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  1. I am not really familiar with every having to combine mods when using the mod launcher so I am not really sure how possible it is. Even though the functions you are trying to add should work, the problem may lie in being that those come from a DMT style modlet which my mod is not. I do not have much knowledge as of yet with DMT.. As for being a impossible mission...well maybe but really not if you can figure it out...Sorry that I am not able to help with that adventure. You should join my discord (https://discord.gg/bQdP6cH) and check out the #V19-8-3-0update-notes channel for info on the next update, which features action skills
  2. I believe that one is made in the fabrication workstation Would be nice if they added a auto mod install feature that you can check for updates when you want but as it is now when you order a server with a mod selected its all manually installed by a rep from bluefang so as of now its not really possible
  3. . either really, both are running same version at the moment. server needs to be running V19.8.2.5c if it has been updated to A19.5, which is why your having GUI issues. Make sure to update the server to V19.8.2.5c and when doing so, if manually then makes sure to delete modlet folder SMXUI in the mods folder on the server side before uploading the newest version. As in the latest SMX version a lot of those files got changed/moved to a separate modlet SMXUI_PerksUI and if you do not delete the duplicate files that do the same thing it will cause other errors to occur.
  4. not sure if it still was included back then. That was just in the compo pack included at the time and if it was removed from their then it wouldn't be. I didn't change much with that pack I am sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately its not really easily done atm as a lot of things are tide into it. And I really don't want to have to support 2 UI versions of my mod. Maybe in the future, but not now Yes the bugs was mainly from the new Twitch integration which did effect the UI files which required a update to SMX. That is now done and released in the latest version today. The new SMX Update is merged in and Sirillion has done some amazing work again with some new features 😛
  5. I do have "different" vehicles like ECO and HD Versions of the vanilla vehicles in game. Due to the fact idk yet how to do a working vehicle model in unity as of yet. ECO basically is similar to vanilla but is more fuel efficient. HD use more gas but is faster in speed. I also have mods for vehicles that can increase speed, increase brightness, increase damage/durability, etc. That is a fairly older version, So of by heart I don't remember how much change actually occurred. So I cannot say for certain but if G4K was able too then you maybe as well but its not guaranteed. If you want to try, just make a copy of the game save somewhere and then install the update..just in case something goes wrong you can roll back and copy back over the save.
  6. Most of them are similar layout to a vanilla POI location, with modifications made to it. They are obvious when you see then. They will have angel statues outside the entrance as well as a different paint scheme on some of them. I do have a new snow biome trader location as well that is a building covered in snow. Thank you for your input? 🤷‍♂️ Those bugs...maybe get squashed if only any info was provided for them.🤔
  7. The cutting board is crafted at the fabrication station and the link to discord on first page is fixed now some skills have multiple requirements. One is usually player level but others can include having a certain level of another perk (like certain level of a crafting skill level) as well as if its a class only skill (Which those need to have the class quest line complete before those skills become unlockable) Hovering the mouse over the locked purchase button on each skill who show a tool tip with the requirements needed really confused on what your really trying to say here... idk who TsAR ! is...but no I am the mod author Dwallorde, the one that created this post to begin with. Crooked modder? Like I am a thief? or I am sitting/standing not straight? I have a soar back from time to time...
  8. Updated First Page. Sorry I keep forgetting to update this page...sorry but if you do join the discord, that is the most up to date and easiest way to get in contact and keep up to date
  9. not sure how to have the bandits in my game? and the one server thats up is giving out red lines about a door, can't get in it. 

  10. Not sure why, but The 4th slot or 1st and 2nd slots in the bottom row of output in forge will not allow me to collect those items. I cannot highlight or do anything to them. Any thoughts? Only mods installed are the ones posted here. I have reinstalled everyone to make sure they were all up to date etc.
