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  1. Hey all, been awhile since I've been on the forum. Looking a few pages back reveals, that all is normal :). I'm playing a new game now, and loving it. Stuff has progressed a lot!
  2. I remember reading a post awhile back, where mm said that NPCs were after A18. But that could be any alpha after that I guess.
  3. Self respect? Lol... I'd like to see you argue with a women's activist... You will back down immediately. Most men do these days... Oh well...
  4. The Amy Schumer I understand. Though I dont understand your opposition to skimpy outfits... That's my first pick.
  5. Well "garbage" might be a little harsh (if you dont mind me saying)... It was a good placeholder/future feature glimpse, for the early alphas, if you ask me . Though optimizations does give one a little gold release hype
  6. Looks good. I'm not seeing a major change compaired to now, but it does seem more full/rich. If that makes any sense
  7. Oh, so not obvious then... The converted M60 50cal Sniper rifle is my favorit rifle of all time. Makes you feel like you're firing a rifle, and not making popcorn. Also, it is deadly accurate (in the right hands). I prefer it much more over the purpose build M24, which is a kids Sniper rifle
  8. Well, as long as no permanent markers or hair cutting is involved. You got off easy...
  9. I can behave entitled too... Then I might get a long novel type post from Roland aswell. But then again, I got better things to do
  10. True enough... Though I dont think that'll do in this instance, but I take your point. Peace out.
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