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  1. I can agree there. Some of our descriptions are long so i noticed that as well. Its a moot point anyway as we have added and changed so much to progression that all my attempts to get it to work with smx havent so most likely we are keeping it as is, just the main menu will have that look. We are also looking into designing our own ui for RH.
  2. Here you guys go. For now its a basic port of Decpetives work with updated names etc and added weapons such as the M60. Added 2 new skill groups for Javelins/Spears and Electric/Stun Baton. Turrets not added just yet. Unsure if i will to be honest. Download Action Skils for 18.1Expb6 Here
  3. No need for apologies. We understand completely, i just wish there was a way I could have helped some people out with it. Thank you for the quick fix. This modlet is still one of the top ones. Love it.
  4. I use this as a baseline for Ravenhearst, so first thing I did was get it working. I have a working version for vanilla experimental b6. If you like i can toss a link in here, and with permission a link in my modlets section as well?
  5. For me the error about the script has been ongoing since day one. BUT it never crashed out my server or anything crazy so i suspect its something that was added recently making it worse, or its something in the new Alpha thats compounding the issue. When i get some time i will see if i can add the items in one at a time and pinpoint which ones cause it
  6. Unfortunately I had alerted him to that error back in 17. Had to remove his stuff from Ravenhearst which Im sad about as it is a much loved modlet. Hopefully he can fix it so we can readd it in RH6.
  7. I know you are busy Dust, but which portion of this mod controls the Lighting. I desperately miss your darker crisper nights. Im crossing my fingers it is not part of the Texture pack we can not use.
  8. Your progression file has the lootgroups listed in it. There is no loot file.
  9. The State of Ravenhearst 6.0 With the release of Stable and the simultaneous drop of 18.1 to Exp a lot of you are asking when Ravenhearst will be ready. This is our official statement on our plans for 6. Right now we do not have any estimates or release windows to offer up for you other than to say it will not be available on 18.0. The reason for this is I am currently in the middle of converting and planning out balance for RH and it would not be fair or realistic to expect it anytime this soon. 18.1? Perhaps but even then that is a very generous estimate. The team is all in agreement that we want a stable honest and fully enjoyable release when it occurs. wOOkie nOOkie has converted all of his work so the majority of this work is in my lap now, and I am certain you guys want more than a port, but a new integrated experience worthy of our name. Sinder is currently in her busy season with events and has worked on a few POI conversions but there are so many more to be done. This year we are going the extra mile and hand selecting POIs to give the RH touch. Cpt_Krunch is busy at work on his maps of which there will be a few to choose from for those who like the static map, but he is mostly handcuffed by me and our team so no yelling at him. He can not produce something he is waiting on from us :slight_smile: Shades2529 is ready to go but is also juggling both RL and waiting on me to produce. As for me. I will promise to offer updates as to our progress and say I am working hours every single day to get it finished and into your hands. But i am certain you guys would rather have a solid well rounded long term play on release instead of multiple patches and wipes and that is what I am doing my best to deliver. So patience will be key here. Stay tuned to this channel for information on updates, testing, previews and more as they become available. Thank you all for your appreciation and support. We promise that Ravenhearst will be the wild and in depth ride that you guys come to expect from us.
  10. This can happen with any mod that alters progression. Removing a cvar or buff that you learned effectively wipes your player data. Same goes for quests. Changing or removing quests can wipe your data because there is info in there that no longer exists. Been this way since 17. Great work on this sousza. Its been implemented beautifully and we are enjoying it a lot. Look forward to your future work.
  11. Patch 5.5.4 Released No Wipes Needed
  12. Patch 5.5.3 NO Wipes Needed Game Saves A-OK
  13. Patch Hotfix No Wipes Needed Some small fixes reported by you guys. Remember I am active daily on our Discord to respond and chat with you guys so if you arent there yet head on over. Link is on the first page. We have a great and large helpful community.
