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  1. Update your launchers and refresh your installs. 5.02 is here and brings some nice requested fixes and QoL enhancements. No wipes needed. Here is what it contains Patch 5.02 -Fixed Remote Being Consumed on Radios -Fixed Record Player Turning into a Radio! -Removed Mod Slots from Flamethrower -Fixed Custom Rewards from Quests to IsFixed. Should be Selectable now -Fixed Description and Display Text on Miner -Increased Drop On Fossils -Gun Parts now Stack to 5 -Removed Unneeded Salvaged Lathe Recipe and Schematic -Adjusted Trader Prices -Added Twine to Poncho -Burning Barrel No Longer Gives Light Bulbs Back -Doors No longer give back nails. Prying boards does. -Added Door Hinge to make doors and storage. Found by breaking doors and in stiffs and cardboard boxes. -Boxes of nuts, screws and nails can now be opened on your inventory -Hunting Knife now made with Basic Handle -Added Craftable Dyes to Tailor Station -The Makasin are moving large amounts of contraband. Their supply crates just got bigger!
  2. We have released a quick hotfix to 5.01 -Increased Probability of Crowbars -Added Missing Gyrocopter Recipe No wipe needed just refresh launcher. For servers the only files changed are loot.xml and recipes.xml
  3. Patch 5.01 has been released and uploaded to the Launcher and all Direct Links Updated. This patch addresses a few common issues. Work on 5.1 and 17.2 Upgrade has begun but we have NO timeframe for this. Its a MAJOR rework and balance of ALL systems. We will post previews and updates as we move forward. 5.01 is for play in 17.1 ONLY. It does not wipe saves or break games and is safe to upgrade to. Thank you everyone for your support and just plain all around awesomeness. Enjoy! Patch Notes -Lowered Drop Scale on All Farming Items to make food smaller when dropped on ground -Removed Wrench Requirement from Getting a Cooking Grill from Grills When You Destroy Them -Added Sinders Fixed Zombie Zoo -Reduced Stone Harvest on Stone Axe -Fixed Stone Knife Model -Dropped Grumbul Quest to Tier 4 -Moved 2 custom quests to appropriate spot on quest list. This should fix the trader quest refresh null -Added Localization to Trader Advertisement -Fixed Quest DVD and Grum quests not showing in trader list -Lowered brightness and luminosity on glowsticks -Added fix for duplicate recipes in personal bench -Removed all arrow to bolt arrow to arrow conversion recipes -Moved Table Saw out of workbench into Personal Bench -Fixed Incorrect Science Tier Labels in Mods -Lowered damage on Wooden Bow at start, raised damage on Iron Bow to better balance them. -Added general description to storages -Fixed new sinks being lootable and pick up enabled -Added Sinders Fixed IR8 Center for Sleepers -Added Sinders Fixed Curling Center for Sleepers -Optimized all my assets. Saved 150mb of space. This may help with texture blurring -Added Socket Description -Added Sinders Fixed Strand Resort -Added wookienookies NightWalkers Despawn at Morning Tweak. Nightwalkers will now despawn at the sound of morning enabling a true night mode. If a Nightwalker senses you before then it will not despawn and must be killed -Fixed Farming Harvest not working properly in Living Off the Land -Removed Grilled Fish from Campfire and added to Grill -Added description to Scythe and Hoe on their uses and benefits -Fixed Recipe for Fishing Rod -Removed Flame Particles from Grill and Smoker -Added Descriptions to Saplings on their use -Price Adjustments on some items -Removed Hoe Bat and Pick Bat from loot due to unnecesariness. -Removed Broken Glasses Items from Trader -Removed Steel Exploit -Removed Meat Cleaver Recipe
  4. Unfortunately modlets dont help guys like Khaine or me as we are total overhauls so Khain has to redo the entire mod again for 17.2 and future updates including the dlls. A small price to pay though because we love what we do AND it gives him a chance to add all new kinds of terrifying stuff
  5. This was something they added in A17. Every game is a MP game now. You have the option to not share it but a true SP offline game is not a thing anymore.
  6. That is the new Plains biome. Its just empty grass and will be home to some new animals and stuff going forward. Mod loading can indeed take quite some time. The first load is rather long but it should decrease in time after that. The overlapping boxes may be a resolution issues. What resolution are you playing your game at?
  7. We have most of the HD mods already enabled and installed. (wind enabled is not in though) but there seems to be a conflict in our mod. For some odd reason the vanilla textures all low resolution in all versions 2k and 4k. I redownloaded the entire HD pack and ensured ive added all the files properly but the issue is still there. Im looking into it now to see what exactly i may have done to cause this issue but so far all of Dusts files are the same in his file as they are in mine. - - - Updated - - - Yes this is extremely odd. I have the correct files installed from the main pack in the client install, and im using the redux trees and assets as well as particles. All of your trees are in game as are your particles and items but all vanilla textures are now low res in both 2k and 4k packs. Im trying to see what I could have done to cause this - - - Updated - - - This is indeed intended. Zombie spawns have been increased.