  11. War of the Walkers Mod V6.0.6 it out! Github/Modlauncher updated! 8-6-2019 Update Notes: -Changed Stone Hoe now also in the basics group -Changed the New Random Resource Prefab Spawn Rate Reduced -Changed Wasteland Zombie Spawns switched from Night to Day (Ferals during day and Radiated at night) -Changed Forest Biome slightly Warmer -Changed Zombies sight and hear senses settings -Fixed Covert Class Part 3 Nul Ref (After update you should be able to continue just fine with any save game where you had the nul ref spam) *No Wipe or New Game Required for this update War of the Walkers V6 is no longer considered BETA
  12. War of the Walkers V6.0.4 Beta Update Released! Github is updated now! WIPE/NEW GAME REQUIRED Due to several changes Update Notes 7-31-2019: -Changed Vanilla Crops now will show "(Harvest)" next to name -Changed Hitboxes for Mod Farm Crop Plants -Changed Removed COMPOPACK from main mod. Now only includes My Own Prefabs Only! -Added Separate Mod Download w/ COMPOPACK Included (Not recommended at this time due to SI Issues coming from some of the prefabs in the pack) -Fixed Flagstone harvesting clay soil -Fixed Female UMA Zombies playing male zombie sounds -Changed Cobblestones stack size to 10k -Fixed Mod Drinks don't return a empty jar -Fixed 2 of Ozzy's Prefabs Painting and Wrong Dirt for House Brick 1 and House Blue 1 -Changed Bus Blocks now have max damage of 600 -Changed Covert Class Overhauled -Fixed Nailgun cannot upgrade blocks with 'Wood and Nails' as well as 'Iron and Rivets' -Changed reduced smelting times for Forge -Changed vehicles are now sellable -Added ECO and HD Motorcycles -Added ECO and HD 4X4 Trucks -Added new Vehicle Perks to Mechanic Class Exclusive -Fixed Oil Pump recipe not unlockable -Fixed Part 3 of Protection Class not requiring Duct Tape gather -Changed Tungsten Arrow Heads and Arrows/Bolts now require Ammo Crafting Level 5 -Changed Tungsten Smithing Perk now requires player level 150 -Fixed UMA Zombie missing Weight/Mass Values (They should no longer fly) -Changed Vanilla Seeds now have Custom Icons -Changed Garbage Piles now have higher chance to harvest Scrap Polymers -Fixed Nailgun doesn't upgrade with Portland Cement -Fixed Metal Crafting Skill showing Fabric Crafting Skill Description for each level -Fixed Light Recipes Perk had protection class description -Fixed Meat Stew Challenge Quest Nul Ref -Changed size of hand model for Cucumber -Changed Mod Farm Crop Plants Model Animations Disabled and Enabled Static Lighting through Unity (I hope this helps with lag issues) -Changed several hand model sizes for Crop Plants -Fixed Trader Spawn Count now Min 1 to Max of 2 -Changed Horde Numbers for Blood Moon, Screamer and Sleeper Spawns (Slight Reduction in trickle and adjusted game stage requirements for spawns) -Added Supply Crate Helper Block -Replaced Supply Crate Prefabs now use have Helper Block to Randomly select a crate -Removed Old Supply Crate Prefabs -Added Random Ore Pile Prefab -Fixed Tungsten Plating Description stating wrong info -Changed Increased drop chance for zombie loot -Added Boss Zombie Specialized Loot -Added Recipe for House Garage Door as Builder Class Exclusive -Changed Stack Sizes for Small Rocks, Cement, Concrete Mix, Broken Glass, Coal and Potassium Nitrate to 10k -Changed Stack Sizes for Brass Car Radiators to 25 -Changed Stack Sizes for Headlights, Buckshot, Rocket Casing, Cooking Grill and Beaker to 500 -Changed Stack Sizes for Forged Iron/Steel, Metal Pipe, Gunpowder to 5000 Changed Reduced Damage done by Desert Eagle -Fixed Teas/Coffees requiring a empty jar as well as water -Fixed Kevlar Chest Armor not unlocking with perk -Fixed Tungsten Blocks downgrading to Stainless Steel blocks and not Reinforced Concrete (FACK...as I typed this I realized it should have actually been steel blocks.....) -Added Bug that Tungsten Blocks downgrade to Reinforced Concrete and not Steel Blocks -Changed Scrap Iron Armor now crafted at workbench -Changed Kevlar now requires Twine in the recipe - - - Updated - - - 8-1-2019 Update Notes: -Fixed Missing Prefab Files -Fixed Fishing Pole Description -Fixed Tungsten Blocks downgrading to wrong block
  13. War of the Walkers V6.0.3 Beta Update Released! Github has been updated! *Due note due to some of the changes in the beta update their is a chance that player levels and progression may break and reset to level 1 after update. In this update is admin papers to grant users player levels, experience or skill points. Those can be used on effected players if you do not want to restart your game Update Notes 7-17-2019: -Changed Workbench recipe now requires Scrap Iron Wrench and Scrap Iron Hammer -Changed Improved loot for Munition Box -Fixed Snowball missing icon (2nd Time...Worked this time) -Fixed Bird Nest Tree Upgrade Rate -Fixed Wood blocks not requiring Wood and Nails to upgrade -Changed Steel Sickle player level requirement -Fixed Duplicate Machete recipe -Changed Machete name to Iron Machete and now is repaired with Forged Iron -Fixed Missing Near Death Buff Icon -Fixed Charismatic Nature Buff Missing Icon -Changed Reworked Mechanic Questline (Will Restart current questline) -Fixed Player Oven White Meat Pie recipe requiring Red Meat -Changed Player Level Requirements for Steel and Tungsten Hunting Knife Recipe Perk -Changed Cook Class Questline Reworked (Will Restart current questline) -Changed Covert Class Part 3 is now has a crafting requirement rather than a fetch/gather requirement -Changed Decreased Desert Eagle Drop Chance -Changed Decreased Desert Eagle Damage (Still needs work) -Added Admin Papers for granting players Experience, Skill Points and Player Levels (Search creative menu with dev mode on "Admin" to see all admin tools or speak to a server admin)
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