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  1. You're very welcome. Agreed, I played for a few hours on vanilla yesterday and some of the attacks were a bit unfair. Enjoy! Added Increased Zombie Modlets
  2. Yep. New link right here. ill be converting all of them over the week
  3. Welcome to my modlet page. These modlets are intended for players who find vanilla a little too easy. They will increase difficulty, remove op items, and overall bring vanilla to an experience that I myself choose to play. It is important to note these mods are not designed to make 7 days better. That is subjective to what you value in your play. Rather it is designed to make gameplay longer, harder, grindier and more difficult. If there are any modlets you wish to see converted, or if you have an idea of a modlet you would like to see please leave a reply here and I will create it for you. Note: These modlets can not work with Ravenhearst. Ravenhearst will have by default these modlets already included, though balanced for the world of RH. Latest Modlet Increased Zombie Spawning x2 x3 x4 Multiplies the population of zombies in towns and wild by the following numbers. Zombie Reach Shortener Reduces the reach of all zeds so that you can manage the fights on servers. Does not touch player hands. Slower Progression Increases the XP needed to level from 10000 to 12454 in order to extend leveling time slightly. Charcoal Adds some lootable charcoal to grills. The charcoal has a very long burn time so its the most efficient burning material. Increased Wandering Horde Size Takes the vanilla wandering hordes and adds a few extra zeds to each stage for a bigger more dangerous wandering horde. Eggs in Fridges Adds chance to loot eggs from fridges More to come Download All Modlets In One Package Experimental A20 Exp 218
  4. I have released a very very early version of Scavengers of the Living Dead for you guys to try out. Feedback etc is more than invited as we embark on a companion mod to Ravenhearst. This mod has it's own Discord which can be found here https://discord.gg/XWphRtm That is also where all discussion and updates will be found. Scavengers is our Romero Mod that has been in development in one form or another since A16. We have released twice, and now we are releasing on 19 before A20 so we can establish it and develop it further on A20. Overhauled crafting, a scavenger based play style, tons of zeds, headshots only, no blood moon and much much more either already available or planned. Come be part of the development. Now available on the mod launcher! Here is a link to our old archived thread that is locked https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/164590-scavengers-of-the-living-dead Features of Scavengers -Traditional Zombies. Walk Only, Headshot Only, No Ferals or Demos etc, no climbing or jumping, realistic damage. Danger comes in numbers. -Fewer resources from everything -Increased ingredient requirements on recipes -Perks are available for now but will soon be removed -LBD system where stats increase with tool and weapon usage not perks -Reduced loot -Wilderness style maps -NO traders or quests. Taking it back to the old fashioned blood sweat and tears of finding stuff. -NO technology like turrets gyrocopter etc. This is not Fallout -Traditional farming returns. No planters -Increased crafting timers where they make sense -EVERY container can be looted. No more open and closed. Now you must go through an entire poi and search it -Costs of repairing and upgrading increased (soon to be replaced by special kits) -All items now break twice as fast. -Removed surface ores -Ore traces are back in boulders. -Zombies hit HARD! Infection chance increased -Along with that new system come a host of changes like 3 mod slots ONLY, no more recipe unlocks via perks you MUST find schematics and more. -Workbenches and stations are no longer crated from normal parts, but from special station specific parts wrenched from the specific workstation or found in loot. These parts are used to craft the proper bench. -NO working benches in the world. Harvest them to build your own. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scavengers of the Living Dead is first and foremost a tribute to the traditional zombie movie and ideas seen by pioneer George A. Romero and his "Dead" movies, with a dash of Walking Dead. You wont see mutant zombies, bullet sponges or anything else you would not expect to see in that universe. While being a tribute to those movies it is also a venture into hardcore survival. With an emphasis on realism and struggle, you will find yourself at many a disadvantage that you need to overcome, split decisions you need to make for your future and horror around every corner and in every nook and cranny. Please keep in mind this mod is not finished nor is it even close to it. Play at your own