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  1. Hey Stompy,


    so I use your mod BC Manager so I can use RAT.  been using RAT since it came out years ago.

    as of A19.3 B6 Stable my screen scrolls with errors on my server.  


    is there a BC for A19.3/Stable?  it worked great for A19.2  not sure what changed. I did notice some UI mods also broke.



  2. Hello StompyNZ,
    Sorry to bother you, I'm coming to the "BCManager" news.

    Do you think who will be available this week?

    Thank you for your essential program!
    Thanks again.

    1. Toriga


      hi i wait the update for bcm A19.3 too.

      Thanks a lot for your work.

      and sorry for my bad english .

      Have a good day. 

    2. StompyNZ




      Ive given Trekkan permission to host the version that runs with 19.3


  3. maybe move all the dumb talk of moderation out of the dev thread to the trashbin where it belongs?
  4. If you want to do the lights on dedicated only then an api mod can do it without the dll hack. You just need to use world.setBlockRPC and change the meta1 value to 2 on any light blocks. it does require using a console command rather than the 'E' interface though
  5. there is a pickaxe book. They also show up in loot and at traders
  6. We are not seeing any of these issues on the official server so it sadly might be a case of start a new save. We reset the map for b16, and it was fine going to b17, but anything b15 or older might be broken. This is the last major update before alpha17 so if you do reset you def wont need to again.
  7. Build 17 is on launcher. Will do patch notes for 16 and 17 in a bit b17 doesnt appear to have any issue with a b16 save.
  8. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?57569-Bad-Company-Manager-(ApiMod-for-Servers)&p=824036&viewfull=1#post824036 Sylen had the same error for bcm, looks like it was an out of date system.xml file. Redownload bcm and fresh install of it should clean up the problems.
  9. There are some bcm errors on load there. Most likely the configs are not correct for it. Make sure the Configs are set up as per this folder in the Mods folder: https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/tree/master/BCManager/Mods/BCManager
  10. My current todo list for b16: bug: DragonGore has no loot when the body downgrades bug: paladin and baby dragons make the sound but dont fire ranged shots todo: change beer barrels to work like the new tanning racks todo: finish quest localisation todo: finish item localisation for new quest items todo: icons - vials/blood/body parts and individual icons for quest tokens todo: icons - grapevine block, beer barrel half and empty, large hammer head todo: restrict blighters so they can only spread blight when aggroed, or at the least only when within a distance from a player todo: localise dungeon seed 3 note todo: remove old quest notes todo: change ingredient bloods to Lesser Blood, Strong Blood, Potent Blood, and provide recipes to create from the various blood types (i.e. goblin => lesser, dragon => potent) todo: creature loot review todo: review trader supply lists todo: add recipe unlocks to loot, and review the grouping of recipe locks to different teirs instead of just by type todo: add rewards for quests - including legendary weapon todo: review ingredient craft timers and exp, adjust recipes that are unbalanced for time. todo: review item weights where needed to get correct scrapping after ingredient review todo: create alternative options in rwgmixer for 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k worlds and zero towns, 1 central town, random small towns todo: tidy up ui changes for quest objective and reward windows todo: find a use for red flowers todo: add recipes for decoration blocks todo: add recipe limiter patch (only see recipes you know, only at station you can craft them)
  11. CHANGES FOR B15 (probably missed a bunch) Adjustments on stone harvesting Removed scrap iron frames and upgrade options New log spike model (thanks Random Person!) Removed some more modern blocks (morticians drawer etc) Fixed the 4 plants that were upgrading when fully grown Added Banded Chest as a player craftable storage Changed leather creation to use the tanning rack (build rack, place in sunlight, upgrade with animal hides, wait, loot leather) New block buffs added Improved Dragons Breath potion Dysentry, foodPoisoning and blight debuffs can be 'cured' with a certain plant Adjusted AI to ignore merchants since they cant be killed Added headshots to custom entities (untested) Adjusted dungeon spawns so they dont wreck the place Some creatures move faster now Ogres and Trolls went to smash school and learnt how to bust your house down Removed skill xp from medical items to stop them from leveling the medicine perk Removed hydration from potions so you can drink them when fully hydrated Adjusted economic values Buffed food healing (approx x2) Honey cures dysentry The mysterious plant has a new mystery(buff) Added a large hammer head for crafting bigger hammer weapons Remove machete blade, recipe now uses large balde Some schema's can be created from book pages found in loot Removed quality from frying pan, can still club a peasant with them Pitchfork can be repaired with scrapIron Woolen cloths can be repaired with wool Big buff to blunderbuss damage Buffed high end protection ratings on most armor. Full purple plate will let you slug it out with an ogre. Loot template changed to reduce quantity of purple drops a bit Leveled loot fully removed Overhaul of peasant and guard loot (creature loot still to be reviewed) New skill 'Slayer', gain levels by completing the Slayer quests. Gives a bonus to entity damage on all weapons Completely revampeds quests (still needs some localisation). Complete the first quest by opening your quest journal. Read the quests, important information is there to guide you if you get stuck with what to do next. Added Quest Tokens (dont lose them!) to track quest chain completion. Tokens can be dropped/traded, watch out pvpers Some recipes are now locked in quests as well as an option for unlock with looted schemas. Seed recipes return more seeds (temporary measure until the fertiliser changes are added) Vials can now be crafted in the furnace with glass Some scrapping is now only available at the workbench (cloth, leather, iron, wood) New prefabs for the spooky forest A new village prefab can be found in the wilds Many improvements to the horse (Thanks Emu!), to many to list. Don't be mean to your horse, it might eat you. Add horse reins to stop the horse from wandering.
  12. I'll post the highlights later today. - - - Updated - - - food healing has been buffed in b15, but the lack of early healing is intended.
  13. Most of the b15 stuff is done, but still needs some testing and probably some bug fixes. Will def be this weekend sometime.
  14. The current version of the crystals are more for purging existing blight than protecting against new blight. The protection they do provide atm should last a few game days but the next time I work on that I'll be changing them to provide protection for as long as the crystal lasts, and entities will hopefully be made to target those crystals. They will eventually self destroy and lose the protection but at least you will have a visual to let you know that it has happened. The dragon blood crystal I might make permanant unless destroyed and the lesser ones are the ones that self destruct after a time.
  15. that reminds me, I needed to make the seed recipes give 2 seeds. Atm the fert doesnt do anything (only gives bonus for <e> pickup plants rather than hit to harvest plants). A future version it will act as both a growth accelerator, and a reduction to the chance crops fail (also coming later) The skills are pretty basic atm, as with the a17 changes there isnt much point in putting effort into them only to throw it all away. 100 in blade weapons is +10% harvest, and lvl 5 knife guy is +50%, but I keep forgetting to test if that will give a chance at two items at less than +100% as Emu said, you get a bonus harvest with certain weapons (i.e. sickle), and can raise your weapon skill to slice those plants better
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