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  1. For only $250,000, TFP will sue themselves to ensure that console gets the love it needs! If you are still not satisfied by the updates, for another $250,000 TFP will sue themselves AGAIN and boy will things get done!
  2. True. I rarely use any ammo during any horde night, until I have many 1000's of ammo in storage and only then just for the LOL's. Building a (Stupendously) strong fort is something I always do and when I get tired of that I build a cheesy fort. LOLs... POI adventure is where this game is really amazing. Some POI's are better than others but who would want the same thing all the time?
  3. Besides the unrealistic weight carrying and construction speeds, basically everything else could be considered realistic. (squinting your eyes a little) Zombies you say? I say Rabies virus that progresses quickly though Stage 1 <Edit: taking 7 days...> but doesn't progress past a Stage 2 infection (any bets some level 4 lab in the world hasn't been funded to do something like that?)
  4. Specifically talking about this game: Morally the devs have done the best of their ability to make the best game they can and have gone to great lengths to supersede their initial efforts repeatedly and eventually by hiring new talent. Legally its a wash but even if the supreme court rescind Steam's "get what you get" policy. It would be very easy to defend TFP because they did and are going above and beyond what a reasonable person would expect.
  5. 7D2D is still a great game. However it's also a game I've played more than any other game, ever. No other game is close to the number of hours I've spent. ...And that is the problem for me with this game, and I believe numerous others. ...And that could be a possible reason people don't live much past 100 years. Too many: "Been there, done that"s. ...And thats why I'm waiting on 7D2D part 2: "Al's Marina vs The Apocalypse!" Based in and around New York City.
  6. I have examined this thread many times (well in my head I imagined I did) and I am 80% certain that the word "Soon" was never used. Well 75-80% certain... 70% if I had to bet money. 60-70% sure...
  7. Me too! That was the space I had to write a program after the editor was loaded. Not amazing programs, but it did get me on the road to where I actually made a small difference in the world writing code.
  8. You don't know the POWER of 64 THOUSAND bytes unleashed on... well 32k of usable power... Wastefully bloated OS!
  9. So, you first feed people the genocidally modified Super Corn. Eating the Super Corn strangely caused people to work harder and are happy, almost manically so. Then scientist from Wuhan said they had a way to make people work for free and are much, MUCH more happy. The idea is immediately approved by global industrialist and their political "toodies". The nuclear devastation was only caused by some military personal trying to do there job and I quote: "Really, really well! Can I have some more corn now?" The gamma radiation caused by the nuclear devastation caused what is now commonly know as the Stockholm Hulk Syndrome, people group together and start to hate anyone else that is not grouped up. This is all I currently know as "Al's Marina, Burrito bar and world salvation research center" was shut down by various evil ne'er do wells. Hope this helps.
  10. Early game, the ONLY problem is food (The occasional "Kill Order" zombie bear and dogs not included). So, you want to get your cooking skills up! Save all can goods that have Recipes for them and you should be doing good if you can kill/buy some fresh meat. Also melee will suck the food right out of you, so use the cheapo blunderbuss ammo as much as possible. This all assumes you go into Strength however.
  11. It would be nice to have: Modular POI areas: -A strip mail that can have all kinds of variations, where individual POI's snap together like Legos. The end POI(s) might have to be different. -Townhome areas with the same Lego type of deal. -Street crossroad in a city would be the only places for gas stations. It would be nice to have: A class system where the first few quests are class based. So getting a starter weapon/Items based on "class" would be a thing.
  12. As A20 might be out in August-September (according to tea leaf readers and cloud watchers), might be something to add. But I would rather have A20 sooner than later so my concerns about this are pretty low.
  13. Keep up the great work TFP's! No regrets here after all these years. Or as the French song so beautifully says it: Non, je ne regrette rien.
  14. Someone from TFP should talk to the writers of Black Summer 2. At least one of them is a fan boy IMO. "Proof" is the first scene after the "Four Months Later" screen! Maybe they could do some plot work/Story line for you guys?
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