remainder of the month, then after that 3-7pm from then on. I hope to know some exciting people! Feel free to friend and message Azazel#6434 on Discord (just make sure to say your username or # as a comment here so I know its you since you have to friend strangers to dm them) I'm open to questions if you have a thought My steam is 1143264351
  16. 7 days to die bug me cant join any game la braderr need a fix for this sheet exc nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object this thingy pops up everytime i join my server n single player its appears in somethings like cmd thingy welp me la cb
  17. Are you a night owl? Play games at night? Then come on over and check out our server All Night Gamers – Jericho! A PvE, vanilla server. Come on over and have chill, friendly day. Note: You don’t even have to be a night owl to play either! Just play and have fun! Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7pNxkpr Version: Stable - A20.2 (b238) Direct Connect: 28021 Basic Difficulty: Survivalist Daylight Length: 18 / 60 Minutes Zombie speed: Walk (Day)/ Sprint (Night, Feral, & Blood Moon) Max Zombies & Animals: 60 / 50 XP: 100% - Default Advanced Block Damage: 100% (Player, Zombie, & Horde Night Zombie) Loot: 100% / 30 Day Respawn Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing Blood Moon Count: 8 Airdrops: 3 Days Multiplayer Player Killing: No Claim size: 51 / Deadzone: 13/ Duration: 7 Days Server Rules PvE only No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader, and don't build in or within 200 blocks of a city English only in public chat Respect other players and admins Donations are accepted which support the server directly. More info in our discord.
  18. I'll start with the minor suggestion, and while it is minor, it is very important that I ask; Could there be a multi-parent relay implemented? that or just applied to all relay? I've found it very hard to set up a two way door with switches when only one switch can connect to the door to activate it. If multiple switches are lined up it would make sense that they function in unison, ie: if 3 switches are lined up to each other then a door, all three switches would need to be active to open the door. This would allow for more easily set up electrical grids where multiple switches could activate one source from different locations, or persons could make a complex placement of switches to create a central control building or grid for various contraption. An additional minor suggestion being 2x2 doors since you can't face two doors towards each other. The major suggestion, practically overhauling or adding new AI, by adding human Npcs that aren't traders. Perhaps the player could find other survivors in abandon buildings waiting to be eaten by a roaming zombie or found by the player to be traded with, killed, or recruited to defend a base. This can be particularly helpful for solo players who may not have any multiplayer assistance, or for those who have a knack for civ type games. Perhaps these survivor Npcs could have skill points or combat points of their own, allowing them to specialize with certain weapons. They could level up and the player could choose points for them, or it could be automatic/randomized to the Npc. All of this could still be added along side a disable/enable survivor Npc option. The implications of friendly survivors also imply hostile survivors and even raiders. Of course all of these would be rare finds, like finding radioactive zombies in the early game, but it could be a desirable addition for a zombie survival game. I'm not entirely certain if suggestions are being accepted, much less reviewed, but if they are, I would like to offer my suggestions whenever possible. I would gladly contribute my extraordinary creativity, whether it be implemented or not, just having my thoughts read by another for possible consideration is thrilling. I'm not asking for money, not a job, nothing but hope that suggestions don't go unnoticed.
  19. Hello All, I was curious what everyone's thoughts on the bows/crossbows? My feedback on the bow/crossbow is the following PROS Strong single shot damage strong sneak damage high chance to dismember when archer skills achieved ammo retention with retrieval of arrows Variety of arrow types depending on resources/stage/game progression Cons Reload speed is slow too slow for multiple fast targets or horde need a secondary weapon once you have a secondary weapon it feels better than the bow/crossbow Suggestion What I suggest is arrows go through zombies once you get the steel arrows and compound crossbows/bows. This will give you the ability to harm more than 1 zombie at a time and add a benefit for blood moon. This will allow an archer to dismember potentially multiple zombies or kill multiple zombies with 1 arrow. This change only to zombies will keep it from becoming overpowered against players while allowing players to be an archer if they so choose on the 7th night and feel like they are supporting their team. I understand most people will use multiple weapons in survival settings but having a primary that can be used in all settings just feels better in game. I have 100 hours played as an archer specifically because I enjoy the fantasy of using one with zombies. Support my channel
  20. Curse Of Anubis -> CoA <- Updated to A20 It does NOT change Vanilla XML or Core Gameplay EAC compatible adds custom Quests / Entity / Blocks / Weapons / Items / Schematics The Mod has two large Prefabs "The Pyramid" and "The Sphinx" Download - Dropbox Download - NEXUSMODS Install: Go to your 7dtd directory and Drag the "CurseOfAnubis" Folder to the - 7dtd/Mods - Directory **7dtd has a problem with large prefabs spawning automatically. It can be that none prefab spawns in the world. Then try a new seed or insert the prefab in an existing world. Use KingGen to Generate a new World: Download - KingGen Need Help? Join the Discord https://discord.gg/Gvp8wA TERMS OF USE. Personal use is fine. Credit me if you add it to your Overhaul Mod. All Assets owned by me! Assets only for private use. I modeled/textured them. If you like my Models you can hire me here: https://www.cgtrader.com/joelkilb Credits: Awesome people. Always helpful.
