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I don't like "wasting" my wrenches durability. Not even when I have an abundance in steel and mechanical parts. (Of course does anyone have an abundance of mechanical parts?)


But its good to know, just in case.


In single player with no loot respawn I've never even come close to running low on mechanical parts, especially since they put in the "do it yourself" perk (not that I've ever needed to use it). Once I find my first wrench I just start hitting the most damaged vehicles and you get plenty of mechanical parts from that (and air conditioners).

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Me me me! :D


It defied common sense, so naturally it's addressed in ComSenMod:



  • Removed requirement to use a wrench when harvesting bird nests
    Wrenches look silly on organic things. Now you can bust it up with an axe, like a tree.
  • Bird nests drop wood when destroyed instead of plant fibers
    The nest’s material is set to wood. When you hit it, it sounds like wood, and makes wood particles.

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