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One of the most amazing things about 7 Days to Die is the stories that are told by the players. They're like war stories, with a real sense of the emotions felt at the moment they happened.


They're often told like they really did happen; they're meaningful events and memories in the lives of real people. We want to share those stories - your stories - with new players as part of our marketing campaign, so that they know what they're getting into.


So, what story would YOU tell about your experiences in 7 Days to Die? If you had three or four paragraphs to describe something that happened to you (or you and your friends) in the game, what would you say?


It can be about anything as long as it actually happened to you in the game, and it's a moment that you'll never forget.


Please only real survivor stories off topic posts will be removed.


Here's an example taken from the review written by Angela Meadon for The Dirge Magazine, last year:


“The first time I survived long enough to make it into a village I thought I was hot ♥♥♥♥. I had looted and scrounged enough of the bare necessities to survive, I’d cobbled together a crossbow from wood and fibers. Hell! I even wove a pair of pants out of grass.


Then a horde happened. They tore down the house I was hiding in to try and get to me. I had to chop a hole in the roof with my stone axe and climb out the opposite side.


This game makes stories happen, and that’s why it stands out in my head. It ignites my imagination and makes me jump at the slightest noise. I look both ways before I crawl out of the tunnel I’ve mined into the bedrock for shelter. I’m ♥♥♥♥ing terrified to chop down trees but I need the wood to cook and build.

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I have a couple great ones I'll try to type up later.


The latest one was how I mined a single stalactite from the ceiling and collapsed an entire cave. I had 3 people in the cave with me I started yelling at them to duck and cover. Luckily we lost no one that day and walked home with 3-4K iron coal and nitrate each.

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I have one I posted on our server facebook page a couple of weeks back.


Lucky Escape - So Nightowl and I (River) went on a trip on the 7days server way out east to find a largely untouched town. Getting to about 1700 we called a halt at a lone large old wood house. Chopped out the bottom of the stairs went out a first floor window and onto the large roof to wait out the night. 11pm a horde arrives out of nowhere, has dogs and cops !! they quickly get inside and are shredding the house, we wait, bash a hole in the roof and shoot the sole dog that has made it to the first floor, the shredding continues. We climb on the chimney fearing the building collapse and put down bedrolls on the roof (futile I know). Finally 0400, we debate strategies on how to escape, put more holes and shoot dogs (with our xbows) or make a run for it as is. As we chat the house starts to collapse, we run for the edge and jump off the roof towards a nearby lake. Amazingly we take no damage bar 1 sprained leg. I think the roof collapse may have killed the zeds inside, anyways was a cool escape from a desperate situation.

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Day 1


My fiancee and i woke up on a lonely desert road. A few scattered cars nearby. Quick searching them we found a few supplies, nothing that would ward off those noises i kept hearing coming from the woods behind me. I found a broken tree limb that I was quickly able to fashion into a usable club. We made our way to what looked like a small housing development. She choose a 2 story house to search while I chose the taller 4 story building. Some water, cans of food. This should be enough for tonight. The room began getting very dark, night was approaching. We spent too much time looking for weapons and not enough time trying to find a secure place to lay low for the night. That is when I heard it. One thud. Then another. Soft moans coming from the window outside.


Monsters...they were surrounding the house my fiancee was in! She was silent though, even though i knew the fear was washing over her. She was being smart. What to do. I found a rock laying nearby and tossed one out the window away from the home. They moved towards it as I dashed out the backdoor. Towards the house. Still one more there! I used all my strength to take it down and she came running out, joining me as we ran down the road exhausted. I looked back for a second and could see at least 20 of those things following.


The next few moments felt like they happened in slow motion. Upon turning back around I watched in horror as my fiancee fell to the ground, a victim of a deadly bears attack. I tried to grab her belongings but the emotion overwhelmed me and i turned to run......... into the monsters! I was able to let off a few swings. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. BANG BANG BANG. Three in succession. The rooftop. Two people, one with a rifle, saved me. I ran back over to my fiancees body, she was barely breathing but still alive. I ripped up some cloth and made a makeshift splint to tie around her leg. Carefully I lifted her and we slowly made our way through the road to the 2 people who had saved us.


"Good thing we were here" he said. "We have a place close by. We can get you fixed up, watch her for the night and you can have some food. You do not want to be out here at night". He extended his hand and we all walked off towards our saviors camp.


To this day we fight alongside our new friends, strengthening walls, going on scavenge runs. I cant tell you how many stories we have. But the first one, the first one will always be the one that mattered to me the most. It was the day we saw that humanity was still alive, and hope could still be had...

