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  1. I don't pray but if I did I'd be including you and your family. Hang in, man. You can do this.
  2. I'm fairly sure he could maths/logic me out of existence in short order!
  3. I think Gazz said the shotgun is already OP for game purposes with its spread and damage. Sorry if I'm mis-quoting you, Gazz.
  4. Oh, didn't know that. I haven't actually tried this, and had no idea that screamers could spawn without the ability to call zombies.
  5. After seeing a few people complain about the lack of zombies in the wilderness I had an idea: Mod the game so the only zombie that spawns is the screamer. Increase the size of her spawned hordes a little, and increase her detection range a tad. Now you've got a fairly intense stealth game in which, if you're spotted, you may be in deep trouble.
  6. Woo! 530 zombies lay dead at my feet come morning. At the cost of about 2,000 rounds of .762 and 9mm. Used approx. 12 grenades. I'm tough enough due to armour and perks that I could just ignore police vomit and concentrate on the undead trying to batter down my door. Curiously no vultures tonight, but plenty of dogs and irradiated.
  7. As I understand it the size of the thing was causing it pathing issues they couldn't resolve.
  8. Each to their own. I find the performance of 18.2 allows a lot of zombies alive at once. I've had 100 at a time in wandering hordes, and I'm considering pushing the numbers up a bit. Your concerns about power leveling are valid, but I don't take all that into account when playing. The aim wasn't to power level, just to have a fun fight.
  9. I'm usually a sledge man but went clubs this play through. I'm tempted by spears next, but sledge always calls to me...
  10. Just had immense fun setting off twelve campfires and waiting for the screamers to turn up. Started with one, then I dunno if they were calling more screamers or if more were turning up because of the heat but before long I had half a dozen screamers and dozens of zombies swarming me. Mostly I used my baseball bat to fight but eventually had to resort to using grenades to thin the numbers a bit. Fully recommend it, massively enjoyable. And the experience wasn't bad either!
  11. I probably should have died tonight. My modded huge wandering hordes spawned (I checked in console) 90 zombies which stood on the single block entrance to my mine and dug down. I was desperate, being battered, and let a grenade go at my feet. I reckoned I'd probably survive and might have a chance to escape afterwards. I'm guessing there were so many zombies in that small space with me that my grenade, and I, dropped through the world. The grenade did not go off, and i god moded to the surface (I couldn't fit myself back in the mine as it was filled with undead). On the surface I dealt with the remainder of the horde (about fifty) then dropped grenades into the mine until movement stopped. I play dead is dead, and this may have been me dead... but the glitch I encountered I think excuses me from deleting the world in this occasion.
  12. IIRC it's in the serverconfig.xml. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but it isn't where I expected to find it (blocks. xml).
  13. I have once gotten food poisoning when trying to recover from food poisoning. It has not happened again in a long time, mostly because I take vitamins first, or maybe it's because I can cook much better foods. As far as gameplay goes I think tinned food having no chance of food poisoning... it's a mechanic that fits well with TFPs trend of reward for risk/looting. Like MadMole said once, he wants most recipes to have one uncraftable ingredient to encourage continued looting.
  14. My goodness, Adam. There, they're, their. I don't think I'm a grammar nazi but please...!
  15. Trunks_Budo, you keep mentioning The Long Dark... can you dig a hole in that game? No. Seems a lot more limited than 7DTD. Or would it be more appropriate/accurate to say it's a different game with different aims?
  16. Nitrogen is amazing. Removing vending machines is an idea I've had and successfully implemented in the past (made them harvest for a small amount of tinned food or drinks as well as mech parts etc) but I've been out of modding for a while so it'd be nice to see a modlet for that.
  17. Immediate download, thank you! Now I just need to find a minimal HUD medley.
  18. Is it supposed to be Shepard's pie (as in a pie made by someone called Shepard) or Shepherd's pie (the mince and tattie dish)?
  19. I finally gathered enough steel to make a tier 3 m60, I was so happy! And then when I went to make it I realised because I'd upped my skill in machine guns I actually couldn't afford to make an m60 because now I can only make tier 4 machine guns... and the tier 4 m60 cost 30 more steel than the tier 3. Can we have tier crafting options please? I'd rather have a tier 3 m60 than no m60 at all...
  20. Was I off-topic? My post has been edited but I can't remember what I might have said that would need editing... You quoted some off-topic shenanigans and since the original was removed your quote would make no sense. Only that was removed. Your actual communication to Madmole was left alone. Put another way we both can appreciate: The HUD indicators were removed so Madmole could have a clear view of the world you were playing in... --Roland
  21. Madmole, your response to someone about the upgraded campfire (wood stove) has me interested. I know it's a fairly minor part of the game from your design point of view but I love farming and cooking in this game.
  22. I didn't play horde mode (started a15) but isn't this an option now by selecting blood moons on a daily basis?
  23. As title, does anyone have a modlet already or know what would need to be modded to cut out all the blood moon effects? Lighting and thunder, red sky, and horde scream at 22:00. I have blood moon warning off in options but that just seems to stop the day being coloured red on the compass.
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