risk. Mechanics are undeveloped, things are not balanced fully and a lot will change over time. This is your opportunity to watch a mod like Ravenhearst take shape, and to be part of that shape. Features Some are planned and some are not implemented yet Progressive Tools and Weapons Each weapon and tool offers benefits and each tier has better stats. For example a stone axe only harvests 50 percent of wood, an iron will harvest 100 percent of wood and also give 50 percent of Oak. Same for pickaxes and tiers of ores. Each pickaxe unlocks new ores and harvests. Perks Be Gone Controversial but by the time we get to release there will be no points and no perks. You get better by doing. You learn recipes by finding, you increase stats by levelling your player. Simple as it should be. They Are Coming To Get You Barbara Zombies. Everywhere. Non stop. Modified behavior, increased sight, headshot multipliers that will have you saving every bullet and using those bats, no climbers or jumpers. Traditional and EVERYWHERE. Complex Recipes Almost every recipe in game has had their ingredients adjusted and increased. The idea is to struggle not to have a box full of mech parts. So you will need to scavenge and harvest often. Recipes are also more realistic. Many new resources have been added. Learn a New Way The opening quest is gone. Punching damages you. You have ZERO backpack slots. Starting out has never been harder so you must play smart, react accordingly and focus on important tasks. This is a slow build and the beginning thrusts you deep into hell with no apologies. Welcome to Traiter Joels Yeah, theyre gone. Zombies ate them so. Realistic Farming Farm plots are removed. Now you can till ground but you will need water. Zombies can also trample your crops and destroy them! You will need a hoe to pick up your seeds, and to harvest any wild crops in the world. Any other tool and you get nothing. Backpacks As said you start with zero slots. There are tiers of backpacks you can find schematics for, clothing is also important. Shirts and pants have pockets, as do jackets and coats and they help give you space. Mods and Tech Junk turrets are stronger than ever...... HAHA just kidding, all tech like bots have been removed completely. The focus will be on traps. Mods can not be crafted you must find them in loot. Perk Books Gone. Blood Moons They don't exist. Because come on. Instead settings dictate you get a small blood moon randomly every 1-4 days. These hordes are specifically balanced for this mod. No spiders or demos and they are a bit smaller but increase as time goes on. They simulate a siege on your home. This will be the main base of your challenge. Don't be turned off by this idea. They will be balanced so you can handle them with some elbow work No 2 Shapes Are Alike Gone are the variant blocks. All shapes and blocks must be crafted at the appropriate stations to build because this is how it was for 16 alphas and it presented a challenge to pre planning. Quality Quality tiers are 1-6 but with a twist. Everytime you repair it drops a tier, until it breaks so no tool or weapon is forever. This promotes constant crafting and scavenging for supplies. Walker Simulation With the help of the Walker Sim, zombie behavior is now tailored to wander to POIs and sources of noise. Ignore the zombies and eventually every zombie on the map will make their way to you so thinning out the herd is a must. Gunshots etc will attract the most attention. Scavengers A19 Client Zip https://github.com/JaxTeller718/Scavengers_Client/archive/refs/heads/main.zip Scavengers A19 Server Zip https://github.com/JaxTeller718/Scavengers_Server/archive/refs/heads/main.zip Scavengers A19 King Gen Worlds https://www.mediafire.com/file/2m7ojfp85grd1oe/Worlds.zip/file Reserved
  5. Available No wipes or save breaks -Fixed Alum Carbon Steel crossbolts opening to iron instead of proper tips -Fixed Exploding bolts needing steel arrows instead of the proper steel bolt tips -Multi Tool Added to Crafting Quality Under Construction Tools -Tungsten and Chrome Arrows now unlockable -Updated showquestclearcounts, or added the line entirely that hadn't been adjusted previously. -Replaced sleeper groups football stadium and abandoned house with other valid groups to prepare for their removal. -Adjusted biomes if necessary -Updated several townships and zones to be more king gen friendly, regardless of them working in rwg as normal. -Included an updated copy of king gen list, renamed RHKingGenPOI_v7613b -Added rh_zz_saltflat_multiBiomes_1(by_sinder) to king gen list, to fill the salt gap the generator's refusal to include cave pois can fill.
  6. Patch has been released. Check the first post for latest patch notes! No wipes or save breaks!
  7. Ravenhearst has been UPDATED!! Check the first post for a HOST of new info, links and details on our VERY OWN LAUNCHER!
