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  1. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    The xml version does not have the custom sound files. So it is just the custom sounds only you are missing out when using the xml only version.
  2. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    I just cannot make Siren Head any taller when I use the archetypes. If I set sizescale in entityclasses, the zombie will spawn in the air. So I guess 3-4 meters is max when using archetypes. If anyone know any solution to this. Please help! I am also trying to make Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Does not look nice, trying different things, but it will never look identical to the original. ^^
  3. Yes, I am sure the particleindex is hardcoded. The glass sound is in molotov_explode1, 2 and 3. I do not think you can keep the original file unaltered. If you remove only molotov_explode2, you still have 1 and 3 which has glass sound in it. Maybe you can set your custom molotov item to another explosion particleindex? This is all the different particleindex. I was initially going to make a video or gifs with all the different Explosion.ParticleIndex. But atm, I only have a text telling what the different explosions do.
  4. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    I am not experienced with scripting. But I can ask for help on how to do this. Yes, I saw this when you posted and have been working on it. Just do not have enough time nowadays. I will try ^^ Yeah, make yours too. I also saw your Siren Head, very nice! Ah, I realized it was something like this. Thanks Yea, making a version with different zombies removed is a pain. Would be much easier to have a script that can be used to turn on/off special zombies/animals. I just dunno how to do this.
  5. Hi I am not sure how to remove just the broken glass sound and keep the other sound. All the molotov sound files has the broken glass sound in it. To completely remove the molotov sound, but I guess that is not the answer you seek. <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name=molotov_explosion]/MaxVoices/@value">0</set> In my mod I just changed the molotov sound completely and forwarded it to my custom sound files to get rid of the glass shattering. I did it because some of my zombies use the explosion.particleindex "10" which is the molotov. For example: <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name=molotov_explosion]/AudioClip/@ClipName">#@modfolder:Resources/explosions.unity3d?molotov_explode1</set> <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name=molotov_explosion]/AudioClip/@ClipName">#@modfolder:Resources/explosions.unity3d?molotov_explode2</set> <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name=molotov_explosion]/AudioClip/@ClipName">#@modfolder:Resources/explosions.unity3d?molotov_explode3</set> Or if you do not want to use custom sounds, you could remove the original molotov_explode1, 2 and 3 with xpath and then set it to some other matching sounds within the game.
  6. I do not really know why either. The problems just started out of the blue, cause I am 100% sure it worked earlier with the same build. I have read about it when I searched up the problem on google: https://forum.unity.com/threads/package-manager-strange-error.659809/ Anyway, renaming that json file was a solution. And
  7. I solved it! This is how I did it! First I deleted the cache folder located in C:/user/username/appdata/local/unity, and then I went into my Unity Project/packages and renamed the manifest.json file. No more errors!
  8. I think it may be because I built the files in the wrong Unity version. I think it was 2019.2.x. So now I have tried to build the files with older versions, for example; 2019.1.4, 2019.1.2 and 2019.1.14, but I do not get the option anymore to build the file. Even though I have imported the asset MultiPlatformExportBundles.cs file. I have done this so many times and cannot understand why it is not working anymore.
  9. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    The xml only version is now updated. https://github.com/Robeloto/7D2D_A18.4_Modlets Anyone interested in a version with almost no puke damage? Or wish anything else? With your feedback, it will make my motivation keep on going. With next update the Screamer Boss will not puke rockets anymore. I will create a new zombie that has a rocket launcher instead. The Screamer boss will probably change name also. It will still be very fearful even though it doesn't launch any rockets. ^^
  10. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    I will, later tomorrow. Been a busy day
  11. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    V 2.7 added. 4 new zombies: CopterCorpse, FireFly, FireSnake and SkullBird. Also some new items that is useful in end game; supernailgun, steelbootsofhaste, magicplatearmor New looks on zeds.
  12. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    Ok, try this one: https://easyupload.io/fqpcrl I cannot try this out atm, so tell me if this works. Damn =/ So it is still missing something. Maybe the working ragdolls could pinpoint what it's missing?
  13. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    Nice, hope you will get it working. Are you good with Unity? Wish I was more experienced with it and how it works. Maybe the ragdolls could be exported to Blender somehow? I see in Unity that the Behemoth ragdoll has no collider. If this can be added without any problems, maybe the Behemoth will have a working hitbox?
  14. Robeloto

    Robeloto's Modlets

    Yes, what I did was adding the shark mesh over a swimming fish from Sphereiis mod A Better Life.Problem was, no attacking or HP. If I set it to a vanilla entity that does not swim or float it will walk at ground level, and it does not work well with the vulture entity. He will start to float up towards the air and he will disappear and NREs will appear in the console. It worked well with the lion mesh, but then it will be at ground level and will not swim and it will look really weird when the shark chases you on ground level. xD Without the mod, I am not sure how to get it to spawn in the water without the mod. This problems can probably be solved, but I am out of clues. edit: Yea, you could add the behemoth mesh over a normal zombie, but it will look weird as the ragdoll animations from the normal zombie will not sync with the behemoth mesh. This one is really unrealistic. A corpse riding a gyrocopter with a minigun shooting at you. Only way to kill this one is to shoot at the gascan. Then it will explode. This mod is going more and more unrealistic. I know some of you doesn't want too much fantasy so I am going to make another version that has only the most simple zombies and animals.
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