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  1. I just started A19 experimental with a buddy, and I have been noticing that we get way more run-ins than we usually do- that is, wandering zombies or wolves that spawn outside of buildings coming inside the building straight to where we are. I first noticed it when we were on the second level of a factory and a dire wolf came out of nowhere. I went to test this more in single player (this time in scavenger mode, because yes, I am wimp). While sneaking through a fire station, on two separate occasions a zombie from outside started bashing on the walls to get to me. When I left the building, it tracked me and came around to meet me. I had been stealth killing everyone inside, so there is no way it would have been alerted by noise. I don't understand what may be tripping off their tracking. Could this be a bug? I suppose it might a possibility that I need to put points into sneak to stop alerting every non-sleeping zombie with the clap of my dummy thicc @%$*#! cheeks. Any advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.
  2. The Quest to clear an area was my favourite but I noticed the higher tier ones are extremely slow to complete. Even in A19, the latest build using the new waypoint system on the compass still doesn't show where exactly the zeds are, only the ones that have woken up . It's more so the larger structures that i'm spending hours in trying to find the last few zeds that are hiding. I should be able to walk in, shoot up the place and wake everyone up on that floor. I understand the sleeper zeds are there to scare you when you get close, which is nice, but why not have them not count towards the quest and just have that building overrun by a horde of zeds that are marked on your compass. It's your job to clear them out. The sleepers are just an added difficulty that don't have to all be eliminated. But yea the bigger factories that has multiple floors have become too long to clear out, it's like playing hide and seek. Sneaking can always be an option when you first enter but once you feel like you combed through the place, i'm spending more time looking for the stragglers than I am having fun killing zeds. A19 did improve though to at least show you where the zeds are awake. I hope this can be looked into.
  3. We're back! We may or may not have jobs or a communicable disease! We're playing 7 Days to Die again and are being "successful" Come watch us "help" each other in the zombie wasteland as we try to remember what buttons do what as Rex, Zeus, and the coolest one all attempt to survive. Here we are again. Day 1ing this thing.
  4. (Edit: The one image got cut off a bit but you can still see my problem) Hi there. Im new to the game and just got through a pretty brutal bloodmoon. So zombies poked a few holes in the military base I was fortifying as a setup. I cant seem to find any block that perfectly fits this hole and have went through all of the options that a wood frame block can give you and none fit it. Likewise on another server I have been trying to fill in some existing holes in the a wall and cannot find any wooden frame blocks that will fit this wall because the wall is centralized. I really enjoy this game but finding just the right block shape has really been an infuriating experience since I was having a blast with finding structures and fortifying them. It would be really disappointing to hear that these blocks are unobtainable to the player. (
  5. Bonjour, je suis joue sur un Serveur 7 Days to die pc généré aléatoirement, nous sommes au jour 74 et nous cherchons 2 nouveaux joueurs pour nous rejoindre. Nous avons une base avec coin cuisine, chambre et garage inclus. Débutant ou non peu importe, vocal discord obligatoire. Me mp sur discord Kamaamaury#0994
  6. I used to play on xbox (800+ hours) but recently built my PC and am now primarily gaming on it. The PC version is basically a new game for me. It's taken some getting used to but I think i have a decent handle on the game now. I'm looking for some people to game with now. i'm usually on 8pm-12am CST 3-6 days out of the week. I'm currently on the experimental alpha19. Discord: goodassgame#1429
  7. Hello, survivors! I'm new here and I'd like to start off on the right foot with you by telling you about the Coloña ... Actually, it's a project that was inspired to me by the series "Fear the Walking dead" (season 6 coming up !!!😁). What does it consist in? It's a base that I'm building with my best friend and my brother. Located on a peninsula in a randomly generated prairie biome. Eventually, it will be fortified with a level III wall (double thickness, towers, ditch with peaks, walkway). It will include 11 buildings, most of which will also be fortified with an underwater tunnel giving access to an island off the Coloña. This island will have in its center a forward post which will be used essentially as a forge for the Coloña but still composed of 4 buildings. What do you think of it? Yours sincerely. Arthamios Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  8. Hey everyone, I've recently started my own YouTube series of 7dtd videos. I was heavily inspired by the likes of Capp00 and Glock9 but with my own style (as I am not nearly as good at the game as either of those guys). As a result, my videos tend to have a more accidental comedic aspect as I get myself into situations that seemed like a good idea...but ultimately weren't. My first series is called "The Long Road" and it involves me trying to survive long enough to build the ultimate Horde Night base. Come marvel at my ineptitude as I throw spears into the wild blue and miss coyotes over and over with a bow. Oh, and I also thought it might be a good idea to get drunk before recording what was supposed to be the first episode in the series. Not a good move. I'll be updating regularly (2-3 times a week on average) so you can always expect new misadventures. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you there. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIQej9ZRNXswAVNLOSpei5A/
  9. I had a plan for a base and I'd added the Mall POI into a generated map, so I've still been playing on A18. I've just started having an issue though. I have a bunch of modlets running but they've never caused the issue before so I believe that the issue is something else. I am running the bigger backpack mod, vehicle storage mod, increased stack sizes, Harry's M4 mod, increased zombie loot mod, and a vehicle mod that varies up the spawned vics. Like I said though, never had an issue before even with the mods. My base is massive so I'm thinking it's that and all the mining I'm doing. Anyways, the issue is that blocks go invisible when I'm staring at them and too close to them. If I move about 10m away or turn 90 degrees to them, they reappear. My forges have just started doing this. I started thinking it might be the mine when the area on the surface showed just how massive an area I'd mined, roughtly half the size of a small town. For the most part I've gotten what I wanted to out of this playthrough, but this issue's been bugging me so I thought I'd ask about it. Edit: Specifically the main blocks that do this are my signs. I barely cared at all with the signs but the forges worry me.