  8. 7.4.1 Released No Wipes Needed Major: Added Sphere Code Patch for Servers. This should reduce idle server usage from 12g to 7-8g. More work will be done in 7.5. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a server side only optimization. It works by forcing the game to load textures as you see them and not preload every texture in the mod. You may see some hitches and stutters when things load in the first time. If this is an issue for you and if you have your own server that can normally handle RH then feel free to delete the ZZZ-SphereServerLagFix folder found in the server Data/Configs folder. If you do not have access to the server then this is the price we pay to have under 12g of memory used in this game for a mod so large. Change: Pallets now drop between 1 and 2 cobblestone or cement Change: Wood Logs now stack to 250 Change: Recipe Adjustments for Iron Gates and Doors Fix: Yellow warnings on load from Terrain Movement Fix: Armored Hazmat should now take mods Fix: Iron Gates can now be repaired Fix: Incorrect lock info for Legendary Bow Fix: Discrepencies in journal and tips for Irrigation Fix: Horses were not giving proper meats and bones POI: Large Book Store - Fixed missing sleepers, removed t5 rad damage, multiple fixes and changes to interior Updated: Z2
  9. 7.4.0 for 19.4 Stable Now Up! No wipes Needed. male sure you update to 19.4. Game save safe. The links have NOT changed due to no wipe being needed. Even though the filename will read as 73 it is 7.4 Here are the notes Addition: Spawn Free Terrain made with antibiotics Addition: New T5 Quest Rewards Balance: Composter Now Gives Back Worms Balance: Composter growth time lowered to 120 from 180 Balance: Removed Mineral Water from Rain Catcher. Added Boiled Water Chance. Lowered Empty Jar counts Balance: Reduced number of honey combs from BeeHive Balance: Fishing Rods should be better. Fine rods should be a lot better. Balance: Slight increase on Polymer harvests Balance: Adjusted stats on Steel Bat and Baton so they make more sense Balance: Shortened dead zone around composter for placement Balance: Added 4 square block deadzone around chicken coops and rabbit traps Balance: Adjusted loot on composter, rabbit trap and chicken coop Balance: Lowered prob on RH Posters Balance: Lowered Prob on Car Wrecks in world Balance: Removed Boss Zombies from wilderness spawns Change: World Chests no longer break for a chest Change: Terrain now has a movement factor. Asphalt and concrete are normal, snow and desert are slower so stick to those roads Fix: Smittys Alarms should now work properly when hooked up to motion sensors and generators Fix: Changed Icon for Socket Fix: Wrong Unlock Info for Dirt Bike Fix: Engines can now be made in Auto Workbench Fix: Mechanic Bench and Ammo Table Crafting Queue to 5 slots Fix: Chicken Coops and Rabbit Cages can now be destroyed to pick up. They will pick up in Stage 1 version and can be replaced. Fix: Chicken Coops and Rabbit Traps now give proper amounts of meat, hide, eggs and feathers. Nulls that were happening from loot fixed. Fix: Fishing Spear Now Needs Baited Fix: Wells can now be repaired Fix: Description clarifications on Action Skills and Classes Fix: Useable furniture now state they are indeed useable Fix: Localization on wrecks Fix: Chicken coop and Rabbit trap should now work proper Fix: Wheels now crafted in workbench Fix: Burning shaft od now works on Steel Bat Fix: Gas Pumps now repair with Mechanical Parts Fix: Gas Pumps will never loot at 0 POI: Fixed rotation on Book Store Large POI: Outdated volume removed in Strip Mall POI: Fixed Missing Rally Marker in Taco Belle POI: Lowered HP on Grate in Diverse 29 POI: Removed Outdated Static Plants in Multiple POIS
  10. 7.3 has been released!!! Full Wipe and Mod Install on Fresh Game Required! Please see the first post here as I have updated all the posts with new fresh information. Here are the super sized patch notes Patch Notes for 7.3.0 Thank you so much to everyone who have given me support and well wishes with my health issues. 7.3 was a labor of love for us and I can honestly say all of me went into making sure you guys get to experience this. I think it is our best release yet and I cant wait until we get some feedback on what you guys think.
