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  1. MM mentioned that long segments of road and Cul-de-sac's will be a thing. I simply extrapolated from that, to would could be done.
  2. The layout of the Towns/Cities(?) is very good news! Making things seem more logical is a huge step forward! Thanks guys for continuing the great endeavor that is 7D2D!! (Looking forward to New York City 7D2D Part 2, or any random big city for that matter! It looks like you guys are building the foundations for it. Or am I wrong?)
  3. OMG! How did I miss this! So simple yet EXACTLY what is needed! Now just some reorganizing of the skill trees and Boom! Perfect Game! Not "Dead is Dead", but you will try VERY hard not to die! Roland, you got something S.P.E.C.I.A.L. going on there! **Edit: Wait, I would change the point progression, incrementing it up 1 point all the way up to 10 points a day. Now, how badly do you want to live? **Edit-2: Maybe up to 7 points a day to align with the games' title. Cost of perks should all be based on 7 points a day game play.
  4. Liberty Before Death! Life Becomes Dull. Longboats Bring Destruction. Light Burns Dermis. Love Beyond Death.
  5. Auto shotgun, mini bike, working mixer.... aaand done! That is a completely viable build, first time, every time.
  6. Yup, I finally saw a picture that summed up my feelings about 7D2D character development. Its got POTENTIAL... but it's not right.
  7. Builds/Classes are throwbacks of the "paper and dice" role playing games. The GM only had a few charts to resolve combat with. Can you imagine the nightmare it would be if he had to calculate all the nuances that computer games now have? With Intelligence, if I don't want to keep two sledge turrets for horde nights (If you set things up just right, its so funny it really is worth it!) I then just make a few copies of everything I need then drink some Grampa's "forget this". aaaand done!
  8. Certainly not Coke Classic. Maybe Pepsi, more likely Pepsi Lite or some commi-luv'n bargain brand. My other, well founded theory is: The Department of Defense, recruited volunteers to infiltrate the zombie "Legends of Doom" (the Official term) and then, when in the midst of them, detonate the explosives killing all zombies in the area. They would then be extracted shortly thereafter. For some inexplicable reason, most volunteers failed to set the charges off!
  9. I find it interesting that some people who criticize "Learn by Doing". Have merely replaced it into: "Learn by killing". Of course, Killing is Doing I guess. Just throwing it out there...
  10. It wouldn't be me. My mod would delete your save files on death! (Yes, I know you would make a backup somewhere, so it would search your entire system for saved files.) THEN, you would play the best game you've ever done! 🤠
  11. I would be fine with that. "Experience" in a survival situation is just training up muscle memory and learning what to do, and not to do. That all takes time. With that you become confident in your abilities and in a subsequent crisis situation, your body is not being flooded with cortisol anymore, no longer causing your hands to shake and missing your target. So three weeks into an apocalyptical situation would see you more alert, more accurate. more quite, more wise. Or you died.
  12. Just spit-balling... Skill Trees: -Making all skills into numerous "Tech Trees" (Stone axe - Iron axe) with some tech trees dependent on others. -Some knowledge (experience) can be found unless the "Reverse Engineering tech tree" is explored. -Anything complex made from steel has to be scavenged (modern weapons, firearms, cars). They can be repaired and improved, however (with a skill tree). Attributes: -Players start with a random number of points for each attribute (can manually be selected on lower difficulty levels). -Each attribut
  13. Well, I guess we disagree then.
  14. Too late, old man. Bubu the bear and his flying assault team are ready to jump/zipline into hostile territory! Need I say, things go sideways and in every other direction when they're disappointed. All they want, is to be treated with a little respect that 800 pounds of sheading claws and tearing teeth deserve. They are marching in the middle of the freeway with signs that say: "Bears are people too!" Anyone want to tell them they're wrong? About anything? Lets make this nice and easy. Slowly pull out the airships and give them (slowly) to
  15. That attributes are directly connected to specific weapons could use a relook and sanity check. The fallout system did a pretty good job of making all attributes useful without hard linking them to a specific weapon type. I still don't understand why TFP went the way they did.
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