  10. If I use any type of gun, after I've equipped it, my toon can no longer look up, down, and when I jump it turns my vision upside down and when I walk left or right my screen turns that direction. I can confirm that my character isn't actually turning upside down or side ways. The only way to make it stop is to log off and reset. which makes using gun useless because I can't even aim them, please help!
  11. Hello survivors! I am currently hosting a 7D2D dedicated server 24/7 that anyone is welcome to join. Please note that this server is a safe space (hate, trolling, etc. will result in permaban) but swearing, etc. is typical and 100% accepted. If you have any questions about my admin policies or anything else, please ask below. The server is PvE but killing strangers is enabled so that players may PvP if both parties consent. Just ask if it's ok to engage in PvP and if you get a "yes", go for it. Otherwise players have been playing in the same party. You are welcome to join and play in our party or set off on your own PvE adventure in any case. Name: Goat Wranglers Casual PvE Game Version: Alpha 19 latest_experimental IP: Port: 26900 PW: None EAC: Enabled Mods: None but "modded" due to non-default serverconfig.xml settings. Modded Settings (serverconfig): 3x Loot, 10 Day Loot Respawn, 3x XP, Difficulty 3, Marked Airdrops Every 3 Days, Never Drop Anything, Shared Kills 10km, Kill Strangers
  12. Hi, guys. There is one horror punk band in Russia, "King and Jester" or "Король и Шут". It's very popular in Russia, and one of their songs, "Dead Anarhist", "Мертвый Анархист"... Just listen it, here is links: If you listen it, you might get an idea. It will be great, if you add this NPC in game. I think, thats will be nice. Maybe spawn him in 7 night, don't rush, don't run, juts slowly moving right to your base with giant amount of HP and spawn zombies behind him. Just imagine it, solid Dead Anarhist walk right to you, with coat on him, and horde of zombies come out from underground, and rushing up to your walls. I hope someday this NPC will appear, maybe in alpha 20?
  13. Hello fellow zombie slayers, First things first. Great game! I love it and spend a hughe amount of time on it! Keep up the good work! I feel that the horde night is in a weird place at the moment and wanted to see what other players think about it. I am not really sure what it is but i am tempted to just deactivate it which is not really the point of having such a nice feature in the game. Building a base is a huge investement of time and ressources and doing so just to see that its not working and your whole base gets wrecked makes for a real frustrating horde night experience. I guess thats also the reason why people go for cheese base builds because its actually really hard to make a base in which you can fight the zombies and that even for me with over 200hours gameplay. My first thought is that the zombie behaviour during horde night is nothing like the zombies behaviour during the rest of the game. I mean in POI the zombies find their way through 3 floors of maze to run towards you but during horde night they don't even reliably use ladders but only hit the pillars next to it. This "suddenly" different behaviour makes it hard to learn what a "good" base should look like. The other thing is that during horde night you encounter zombies you have never seen before, which again makes it hard to anticipate how you should build your base. For instance you fight against meele zombies all the time and sudenly you have spitters that make your whole constructon fall apart. Once again you discover new features of the game in the worst possible moment. The other thing is that surviving the horde night is actually not rewarding at all. The basic traps don't even give xp and you get more xp from building the base than for surviving the horde night. The amount of zombies you face is bigger than in any POI but you get nothing out of it. On top of that if you kill a zombie another just spawns, so why spend ammo? Just more reasons to go for a "cheese" base design because the only thing you care about is surviving with using as little ressources as possible. Stuff you could change to adress the above points are for instance: - In the day before horde night send one wave of zombies. You can put the day number in orange for instance. This way you could test your design and have 24 in game hours to adapt to it - Make so you encounter the different types of zombies and the different behaviours more reliably outside of horde night. Perhaps have a early game version of exploding, spitting, regenerating zombies. - You could make a quest to kill x zombies during horde night, and the more you kill the more reward you get. Perhaps through radio coms from the nearest vendor - Make horde night zombies drop more loot and make the loot last at least until morning - Have a bigger delay between killing a zombie and a new zombie spawning, so killing zombies during horde night actually helps you defend your base What do you think of the horde night? what would you change? Happy killing zombies everyone!