  11. I suspect a lot of people are taking issue not with the fact that conversations are moved, but we are at the end of our journey here, not the middle or the beginning. It happens in every game. Eventually EA is over, additions are over. TFP have made clear they are interested in either a 7D2D2 or a new genre game. Which I am fine with. Id like to see what is next. The time for debates and suggestions and wishlists are over. They have a vision for their end game, and are implementing how much of it they can before calling it and moving to a new project. It is no secret I am unhappy with many of the changes these past few alphas but I still feel the game is miles above all others and if some of the changes seen were feature creep from a 7 Days 2 I am happy they drew a line and are finishing. Modders etc will take care of your wishlists. Long story short this was never going to last forever. They were eventually going to call a deadline, an end date. They were eventually going to move to development on a new concept. There was never a promise of lifetime updates.
  12. I had brought to spheres attention some issues we had with trying to implement lockpicking and was wondering if this version fixed those issues. Primarily storages that were locked among groups couldnt be accessed via lock code and had tp be lock picked, and doors and safes no longer relock when quests reset a poi they remain unlocked.
  13. Patch 7.2.3 Has Been Released. No Wipes. this will be the final patch before the big 7.3 patch that will be released when 19.3 goes stable. Patch 7.2.3 Addition: Wood Frames can now be made in the table saw as well and you will receive 2 frames Addition: 20 Hour Option in Day Length Change: You Now get 2 Tannin per craft Change: You Now get 3 Mortar per craft Change: Fishing Traps Now Destroy Change: All car parts can now be harvested from vehicles with a crowbar Balance: Added chance to find boiled water in fridges Balance: Removed drinks from canned food piles Balance: Increased speed of buried supplies zombies Balance: Increased health and count of air drop zombies Balance: Fish Taco Food Amount Lowered Balance: Increased Chance of Backpacks in Loot Fix: Fix for UI issue in BS Forge Fix: Table Saw UI Will now display all recipes Fix: Huge XP Gains from Crafting Pallets
  14. New update. Small one but a good one since no one wants bear hordes every day lol Patch 7.2.2 Wandering Hordes after GS100 will no longer only spawn bears Chrome, Aluminum and Tungsten Tools and Weapons can now be smelted properly
  15. Patch Released. No Wipes Necessary **Warning** Empty your Water Filtration Unit before updating. The WFU is reverting to the previous way. This update will change the WFU and if you do not remove your materials it will destroy them. When updating your UI's will be reset. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the code calls for the various UI. You will NEED to go into your mods folder and delete ALL the OptionalUI folders. Once you have done this you can update as usual. You will need to go back in and select your preferred UI again and restart the game. This will save your ui choice. Patch 7.2.1 Addition: Newspaper Lore with Icons by Sinder as well as Newspaper Vendor Boxes randomly to the world. Addition: Craftable Flag in PWB You can place to note where you looted Balance: All Arrows Now Do More Damage Balance: Sledgehammer XP Increased Balance: Lessened chance of arrow heads in stiffs boxes Balance: Output of Mortar Increased Balance: Bows Do More Damage Balance: XP Rewards for Archery Skill Increased Balance: Probability of Honey Comb Increased in Stumps Balance: Probability of Honey Comb from Wasteland Treasure Perk Increased Change: Xp Defecits are 25 percent instead of 50 percent per death Change: Jar of Honey from trees in Wasteland Treasure Changed to Honey Combs Change: Now you only lose 2x your XP level before it caps instead of 5 Change: Wood Spikes can now also be made in Table Saw and doubles the yield of craft Change: Research Desk Added to BlackRaven POI Fix: War Hammer should now have proper damage Fix: Cobblestone repairs now take mortar Fix: Nulls caused by Zombie Cops Fix: Spider Audio Causing Nulls Fix: Lockpicks would not unlock at Great Heist Completed Fix: Localization on Colored Vehicles Fix: Navezgane Poster