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Ok, so I started writing a fan fiction for this game called The Forgotten Few based on a few people I played with in A13 and will play again with in A14 once the server owner / mod maker gets everything edited and ready for launch. I know you said only a few paragraphs, so I will only post the prologue. The rest can be found in a topic in the Off-Topic forum here if anyone cares to read. I haven't updated in a while because, ya know, A14 and all, but I will probably get to it again at some point. A friend of mine, Bryte (a really cool person I like playing with and talking to) read my story and suggested I post some of it here, so here goes.




We are few, yet we are many. We are remembered, yet we are forgotten. We are together, yet we are alone. We are surviving, yet we are perishing. We are living, yet we are dying.


We are few because there are only five of us, yet we are many because in the world as it exists now, people are rare, few and far between, and five surviving together can mean the difference between another night of staying alive versus being eaten alive.


We are remembered because we have constant reminders of ourselves, battling our own humanity, sometimes on a minute by minute basis, trying to hold on to that little part of us left that reminds us we are human. Yet, we are forgotten because for a while the military air transports would come and rescue survivors, constantly giving us hope that we would be next, but it was always someone else, always some other group, getting out, getting safe, getting help. Then they just stopped coming, and we were left here, are left here, together yet alone.


Together because we exist as a community, searching, scavenging, looting, fighting, running, all in desperate attempts to find that one place we can call home, where we can be safe from the turmoil and terror that runs rampant in the world. Yet, we are alone because we have all lost our loved ones, have all lost our friends, and the only thing that keeps us going is the hope, no the prayer, that one day, somehow, some way, it will be all over and things can return to some semblance of normal.


We are surviving because we exist as a coherent unit, working together, watching each other’s backs so that not one person is left behind or surprised by the monsters that yearn for our flesh, because if we lose one, if we go down to four, that's less eyes to keep watch. Yet, we are perishing because we all are slowly deteriorating due to lack of proper nutrition, lack of medicinal items, lack of sanity!


We are living because we are still here, fighting the fight, and we live on day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, because that's what we have to do, for ourselves, and for each other. Yet we are dying because each second that passes on, each minute that ticks by, each hour that continues on, and each day that comes around, WE, not them, are the walking dead. Sooner or later, someone will get eaten. Their numbers are too many, their hunger too strong, their thirst too great.


We are few, yet we are many. We are remembered, yet we are forgotten. We are together, yet we are alone. We are surviving, yet we are perishing. We are living, yet we are dying.


We are the forgotten, we are the few, we are together, surviving and living. We are The Forgotten Few, and this is our story.

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Im building my own castle and i ve a name for it: New Alamo. And when i will have finished it i will turn on the zombies spawn...so this is my second match...in the first one i was devoured after one month of surviving. The game is really nice...i ve decided to build the fortress becouse i m testing the defending and the building capabilities in this game...If possible i will post the screnshots of this fortress when it will be completed (i dont know how to post the screenshots from Steam on this forum anyway...have you any hint?)...it is a conversion of a pre-existent 2 stores house (stone and wood house,with metal roof). You will see the magnificent deep of the moat that i ve dug...i ve reached the stone and i ve dug the stone for other 6 meters deep. I m covering the moat with concrete, then i will fill the moat with spikes. there is also a secondary tower near the castle and also a secret passage that leading out on a nearby hill. The main tower of the castle is really high and from its roof i can spy all the horizon...The game is good also for this reason: i can build my own base and I can interact with everything around me...Obviously i know that i can build the castle only becouse i ve turned off the zombies spawn, but i im testing , and the same test is really funny. :tiger:


p.s In the meantime i ve reached level 84 with this charachter with 100 mining skill and 100 in other crafting skills. I was killed one time from a bear while i was hunting a bunny -.- ...then i learned how to kill bears and eat them also :)

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The Fun Pimps broke the horde spawn. They kept coming and coming. I kept fighting them. I died. The End.


I know its frustrating but we actually have had fun with it and this is how this story comes about.


Just another pleasant day in Diersville, feeling quite accomplished having cleaned up the mess from the night of the 14th day; having fortified our house more and working on getting everyone better bows and crossbows. We are a little leery as looting has not gotten us much in the ways of guns and while we all have something that uses gun powder the majority are faulty weapons so day 21 is looming!


