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  1. Its always been a battle between the Hardcore verses the... what? Softcore? Rottencore? OK Rottencore it is! Now, of course you will hate hardcore people when you're a dirty Rottencore. Nobody likes rotten cores anyway. Maybe they have no core? No core values, empty as a tomb... Hope this helps! ***At the new Al's Marina (down the road from PAL's Marina which will soon be firebombed) we don't care what cores you have or don't have. If you got caps, you're as good as gold!
  2. The Handbook of Digital Games: *A book I recommend for any developer who wants a better understanding of their player base and what tends to motivate them. It also shed a lot of light on what self-identified Hardcore players vs Casual players were. Surprisingly, Myers-Briggs tests run on both groups found the "Hardcore" player to be more introverted and yet more imaginative, but the play styles were similar! Knowing the truth is fun, right?
  3. If one only goes by active players, A18 would be the most successful Alpha by a good margin. The question is: What can be done to get the numbers higher? "Letting the glove fit the hand". As people have different views of what fun is, the logical answer is to make the game as flexible as possible. -Take "Oxygen not included" for example. They have many different world types with pros, cons and world seeds to each one. -Take "Factorio" with more options than any game I know. TFP are using some of that flexibility and that might be why the numbers of active players are better than before.
  4. Yup. Everything depends on the games story line, in which there is almost none. Without a narrative, it's like we are debating what kind of tea aliens prefer most! The possible narratives are almost infinite! From what things look like to me, a lot of the buildings and names could be from survivors of a first wave apocalypse: maybe (only) a nuclear war. The second wave apocalypse happening (years?) latter, appears to be more supernatural, just by looking at the BM night is a strong indicator. Bandits could have just moved into the area, like locust swarms do, looking for more food/loot, maybe the player was a bandit! Maybe that will be the actual story line even, adding late game threat to the player (who has a strange story line of his own!)
  5. Nah, rotting corpses running after people could easily be explained with science! The recently discovered Fifth Fundamental Force of reality: The hypothetical X-17 particle has 30 times the energy of an electron which are are emitted in a radioactive environment. This could power a corpse using more science we yet understand. It also explains why radioactive zombie corpses have more energy.
  6. But you're OK with rotting corpses running after you? I don't know of a single game where some level of accepting the games reality is not required to fully enjoy it.
  7. Sounds like Gazz read John D. Rockefeller's play book! When asked "How much money is enough?" the man with 1% of America's wealth said: "Just a little bit more". 😆 I'm sure once all TFP start working on "Al's Marina vs The Apocalypse"-- er, a Part 2, we will have a way to "Win".
  8. Any general story line you guys have for the sequel? Could we assume the character "Won" 7D2D part 1? Starting out in a small but growing settlement that needs your protection would be interesting. If that settlement happened to be on the New Jersey side of New York City would be completely, totally amazing. If the city had a literal "Upper Class" who ruled the city from the upper floors of skyscrapers that were interconnected by crude bridges. And only the elite had Airships (of course!)
  9. I will mostly ignore candy, I think. Early game sounds tough, so I cant be sure. However, there are some POI's and I'm looking at YOU military base with the 5 gun safes... It will be then when I know if I pasted the test or not. Will I pass the test?
  10. I think A19 is a good step in the right direction from the sound of things. That initial struggle to survive being stretched out is good news for me. Finding multiple AK-47's by day 2 was actually anti-fun for me. Looking forward to the first "TFP Let's Play".
  11. Well, that shows the last time I used that. lol. I mostly just wait out the BM now as wasting a lot of ammo/resources for only a little loot is not appealing to me.
  12. They can pyramid up pretty high. If I shoot the BM, I feel I'm robbing myself of quality POI time! Its a good feeling when going into Tier 3/4 POI's (best looting POI's) with a crap ton of ammo! Tier 5 POI's need rework IMHO. Random "loot room" location mostly.
  13. If I bother with spikes, I first place blocks in a checkerboard pattern around my base. Then place barbed wire flat on each block and iron spikes between each block. For slowing them down more, I still put barbed wired on the tops of each block, but cover all sides of every other block with barbed wire too! No spikes, of course. Just to add flavor to BM when I have more resources than I need.
  14. I like going at least twice that high and eventually growing the fortress to the claim block's range. Also putting a slope up on the outer walls appears to deflect some of the damage done. Sometimes a lot of damage is deflected, if you don't move from the center, the AI can get "Stuck" and the "zombios" will be running against the wall and not be attacking.
  15. Kage848 did a fist play through and did pretty good from the youtube vids that I saw of it. Edit: I like the perch idea of yours, maybe make a series of them (10-20 even) for a BM horde night?
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