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  1. Game Breaking Bug! 7 days did an update when I started up steam and now my Steel knuckles are broken. The regular attack (left vclick) range is decreased to where I have to stand literally against the zombie/wall for it to reach. I can't even destroy trash on the ground while sneaking. I repaired my steel knuckles and unloaded all mods. Still buggy. I started my test world and the same bug exists. EDIT: I guess it has already been repoted and will be fixed when the next patch drops.
  2. It's not a game breaking thing but it woul'd be nice if "parkour" perk still allowed me to jump 1m or 2m depending on how long I hold down space. The thing is, so many "paths of least resistance" take you outside of POIs and many times you have to jumt to get back inside. Just now, I fell down because there was a half block above the ledge and it bounced me away from the ledge. I climbed back up but it was impossible to jump on the ledge (this is a bit game breaking) because the block above me always sent me flying. Another way to solve this is to make head collisions not push you sideways.
  3. It just so happened, I was making a little farm on the rooftop of a fire station. And the red poles on the side of the red blocks didn't stand out. So I put my farm plots under it thinking I can grow corn there. When I was done with the farm, I discovererd the poles. Now, it took a long time, but redoing the farm layout would have taken just as long. So I decided to endure the wait-until-you-can-continue-to-play and broke the blocks to keep the asthetics of my base. I'm level 49 in the game. I don't like the STR tree, and the purple fully modded (of course including ergonomic grip) iron pickaxe is the best mining tool I have seen in this playthrough. So I took the blackstrap coffee, ate a good meal and decided to make it work. It's not like I'm starting player, walking up to a 15k block and start complaining that it's too hard. But it makes me wonder. Among other things it's a voxel building game, and still putting off all buildig plans because the slowed down progression has not given me a single power tool and simple tools are stamina nerf-tied to STR tree.
  4. The same way I'm not forced to live in a existing POI. But it's fun to rework them into bases and hord bases. I really don't get the attitude - we have a voxel-breakable world, but you don't have to break blocks to play the game... Of corse I don't have to but literally every character wants to do that at some point. IMO tools and tool related stamina should not be connected to any specific build. I wouldn't mind if STR got power tools to make them superior but forcing all players to STR tree seems like a suboptimal solution. And having to carry c4 or shotgun, which yet again belong to different tree, isn't a good solution either. It's upside down at the moment - c4, special shotgun and power tools are advanced gear that should require specialisation. Everybody should have should have the ability to use primitive tools like pickaxe without forcing you to a speciffic tree. I'm totally for giving STR tree perks that give bigger harvest, and more tool damage, but stamina to mine/break blocks should be assessible to all. (because of the nature of the game) Solar - I don't mind if I have to wait and paciently loot and buy the stuff. But generators are noisy and as an end content, solar is nice to work towards. Again, I don't get your logic. "We put this cool tech in the game, but why bother with it? So we gate it out of your reach"... Why put it in the game then?
  5. Ok, you might be right! I thought maybe it won't upgrade to tier 5 if I don't do the "special quest" that directs me to next trader.
  6. But how to edit game files to revert back to traders not giving tier 5 quests?
  7. I have never been into mining a lot. Having stamina to break blocks is necessary for every player in a destructibe voxel game. I just had to break down 5 poles on the roof of a fire department. They were 10k steel + 5k concrete. So each pole was 15k to break. Purple iron pickaxe fully modded, coffee, food... It took pretty long and the stamina waiting ain't the funnest gameplay. I play fortitude-agility build and I'm not too thrilled about having to go into strength at all. But I guess it is inevitable... While talking about perks you must have, do I still need to go full INT to get decent solar stuff?
  8. I believe you have a typo there, 8 is a little less than 30% if the whole cycle takes 28 sec.
  9. For starters, tier 4 is better. If you do the one that has the big chest in the end, you get pretty much the same loot in less time. In my last factory run, the zombies kept falling to previous floors. Finding and killing them took way too long. When I finally finished, I had to drive back to base because I was starving to death before I was able to go to main loot. I started with full bars, and had even some stuff with me. (bad luch with food RNG, but still...) So basically they are zero fun. A complete opposite of tier 4 ques, which are super fun. Even though you still do some familiar buildings, the pacing and length is nice and the reward is adequate for the time spent. And as Khalagar said, for some reason, the quest POIs tend to repeat. Even the tier 4 repeated, which is funny because there are more suitable POIs on the map and even in the town nex to my main trader. I had 2 business strip buildings in my main town. Half of my tier 4 quests were in this POI (two locations but same building). Old victorian house was at least 3 times. Only the very last (tenth) quest was gun store, a new location. But after taking the special quest to see the next trader, I'm locked out of choosing tier 4 quests. Now I have shamway factory, gun factory and brick apt building. And after doing the gun factory and waiting for the stuff to refresh, I got the gun factory again. After doing some other stuff and waiting for quests to refresh i think the hospital also opened up but after doing the gun factory twice, I never want to do another "clear" quest again, so all tier 5's are out. The game does not force me to do ANYTHING but quests are fun and the fun POIs are in the game. I would like to get quest there but after advancing to tier 5 I can't. I waited for the quest to reset and checked two traders (two towns) and since I got the business strip from one trader and old victorian house from the other, I did the later for the 4th time. Yaay! At least it didn't take forever to complete. But I can't choose or do multiple tier 4s anymore because I get 3 tier 5's, ONE tier 4 and one tier 3. Tier 3's don't have good loot for late game and if i get another business strip, I have to wait for the reset again. Btw, quest reward are the main way to aquire good tools and gear. If I excluded all the quest rewards, my character would be so much worse shape. Any type of mining would be unbarable since I don't like STR tree and low quality tools take soo much longer to breaks/mine stuff. I have purple iron pickaxe and I'm still holding off from doing some rework for the POI i'm living in. Even with coffee and food buffs, it takes long time to break concrete stuff. I play with loot respawn turned off so if I can't get quests to fun POIs, my map is "barren" after a while...
  10. Random gen, vanilla 7 days...
  11. Btw, the gun factory should NEVER give you "clear" quest! The zombies on the top floors just keep falling down and since they don't die, you'll end up having to find them in the already taking-too-long-to-complete huge POI. EDIT: I'm only getting "clear" huge POI quests at the moment for some reason.
  12. I took the last trader quest that upgraded my quests to TIER 5. Is there a way to mess with the game files to get back tier 4 quests? I only get 1 tier 4 until the trader resets and I have turned loor respawn off, so I pretty much don't want to quest any more in my current world. Which is sad because tier 4 was perfect - new POIs, nice length.
  13. Tier 5 quests are horrible compared to tier 4 and now i only have 1 available until the trader resets. I seriously regret taking the last special trader quest. Any way to downgrade quests to TIER 4? Couldn't there be sepparate menu for each tier? (with multiple quests for each tier) I have loot respawn turned off and now I only get like 2 factories and one brick apt recycling - none of which I ever want to do again. And on the same note, why do the same 4 POI's repeat if there are more options in the town?
  14. Oh right, it does happen on day also. Any chance this constant adjusting can be disabled or lessened?
  15. I also liked the dark nights and having to get some gear to stroll around at night. But I get TFP's decision. What I don't like at all is the indoors brightness shift. This feels so unnatural. Some houses have some open parts to them and the brightness keeps jumping back and forth. Also if are near the entrance and step in and out frequently, it just feels so bad how I can't see something I just saw because the screen dims itself. I would much rather have a fixed light level at night. Does the moon actually shed light? Could it be darker inside because it shadows the moon? (I'm away for the weekend and I don't remember how it actually is)
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