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A16 - Medieval Mod (SDX)


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Enter a world of Orcs, Goblins, and yes, Dragons... Ride a horse through the beautiful countryside, or delve deep into the haunted forest... travel north to the great Orc Lands, or visit the eerie crystal biome.


Book I: Blight.


For a thousand years, humans have believed the myths and legend of old to be just that... legend. Until now. A blight is spreading. Goblin and Orc raiders are traveling to your lands, killing, stealing, and ... bringing something else.


The land itself is falling prey to the mystical evil that follows these foul creatures. Structures cannot be built, trees die, and the land infertile. You were in jail for a small "misunderstanding" between you and the owner of the sheep you ate, but now you're free and you need to defend your homeland against these invaders.


7 Days to Die - Medieval Mod, Book I: Blight is a near total conversion of 7 Days to Die. We have brought in new assets, new sounds, new code, and new features never seen before in a 7 Days to Die mod.


Book I is a quest based mod, but more importantly, mostly a proof of concept. We recognize the benefit that A17 will bring to the mod so have shortened the development time to get a release out as a test run. This mod is NOT designed for extended play, although it should be possible. We have included a number of new features, from quest-driven exploration of underground ruins to custom spawning and random world generation dictation. There are a number of behind the scene events taking place that replace the core vanilla system, and we are using Book I to test these systems.




By downloading Medieval Mod, you agree that:


You can copy the material in any medium or format for your personal use.

If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material, without asking for our permission first. This includes c# code, xml configurations and all included models and icons.

If permission is given, you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to this license, and indicate what changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Many of our assets were purchased and as such we can not give permission to use any of our models on your own projects.

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Current Version: Medieval Book 1.0 (b17)


Download Link: Sphereii's Mod Launcher


Direct Link: Gitlab Link


Discord Link: Guppy Discord Server


Mod Server [PvE] is: pw: guppy

Mod Server [PvP] is:




Random Gen Only


This is an experimental release; we realize that we need a wider range of people playing to grab any more bugs. We have done our best with our small team to release a playable version, and we think this is it. We will be updating the launcher with patches throughout, which should go unnoticed... people running a dedicated server will need to keep an eye out, of course.


This mod plays very differently from 7 Days to Die Vanilla. This is intentional. You will not automatically know how to do everything. We will not be adding "bigger backpack", or catering to every wish and/or demand. Take it as it is, and realizes that it is a proof of concept for us for greater things to come when A17 hits.


This mod is /hard/. Trying to play the way you do in vanilla will get you killed. Learn to adapt, there are a lot of custom concepts going on that make the feel of this a new game.






Required Files Links: None at this time.


Good luck, and enjoy.

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Spawning fixes.

New waterskin item (may not be used yet).

Purge protection time changd.

Elixer buffs.

Removed particles from worgs.

Localization updates.

Hand ranges.

Tweak dungeonseed 3 quest.

Nohijack script (no more console error pops!)

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Known Issues:

  • Distant Terrain meshes are using vanilla block and textures, so will look a little weird.
  • Human township does not always spawn - workaround: quit to menu and choose another seed (rw gen is quick, unlike loading to menu) - fix: book2
    Notes: There is a single town configured to spawn in the 0,0 cell. There are no towns anywhere else. All other PoI's are from wilderness spawns. If the terrain is to rugged where the town wants to spawn you will not get a town. This system is a placeholder until the a17 rwg features land.
  • Vial ItemAction needs a bit more work for anims and such - WIP
  • Some items will be missing localised names - WIP
  • Trader may spawn on top of you, sling you stuck. Dig a hole below, maybe crouch, to escape.

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I've been watching people play and wanted to share some "how to" notes that may not be apparent when playing the mod.


How to Play Notes

  • The game flow is as follows. Gear up in town, as quick as you can, because the blight is coming. And when it does, the town is likely lost. Explore the frontier, continue to loot up. All of the quests are front loaded to you after the bedroll quest, so you can decide where you want to go. I recommend South, towards the Spooky Forest. It's the next easy biome. After you've had your fill of beasts, head north to the Orc biome and die a few times there. It's their terrain, they have the advantage. Then, try the crystal biomes...


  • START A NEW PROFILE, else you will be invisible. The default profile is not medieval compliant. =)


  • The slingshot is your starter ranged weapon. Bows are more advanced. Make one, use one, enjoy one. It's all you have.


  • The horses you'll see are a bit trickier. YES YOU CAN RIDE THEM. But, you need a saddle. The higher the quality, the higher the chance you can get it on. Hit them in the right place with the saddle to attempt an attach. Hope this helps.


  • Punch plants, E only picks up mushrooms.





I can't begin to thank the large number of people who assisted with this mod. But I will try, but I wanted to make it abundantly clear this is not my mod. It was a community effort, with stompyNZ and I making the final calls.


In no particular order other than guppy memory:















Random Person

Spectral Force

Ouch Quit It




Feeble Fingered Peasant



...more to come.

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I'll update the first post with the discord link in a bit, after I'm finished testing the integrity of my home plumbing.


@gam, never really though about it... Could easily work for both? Def not necessary to mp.


- - - Updated - - -


Skills and whatnot are not so involved.

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I wouldn't be adverse to trying it SP as I don't know how much I would be able to play on your server as I tend to play on the one I admin on. I wouldn't want to be taking up a slot of someone who could play more and give you more feedback.

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Working out a few kinks still, but its getting there. Main issue atm is low fps. Debugging the causes is a slow process.


Thank you and the whole team, really thank you for all the hard work you're doing.

I'm silently cheering you all on reading the conversation in the discord:cheer2:

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Feels like forever. =)


...but hopefully another week or so of testing... There is a serious performance issue that makes even the mightiest machines cry, so that's probably the biggest showstopper at the moment. People with i7's and 1080's hitting 15-20 fps...


Fair warning, first release will still be very raw, but we will get it sorted.


- - - Updated - - -


a biomestatic rwg map :)


Gotta say, it's one of my favorite features... Still Rwg, but the basics are the same regardless of seed.


I'm not certain I can convey the magnitude of behind the scene coding that Stomp has done, and will probably not even be noticeable by most.


- - - Updated - - -


Thjank you and the whole team, really thank you for all the hard work you're doing.

I'm silently cheering you all on reading the conversation in the discord:cheer2:


Well, join in the convo, we don't bite. =)

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awesome and ill be honest stompy and guppy u guys did this mod alot faster than i expected :)


It would not have been possible without the help of many, and I do mean many, of the great modders of this game helping out.


It has been a huge learning curve for pretty much everyone involved. My first look at sdx modding, Guppy's first real mod of any sort outside of prefabs and xml tweaks, and a huge commitment to learning the methods for importing assets (not to mention the 100's of prefabs constructed from nothing). TormentedEmu has done an incredible job with the horse and troubleshooting various bugs and patchscripts. Xyth and Morte with their help for both code and asset stuff. Sphere for the animation classes and help with patchscripts (and Hal9000 indirectly). DarkstarDragon and Spectral Force for helping on the xml. Dust for the kickass UI. Tin for the wicked new terrain gen. All the prefabbers who have made some very cool looking PoI's to explore, and more still to come! And I'm probably forgetting a number of people who deserve a mention ;)


Having said that, this is just book 1. There are some big plans for future version of the game and a17 will see a lot of them implemented. Everything from feral dragons hunting players for stealing eggs and setting towns on fire, to hatching said stolen eggs and raising a rideable dragon of your own, to dangers lurking in the depths of lost ruins and massive raid events.


The orcs are stirring... the Necromancer has arisen... the blight is HERE!

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Had to mention dust and tin :) (see edit history)
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