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  1. Now, if you use COM/DCOM, they use the Registry I believe. You can then have multiple services on a beefy severs do specific game functions, that MIGHT take a load off many players computers. Say having a squad of NPC bandits react to the player in an intelligent fashion . Using DCOM, you get the server that provides that NPC service, controlling the NPCs as if they were other players in a MP server. I never liked COM/DCOM so I might of off track here. Edit: Right, my point! So, maybe TFP are exploring the Registry for future use in some MMO 7D
  2. Wow, where'd you get your "Information" is interesting, but wrong, at least with ammo in FO4. No weight.
  3. I liked the Fallout 3-4 weight system, it didn't count ammo because it would be a hit on performance. Simple and it made sense for a shooter. The current system for 7D2D is clunky as a shooter but its a builder too so slots could hold infinite weight. As 7D2D is a survival game too, the player needs to make survival choices and choosing what items to bring back to base is a part of survival. SO, its the best choice for the game if survival/building is the focus over being a shooter.
  4. In defense of trader Rekt's "bad" attitude: 1) Imagine you're alone, in a hot stinky trailer all day. How do I know its stinky? People sell you zombie encrusted sledge hammers all day, (oh sorry, do you clean the stuff you sell him? That's right, do the math). 2) Half your work stations are broken and Joel comes over each day asking if they're fixed. Every... Dang... Day. 3) Finally, you used to be a somebody. Called you "Master of the Apocalypse" they did. Now all your friends are dead and these... punk kids... you want to shot them. Not to kill them,
  5. A good way to get hits is to have your sledge at a corner. So if you can picture a hallway as an "L" and the zombies come in from the top, then your turret is at the corner facing up, in an alcove. I did that and it can be pretty funny! Its not 100% effective but it can sometimes beat them like eggs. It's not THE most effective use of them of course, but it is fun to watch!
  6. You can't talk about the old Hub city high jinks, LBD high jinks or any other things too fun for the vanilla lovers of the world. So how the Day 3-5 "Kill order" squad of a zombie bear and 3-6 zombie dogs is still in there, I have no clue. However, with people complaining after deliberately going into danger zones and then complaining that they are... dangerous, is odd. The question I have is, do they go there AGAIN, with the same equipment, hoping things will be completely different? Once you KNOW that they are danger zones, a sane person will go in: 1)
  7. 7D2D is like life. The following can be anyone's life in game or RL. For most people, you slowly become more capable and the challenges slowly increase (sometimes not so slowly!) Over time, you encounter various crises, some larger than others. If your reading this, you're doing fine! Eventually, if your played the game well, you can rest and enjoy the remaining days!
  8. IDK The first 7-14 days is keeping enough food to keep going and finding a weapon that might influence my character development. Then the day 21 BM horde is (for my usual GS at that time) the first real test of my base idea. Then after that, its like an arms race between myself and the zombies. Normal settings (and no mods) are not a real struggle but it's leisure fun. Mods add a universe of amazing fun! I will not push one over another, but I suggest you eventually try them all!
  9. You will know the answer when you read their favorite book: "How to serve Human". I think honey and artichokes are in the book.
  10. "The game is what you make of it." A book of wisdom only needs this one sentence. It applies to everything.
  11. Best to suffer in silence... like I do.
  12. Don't worry Roland I know you're not Trader Rekt... You're the one who says "That's right, do the math". Changed your name and moved to a cold region so Guppy won't stand outside your window... looking. Probably looking in Trader Rekt's window making him... annoyed. I would like to apologize for stealing stuff from your safe and in the cellar an anything else I could get my hands on. Sorry. But thanks too!
  13. I'm soft on heavy armor. Playing dead-is-dead you want to avoid being harshly punished for a mistake. We all make mistakes and as the game progresses, a mistake can get bad.
  14. We shall see. TBH, I would prefer a boring anti-climatic release of the information than something that destabilizes countries. After 2020, I'm hoping 2021 is on the boring side.
  15. Thanks for the ad blocker, i might go back to Firefox for a more relaxing viewing. With over 50 years of keeping everything hidden and not willing to release what they knew until forced... That says some things might be unsettling or even a bit scary. Ether way, I'd rather know the truth no matter what it is.
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