The red moon rises and we get the horde coming over the hill. Its hits the spikes and we are killing them as fast as we possibly can before they do, leaving to dogs to die on the spikes. Its a very long night and the sun comes up with another wave coming over the hill and we were all sort of wondering when it would end. Finally, aroung 8:30 in the morning it calmed down and there were just some stragglers and a few crawlers coming and many of us switched into 'repair mode' and left the walls. Then we heard more zombies and a shout that 'here they come again".


We heard that call over and over that day and into the next. We had to go into over drive and divide up with some of us sneaking out to hunt to supply food. some sneaking to the mine to get more coal and potassium for gun powders. We had to have some cook foods and make bandages while others had to come up with ways to repair from inside as we could not get to the outer walls or replace spikes.


Somewhere over that hill these zombies had been gathering up for a long time and the dam must have broken because they just kept coming and coming. Now and then the flow would ebb and we would give a giant sign and start making a few comments about how maybe this was finally the end. But it wasn't, on came more and if zombies could laugh at us they sure seemed to be. There were days in the past when shooting zombies was fun but we were starting to find it was a chore like anything else we did at the base and even started to argue about who had to go back on the wall and who could risk the horde and sneak out to the mine!


At one point we decided to start counting the dead and we did that in shifts for several days but when we hit 1000 the group voted to stop counting and aybe we shoudl all consider moving to the mines since the zombies were not going there. So we built up a wall around the mine head so we would have some defense, just in case, and laid out a new spike field. While some of us continued to fight others moved important supplies to the mine and carved out some room for us in the little areas already there.


Then we all headed to the mines. This gave us a nice respite of about half a day until the zombies located us again and started attacking the mine! We will hold out as long as we can but we could use more help, lack of sleep is getting to us!

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This actually happened just a few nights ago.


My food stores were low, so I’d ranged out a ways from the place I’d decided to call home for now. I found a deserted cabin and found a mother lode for a man in danger of going hungry; about 6 cans of food in the kitchen cupboards and two cuts of raw, unspoiled meet in the refrigerator. Then, I noticed the time. Balls, I was too far from home to make it there before sundown, so I smashed up the stairs and made a ladder to the first floor, smashed out the first floor door and filled it in with wood frames and reinforced them with iron, built a hatch over my ladder and filled in the gaps with wood frames so nothing could get up. I thought, “yeah, I’ll just wait out the night and then head home in the morning.”

Night fell. I looked outside.

A blood moon rose and the howling began.

Crap. I’d totally ignored what day it was.


There wasn’t a chance in hell this poor wooden cabin would survive the onslaught of an enraged feral horde. They were already below me, the thin wooden walls had crumbled in seconds. The boiling gurgle of the acid vomiting cops, the snarling of the dogs, the horrible hissing of the feral zombies…I thought “This is what death sounds like.” I couldn't afford to die and lose everything I'd gathered on my scavenging mission that was in my backpack; I had to survive.


I couldn’t fight them. I wasn’t equipped. There were too many and the defences too weak. I had only one shot.


Into the night.


I opened the door on to the balcony, and the horde was mainly at the door round the corner. I swigged a beer for courage and strength and jumped off the balcony to the ground below and ran for all I was worth. I thought I’d made it…there were no sounds of pursuit.

Until I heard the furious sound of a zombie dog chasing me and growling. It was gaining. I had one chance and switched to my shotgun on the run, stopped, turned and fired almost blind. The dog yelped, but it’s jaws snapped on me and a bleeding wound opened up. I fired again in a blind panic in the pitch dark.


The dog was dead inches from my feet…a blind and last ditch snapshot had hit it square in the muzzle from point blank range and stopped it dead.

But now I was bleeding. I had no bandages on me to stop the bleeding. Crap, crap, think, think. Then it was obvious; putting the shotgun away I quickly removed my shirt, scrapped it into cloth and made a simple bandage from it. The bleeding stopped. I was alive and I could the hear the horde in the distance smashing that cabin to splinters. I dropped a couple of painkillers, got my bearings and continued the terrifying run home in the dark, expecting something to come hurtling from the darkness any moment.


Somehow, against all the odds, I ran for four hours in the dark and made it home…and the sweetest sound I ever heard was the slamming of the door behind me.

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I came too feeling cold, the sun dazzled my eyes and reflected off the white snow to my left and right. (Where the hell am I?)

Ahead a wrecked car had strewn its contents on the road. (had I been in a car accident?) (Where are my clothes?)

That is when I noticed the body.


Drowsily I staggered forward, (Who was this guy?) (Who the hell was I?) searching through the wreckage I found a few things and put them in a handy bag I had on my back which already contained some water and food. (Had I been naked rambling?)

