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  1. Sorry about that, been out of touch for a bit. I have been using most of the mods in A19 with no problems. Also the site issues should be fixed, I wasn't able to get the automated payments to stick with the new card details, but it finally seems to be working. Currently working: Ammo Disassembly Arrow-Xbow Conversion Scrap Iron and Steel Bars 30K Item Stack mod
  2. Sorry, didn't see this. I had uploaded everything, but it was to the wrong folder. Should be all good. The quality effectiveness and other broken mods were uploaded in case someone wants to get them working.
  3. Just realized my site has been wiped. I am working with my host to get a backup restored. Worst case scenario I will repackage the mods and reupload them.
  4. @Bubo, I will check the stone axe, that is probably one of the ones I didn't even check. @hei28ssk, I will also check the rocket launcher problem. @QuantumX, Yeah I should really put some work in that to make it compatible. @Garson211, no the Quality effectiveness bonuses hasn't been updated, as the random -15% - +15% they added to most things has caused some unintended side effects. @Netwit2008, Glad you like it, let me know if you run into any problems or mods it isn't working with and I will see what I can do. No promises though.
  5. Had the fantastic idea of adding a mod to find the trader, did the coding for it and then discovered you guys already did it. Good job though.
  6. Oh I meant to thank Zagan earlier for helping me figure out that update.
  7. Alright they are separated again. Everything appears to be working with those mods.
  8. Effectively Unlimited Stamina has been updated, everything except aim with a knocked arrow ignores stamina usage and in fact you seem regen stamina when you run. Though I ended up combining it with the infinite ammo and durability mod, if that is a problem, let me know and I will separate them out.
  9. It is a pain in the butt to determine the effects of the quality effectiveness mod on items that have random stats, and there seem to be some whacky side effects as well.
  10. Oh that part of the code is commented out anyway, I was probably testing something.
  11. Haha, nope. But it is the change/removal of the "Base Effects" That broke it. Though Zagan may have figured that out. - - - Updated - - - Yeah that is still broken, I plan to update it tomorrow. i will post when ti is updqated.
  12. They change the effect group Base_effect to the name of the item, which complicates things. The infinite ammo part still works as mentioned, and the unlimited stamina one seems to work as much as possible, except that i cannot lower the stamina usage from running below 1.
  13. Sorry about the late replies, I am in New Zealand now, so my time zones don't match most of the rest of the world. And I will look at those mods this weekend.
  14. The syntax is basically the same, but they took out or changes some things. For instance, the 30k stacks mod had four things removed/moved, like the cooking pot which was in teh blocks.xml. The ammo had a change, regular bullets changed, for instance 762bullet, because 762bulletball, and steel ammo no longer exists (I think it because AP or HP). In my terrain mod, it had an error from there no longer being a sidewalk terrain block. For other things, there were materials that no longer exist, or there was significant overlap so it would take a redesign, i.e. for the quality effectiveness mod. Oh and the icons have a new folder structure. Move the icons to: UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas hope that helps.
  15. I am working on updating the relevant mods to Alpha 18. It seems they added Damage scaling from quality back, so that one is deprecated now. I will probably adjust the quality effectiveness one. 30K Stacks is updated, I will annotate the updates as they come in the OP. **Compatible = It works for Alpha 18, but does not contain changes to the new stuff. **Updated It works for Alpha 18.
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