  16. Patch Notes Preview for the 7.2.1 Patch Addition: Newspaper Lore with Icons by Sinder as well as Newspaper Vendor Boxes randomly to the world. Balance: All Arrows Now Do More Damage Balance: Sledgehammer XP Increased Balance: Lessened chance of arrow heads in stiffs boxes Balance: Output of Mortar Increased Balance: Bows Do More Damage Balance: XP Rewards for Archery Skill Increased Change: Xp Defecits are 25 percent instead of 50 percent per death Change: Now you only lose 2x your XP level before it caps instead of 5 Change: Wood Spikes can now also be made in Table Saw and doubles the yield of craft Fix: War Hammer should now have proper damage Fix: Cobblestone repairs now take mortar Fix: Nulls caused by Zombie Cops Fix: Spider Audio Causing Nulls Fix: Lockpicks would not unlock at Great Heist Completed Fix: Localization on Colored Vehicles
  17. Ravenhearst 7.2.0 for 19.2b4 Stable has Released Now available on the Launcher Client Files Server Files Head to our Discord for bug reports, help and information. We hope you guys enjoy this edition, but remember it is still unfinished so expect issues, bugs and possibly wipes until we reach stable 7. Patch Time! A Wipe May Be Necessary, New Install Needed Updated to Stable 19.2b4 Addition: Cubish Poi by evilracc0on Addition: More Vanilla Foods Balance: Reduced xp on air drop zeds Balance: Lowered probability of bear and dire wolf spawns Fix: Safe Loot should never be empty Fix: Fish Trap Had Misspelt Name and wouldnt unlock Fix: Movie Posters were not in the correct position Fix: Primitive Repair Kit Sell Prices Fix: Surf and Turf recipe Fix: Scrap Tools and New Weapons Now have craft quality Fix: Air Drops No Longer Destroy on Close Fix: Cult POI Fix: Gun Parts should now unlock and show unlock by Fix: Empty Gas Cans stack to 1250 Fix: Added a singe craft to most quests to avoid null fly throughs Fix: New weapons given proper Localization Fix: Coffeemaker exploit Fix: Pwb items can now be made in workbench Change: Fish foods moved to survival campfire Change: Removed Random Stats System Change: New Water Filtration System Change: End Game Foods added to Stoves Only Change: Weapons and Tools no longer have random stats Change: Logs and wood and sticks yield more in table saw
  18. Thank god this was moved out of dev diary, was afraid someone would actually read my post. We moving all the "omg it looks amazing cant wait" posts too? since those definitely fall under discussions, albeit more positive ones. One of the reasons i will never say i wasted money on it, or regret buying it. It gave me over 4000 hours of amazing enjoyment. But even the strongest most classic of cars run out of mileage and cant be amazing forever. Stronger shinier faster models are always an inevitability.
  19. Glad you are seeing it now. A lot of us have been arguing this for years but we were treated like a group of morons who were holding back the games potential. Im sorry but I am not into this whole Fallout/WoW inspired clothing system. We wanted better armor and clothing choices but we did not ask for set bonuses and tiered raid style junk. Now with biomes getting gamestaged like WoW zones (good job on removing the extra biomes btw BEFORE adding in zoning makes a lot of sense) I am starting to think my time is coming to an end with this game. Which is quite sad as I have so many good memories but i played 7 days because it was 7 days. The team seems intent on becoming a poor clone of every other game out there so why would i keep playing this one when i can play the superior versions of all of this? A16 will always be the prime for me in this game, and as we go forward I see glimpses of brilliance but the avalanche of generic shooter/looter survival mechanics that are replacing a once complex and fun core game are making it quite difficult to keep coming back for more. Compare the complexity and gameplay from 16 to today and what you have is a shorter more simplistic version of 7 days that looks amazing. Something i wont deny is the art and style have come a LONG way but the growing trend of games looking gorgeous with having little to no substance is a sad one in this day and age of gaming. Wish i could be more excited for the road ahead. Maybe the games outgrown me. I dont think so though as i can load up older versions and still sink hours into those. So its good we have that option. Just wish I could be on the hype train for whats to come. Things have been going in this direction for a while. They prefer simplicity over complexity, streamline over choice. Thing is this one seems to hit a few more folks than the other stuff we used to comment on. Simplified farming, removing resources, removing LBD, gun parts, simplifying meats etc are all things people used to discuss but none seemed important enough. Some of us were constantly reminded about our over reactions. Yet here we are, 20 alphas later and STILL removing content. Clothing is just the next in line to get the hand of simplicity reach down and sweep it into the sea.
