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  1. Bandits for sure! Rafts can be for another game unless yet another AFK construct is in high demand. Bandits will be what is needed to make late game interesting IMO. Sure one can RP that they are surviving for a hundred days waiting for rescue and are fighting from getting too bored and making a fatal mistake (only works with "Dead-is-Dead" for me anyway). After Day 100, I figure my guy has moved on or is rescued by an airship and they travel to New York where 7D2D part 2 will start.
  2. Until heavily armed and armored bandits show up, I cant imagine a need for anything stronger than quality 6 weapons. I'm living in the wastelands with two quality 6 weapons and some lower ones. At high character levels, the game is simple and too easy with that. I could turn everything into bullet sponge's I guess, but that would be boring and annoying. In SP, my true enemy (as it would be IRL), is boredom (Mid to late game). I find I'm starting to take unnecessary risks. I've lowered my armor from steel to military (maybe that's not really a downgrade depending how one would play). Waiting on the all important Bandits (and some story arcs) to make the game great at higher levels.
  3. Killing the zombies on BM night is a no brainer, for me. -A person can get most (if not all) of their ammo back (and more stuff) from loot bags. -The shotgun still seems a bit bugged in POI fighting, so I use some of the thousands of shotgun shells I have (and my pump shotgun) to fire down on the zombies heads. -I only use the MG's to mow down the exploders. -I now WANT more EXP to make the game more interesting and I moved to the wasteland as it's the place to be, late game! All while playing Dead-is-Dead. I would not even try to say my way is the best way (edit: for everyone). But its the best way... for me.
  4. Simple and common kings eat meat stew, but "Hobo Kings" go one step further for three Michelin Star dining!
  5. The Endgame fight might be "The Duke", with his group of bodyguards coming to take everything you own... again! If you lose, the game starts over with another note in your pocket with no skills... Again! If you win, you meet the "Air Drop" guys and start building your airship to travel to New York and start Part 2.
  6. Adding food spoilage would solve some things wrong with food survival in 7D2D. Counters to food spoilage could add more challenge: Refrigeration which would need power (Ether with a generator or moving near a POI with a completed "Restore Power" quest). It all completes a nice plot arc.
  7. Bandits will (Should) be the ultimate threat. Early on, you should see 1-2 that only use melee weapons, but eventually, groups of 8-12 fully armed and armored bandits with extensive combat experience will be encountered. Maybe some visual que that shows they are high leveled bandits would be good. (All the same uniform?) For a SP the only good option will be (should be) to run/drive away quickly from a large group of heavily armed bandits. If a SP can take on the very worst the game can throw at them, some people will stop playing as its "boring".
  8. Good point! So no loot respawn for me. Yes, that is within the realm of possibility (we just don't see the NPC because of performance issues? Something like that).
  9. When loot respawns, I would like it if the entire POI gets reset as well. I just started looking at POI's I already looted as someone mentioned something about respawn of loot. Sure enough the loot was there and some of the zombies but all my ladders and wood frames were stuck around and I often got to the main loot without a fight. That just cant be how its suppose to be! But if it is, I guess the "No Loot respawn" option is mandatory for me. Now if this is part of the plot arc showing up (player is in a coma?) then I accept that, but will still stop loot from respawning for me. Way too easy.
  10. If your doing a theme-based build, I salute you! However, the old saying: "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight", holds water with late game A20, especially in tier 5 POI's. Regardless, a person who can melee a bunch of radiated all at once in a POI is heroic IMO.
  11. Long days tend to make the game easier just like higher exp multipliers tend to make the game harder. Based on time to loot useful items / Experience gained for the same time. This is dependent on average RNG rolls for loot and average zombie spawns. As RNG seems to be straight up wacko sometimes, this has room for error.
  12. I'm not sure you can make an interesting farming simulation in a game, IMO. Unless farming has some scarcity and work added to it, it might as well be removed. A20 is as good as farming can get, unless you added more time between harvests to make a harvest really mean something. With A20, putting 3 points in farming is only 3 extra points as Fortitude + some Strength, is the new Full Strength of A19. It just makes things a bit easier, with 2 points in cooking food/water is a non issue. That weakens the character a bit in some combat powers of course but after a while, 5 points is almost nothing.
  13. I can respect that for sure! But trying to fight off the "Radiated Rushs" on some of the tier 5 POI's with a X-Bow will end badly (for me anyways). For example: I have a quality 6, M60 with over 120 rounds in its magazine and It took most of it to stop a "rad rush" at an end location on a Tier-5 POI. I was firing mostly carefully too. I couldn't help but think of an "Aliens" clip that showed the ammo counter rolling down! Too fun! (That was perked up to level 4 in MG too!)
  14. I have a good x-bow so I use all the feathers for stone bolts for horde night! Save the ammo for tier 4 and 5 POI's!
  15. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May all your dreams come true and Santa gives you a sock full of coal!! What? At the price of coal these days, load it up Santa!!
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