  14. Welcome to Sneak N Hide community server! We are glad to announce that we have been here already 1 year! We run one high performance server located in Germany, Frankfurt. We have developed lots of custom mods. Server doesnt require client side extra downloads for mods. [PVE] Sneak N Hide | 500%XP | 200%LOOT {LATEST_EXPERIMENTAL} Server settings See you on server
  15. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this, I've recently started up a server and made a lobby / spawn location with 6 traders however.. After spawning them in as soon as I enter a different region and nobody is there they are disappearing or de-spawning and I keep having to spawn them back in, it's becoming a bit of a pain. I haven't got many mods on the server yet and certainly not ones that would impact traders. Is this an a19 bug or is there something I'm missing to keep them in place?
  16. I don't usually do this out of the fear of getting my ideas and drawings stolen, but I got the concept art published on my page anyways so enjoy! This is one of my concepts for a possible zombie in 7 days to die. As far as i can tell, the lore is ambiguous so there's plenty to work with. The game lacks unique zombies (with the exception of the cop and spider zombie, we don't talk about the demolisher) with specific ways to kill them, so i decided to create a more peculiar zombie to give the player a bit more trouble. The Rioter is supposed to be a front line zombie, not exactly a tank, but more like a bruiser (essentially a fighter/tank jack of 2 trades type of guy) to destroy the player's base, and bring the player's attention to him, making him sort of a mini boss. All of this, without being to extravagant or too fantasy-like. Lore-wise it developed hard chitin on his body (major muscle areas like the chest) through infections, mutations and previous drug usage on it's body and like the rest of the 7 days to die zombies, he is aggressive as f*ck and not necessarily stupid. Reckless in combat damaging everything in it's path with minimal care while having some special attacks to pull the player into an intense fight scenario. It's most unique feature is the chitin that protects the more meaningful parts of it's body, that when destroyed, open up big windows to deal good amounts of damage to it. Until then, keep shooting him with heavy firepower and watch that chitin drop. Implementation wise, since the game already has the typical 5 limb + torso damage multipliers, the chitin is essentially another entity that protects the actual zombie, not exactly something that strays too far from what the zombies currently have. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Detailed Entry ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rioter - Bruiser Zombie/MiniBoss/BaseWrecker [Base Stats] Health: 1500 Speed: Walks faster than the player because it's size (player forced to sprint in short distances) Height: 2,5 Blocks tall (player is roughly 2) Damage: 40 per hit Block Damage: 200 per hit Delay per attack: 0,8s Night Behaviour: Same as day Blood Moon: Runs (Doesn't sprint) [Spawning] - Wasteland biome only, with the exception of the medical facility test chambers - Starts spawning in bloodmoons after day 21 (max 2-3) - Maximum of 5 can spawn in a bloodmoon beyond day 35 - 1-2 minutes between spawns [Core mechanic] - Full chitin armor on the body - Can only be damaged if the particular chitin has been destroyed - Unbalanced main arm (right arm) [Chitin Health] Head: 200 Chest: 500 Back: 300 [Limb Health] Right Arm: 350 (not chitinous, only damageable by explosions/ 7.62 AP/ shotgun shells) Left Arm: 200 (not chitinous, 300 each) Legs: 300 (not chitinous, 300 each) [Damage Multipliers] (after chitin is broken) Head multiplier: 2x dmg Chest multiplier: 1.5x dmg Back multiplier: 2x dmg Limbs: 1x dmg [Combat] - Large right arm (deals 75dmg instead of 50), slower attack - 20% chance to do a swipe attack with his right hand and cripple the player's limbs, as well as launching the player backwards 3-5 blocks - 30% chance to slam his hand downwards, hitting the floor if it misses (deals 80 dmg to the player and 400 to the blocks in a 3x3 radius, decays) Concept art below: Feel free to write down any feedback on the design (although it's a rough sketch, the design is pretty much finished) and/or balancing of the zombie. And if you would like to see this in-game, share it and get the developers attention!
