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  1. Well I did 40 days and so far A19 is the best overall. The zombie AI during BM appears to be four different attack modes. 1) The A18 path directly to the player. 2) The "Duck and Weave mode". I believe this is to get the player to waste ammo on their dodging behavior while others attack the walls. 3) The "Hit here hit there mode". The zombie will hit once or twice and move to another location. Keeping the player off balance? 4) The A16 all in on one spot mode". Used when the AI thinks its found a weak spot? I noticed that mode #1 really kicks in at 3:30 am. I guess its a last Banzai charge attempt to kill off the player? This could also be because I picked a complex POI (The large Hardware store with the garden area on the right). Its fun however!
  2. Anyone notice that in the open, zombies will always come at you . You can plan your defense much easier, especially when its against fast moving zombies. Hopefully that will be addressed.
  3. You talk to Wilson too? I think he's got a thing for Sally, the vending machine he guards. I hear them murmuring sweet nothings to each other at night...
  4. The animals seen to need some work both hit box and physics from the looks of things.
  5. The only problem with hard hitting, early game enemies is: People will start perking up the only weapon that is powerful and available early. The Blunderbuss. Point blank doing over 100 points of damage will insta-kill most things. Even though it sometimes misses dogs, lions and wolves somehow, having two+ Blunderbusses is total win with 2 points of perk in shotgun! This means that Strength builds could start being a common thing, as no other strong weapon comes out for about a week.
  6. <Drive letter>:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config I changed the number of perk points I got in the starter quest in quests.xml to 20! My logic is: If you had gear that the Duke liked, you were a Badass and obviously not a noob. Although, I'm wondering if your game gets harder afterwards. (Something Gazz or Fatal coded in?) By day 3 I fought 6 Z-dogs 3 in the open, it was bad but i lived. I like padded armor as you can be pretty quick. On day 6 (or 7 I don't remember) I fought 7 Z-Dogs but I saw them first so I got the drop on them! The next day 7 (or 8), I thought there were a couple of Z-dog outside the trader but it turned out there were 4... and a zombie bear! Again my speed in padded armor saved me. (and the AK) Still wearing padded armor. (Fast, no stamina loss... and fun!)
  7. I tried to play Navz twice, the first time my trader was in the middle of nowhere. The second time the trader was better located, but it was the low POI density that ended it. Because so far, I only play eating canned food like in the movie "A boy and his dog" (a strange/funny apocalyptic movie to say the least). You have to hustle to find enough canned goods!
  8. I wouldn't mind if it appeared temporally darker as your eyes adjust to the inside. Maybe 15 seconds or so. Also I would like the BM night to be the brightest night (assuming it's a full moon) with days farthest between BM nights to be darkest (pitch black would be fine). Its fun walking around at night with your helmet light the only source of light!
  9. If you're at the other end of the map you would have some motorized vehicle. Once you get anything better than a bicycle, the game changes a lot.
  10. With the Blunderbuss, past 10 meters its basically useless. But if you use it as a microphone, one shot: "Mr Bo, whats your thoughts on the neo-socialist systems in Europe? **Ka-BOOM!!**
  11. I'm GS 13 but I did cheat up 16 skill points to make my "Special Forces" guy. Maybe that was it?
  12. Has there been a change to A19 lately? I got six Z-dogs by Day 3 and four all at once on the morning of day 3! In A19 I rarely get hit. (light armor for the win). But I got as messed up as you can without dying! Status symbols I never seen before! If I didn't find a tier 2 blunderbuss on Day 2, it would have be over I think. That and one of the Z-dogs was chasing a rabbit or a butterfly, who knows. SO, Roland is correct that 3 blunderbuss's are just about perfect. (Did that same Day 3 "Kill Squad" visit you too?) Loving A19, its real survival early game!
  13. I had blocked the vending maching that's in the garage in flagstone, but I latter realized that if I peek through the shelves by the wall I could still use it! I thought "Dang! Those guys that restock are really dedicated!"
  14. For me, its a slippy slope where too much forced disbelief turns into boredom very quickly.
  15. The fire station is a very good BM base with some minor modification. The problem is, its also a major food source! As least get rid of one of the vending machines if not both. (or is this an Easter Egg POI?) Or maybe I got some crazy luck as both vending machines are working and the POI is within 100 meters of the traders vending machine! (Oh yeah, the traders Chem Station and Forge are working too!) I might restart because its too easy! Maybe only restock trader vending machines?
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