  20. 7.1.2 Released Fix: Scrap Tools Not Crafting in Quality Fix: ModInfo Error Causing Launcher Null Fix: Icon for Infected Water
  21. Ravenhearst 7.1.0 for 19.1b8 Stable has Released Client Files Server Files **Patch 7.1.0 for 19.1b8 Stable** Addition: Christmas Trees (Suck It Wook) Addition: Wookie Selectable UI - Now you can choose your UI. Requires Full Game Reboot Addition: Jukebox Addition: Radios Addition: Record Players Addition: Box Truck Addition: Dirt Bike Addition: Ability to empty jars with right click Addition: Golf Cart Addition: Golf Club Addition: Firearms Extended Modlet with 12 New Guns Addition: Perk Books Added to Loot Addition: Caves (Need feedback on Stability) Addition: Scrap versions of our high end ores. Coming soon ore versions of vanilla metals Addition: Night Terrors Addition: Nightmares Addition: Over a dozen plus new POIs by evilracc0on Addition: Added josefpatch Melee Weapon Pack Addition: Sinders Fixes, Rebalances and Modifications for multiple Evilrac0on POIS Addition: Wookies DMT Fix for Traders Respawning in Place while Alive Addition: Flags (Not animated and some missing but WIP) Addition: Movie Posters (More to Come) Balance: Lowered Nail Craft from Bent Nail to 2 seconds Balance: Stone Axe and Pickaxe Are Now More Durable Balance: Boiled Water in Jar removed from normal campfire Balance: Increased empty gas can counts in car harvests and loot Balance: Gamestaged Wasteland Balance: Horde Night will now last until 4am Balance: Prim Bow and Spear and Sledgehammer recipes adjusted Balance: Ore Nodes No Longer Give Stone Balance: Increased Honey from Bee Hives Balance: increased Water from Collectors Balance: Increased chance of Bee Hive and Collector Schematic Drops Balance: Gas recipes and loot increased all around Balance: Increased zombie night sight Balance: Store Shelf Loot should yield better loot Balance: Medical Box Loot has had junk removed from its lists Change: Torch no longer levels blunt Change: New Well Model Change: Finishing weapon quests now gives a top tier schematic for the weapon in that line Change: You will now get 15 Action Skill Levels in the class weapon of your choice Change: Skyscraper Lowered to tier 4 Fix: Supply Crates Do Not Destroy on Loot Fix: Quest Text Numbering Fix: Vanilla Perk Description Changes Fix: Crops should now yield 2 crops and 1 seed Fix: Fuel Value on Sticks Fix: Craft Output Amounts on Forge Materials Fix: Description on Crowbar Fix: Pallet of Limestone Recipe Fix: Catcher, Composter, BeeHive should no longer be able to be placed in close vicinity to each other Fix: Pickaxes should now mine proper ores of next tier Fix: Wrench Recipe No longer Nulls Fix: Urban Combat and Fireman Almanac Perk Book Lines Adjusted properly to fully unlock Fix: Removed unneeded Miner 69er perk causing craft issues Fix: Irrigation Not pumping Water Fixed. 60 minutes for Pump to Fill, 5 minutes for Pipes to fill, 60 minutes for refills Fix: Dropped Backpacks No Longer Delete Some Items Fix: Sledgehammer no longer level blunt Fix: Trader prices increased Removal: Raw Meat Update: Tormented Emus Terrain Array DMT Mod to work with Linux Update: Spherecore and Legacy Terrain DMT Mods
  22. I swear I can g back over your posts and se multiple requests for simplification and removal of items. Like whats up? "Hey MM since frames are made of wood how about we just make wood turn into frames on harvest." I get yall are over actual complex gameplay but can we not remove crafting from everything.
  23. Patch Time! No Wipes Needed, Files in Data and Mods Folder changed so do a resync/redownload **Patch 7.0.2 for 19.0b180 Stable** ``` Fix: Wood Stoves Had Incorrect Window Title Fix: Air Drops Will No Longer Break Fix: Lowered Infernal Dog Health Fix: Removed all instances of raw meat. Toss yours out Fix: Table Saw Schematic Added to Research Desk Fix: Stone Pick Power Swing Drains Stamina Now Fix: Gas Pumps Were Breaking into thin air Fix: Incorrect Numbering on Open Quests Fix: Localization on Wooden Boards Balance: Air Drop Timer Corrected Balance: Stone Axe and Pickaxe will Last Longer ```
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