  8. We are officially launched. I kinda surprised sphere with this so its going to be there just may take a few Also wanted to now officially say that we are proud to be the first mod with 100 percent working Quality with full stats on crafting and even loot and traders as well as gamestaged Wandering Hordes up to GS 10,000 if we wanted thanks to our resident genius WookieNookie. For some reason Vanilla WH are hardcoded at GS50 and then they repeat so no variation in your WH as you increase in levels. Thats all different now. He has been excited for months now when he cracked the code but I kept having to tell him to hold off and wait until I released Well now he can get his MUCH deserved credit. We watched as 17.2 introduced the colored days for blood moons, something Wookie had done for us more than a month ago Along with Quality which he had done 2 weeks after the first Experimental And thats not even the end of it guys! He has so much planned in terms of game changing stuff. Its mind blowing, but that will be revealed when the time is right
  9. Ravenhearst 5.0 has been RELEASED!!!! Main posts updated with server links and direct links to SP/client. The links have been sent to sphereii for the Launcher and should be appearing very soon! Enjoy guys it was a long one but we know you will have a blast! Look forward to all the feedback!
  10. Thank you for the kind words. SO much work went into this by a lot of different people. We hope everyone enjoys it. Always remember RH is by no means a finished affair. We plan to add so much more as time goes along but like A17 this was a reset for us. We got as much as we could in without delaying too much longer. We wanted to get this into your hands as soon as possible. We think its a solid release. We can't wait to hear feedback from everyone.
  11. First two posts updated guys with the latest previews! We are SO close.....SO SO close!
  12. Previews added to first page
  13. We are indeed almost there. Im posting a few previews a day in our Discord. If anyone wants to check out what to expect hop on over there. Lots of discussion, our dev team is there and there are some truly great and helpful people there too. https://discord.gg/0uy8OaV8YAMGZKeS A lot of people are probably wondering what the hold up is. Performance. Our team is dedicated this go around to making sure there are no errors in SP or MP. We have multiple tests going on, we caught some big ones this week and I am confident in saying when we do release it will be one of our most thoroughly tested ones ever. The last thing we want is server wipes or nulls so we are dotting our i's and crossing our t's Our crew is amazing. And I am very proud of what we accomplished, and I am so excited for the future because even though this is just a baseline and it is missing some stuff, it is still VERY enjoyable. You guys know how critical I have been. If I am having a blast playing I know you guys will too. This is going to get bigger and better as each version releases. And I look forward to interacting with you all here again in a positive manner for once
  14. We won't be releasing on 17.2, but 17.1. There are a number of reasons for this chief amongst them is so much is broken right now in 17.2 and the RWG is a useless pile of junk. We are in late stage testing right now, trying to track down one nasty bug. Release is coming, if we had our way it would already be released but we want to ensure that the release you get is near perfect and up to standards as possible. Notes will be releasing soon and we think you will LOVE what we have in store for you. And that the wait will definitely be worth it. I feels like a mix of 16 and 17 and that's exactly what I was hoping for.
  15. I still love you Xyth. Thank you for the fix
  16. Theater screen is quite amazing. I think there may be a path error. The videos seem to play from the Billboards folder and not TheaterScreen folder.
  17. Id vote seperate since there could be a whole new audience for this kind of thing. And it looks so PRECIOUSSSS...
  18. The half block wont be any issue for me as i plan to make the background back with a red curtain on either side. That multi dim plane idea sounds VERY intriguing, not going to lie. That would make it very customizable to any area we build. I certainly would not turn you down on that one
  19. On your video for billboards, the second billboard shown is PERFECTION if it can be just the screen without the pole or lights. SO much appreciation in advance to you for this. A drive in poi would look AMAZING with this attached
  20. First I want to stress how amazing this is. We are holding a Night of the Living Dead viewing using this. The possibilities are endless. I have a question/request if at all possible. Is there a way to include a screen projector size asset for this? Say 5m or so in height? I was going to build a movie theater JUST for this and wanted something a bit bigger. If not understandable you have a lot on your plate. Thank you for such amazing work. Oh and if anyone wants to adjust the audio level or brightness of their mp4 for the perfect look these are 2 great free tools I use https://www.kapwing.com/adjust-video http://www.videolouder.com/ Just up your mp4 clip to those sites and edit away
  21. Yes by having them use the launcher
  22. Hot damn Gup you are on a massive roll! This would be amazing as a final sleeper in a dungeon, like an ACTUAL boss at the end. Great work!
  23. Holy ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥. AMAZING! Like i LOVE this. Perfect for a zombie game too. Fantastic work Gup!!!!
  24. You can count me in on that too. Finally got a chance to give these a look and they are fantastic but indeed on the first spawn my screen locked up for a few seconds, probably 5 or more. Never had any freezes with UMA once i did the texture trick so Im assuming its probably the initial load up of the asset file. Also I have a potato, like the king of potatoes lol. But considering I modded RH on it including the custom zeds I made with no freezes like that I just wanted to mention it just in case other do report it. Running my game with no reflections, half texture quality and lowest UMA.
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