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A16 - Medieval Mod (SDX)


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Just my opinion obviously but the angry guards....dang man they have a reach for days and give a bleeding out buff about a 1/4 of the time they hit you. I have not found a way to melee them at all. Maybe my timing sucks or its as intended lol. Good loot but the only way I can fight them is off a roof which is kinda gamey.

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They're being checked on... You're only supposed to see them at specific pois, I'm not sure why they're out and about.


There was still a spawner block in the biomes. I’ve removed the outside spawn blocks and increased the biome spawns to offset.

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Build 13 is on the launcher


Summary of changes:

Removed outside spawnblocks that were populating the biome with a lot of peasants, guards, and bandits. You should not be getting angry guards away from the guard pois, and bandits should only be a rare solo spawn in the central area.

Desperate peasants should only spawn in PoIs, however the spawner needs attention to stop them from spawning outside their house.

Added the No Hijack script, so nre spam wont pop the console open.

Peasants hands got a bit of reach

worg particles removed

Added a waterskin to replace the jar

Improved stamina elixirs

Revamped feral and screamer summon groups

Improvements for the horse on multiplayer (still some bits not syncing)

Reviewed recipes and moved some items to more appropriate workstations

Alchemy Bench now has a philosopher's stone as a tool, which is required for some high end recipes

GrindStone now has the ornate weapons recipes, and a mystical chisel as a tool

Removed player level requirements from skills

plus many other minor changes



- - - Updated - - -


Where do you make forged iron? Been trying to figure it out for an hour and so far I got zilth.


Forged Iron is made in the Ingot Press. I've just added a recipe for the press, as it was only findable previously.

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Guards can die in a fire plz thx


Killed one orc as I ran far north, cool...now I have a breast plate. Then some spider thingies killed me.


yeh the guards were not working as intended, there was a spawner block being generated that wasn't working right.

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