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  1. Yea, it is so annoying. I see that Guppycur has his own models. I have used blender to make 3d models, but I never made rigged models. Seems unity also needs a license to be used. I know I have used it before, but now it won't work. Making my own models is for me, just not worth the time. Sorry
  2. Yea, I have not been doing much to update my mod. I really have no clue on how to restore all my zombies as they were. Too much have changed in A21. I love this game, but I think I have lost a lot of motivation. =/
  3. Hey! Thanks for the info! I am gonna checking that up when I have time.
  4. Hey! I know, it is sad that many zombies are not working now in the new alpha. I know some of my zombies can still work with some easy adjustments. But many of them use meshes that isn't there anymore. I might come back with an update at a later stage. If anyone can help or know any solution or fixes for my zombies, I would be grateful. Atm, I do not have much free time, which is a shame...
  5. Hello! Sorry, been very busy and I see that A21 is out that breaks my mod completely. Seems many materials are gone or changed placements. Hey! Today I have tested A21 and there is much to be done. Much material is missing and will not load for the zombie. Many meshes are also gone. I see that I also need to add <property name="UserSpawnType" value="Menu"/> for every zombie to appear there. I also noticed that the AITask are a bit different compared to A20. Many standard mesh ragdolls are gone and especially those I used to place materials on. The other ragdolls does not seem to work with replacematerial on. So either that means, I need to use a different way. Like using the UMA types or I have to make my own meshes, which I have no clue on how to make. Sorry for being away so long. And I am not sure I will update the mod to A21. It seems like a big job haha. If I knew an easy way to fix it, but it does not seem like an easy fix sadly. Wow, it still works. That is awesome. And you are welcome!
  6. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-core-i9-13900k/23.html there you go. 102c. I was right. Many people told me it is not the undervolting and that they run same settings without any problem. I should not have listened at them in the first place. So now in cinebench I run pretty cool. 92C. I am very happy with Raptor Lake running that cool! https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/yamo89/cpu_temps_issue_i713700k_thermalright_cpu_frame/
  7. Well I have the best aircooler on market. Noctua NH-D15 with one of the best cases for airflow: Fractal Torrent. It is perfectly pasted with thermalright contact frame. And if you read the thread. I have been playing 7 days to die for several hours until it crashed and it was due to undervolting. Also I7 13700k run at stock setting 102C. Raptor lake runs hot. Edit: I am sorry if I come off as rude. It is just that I am so very tired on problems and then im struggling with real life issues at the same time.
  8. Problem was the undervolting though. Nothing to do with defender and never had any problem with that whatsoever.
  9. That is what I said, but forgot to write 'defender'. Windows firewall. Or windows defender firewall. I do not use nerfthemall atm. But that was not the problem. Well, people told me to undervolt the 13700k because it was about 104C in cinebench. When I undervolted I got 79c in cinebench. Now I am back to default settings in bios. No undervolting and I activated XMP again. 7 days to die does not crash anymore.
  10. I do not have any antivirus. For your information, it crashes in any CPU-demanding game. I have undervolted -0.150 and xmp on.
  11. I just tried starting a single player game without any mods and it crashed instantly. Screen became red and black artefacts and it froze. I had to power off PC manually.
  12. 1. Well, what you write does makes sense. But what does not make sense is that it has worked well on all my previous PC:s and some of them were so much older by several gens. It doesn't make any sense, when I now run one of the fastest CPU:s on the market. I know windows sucks at managing the cores. But why did it work on previous older CPU:s and with less RAM? 2. Alright. I am gonna use the localhost ip to connect to the server. 3. Yes, in the windows firewall they are both allowed. The client and the server. I really don't have a clue to solve this. But I do have another PC which I can try and I bet everything will work flawlessly on that. Can this problem occur because I run the machine on windows 11? This is the crash.dmp log read by windows de-bu-g tool
  13. You are right. This is just from the console which don't cover the full log. My bad. I have included both client and server yes. Going to post the full log on pastebin soon. edit: Client: https://pastebin.com/V1W1CEe5 dedicated server https://pastebin.com/pJAZsXS1
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