  17. I have an A18 game most of the people I started with seem to have lost interest, I'm on day ~24. We use a discord to talk while playing here's the link to my discord MUST BE LGBT FRIENDLY. https://discord.gg/X59XNcD
  18. I have played like 5 years ago, so I would like some teammates to explore the game together :) I can play whenever and I would prefer not hardcoring the game, but playing on easier difficulty and learning the game :) Steam: 85217859, Rysing
  19. Would like to be able to paint the bikes. My husband and I play together and we both have bikes. We frequently are confused as to which bike we own. I have picked the bike up and put it in my inventory and attempted modification with paint bottles. It looks pretty and painted while still in the inventory but when I put it back on the ground it reverts back to yellow. It would be a nice bug to fix. Thanks.
  20. Hello, i noticed that the zombies rarely run strait towards me. It seams like the can only walk in strait lines or in 45° angles to the baseline grid. So if you stand anywhere else they tend to run to your right or to your left instead of strait at you (what i would expect from a zombie), and then sudenly turn and run strait at you. This makes aiming actually rather dificult since there mouvements are dictated by an invisible baseline grid which makes it hard to predict.
  21. Hey all reading this! I have made a list with bugs or features. I will put more on list as i play. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amlxACQFPjunfwq8praY_E6sW2Po5d1kSjy_7tRj8yY/edit?usp=sharing
  22. Hello everyone, I ask you to help how to fix this problem. it writes not only in the console of the game, but also in the game itself, when this happens, the zombies just stand still, A19
  23. I have a server that is somewhat modded for new zombies and stuff. Moderate difficulty and non eac (with a pw) cuz one of my friends has a linux os. Looking for more people who like to play regularly, are honest and experienced players. preferably you have more than 1k hrs in this game (I'm at over 3.7k hrs). hmu Edit: Add me to steam to chat and join me (I play with 2 other ppl whenever they come on. we use teamspeak)
  24. Hi all just looking for a few players to join on 7D2D getting abit bored of running around by myself haha, just moved over from the ps4 so would need to bare with me and getting to grips with the pc version, just search on steam for me Morgan-23PNR
  25. Im currently trying to do a small gameplay overhaul for 7 days to die simmilar to Romero-ish but a bit more leaning towards Resident Evil. in this overhaul i want zombies to be able to tank an infinite amount of gun and melee damage and the only way to kill them is to get a critical headshot. The Reason i want to do this specific overhaul is because i want zombies to not give a @%$*#! about any kind of damage unless it completely destroys their head or another body part because it seams odd to me that a zombie would die from getting shot in the leg. In other words: this overhaul is supposed to be a complete gorefest with exploding heads and limbs all over the place. To make this overhaul fun to play i need a reliable way to call upon critical hits without making it a 100% chance on every headshot because i do want every weapon to require its own amount of headshots to finish off a zombie. I could propably archieve this by adding a buff to the zombie once he gets hit by you. So if you use a pistol and you do a headshot it would apply the "HeadDamage5" buff if the zombie gets the same buff again it will result in the "HeadDamage4" Buff ones it reaches "HeadDamage1" the buff will apply a 100% critical hit chance for headshots if you use an AK it could apply the "HeadDamage3" Buff on the first hit so it would require less headshots. but that doesnt work for shotguns because all the pellets will hit at the same time so i need some command to tell the game that only if say 6 pellets of buckshot hit the head you will get a guaranteed critical. i would eventually have to just work with headshot multipliers like Romero-ish does but i really want to use the critical hits because it would just be awesome if every single point blank shot with a shotgun would explode the zombies head but if i leave it at the current random chance it means that even 1 pellet at 20 meters distance hitting the head could result in a critical wich would look odd and be slightly unbalanced in this new overhaul. The 44 Magnum, Sniper and Hunting Rifle will most likely get 100% chances on headshots out of the box but their range and arm/leg damage will vary. if it really turns out to work how I imagine it I could also implement stun and stumble effects into this system so for example if a zombie reaches "LeftLegDamage3" it could result in him falling over. Explosives and Fire would be Excluded from this system but i would propably rebalance them to be more powerfull and Rare/Expansive. And pls dont just say keep the random criticals and stuns because RNG just isnt fun. Also all the values above are just examples i dont know yet if the pistol should require 6 headshots while the Ak needs 3 im figuring that out later. If anyone has a solution for the shotgun problem i described pls post it below.
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