  14. Patch 5.5.2 Released! Full Wipe Needed Old 5.5.1 Games and Links Have NOT been Touched. You Will NOT be Updated to 5.5.2 Unless you INSTALL 5.5.2 Manually From The Launcher. Updating is Optional But Recommended MAJOR release for you guys as we head into the countdown to A18. Lots of fixes, additions, new RWG, New custom made Map, complete loot rebalance, building upgrade overhaul. The WORKS. - - - Updated - - - Forum strikes again. I cant post the rest of the notes here. Head over to our website or discord to see them all
  15. God Damn man, you are on fire. These are amazing and PERFECT for the Pimps new POI designs. Do you mind if i drop these in as creative blocks so people can design pois with them? For example we are starting to replace some of the janky in game poi stuff with real models. Like adding your blackjack tables to a casino and adding a pool table in place of one made of in game blocks. I could see that hospital pack being amazing for someone who redesigns the hospital. Wheelchairs in the halls of hospitals makes me shiver lol A school pack would be awesome. Hell I can BUY you packs and send them if you like. I barely have time to focus on just modeling anymore.
  16. Trello bot has been hacked. It was used to ban over 150 members there. If you know someone who was banned let them know they must rejoin the Discord. The bans have all been revoked but the members were still kicked. We apologize for this inconvenience. We have banned Trello bot and from what we understand this is not an isolated incident but is occurring in every Discord with Trello bot.
  17. If you are currently on a Challenge Quest in 5.5.0 you need to DROP the Quest before updating. The addition of Skill Points as rewards may very well reset your character. So before you update log in and make certain you are not on Challenge quests (Kill Chickens, Kill Special Zombies, Kill Nurses, Kill Pigs etc) I would pull this from the update but its a damned if i do damned if i dont. If it gets pulled it could wipe other players. So make sure BEFORE you update you drop any Yellow Paper Challenge Quests
  18. Hotfix Patch 5.5.1 - Now Wipes or Save Breaks We felt this was too good NOT to update to you guys!
  19. Wipe Patch 5.5 Final Edition Released The final patch for RH on 17 has been released. This patch requires a full wipe. The launcher now has 5.5 on it. If you wish to continue on 5.4.13 do not update, or grab the direct links for 5.4.13 from the first set of posts.
  20. Patch 5.4.13 Hotfix No Wipes
  21. Patch 5.4.12 No Wipes Apologies for the quick patch. This should be our last of this edition. Everything feels good now and we got some nagging balance issues out of the way.
  22. Hotfix 5.4.11 No Wipes Quick hotfix for 2 issues Insect Traps Now Break on Loot Insect Traps Can Be Made with Beer or Honey Scrap Iron Sheet Recipe Cost Lowered from 70 Iron to 5 Iron
  23. Patch 5.4.10 No Wipes Increased Mechanical Parts in Some Harvests by 1 Added Light Level and increased recipe for Beer Trap Added Worms to Compost Recipe Bricks Now Made in Forge Iron Sheet Now Made in Forge Removed Metal Pipes from Loot (Break a toilet. They give pipes and they can be crafted) Added Iron Sheet Mold Added Iron Sheet to Loot Increased Probability of Crowbars Increased Chance of Compressor in Automotive Box Added Trioxin and Testosterone to Rare Medical Loot Increased Air Drop Loot Added more fruits and veggies to loot Added Potato to Mushroom Soup Fixed Improper Military Fiber Unlock in Description of Yeah Science Spiced Up Collapsed Station Loot Lowered Probability of Guns in Desks Fixed 2 loot lists with improper item tags Replaced ALL Vanilla Cotton/Goldenrod/Chrys with HDHQ Blocks Homemade ammo now scrappable All Illness and Infection No Longer Have the "Something Coming On" Buff. With that Buff illness had a chance to cure itself. Now if you get infected you are INFECTED. Fixed Up Eyewear Showing Wrong Skill Boosts Wild POI Plants should now display proper names Decreased Salt Drops Increased Mayo and Vinegar Drops You Can Now Scrap Trash Bag Storage for Polymers Increased Number of Materials Needed to Make Stainless Steel Items Decreased Tungsten and Chromium Yield from Mining by 1 count each Lowered Probability for Fire and Electric Zombies on Blood Moon Boss Blood Moon Zombies Moved to Post GS 300 Cops Will No Longer Spawn As Sleepers (Ruined POIs are not Fun) Yucca Juice Now Cools You Down Aluminum Bat Now Made in Workbench Cookbooks Can Now Only Be Found In cupboards Added Drop On Death - Nothing Option to UI Added Sinders Fix For rh5_BoxingGym(by_KamR) Added Sinders Fix for rh5_Plant(by_Wsiegel) Added Sinders Fix For rh5_Storage(by_ShoNuff) Added Sinders Fix For rh5_gedzas_base(redo_by_Sinder) Added Sinders Fix For rh5_Ministers_Tree_House(by_Theis_and_Sinda)
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