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  1. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 7 It's Day 7 and I'm getting ready for the blood moon. Watch as I build a fort and defend myself from the horde!
  2. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 6 Watch as I loot a farmhouse and a gun store during the day. Then I take on a "restore power" quest on a farm at night.
  3. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 5 Not even a broken leg can stop my adventuring! Watch as I blunder my way through a few more quests before heading out to meet Trader Rekt.
  4. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 4 It's Day 4 and I'm gunning my way through a hardware store, a warehouse, and a buried supplies quest. Watch as I fall in love with my new crossbow and upgrade my pipe weapons.
  5. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 3 On day 3, I'm out here tearing it up with my pipe guns and a stun baton. I'm loving alpha 20 so far!
  6. Updated the server to stable build of a20. Continuing the game we started on December 16 since the last few patches came fast and didn't seem to introduce any game breakers
  7. Winter Kickoff Stream or on twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1239668820 I started a new world, moved my character to the snow biome, and grabbed holiday items from the creative menu for a winter-themed stream.
  8. Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 2 It's day 2 and I'm getting off to a much better start. I'm rocking a baseball bat and some sweet pipe guns!
  9. You definitely do not need to pay to join the server. Some people do choose to donate on patreon to help support server hosting fees, but that is not something we demand. Updated the server to a20 EXP
  10. If you ever took a programming class, you would know that different variable types have built in hard limits. It was never intended for stack sizes to go that high, so the programmers used a variable type that doesn't go that high. It's a design choice that makes the code more efficient. Variable types with larger limits take up more space in your RAM while you play the game and make the save files larger. RAM usage and save file size is already huge for this game and the programmers decided not to bloat it even more with unnecessarily large variable types
  11. Alpha 20 Release Party - Live Stream with Twitch Integration recorded December 7 or on twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1226958595 Monday Morning Stream with Twitch Integration recorded December 13 or on twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1232451805 Alpha 20 Let's Play Series: Day 1 Join me for the first day of an exciting new adventure in my alpha 20 random gen world. Watch as I try to make my home in what's left of a burned down shop and then go out in the night looking for honey to cure my infection. The new feral sense option lets the zombies see and hear you from a much greater distance, and it is brutal. All hail 7 Days to Die's return to the horror genre!
  12. 7DTD Livestreams on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1188228773 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1188250676 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1188266251 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1188272837 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1193146044 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1193150009 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1194116382 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1199831204 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1200749915
  13. Added a new map with some of my custom POIs and started a new game today. Last reset before a20!
  14. 7DTD a19.6 Custom Prefabs - UFO & Bri's House
  15. It's intentionally permanent so that players on your server can't destroy your public structures. The way I used it on my server was to build with it in the prefab editor and then import my prefab onto the server. In the prefab editor, you can replace anything with air blocks if you misplace it.
  16. The first one. Higher quality levels of the same item should always be better with this mod.
  17. I just added the following mod: Brian's Mod Stack More - greatly increases stack sizes of most items.
  18. Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize it was that easy to switch. I edited the links to https instead of http I just added Brian's Mod Stack More to the OP - increases stack sizes on most items.
  19. For those of you having trouble, rather than left clicking the link, right click it and hit "Save link as" to download the file. I just tested this in Chrome. It gives you a warning that says it can't be downloaded securely, just click "Keep" and it will still download. The domain I'm hosting on at the moment is my own domain and I don't intend to switch it at this moment. I personally find there to be more hassle with the other options that are available.
  20. No problem. I'm glad you're giving it a try and I hope you enjoy it!
  21. OK, yeah I should have read your initial comment more carefully. The pallet bundles I believe give set amounts of resources, and they are intentionally not affected by mother lode. Mother Lode is only intended to affect natural resources as far as I know. Trees, ore, and terrain blocks.
  22. @Celticz I just tested each level of the Mother Lode perk on 1200 HP trees with the following results: No perk: 150 wood 1st level Mother Lode: 180 wood 2nd level Mother Lode: 209 wood 3rd level Mother Lode: 240 wood 4th level Mother Lode: 269 wood 5th level Mother Lode: 300 wood 6th level Mother Lode: 327 wood 7th level Mother Lode: 375 wood 8th level Mother Lode: 450 wood Please let me know what type of block you're hitting that you aren't getting the proper output from and I can do further testing.
  23. Thanks for the input. I will looks into it right now. There hasn't been a lot of playtesting on this mod yet, so I may have missed something.
  24. Updated to 19.6 and started a new game on July 29
  25. I developed a group of modlets to use on my server. I have decided to make them available to everyone. These modletss work on servers with no client side installation necessary, or on single player games. They are all compatible with each other. Brian's Mod Admin Steel - allows admins to use invincible steel blocks for public horde bases. The blocks do take damage, but the downgrade path ensures that it never actually disappears. When one is destroyed, it is replaced by a copy of itself. As a bonus to players, it also provides a steel upgrade path for iron bars. Brian's Mod Economy Boost - provides vending machines that act as fully stocked traders that players can place in their bases. These can be purchased from a trader or crafted at a workbench. Brian's Mod High Level Perks - The maximum character level is increased from 300 to 500. All attributes have been increased from 10 to 13 levels, and most perks have been given 1 to 3 new levels with fun and powerful new bonuses. Run faster, hit harder, be stealthier, and learn new recipes. WARNING: The High Level Perks mod is experimental and unbalanced. It is merely for purposes of pushing the limits of what could be done in the game. I cannot at this time recommend it for anyone trying to run a serious game. I am collecting a lot of feedback and will be trying to develop a better version of the mod sometime after alpha 20 is released. I apologize for not making this more clear when I initially published the mod. Brian's Mod No Stone Age - Eliminates most Tier 0 weapons and tools from loot, while giving a small chance to find low quality Tier 1 items at early gamestages. Brian's Mod Quality Control - decreases the effect of RNG and increases the effect of quality levels in determining stats for weapons, tools, and armor. Ensures that higher quality levels always generate better items. Also makes the number of mod slots equal to the quality level. Brian's Mod Stack More - greatly increases stack sizes of most items. Brian's Mod Stamina Balance - minor tweaks to the amounts of stamina that various weapons and tools use, to offer better balance. Brian's Mod Zombie Harvest - all zombies can be harvested for the same items you would get from a zombie dog. Get going on those farm plots and hobo stews! The next modlet is not being run on my server, but makes for a fun short term game: Brian's Mod Max Level Challenge - This mod starts the player with 3 books - one that that teaches all recipes, one that gives all magazine/book perks, and another that raises the player to the max character level and automatically purchases all attributes and perks. Once you have raised your level through the third book, you will be dehydrated and starving. Finding food and drink is the first priority. Next, the real challenge is to gather everything you need and build a base that can withstand a high gamestage bloodmoon horde by night 7.
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