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  1. I don't know how you store your supplies madmole but I keep all my ammo in one crate so store similar will also put the 7.62 in there while dumping 9mm, 44 mag, shotgun etc..... in goes the 7.62 also. Same thing would happen for other items I consider essential traveling gear. But it's all good as I just modded it as you like to say Works perfect now and I appreciate the effort. BTW optimizations were top notch this patch for me. Great work fatal!
  2. SWEET!! Thanks! Without locking slots it was a pain for me. Hopefully they will add that too at some point.
  3. In regards to the back pack sort buttons. Is there any way to lock spaces not to be moved? Speaking for myself, I typically keep ammo for instance in my pack and don't want to unload my 7.62 for instance just because I'm unloading all the other ammo I collected while looting. If there isn't it's kinda a pain to use if I just have to put back the items I want to carry. I'm afraid to use the mod I've been using for years that has this option as it may muck things up now that you've added some of the options it has.
  4. Guess I'll chime in on the stuttering/freezing issue: i5 - 6400 16 gig ram gtx 1060 - 6 gig HD Before the last patch I was running a buttery smooth 60-80 FPS on pretty high game settings (highest I've ever had them turned up) Rarely did my frames ever drop below 50. No noticeable change in 2+ hour play sessions. I was however getting all those messed up blocks in POI's. Since B169 I'm still running 60-80 FPS but with pretty constant drops to 5 or 10. Seems worse the first 10 or 15 min of game but continues entire play through. I haven't found any in game graphics settings that seem to improve this. I thought the messed up blocks was fixed but ran into it again last night. On a side note, the wife plays on a a serious potato laptop and hasn't seen the messed up blocks or lag spikes lol.
  5. In Kansas a 45 lb bow is all that is required to bow hunt and I've seen many a kid kill a deer at that poundage. Most hunters probably are shooting 60-65 lbs, which BTW isn't very difficult to pull back as it's more about technique than strength since compound bows holding lbs is only 20 to 30 percent of draw weight. I've actually only ever known one man who set his bow up at 75 lbs and it wasn't for hunting it was for competition. Long bows on the other hand require considerably more strength as you draw.
  6. I've seen it before too, unfortunately it's happening daily now and I'm the local machine so everyone else has to log too....
  7. So what causes this to keep happening in A19? See all the blocks in the windows and doors. I cant see through them as they do not exist but I can walk through them. Have only been in game for about 10 min
  8. Loving A19, Great job TFP. Question however, how do you rotate blocks backwards? That is possible in this update isn't it?
  9. To Hal and others who helped MrJim....Respect! That was really kind of you all to fix his problem. Need a lot more of this in our society.
  10. This must be a bug in your game, because the wife and I are always in a party and I've gotten great loot that seems to have improved as I level lucky looter and found the goggles.
  11. I'ts no wonder these fps dips are so hard to find. i'm running the same graphics card but on an I5 6400 2.7G with 16 gig of ram and a standard hard drive. Snow biome ran like butter for me. I did set my graphics card to turn AF off and had to change my monitor from 4k to 1080 but since then game is running like a dream and looks great. This is what I changed on my card. Occasionally I'll dip to 30 fps or so but it only lasts a few seconds and I don't notice any stuttering. AF - Forced "OFF" Texture Filtering Anisotropic Sample Optimization "ON" Texture Filtering Quality "Performance"
  12. Wish I could say the same. My frame rate is kinda tanking......a lot. Can't find settings to get over 30 fps and dips as low as 5 at times. Ran pretty consistent 50 fps in 17. Settings the same with occlusion on, texture streaming on and v sync on. Didn't use v sync last time. And don't change texture quality while in game. Crashed straight to desk top twice when doing that.
  13. Agreed bench press sucks. Having your hands locked to the bar prevents any rotational adjustment at the shoulder increasing the risk of injury IMHO. I'd much rather do dumbbells (110's for 6 is my best) Seems like there's a general attitude that it's a lesser lift than bar bell press (not manly enough maybe) but it's definitely a different lifting experience needing to balance that weight individually in each hand. You also have to maintain better form and control the weight a lot more going down than some of those you see bouncing the bar off their chest lol. Do you do any dumbbell presses?
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