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  1. watching kages playthrough of your mod devrix first i wanna say awesome work and second this may be asking alot but is there a way you can add a replica of hogwarts castle into your mod?
  2. sub your a freakign gebius with the work you do for the time you have available just keep at it and try to reduce menu lag too as that kills lower end pc's namely mine
  3. Blazer777

    True Survival

    spider i wait t osee what you do with a17 coz if a16 was any indication then yikes
  4. subquake did you make a deal with the devil or something coz ur soooooooo much better than everyone at UI's
  5. my best guess linda is there may be a critical save breaking error occuring thats causing the reset
  6. quiet zeph before he fixes it i did that XD JK
  7. question guys i was on mod the other day and for no apparent reason i died no bleeding effect or damage just died out of thin air and couldnt find any reason in the log files either why i died
  8. im running 8 gigs of ram and have little issue outside of lag which is normal for any game
  9. im not sure if thats intentional or a bug as ive just started myself playing mod again myself
  10. its probably an error in the description Kand
  11. on day 1 kand you wont kill those things with the weaps u have as their regen rate out does ur dps i just avoided the ones i ran into which was like 30 lol
  12. OMG dwallorde what did you do to game day i run into like 30 feral irradiated zeds bewteen the trader and my base
  13. hey no insulting my potato PC it can handle anything perfectly fine even SDX mods
  14. get the iron smelted down in the forge and then go into the anvil i believe and make forged iron out of the smelted iron
  15. BTW guppy your mod has officially scared the crap outta kage
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