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  1. ECHO! Echo... Echo... echo... echo.. echo. (echo) . . . What's up with the dead forums?
  2. I know it because how I am (and was) testing it. Basically I level up all fortitude and brawler in a test world and spawn in a certain amount of zombies. The knock down was so effective I could take on a certain amount of zombies when backpedaling. Killing was very slow but headshots constantly dropped them and when you had enough time and room, it was doable. Now though, the same amount is undoable. Punching isn't as effective and instead they land most of their attacks, so very quickly you are half dead with all the imaginable debuffs. Another way to test this is with a s
  3. Knuckles used to knock zombied down plenty and that balanced the fact that they don't do much damage. Now they just don't do much anything. When did this happen? And why?
  4. After stepping in a dark room you eyes adjust and you start seeing a bit better. So it is exactly the opposite of realistic. That's why it feels so unnatural and it's why I brought it up.
  5. I'm not sure how I feel about the new 4 slot clothing/armor direction. The new concepts look cool and the set bonus sounds interesting. But having less outfit slots means less mods - means less choice. It makes the whole clothing system simpler. Players are directed toward most-will-play-like-this prototypes. Less in-between characters. At the moment you are ghathering armor/clothing parts as incremental upgrades and moving your mods between them to best suit yout character. The set bonus might make finding most outfit items boring, as you now are looking for ONE specific set.
  6. Ok, I see. Then, is there any way to make the inside of a building that is darker also appear darker form outside? (...so it wouldn't change when stepping in)
  7. I saw the indoors darkening effect in the stream. Any chance this gets taken out? It really feel more like a bug than a feature. You can see clearly what's inside a store and after 2 steps your screen dims to complete black. And if the POI has some areas where you go in and out a lot or there's a hole in the roof, your bightness keeps waving up and down. I don't believe it adds much to the game, rather takes away and feels like something is broken in the lighting tech.
  8. Game Breaking Bug! 7 days did an update when I started up steam and now my Steel knuckles are broken. The regular attack (left vclick) range is decreased to where I have to stand literally against the zombie/wall for it to reach. I can't even destroy trash on the ground while sneaking. I repaired my steel knuckles and unloaded all mods. Still buggy. I started my test world and the same bug exists. EDIT: I guess it has already been repoted and will be fixed when the next patch drops.
  9. It's not a game breaking thing but it woul'd be nice if "parkour" perk still allowed me to jump 1m or 2m depending on how long I hold down space. The thing is, so many "paths of least resistance" take you outside of POIs and many times you have to jumt to get back inside. Just now, I fell down because there was a half block above the ledge and it bounced me away from the ledge. I climbed back up but it was impossible to jump on the ledge (this is a bit game breaking) because the block above me always sent me flying. Another way to solve this is to make head collisi
  10. It just so happened, I was making a little farm on the rooftop of a fire station. And the red poles on the side of the red blocks didn't stand out. So I put my farm plots under it thinking I can grow corn there. When I was done with the farm, I discovererd the poles. Now, it took a long time, but redoing the farm layout would have taken just as long. So I decided to endure the wait-until-you-can-continue-to-play and broke the blocks to keep the asthetics of my base. I'm level 49 in the game. I don't like the STR tree, and the purple fully modded (of course including ergonomic
  11. The same way I'm not forced to live in a existing POI. But it's fun to rework them into bases and hord bases. I really don't get the attitude - we have a voxel-breakable world, but you don't have to break blocks to play the game... Of corse I don't have to but literally every character wants to do that at some point. IMO tools and tool related stamina should not be connected to any specific build. I wouldn't mind if STR got power tools to make them superior but forcing all players to STR tree seems like a suboptimal solution. And having to carry c4 or shotgun, which yet a
  12. Ok, you might be right! I thought maybe it won't upgrade to tier 5 if I don't do the "special quest" that directs me to next trader.
  13. But how to edit game files to revert back to traders not giving tier 5 quests?
  14. I have never been into mining a lot. Having stamina to break blocks is necessary for every player in a destructibe voxel game. I just had to break down 5 poles on the roof of a fire department. They were 10k steel + 5k concrete. So each pole was 15k to break. Purple iron pickaxe fully modded, coffee, food... It took pretty long and the stamina waiting ain't the funnest gameplay. I play fortitude-agility build and I'm not too thrilled about having to go into strength at all. But I guess it is inevitable... While talking about perks you must have, do I still need to go
  15. I believe you have a typo there, 8 is a little less than 30% if the whole cycle takes 28 sec.
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