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  1. I'm GS 13 but I did cheat up 16 skill points to make my "Special Forces" guy. Maybe that was it?
  2. Has there been a change to A19 lately? I got six Z-dogs by Day 3 and four all at once on the morning of day 3! In A19 I rarely get hit. (light armor for the win). But I got as messed up as you can without dying! Status symbols I never seen before! If I didn't find a tier 2 blunderbuss on Day 2, it would have be over I think. That and one of the Z-dogs was chasing a rabbit or a butterfly, who knows. SO, Roland is correct that 3 blunderbuss's are just about perfect. (Did that same Day 3 "Kill Squad" visit you too?) Loving A19, its real survival early game!
  3. I had blocked the vending maching that's in the garage in flagstone, but I latter realized that if I peek through the shelves by the wall I could still use it! I thought "Dang! Those guys that restock are really dedicated!"
  4. For me, its a slippy slope where too much forced disbelief turns into boredom very quickly.
  5. The fire station is a very good BM base with some minor modification. The problem is, its also a major food source! As least get rid of one of the vending machines if not both. (or is this an Easter Egg POI?) Or maybe I got some crazy luck as both vending machines are working and the POI is within 100 meters of the traders vending machine! (Oh yeah, the traders Chem Station and Forge are working too!) I might restart because its too easy! Maybe only restock trader vending machines?
  6. I agree 100% I have not received any strange hits from any situation. Just taking some time off as its day 7 and I mistakenly thought I set BM horde for day 10! I just bought a Tier-4 AK and now I'm trying to remember what POI would be good. Saw a fire station so maybe that.
  7. I cant think if anything better than missing the Apocalypse because I had a previous commitment! "Hold the Nuclear Annihilation guys, I promised I'd take my wife to the beach for the weekend, so if you could just wait... until I've died of old age? Thanks!"
  8. Finished my first 120 min day and I'm very happy! (Edit: Its still nighttime) -My Strength/Club build is an impressive killer. -The game looks better than the streamers and the zombies feel more real. -Crafted my first blunderbuss with maybe enough ammo for two POI clears at my GS. -Missions are all over 1km except for my first which was a clear (easy at low GS). -60 minute days are probably better with food being so tight. I expect once I find a lead mine, the zombies are doomed! 😁
  9. Good luck everyone! And dont die for 7 days! 🤩
  11. Testing branch just got a new build to test about 5 minutes ago. Maybe they will push it to experimental if they are happy.
  12. So I begin to understand. Looking at the depots you see that the Latest_Experimental is identical to the public. When latest experimental is different, THEN its a go. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/
  13. Why am I downloading the latest experimental then?
  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOGOGOOGOOGO!!!!!
  15. That's strange... I fell forward into time and briefly played A54! Its the best game in the world and is totally immersive (the rectal implants took some time getting used to, but for some of the group it should be no problem!) 😋
  16. *Pulls pin on grenade and tosses on pile of grenades* "This is... for you... Jawoodle..."
  17. Yeah, I have a few games that are less than one hour played. I plan going big in 7D2D, "Dead is Dead" from the start!
  18. Required equipment seems to be missing. How can we take over the world with a bone shiv and a can of sham???
  19. WHERE'S MY AIRSHIP!!! Sorry, the Capslock key was stuck, somehow.
  20. As someone once told me long ago: "When you have money, you buy games, When you don't have money, you play the games!"
  21. *Mouse hovers over the "Poop" icon*. 🤣
  22. I would think so but no one is talking about the maps for some reason.
  23. Shoot! From what I've seen of A19, this should be my most hours played. A19 could be legendary! 🤗
  24. That's actually not a bad idea. I might be a bit rusty... I hope I don't die on the first BM hoard! 😬
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