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  1. You demand my code, then when I rebuke you, you come here crying about it? Who exactly is being immature here? Entitled attitudes are what turned me off from this game in general. I provided what I provided without asking for any fee or support. I have spent 10s of thousands of hours contributing 'to the greater good' of this community. If you think calling me names or whinging about the fact I wont give my code to you then go for it, but one thing it wont achieve is getting that code into your hands.
  2. Oh really? How about before you go throwing accusations of stealing you consider I have zero reason to even look at his code let alone steal it. I have a strong dislike of Prisma exactly because of such baseless accusations, if you keep this line of attack then ill give you the same.
  3. Oh please, don't make Prisma to be the victim here. He was perfectly happy to screw over people using botman when he had a disagreement with Smeg, and decided to accuse me of stealing his code at the same time then obfuscated his code so that Smeg and I couldn't 'steal' his code anymore. The solution is simple. If prisma wants to advertise his mods here then just don't obfuscate them... its not some top secret project worth millions we are talking about here. As you said he provides it for 'free' so why not also help others to learn from his code ?
  4. Updated to 4.0.1 (for a18e), a bug fix for the AIEvents thread not allowing the server to exit properly
  5. I had Rager zombies in Bad Company more than 2 years ago.... RH initially used BC zombies... does that mean I should be demanding credit for the idea? /cackle
  6. I havent enjoyed a17 and pretty much havent played the game since January. Hopefully a18 brings a more enjoyable experience and motivates me to add more features to bcm (and fix the issues). I'm mostly looking forward to when the game is finished as it is tiring having things changed constantly and needed to fix stuff that was working previously.
  7. I dont have support for rotation on my entity commands. I had tested it one time a few alphas ago and it didnt want to work so I gave up on trying it. I'll have another look at it when I update for a18. the fblock and prender stuff is from coppis my prefab command is 'import' and the block fill command is just 'block' the undo isn't currently enabled on my new version of the block command 'block2', but should still work for the import and original block command. Check the ingame help for how to use them, as there are a lot of options for them. Spawning a prefab without sleepers isnt working atm.
  8. loc command gives x y z x is east/west y is the height z is north/south for protect you want the x and z from loc since the height is not required (it protects the entire height)
  9. Version 3.8.0 for a17.3 Fixed the chunk reloader. TFP removed the buffer param from the NetPackageChunk and that was breaking any command that used it (import, protect, etc) Some recent changes have been held back from this update as the undo system is being revamped and isn't finished yet. block2 fill seems to not work in this update from some limited testing. The original block fill still works as before. Added: block2 looterscan - scans the area and reports containers that are currently being accessed block2 open/block2 close - open or close doors block2 lighton/block2 lightoff - turn static lights on or off block2 sortitems - sort the contents of a loot container (same sort as clicking the option in UI) Changed: bc-give - no longer adds mods by default. use bc-give /mods to have the item generate with some random mods attached. Also changed the max quality to use Constants.cItemMaxQuality. This will allow mods that increase the max quality to edit this constant and have the give items work with their new max
  10. That doesnt look like the error is coming from bcm itself The json on each of those errors looks like a mangle of multiple outputs, so I suspect rat is getting data lines merged badly somehow? Need more details and a raw paste of the log to give more feedback than that (pasting to the forums comment seems to like adding random spaces etc)
  11. I dont run or have a copy of cpm on my machine and wont do any testing for compatibility for reasons I wont go into here. All I can say is you'd have to test it for yourself. There's no reason bcm wont work with them unless they have gone out of the way to make it hard for their mods to work with mine. The chat hooks could have issues if you enable features from all of them at the same time.
  12. Update Here I published an update a few hours ago, but it appears there was an issue with it not being able to find a target method for the reset command. 3.7.1 should fix that if you got the 3.7.0 version New command: bc-reset Will reset an area to the state it was in on first generation. default mode uses chunks for the area. If you use block co-ords then it will still do the full chunk that contains that area of blocks bc-reset /loc to use the stored loc and your current position for the reset bc-reset /r=5 will reset an 11x11 chunk area centered on your position bc-reset 2 5 /r=2 would reset the 5x5 chunk area centered at cx 2 cz 5 The chunk refresh doesnt always manage to reload the chunks for all players so if nothing changes you need to leave the area and return to force the chunks to reload on the client. Also did some more work on the new block command (currently block2) about 10 sub commands left to test or implement, and the new undo command to write then it will be ready to replace the current block and tile commands
  13. I'll publish an update tonight after work for the new version of the game. Game pref enum was changed and its making the save game location point to the wrong place
  14. *** Command: bc-config *** (BCM) Config - Provides tool for the configuration of BCM commands and events Aliases: bc-config Default Options: None Usage: 1. bc-config command <command-alias> <action> <vars> 2. bc-config option <command-alias> <action> <vars> 3. bc-config resetall Notes: 1. List command aliases or add/remove aliases. actions: list - displays the aliases for a command add - adds a new alias to a command remove - removes an alias from a command reset - resets a command to the default aliases e.g. bc-config alias bc-config add configure 2. List command default options or add/remove default options. actions: list - displays the current default options for a command add - adds a new default option to a command remove - removes a default option from a command reset - resets a commands default options 3. Reset all commands to the default command aliases and default options The above is the help for bc-config. There will also be bc-config events once I add the core event dll to the downloads. For the command aliases to be updated the server needs to be rebooted. I didnt want to use hackery to update them while the server is running default options don't require a reboot. The default options can allow you to add and /option to the commands that are always added unless an override it provided. e.g. /pp for print pretty but can be overridden with /1l for single line output on any instance of a command. A few commands have some base default options, such as the bc-gs alias for bc-lp that adds /n for player names to be listed along with the gamestage value. 'bc-config option bc-gs list' will show these initial options and can be removed etc.
  15. Updated to 3.6.0 for 17.2e NOTE: Only compatible with 17.2e... A variable name change the core game means it will not run on 17.1 I didnt get everything I wanted to finished but rather than delay further I will put this out there for public testing. There have been a lot of changes to the config system and numerous commands This is still a work in progress and as such there will be some bugs to resolve with the new commands and some older ones. Commands: bc-config - Allows you to manage the command aliases, default options, and events system settings. (Events will be released as a separate mod dll.) bc-block2 - A combined command for both block and tile command actions (will eventually replace both bc-block and bc-tile). This command is created as a template for the world editing commands but is still in development so not all features are working yet. The undo is not yet hooked up for this so use it in a test area first. Also the player location bit is broken atm so chunk or block co-ords are required. bc-remove - Changed the /minibike option to /vehicle and changed the type filter to a parent of all vehicles so that /all does not remove any of the drivable vehicle types. AI Events System: A new system created to allow for the development of events independent of the bcm core mod. Event dlls are processed and dynamically added to the system, with configuration done via the bc-config command. More details and some core/example mods will follow later. Persistent Data: The persistent data is now split into server data and save data. The server data contains config that will carry over to new savegames on the same server such as command alias config, player name colors etc. The server data is stored in a folder in the root of the save folder. save data is stored in the previous location inside the save game world folder. I'm trying a new system for chunk refreshing, and noticed an issue if the area fell on a chunk border so will need some adjusting. It should reduce the flicker and falling into the void issues the old system could cause on servers with higher latency. There is still a lot to be done, and minimal testing in game so please let me know what is broken.
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