  21. Playing peer-to-peer 20.5 PVE in an RNG world. Three of us play on the host's game which for him is run on Linux - not that it matters I would think. We've had a few glitches, primarily the loss of gyrocopters upon a hard landing. Only to find them on subsequent game sessions where they were remembered by the Vehicle_manager to have been parked prior to their 'disappearance'. Inconvenient, but it happens. Tonight the day 70 Horde was coming. It was around 14:00 in-game time when the host's computer quit responding after about 4 hours into the session. No issue. Just quit the game on my end, and then check the browser periodically for the session's name to appear. It's happened before. We knew the drill. Thing is, once I reconnected to the session, my character had been reset to zero and spawning 2 km from our base. Starter backpack and zero skills. As if I had been mugged once again and forced to drink the Fergittin' Elixer. The host and our other team member were not affected. Oddly though, when I went to reconnect to the host, one thing stood out: the browser indicated that his game had no players. I should have waited I guess until the host was fully up and running perhaps before attempting to rejoin. So be it. I was driven back to our base (in my underwear) and had only a short time to get dressed, put on armor (with no mods), grab ammo and some guns (no mods) and some firstaid kits to help defend against the impending waves of zeds who were intent on having us for a midnight snack. We survived the night. The base remained intact. And during the onslaught I leveled up with 26 skill points to spend. And now I get to start all of those Trader quests over again as well. Fastest levelling ever for a fresh character! Well, atleast for me, and I've logged over 10k real honest-to-goodness game hours since Alpha 1. Just goes to show, one never knows what this game is gonna hand ya. Or take from ya.
  22. I am yet to fully enjoy the World Editor as I can't interact with the zombies. I have a 65% style keyboard and there's no access to the * on the Numpad to toggle the AI. I cannot find any command to enter into the Debug console either. What gives?? Please someone tell me how to either change the toggle from * to something else via game XML etc. OR what is the command I input to toggle it in the console. Be aware that plugging in a peripheral USB Number Pad doesn't work. That * does nothing either. How do you even know the AI is toggled!!!??? Where's the information or feedback?? Isn't this toggle one of the most important things everyone needs to be able to do, whatever their setup. I'm really frustrated. Anyone?
  23. Welcome to CTVI Zombies! An online gaming server and community, specialising in the survival, zombie, and crafting game 7 Days to Die on PC. Our latest Version 3 of our custom-built map for A20 has just been released this week, on Wednesday 1st June 2022, meaning a fresh start for all, on our beautifully made, extensive, city-style map. Our custom, hand-built map and world for 7 Days to Die has over 9000 POIs to explore, loot, and quest whilst surviving the apocalypse. Server Features: Largest City-Based 7 Days to Die Map with Hand-Placed Prefabs, Roads and Terrain Over 9,000 POIs Across Multiple Mega Cities and Biomes Unique Mix of Hand-Picked Vanilla and Community-Created Prefabs Four Unique Starting Spawn Locations (Visible as Lookout Towers) PvP Zone: A Special Corner of the Map Exclusive For PvP Play (everywhere else on the map is designated PvE) Auto-Respawn Feature for Cars on Roads Auto-Respawn Feature for Wilderness Trees Race Tracks with Timers for Driving & Flying Fishing! You Can Now Go Fishing for an Additional Food Source Additional New Zombie Types & Skins For Optimal Enemy Variation Additional & New Craftable Items & Vehicles for Increased Variety Long-Distance Trading System Between Players Virtual In-Game Currency System (CTVI Coins) Virtual In-Game Shop Additional & New Non-Craftable Items Purchasable From the In-Game Shop Three-Slot Input Forge for Faster Smelting QOL (Quality of Life) Teleports Gimme Command To Receive a Random Item Unique In-Game Events Triggers In-Game Chat Bot with Reminders for Upcoming Bloodmoons etc Handy Information Panel - Accessible By Pressing 'Esc' Whilst Playing Handy Advanced Player Stats & Kill Counters Server Details We're proud of our EU-hosted PVE 7 Days to Die server, backed by our active, friendly community! Server Name: CTVI Zombies Location: Europe Language: English Server Game Version: 20.5 Server IP: Port: 26900 🗺️ For Our World Map, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/world-map/ ⚙️For Full Server Features & Settings, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/our-server/ ⚡No Client Mods or Downloads For Mods Are Required! Simply Join & Play!⚡ 🖥️ Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/ 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/ZDzTURrjyk Screenshots
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