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  1. Do you have any other plans for quests that you can share? If you build great tools for moders to keep adding quest lines, it would vastly increase the game length. The game already looks like Fallout on steroids. Getting some quality story on it would be killer! It would be cool if it was possible for quests to take players to instances. Like there could be a custom starter island where you wake spawn and have to do bunch of tasks to build a boat so you can get to the main (random gen) map. Or ppl could build really cool little custom instance maps with a cool side stories that you can enter through a quest. This way you can add new quests even to a old map without having rely on a certain location being spawned there.
  2. The gyro hard to fly because the controls are messed up and you can't cahnge them. Please add sepparately changable keybinds. Tilting your nose should be W - down and S - up.
  3. I know! The zombie virus should be like a swollen brain thing that makes them do crasy shit. The main quest should end with finding the cure to bring them back, so you would feel guilty for all the zombies you killed before.
  4. Hey MM, are the new skill trees done? I would love to see how they look now. ...possibly start thinking about a new character build.
  5. Then, I suppose, I should get rid of the previous one. Because the other one still exists. I was able to punch him again (with dm mode) and now he is standing inside the floor behind the counter. I can reach his head, so I'll probably continue using him. He is all friendly to me for the job I've done for him, so I don't want to let him go
  6. I have a brawler character. (lvl 4 brawler skill) I accidentally punched trader and he ragdolled away. When he stood up he was standing inside a wall and I can't reach him. How to reset trader NPC standing location?
  7. I love new models and all the visual upgrades. The game looks really nice! I just hope VR pulls its shit together by the time 7d2d is done. I would love to play it in VR but if it's implemented like any FPS I've seen so far, it would ruin 7 days.
  8. The burnt forest doesn't need to be a separate biome. Make it a small sub-biome of the forest.
  9. Can we maybe stop with the nonsense of silencers nerfing damage and range? I think it is fair enough if they don't add to damage as every other mod does but nerfiing... Why?
  10. ...or if you ever want to upgrade to solar
  11. Nice! That kind of complexity I like! And food+water bars I also like. Btw, you can always add options to turn off all the UI elements when getiting close to gold, so ppl will get the experience they like.
  12. Fog is cool if it's not too long. Half a day to 1 day tops... Even in a18 I've had fog for multiple days. After 2 days of fog I usually just restart the game to get out of it.
  13. Do consider the wood burning stove. It's weird making a campfire indoors. You already have the item in the game. Just make it cook a little faster and burn for a little longer.
  14. @Madmole When can we expect to be able to built/loot coffee makers or wood-burning stoves? Are there any other cool items coming for base progression?
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