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  1. The apartment complex tier-5(?) is no fun in a clear all. Just Ugh. But that's me, and I now avoid it like the plague. Tier-4's are generally my favorite, with their "Goldilocks zone" of good loot, nice challenge and time spent.
  2. Your firing a team of little ninjas in each blast!
  3. Or Shotgun: Boom! Boom! Boom! https://me.me/i/this-house-is-clear-imgfip-com-image-tagged-in-poltergeist-cf131c2204ee4d76be1b37366979be39
  4. Did someone say Zombie mosquitoes was a thing for A20? I may have heard they're very late game and they attack in the evening (1800-2100) carrying the zombie virus just for you... every day! So you say you got enough medicine? We will see, as your only defense is to set yourself on fire or stay underwater all evening! 😎
  5. I almost hope that heat (the desert) is something you just have to deal with. As the desert is the only place with the priceless shale that shifts the game into high gear! I like the feel of going on "an expedition" to get no more than 100,000 worth of gas. I am very careful when mining shale as I took a beating once when I got too greedy and the whole (edit: mine) caved in! Good times! 😁
  6. I use the <Page Up> and <Page Down> keys instead of the <C> and <Space Bar>. Now how does that help with the "E" key you ask? With that setup, my left hand is fixed during the whole flight on the A,W and D keys and my right hand takes care of altitude and any mouse adjustments. Before, my hand would slide over sometimes when I hit the "C" key.
  7. How could it cause more damage per shot like almost all the other mods is the real question. That all annoys me on a small scale too, but it's like pain when your old like me: I ignore pain until it affects my blood pressure! In other words: I like playing a game until realism is screaming bloody murder! 😅
  8. I would be annoyed if any rifle could effectively be silenced in the game. The bullet of an AK going past you sounds like a firecracker going off. But I'm all for any subsonic round being silenced and would be perfect for a stealth build.
  9. Vultures. Currently, the most scary thing in the game for me and probably for others. So as part of a (separate?) setting in difficulty, have wandering hordes (8+) of vultures. 32 or 64 of them would remind me (Edit: of) the old movie: "The Birds".
  10. I have "The Bouncer" and "No means No". 😅 I see how the zombies want to touch "No means No", but she will smack them into next week! The Bouncer lives up to his name and even demolishers are afraid of him!
  11. Most competent players I know do just fine using any perks or attribute points and "Dead-is-Dead" rules. The real test, however, is always the "Mass Ambush" moments in POI's when playing SP. I think most people know a few POI's that fit the bill. There is a real difference in a tweaked out character and a "just-for-fun-let's-see-what-happens" play through one, during those moments. (Of course, once you know the trap is there... do you let it happen again?)
  12. With Attributes, the two "Big Boys" are Strength and Fortitude, with the others currently in supporting roles. That said, I do like maxing out INT (using nerd glasses) so I can play with two sledge turrets instead of one. Thats a huge "waste" of points, unless you account for the endless giggles I get when a zombie is worked over by two of them! Then Intelligence wins hands down for me! So I guess the other attributes are fun based too. (but not as fun to me)
  13. Its easy to prepare for a baby, just don't sleep for three days or so. Once that state of mind feels OK, you're good! I wont get into everything it takes for a woman, it's just too inconceivable for a guy. But if you would like a sample, pull your upper lip up and around to the back of your head, its a start. 😁 (Edit: I meant 😇)
  14. Beta testing is normally a short period of time when select users test the 99-100% completed product. The User Acceptance Testing is the final step-by-step walk through of the product before the users sign the last contract, ending all further commitments not stipulated in other contracts. So, Beta is Short and Sweet. However, most gamer's will be sad when we reach that point... Unless they reveal the New York City game with limited use of voxels (clearing a collapsed section of a subway tunnel.) AND use of ziplines between building(s edit) because street level and below is pure hell! 😉
  15. I rarely use candy. I keep 2 "Oh Sheetz" on my 8 spot in my toolbelt once I get a Gyrocopter. But that will probably change now that I'm much better at flying the thing. (and not hitting the "E" key!). The other one was the Safe cracker. But now that I have a good, fully modded auger, I don't need that. I know some really love them, however.
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