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  1. Hey Stompy,


    so I use your mod BC Manager so I can use RAT.  been using RAT since it came out years ago.

    as of A19.3 B6 Stable my screen scrolls with errors on my server.  


    is there a BC for A19.3/Stable?  it worked great for A19.2  not sure what changed. I did notice some UI mods also broke.



  2. Hello StompyNZ,
    Sorry to bother you, I'm coming to the "BCManager" news.

    Do you think who will be available this week?

    Thank you for your essential program!
    Thanks again.

    1. Toriga


      hi i wait the update for bcm A19.3 too.

      Thanks a lot for your work.

      and sorry for my bad english .

      Have a good day. 

    2. StompyNZ




      Ive given Trekkan permission to host the version that runs with 19.3


  3. Have you ever considered that its you, and not others that has a problem.
  4. btw it appears you have included a file in your illegal repo that shouldn't have been in the dll you hacked but nevertheless is proprietary information owned by Fonterra NZ. Im sure you dont want a multi billion dollar company coming after your for releasing that information.
  5. for those that have some degree of a conscience and wont use the above illegally hacked version of bcm, please rest assured that a new server manager that incorporates many of the bcm features will be available soon. everyone except Mr Farvour will be welcomed to use it As for Mr Farvour, I suggest you aquaint yourself with the rules stickied to the head of this forum section. specifically 1., and 2. under general guidelines, and 6. under forum rules. You explicitly do NOT have my permission to steal my code, aside from the complete lack of ethics you are showing here
  6. how about you spend the 10,000 hours on your own mod instead of stealing my work and attaching your name to it
  7. None of you have even asked permission to distrubute my code, so it is directrly in violation of the EULA please remove all your downloads of my code or I will have to resort to other measures Thomas Farvour you are a real piece of work. not satisfied that I shot you down when you DEMANDED I give you the code to my mod, you are now reverse engineering it and redistributing it on the forums... wow... you are a scumbag
  8. maybe move all the dumb talk of moderation out of the dev thread to the trashbin where it belongs?
  9. You demand my code, then when I rebuke you, you come here? Entitled attitudes are what turned me off from this game in general. I provided what I provided without asking for any fee or support. I have spent 10s of thousands of hours contributing 'to the greater good' of this community. If you think calling me names or whinging about the fact I wont give my code to you then go for it, but one thing it wont achieve is getting that code into your hands.
  10. Oh really? How about before you go throwing accusations of stealing you consider I have zero reason to even look at his code let alone steal it. I have a strong dislike of Prisma exactly because of such baseless accusations, if you keep this line of attack then ill give you the same.
  11. Oh please, don't make Prisma to be the victim here. He was perfectly happy to screw over people using botman when he had a disagreement with Smeg, and decided to accuse me of stealing his code at the same time then obfuscated his code so that Smeg and I couldn't 'steal' his code anymore. The solution is simple. If prisma wants to advertise his mods here then just don't obfuscate them... its not some top secret project worth millions we are talking about here. As you said he provides it for 'free' so why not also help others to learn from his code ?
  12. Updated to 4.0.1 (for a18e), a bug fix for the AIEvents thread not allowing the server to exit properly
  13. I havent enjoyed a17 and pretty much havent played the game since January. Hopefully a18 brings a more enjoyable experience and motivates me to add more features to bcm (and fix the issues). I'm mostly looking forward to when the game is finished as it is tiring having things changed constantly and needed to fix stuff that was working previously.
  14. I dont have support for rotation on my entity commands. I had tested it one time a few alphas ago and it didnt want to work so I gave up on trying it. I'll have another look at it when I update for a18. the fblock and prender stuff is from coppis my prefab command is 'import' and the block fill command is just 'block' the undo isn't currently enabled on my new version of the block command 'block2', but should still work for the import and original block command. Check the ingame help for how to use them, as there are a lot of options for them. Spawning a prefab without sleepers isnt working atm.
  15. loc command gives x y z x is east/west y is the height z is north/south for protect you want the x and z from loc since the height is not required (it protects the entire height)
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