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  1. They cant be both loot and campfire. but they start out as loot. none are working until you upgrade them so if you don't upgrade them manually they will stay lootable
  2. Here ya go Working Devices Combines the working coffeemaker, stove, sinks, microwaves modlets into one modlet. DO NOT USE if you are already using the other ones. If you give me an idea of what items you would like to see picked up i can start working on that for you, Theres a LOT of scrappable items lol
  3. I will look into why the Action Skills on this one are not working correctly. If you place any of my other modlets into this one I am not sure if there will be issues. I am not developing this to work with other modlets (simply because it will be impossible to ensure they work with the changes to wood and rocks etc) but i will have a look and hopefully I can get it to work properly. That goes for both above posts.
  4. i can combine the 2 sure. just the sinks and stoves? or all the working modlets like microwave and coffeemaker too?
  5. That is a project for Ravenhearst It should, I dont see why not. I will look into it. It is possible power actions do not level and I will need to fix that somehow
  6. Admin Skill and Experience Books Tired of using commands for players on your server? Need to wipe someone or yourself and need to get them back on their feet? Testing? Use these books to speed things up. Books for both Experience and Skill Points in values from 1 to 500000 will help anyone reclaim what is theirs. The books are set to Dev Only in CM Menu.
  7. v1.4 Fixed Nulls on wood items Fixed nulls on Zombie Aggro Released and Ready for Download. Sorry again guys.
  8. Fixing as we speak The stupidest mistake. double apostrophe and forgot to add one. Sorry fixing now
  9. I am definitely trying to keep it light. This next one though does add a craftable item to enable the working sinks and ovens. Had to be done as an upgrade otherwise it turned all the lootable sinks and stoves into working ones and I figured you guys would want to loot them before upgrading them to working. Let me know how this way feels. Working Stoves Adds stove, grill and wood stove repair kits. Use with hammer or nailgun on stoves and grills and wood ovens to upgrade them to working. The new stoves and grills will no longer be lootable of course since they are now working. Working Sinks and Water Coolers Adds cooler and sink repair kits to fix up house sinks and water coolers. More sinks will be added in the future (office utility etc) but for now its just cabinet type sinks.
  10. Ill have working Ovens and Sinks for you today
  11. You are correct. Good find. I fixed Repairs but not Upgrades. It is now fixed. Grab a redownload and it should be good to go. Sorry about that
  12. Do you have the latest version of the mod? its on 1.2. If so and this is still occurring i will post a fix shortly
  13. Agreed, that and gun parts are really thing i miss.
  14. This is correct, but i will run a test to see if this is still the case. The jail doors may be possible but i think they got removed because zombies could not "see" them or something silly like that
  15. We can tweak it. They are currently set to RH settings lol Entirely possible someone did a naughty on github today. None of my stuff is dll or exe so shouldnt throw that issue. But i will do a scan and double check.
  16. Now THIS is what Im talking about!! This Drive In is AMAZING!!!!! Kudos to the team!
  17. Absolutely, I was by no means saying this is the way it needs to be. Just offering my feedback based off how I was playing it for that run. I will say I love that you can not just go to a trader and have guaranteed working stations. That was an awesome change and forced me to change my play style. All in all though you guys knocked it out of the park. This alpha reinforced my allegiance to the United States of The Fun Pimps. Now go on and release that kickstarter or whatever for anything new that you guys may be doing. I want to hand you more money. Or make a 7 Days shot glass, beer mug or bottle opener. I will gladly add them to my collection! I adore you good sir. Here have more ferals!
  18. I will look into wellness, but i think that may require a dmt mod and i am doing my best to keep this eac safe. Smell I miss dearly. I can raise up the zombies alert settings but its not as good a solution as smell. Others have even tried via dmt and it is a no go Update time!!!! Updated to 1.2 -Boiled Water now requires cooking pot -Added Scrap, Plastic, Reinforced, Steel, Iron, Military Padding Mods -All small stone harvests and destroys now give destroyed stone (exceptions being ore boulders and boulders) -All wood harvests and destroys now give wood debris (exceptions being trees) -Recipes added to turn destroyed stone and wood debris into small stones and wood planks -Leather harvests and destroys now give leather strips (exception being animals) -Recipe added to turn leather strips into leather -Rage removed from normal zombies -Repairs requiring wood changed to wood planks -Added Action Skills. For now they offer bonuses as you level but we will expand this to cover as much A16 features as possible. This requires a new game. Keep in mind this one messes with progression due to action skills so adding and removing this from previous saves will cause a wipe. If this is unacceptable I can remove the Action Skill part or include it as a modlet choice.
  19. We can look into adding some recipes or at least adding these ingredients to some vanilla ones Rage Removal From Normal Zombies This modlet removes the rage feature from normal zombies. Keeps rage on feral and radiateds. Goodbye lunging zeds!
  20. I will attempt to dumb down zombies as much as possible through xml. This should be good to go for server side. there are icons and I am not entirely sure those push through. There is no code or Harmony stuff. I will test adding this in in the middle of a save today and report back to you.
  21. Those are harmless. What's happening is those lines are looking for names that do not exist so its a warning. This will be fixed in next patch. I'm going to have to go through the entire xml and remove and replace the wood manually. Which is in the plans. Hopefully i will be done with that by next patch. Absolutely. Already have some stuff in for the next patch.
  22. With the amount of talent surrounding me I consider this to be the highest compliment one can pay. Thank you very much.
  23. All of this is true. Before I say this I want to express how great this alpha feels so I am not trying to be troll-y with my comment. But sometimes it feels like this is being balanced by three different teams. You have some areas that are quite easy, then some that are perfectly balanced. Then there are the times when things seem to be veering to please hardcore players. It feels very janky and un-coordinated in some areas and does not feel cohesive. For example, upgrading blocks is a more efficient use of time to level xp then actually killing anything, to the point where going out to loot feels like a waste of time. POIs themselves are difficult at times early on, which is wonderful but the payoff just isn't there. If you get infected (which is very often almost every time you get hit) there are almost no stumps in the world and most times they give nothing back. With how often infection occurs this is terribly unbalanced at times. Making a base at first seems like a waste too. Zombies can see you quite clearly in a base on day 1-3 so taking a poi is the best bet. To the point you feel pigeon holed to do it every time. Perks are a whole other topic. I'm forced to sink points into what i feel is a useless endeavor to get stations. I don't care for or want perks for batons/electric/turrets but i must sink them there for access to vehicles and benches. Why? its an attempt at a janky class system. And lets not talk about why anyone would want to take clubs or blunt weapons when bleed on knives is always a better bet. Even pipe batons are better than a club. Not sure where i was going with that but everything just feels uneven.
  24. So glad you are enjoying it! I miss the old system dearly as well. I plan to update this over time to really be like it. Thanks for trying it out
  25. Thank you If there is anything you or your group wish to see don't hesitate to ask.
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