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  1. Individual download links added to page 1
  2. Absolutely. Just delete the modlet folders of whatever you do not want. These arent intended to be all lumped together. You can pick and choose which ones you like. I will work on getting individual links up soon.
  3. Updated to v5.0.3 for A20b233 Patch Notes Updated Spherecore Updated Take and Replace Added Active Ingredients by Redbeard Fixed and Readded Quality Degradation on Repair Added new headshot modlet. Removed ability to buy perks Added Perk Books. Reading one you find gives you one level in that perk. Removed all recipe unlocks from perks Added Menu Images Added Scomar Hud and UI Added Relix Menu Options Modlets Removed Mutated Zombie Fixed Improper Vanilla Cop Model Increased Sight Range on Zombies Doubled Zombie Spawns Increased Zombie Respawn Days to Twice a Day Added Wood Nails to Frame Shapes Removed Frame Shapes from table saw Fixed Nulls on Cigar Fixed improper recipe craft tag on Leather Increased Grass, Bird Nest and Rock spawns in biomes Removed all Mods Crafting Added 3 new backpack sizes Trader POIs now Vulnerable to Attack Removed Traders from Trader POIS Added Working Microwave with 50 percent chance of giveback Added bird nest destroys on loot as well as trash bags Added New Opening Quest Step Added Loot Container Code that Disallows Placing Items in POI Boxes Added Infinite recipe ingredients code Removed ability to pick up vehicles during Blood Moon Remade All Unity Assets in 2020 with Linear Lighting Direct Download Link Click Here Also Available on Launcher
  4. This actually predates Romero Mod by about 2 years and has been releasing since Alpha 16. I am VERY proud of what we did in A16 but so much of what made Scavengers possible is gone now. Have a look at our original post to see what we are about (WITH PHOTOS!! lol) It is its own overhaul. But unfinished for A20. I am actually releasing an update for it today that will bring back Quality and Degradation. So consider this a work in progress to bring it back to its former glory.
  5. Yep we had this in RH where EVEYTHING was lootable nothing was "broken" but the loot was like 0,1 or 0,4 etc. So you have to open everything but some things maym not hve loot. I will port the RH version over to this one. Awesome finds! Will adapt them in
  6. People seemed confused by the unlock thing, so what would you like me to do? Answer the same question over and over or make things easier for me? I will look into returning the purchase of the points, or you can simply edit it back in yourself by changing one number. base_skill_point_cost="0" to base_skill_point_cost="1" EDIT I have returned the 1 point cost to buy the skills because i do agree it should be both ways. I have noted in the first post about the unlock icon.
  7. Changes and Fixes Working Stoves and Grills Added 1 grill and 2 stoves to crafting. Added the others to traders only. Added Wall Oven Working Sinks Added a few more sinks to working (utility etc) and to trader Eggs in fridges Upped the probability to medium chances Changed the Working Devices Modlet to reflect these changes Added Car Respawner Modlet. Cars respawn to full working self after 2 weeks (14 days) in game
  8. I can make them craftable for sure. Next update will do so im still learning he loot system and the new probabilities. Will update them from low to medium next update Agreed
  9. The only upvotes that matter are the ones given to me of course. Still waiting on a few from you.
  10. Just want to say again, as a player since Alpha 9, as someone who both loved and argued with @madmole over changes etc, as someone who HATED alpha 17. Good F%&%ng Lord am I having an amazing time playing Alpha 20. This is such a huge leap from A17 to now. It has reaffirmed my love for this game and this company. Every choice matters, every corner has dangers, every minute in the world feels important and scary. The pois and generation are mind bogglingly great. Cities are amazing. Realistic. It is everything I was hoping for when I began this journey with you guys. Just wanted to point that out. Many times have I posted when I did not like things, so I owed it to make sure you guys know just how much this old school player has fallen in love with this world once again.
  11. New modlet Added. Canned Food Adding canned food crafting unlocked at Master Chef level 5. Finally a use for cans and a nice compliment to the Working Microwave modlet. The recipes are janky because we do not have pears or peas or different meat and fish but hey we can hold 5000 concrete blocks in our bag so... lol
  12. I do believe so yes. Let me look into it NEW UDATE TIME!!!! This one is a pretty good one I think v1.6 -Blood Moons will now last until morning, even from the first one. The zombies that will attack when initial horde is done are normal zombies -Added back upgrade paths thanks to Gouki's modlet which can be found here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/20168-gouki´s-a20a19-modlets/ -Zombie corpses now lootable thanks to Survagers Zombie Loot Modlet which can be found here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/20470-lootable-static-zombie-corpses-and-dead-zombies-modlet-a20-a19/ . This may need balancing as it may be op. Mostly junk loot with some special loot mixed in. -Canned Boiled and Murky Water returns -ReAdded the Challenge Quests in loot and traders
  13. I agree 100 percent that everyone should play their own way to have fun. That is why i love modlets because there is so many of them to choose from. I try to do my part in making things useful, realistic or more challenging lol. I dont think I would ever adapt these though because they are not something I would add to my own game. Although i do love that grass cutter too.
  14. The blunderbuss is not, it looks like they might remove the model so I was afraid to re-enable it. Instead I went with primitive ammo for the pipe weapons, which seem to have replaced them. I can re enable it for now if you like to see it back and we can wing it until its actually removed. I miss that loud sucker Yes the locks staying there but being green is normal. As long as it is green it is unlocked just not purchased, which is confusing anyway. That s why I removed the ability to buy them because if you have green locks to level 21 then buy the next one I THINK (do not quote me on that lol) it will unlock the first padlock you don't have open so its a waste of points.
  15. Ive added that. Not sure if it applies to underground mining as well.
  16. Well that is one awesome find! Il will have a look at it right now. Theres no more points its just LBD now. Ill take a new screenshot of what i see
  17. I would LOVE to but they removed all of those textures AND removed the ability to put the wet concrete drying as well. Just more wonderful removals from the game each alpha
  18. Removed the ability to buy perks as it was interfering with unlocks through the LBD (learn by doing) system. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the skill points work. I will try to return purchasing in the future.
  19. Updated the "Working" Modlets so that stone axes work with the kits now as well as nailguns and hammers
  20. It's not I made an assumption without looking lol. You are correct. But this is all fixed now, i tested upgrading and repairing and opening the skills screen and everything shows. Thank you again for pointing this out. I do believe this is all fixed up now and ready for a long term game, here's the notes. File is updated v1.5 -Fix for Action Skills Not Showing -Fixed Stone Axe, Hammer and Nailgun not using Wood Planks for Upgrades -Removed Buying Action Skills. Purchasing skills would not work with levelling through usage. You still had to buy the skill making LBD useless
  21. I have a fix in for Action Skills. Sorry about that, this MAY wipe out current games. As for wood frame not using wood it seems like this happens in vanilla too. Frame Shapes is a "freebie" it seems. Since you are using wood to make the shape it does not take anything when you upgrade the wood frame blocks which is .... weird. I may add it myself so that it makes a bit more sense. i will post here when this update is ready.
  22. Ok thank you for the report and my apologies for this. I am fixing this now
  23. I have not made links for each one so you will have to grab the entire package which is linked at the bottom of the first post. Eventually I will have individual links
  24. Is that how it works. I had a version 2 years back that worked that way. I will test if this is still the case but no you shouldnt have to do both. If you do then thats a huge bug i will fix
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