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  1. 7DTD a19.2 Day 42 Bloodmoon Horde
  2. 7DTD a19.2 Day 35 Bloodmoon Horde
  3. 7DTD a19.2 Day 21 Bloodmoon Horde 7DTD a19.2 Day 28 Bloodmoon Horde
  4. Updated to 19.2 and started a new game
  5. Updated the server to 19.1 stable and started a new game
  6. Started a fresh game on the public server.
  7. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Week 1 Supercut Catch the whole week's worth of action in my hour-and-a-half-long supercut of all of the week 1 videos.
  8. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 7 On day 7, I make a bicycle, build a horde base, and do one last job for Trader Jen before I take on the blood moon horde!
  9. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 6 On day 6, be prepared for an adventure. The locals are all out to get me... the zombies, the bears, and even the dogs!
  10. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 5 On day 5, I get mauled by a bear in the early morning hours, and mysteriously wake up back at my house. Later on, I go on an adventure in the desert.
  11. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 4 On day 4, I finish upgrading my house to cobblestone, do some hunting, get some jobs done for the trader, and pick up my first air drop.
  12. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 3 On day 3, I delve into a burned-down building, upgrade my weapons, and of course, kill zombies!
  13. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 2 On day 2, I do another job for Jen, improve my armor situation, and find my first gun.
  14. 7DTD a19 Survivor's Journal: Day 1 Today I'm starting a new series with a different twist from my usual videos. Rather than making verbal commentary as I play, I am putting "journal entries" on the screen from the perspective of the survivor. The first day covers pretty basic stuff... making stone tools, visiting the trader, choosing a spot to set up a base, and a buried supplies quest.
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