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  1. <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ModifyScreenEffect" intensity="2" fade="2" effect_name="Distortion"/> Look in buffs.xml for these lines. Change the intensity to a "0" and it will show no screen effect.
  2. I have uploaded the version without animals. Just replace your entitygroups.xml with the no animal version entitygroups.xml.
  3. Sorry. I did upload all the new files, but somehow the entitygroups.xml for the 11 zed version did not update. So I did it again and now skullbird should be completely removed for that version. It should not even have been in that version in the first place, but I missed one entry and that becomes a problem if the entity is removed. Now it should work. I have not much time atm to test everything out sadly.
  4. I have now removed skullbird completely from all versions. Thank you! Yes, I could make a version like that soon!
  5. I will take a look into this. I may have only tested to shoot him from below. Thanks for the feedback Araxyllis! You can ask for a special version. Just go ahead! It is no problem. Edit: Yes, when they are already in the game, you cannot remove them. I think you need to start a new game. Edit2: I may have to remove SkullBird completely. I also noticed that SkullBird could not be seen from about 10m~ away. It is the prefab that behaves this way. Have more time tomorrow so I will do what I can to try to fix it, else I will remove him. =/
  6. Thanks for the info! I will take a look into this! Edit: The broken arm/leg issue is now solved. The mummy one I will fix later tonight. Alternate versions of my CustomZombies and NerfthemAll is uploaded now under alternate versions.
  7. This version is now uploaded!
  8. Its weird. I know I fixed that, but now when I test it again. The hitbox is not properly aligned. I am going to fix this ASAP! Edit: Now it should be fixed.
  9. I have updated the mod now with slightly lower block damage. Some are decreased a lot , such as giant, but most are only decreased by 100 to 200 blockdamage. I am going to make another version soon with higher nerfed block damage when I got more time!
  10. I will try to make a version with those this week. Cannot promise anything though! I know what you mean, some friends I have is of your opinion. It is hard to please everyone hehe. I actually had a low block damage before in older versions. The thing is it was a pain with having so much different versions of the mod and I had to update them all. But I will try to make one soon. Maybe this week or later. And hope you will enjoy that more!
  11. Guys, this mod is not for beginners. I made this solely because the original game was way too easy. 😃 But I will consider making a version with low block damage. SkullBird hitbox is now larger and easier to hit. I will nerf some blockdamage tomorrow, but not too much. Maybe will try to make a version with low blockdamage this week if I am not too busy.
  12. You should aim for the gascan/engine and not the corpse! Gonna tweak the hitbox a bit to be exactly in the middle of the engine. edit: Hitbox is now resized. It is quite bigger. Also lowered the HP a bit. The hitbox is on the engine. You can try this out for yourself in Developer Mode so you know where the hitbox is. Spawn CopterCorpse and then press the key to turn off the zombie AI so he stands still in the air making it easy to shoot it. Aim for the engine.
  13. Yes, u can do it like this. In the future maybe this will be scripted through DMT and can turn on/off puke-block damage and/or inactivate some zeds. The easiest way is doing it like you have mentioned. As you see what I wrote to atomicdonut10. I would like to make it easier for you guys. You can write here what zombies you would like to remove and maybe I will do an easier version without these. Thanks for the feedback. It helps a lot as I don't have much time to test it atm! I will bump these hard zeds up to higher gamestages. About the zombies homing in on players on the night, are you certain you haven't accidently turned this on in the serverconfigs? <property name="EnemyDifficulty" value="1" /> I will try to update the mod before I go to bed tonight. Edit: Updated now.
  14. Some of these are my zeds mixed with snufkins zeds. Can you credit both snufkin and me in the info files if you are going to share it, pls?
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