{Suddenly I had the urge to gather some grass and make myself some clothes out of the grass fibres. Then I crafted a stone axe for some reason.}


Looking around I decided to follow the road South, perhaps I could find a house and call for help.

Eventually the snow petered out and a rolling grass plain stretched out before me, then I saw movement.

(Hey, I need help here.) The figure turned, that's when I noticed its face. Gums and teeth grinned unceasingly at me as the rag torn figure lumbered towards me groaning. (WTF!)


I ran. I do not remember how far, I just remember collapsing to the ground exhausted. (What the hell was that!) I looked around and saw feathers poking out of a nest on the ground. Scooping them up I had an idea.

Using my stone axe, I chopped down a huge tree and smashed a boulder to smithereens. Using more grass I fashioned a bow and fletched some arrows. {How I knew how to do this I have no idea.}


Following a road I found a house, around it two more grotesque figures shambled. (Either this was a zombie comic-con convention being held in the outdoors or some really surreal ♥♥♥♥ was going down.)

I strung an arrow to my bow and drew it back, "Thwack" went the string and the arrow sailed through the air, landing deep in the beasts chest. It staggered, half of me thought (What the hell am I doing?) any moment the guy would rip off his mask and I would be in deep trouble...he didn`t, he took the arrow with a stagger and then surged forward. I hastily strung another arrow and loosed it at his head.

Blood spurted skyward like a fountain, the torso writhed before collapsing to the ground still.


Transfixed I didn't hear the other zombie close to within breathing range. My heart jumped as I leapt backwards fumbling for another arrow to nock. {I could really do with a quiver}

This zombie looked bloated, its guns looked like it had worked out in the gym a lot. I rallied my nerves and took aim. "Thwack" the arrow flew by its head..(Oh poo) running backwards I notched {No MC reference here} another arrow and at point blank range loosed it into the fat gut of the beast. It staggered then came at me again. "Thwack" "thwack" "thwack" the lumbering beast fell, planting its face into the dirt motionless.


By now I needed somewhere to lie down. The house looked the obvious choice.

Sneaking in I held a wooden club I had fashioned out of the tree trunk and began to search tentatively.

Finding some worn clothes and a few useful items I stepped back outside and gathered some cotton plants to fashion a bedroll.


It was in that house I spent my first night, listening in the dark at every sound or scuffle unable to sleep.

As if in a dream or due to traumatic stress, a portion of my previous life came to me. (I know how to make concrete) All I needed now was concrete mixer.

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I think it was around day 11 that I discovered a corner of a road. I was sneaking along the edge of a desert when the looming silhouette started to materialize in front of me. I snuck closer, standing just off the pitted pavement, in the grass and watched as the fog cleared away from the sign on the building. A book store! I quickly looked up and down the street, but nothing could be seen. I kept myself low, and ran as fast as I could across the deserted road, and hid behind a decrepit shopping cart.


I looked around, wide eyed and alert, up and down the street. The silence was deafening.


I made another quick run up to the building, and using my stone axe, I made quick work of the already broken window, and hopped in. I moved quickly, still sneaking around, as I looted all the book cases. The loot was good too. An instruction manual on how to make a cross bow, and some new bolts. This will be a big step up from my bow and arrow I made 10 days ago. I was nearly done, in the back, enjoying a quick drink when I felt a shiver run down my spine...


I was sensed.


I swallowed hard, and strained to listen, in vain, for any sounds. Nothing could be heard. The accidental explosion from the oil drum a few days ago made hearing anything impossible now. I crept up, quietly towards the front, trying to see through the cracked and dusted windows.


A shadow was seen.


There was no way out the back. The reinforced door was still intact, leaving my only hope to jump through my broken window in the front.


Another shadow has appeared.


I took a sip of my beer to try to calm my nerves, as I was sure they could sense the pounding of my heart. I grabbed my iron club, thinking that my stone axe and bow was not up to this task.


The shadows are moving closer to the building. I was no longer sensed.


I was hunted.


There was no time now. I jumped up on the counter, and made the leap across to the window, cutting my arm in the process. But that didn't matter. The earthly silence that has been my companion for days didn't matter. My new books didn't matter either. Nothing seems to have matters any more.


I jumped from the window, stared at the ground, and started running towards the open desert. I didn't want to see the shadows and what they were. The shopping cart, which had helped hide me only moments ago, stopped me in my tracks. I cursed it now. My vision fills with red as I'm struck from behind. I staggered back and tried to lift my club, but my arm doesn't move.


Nothing does. My world is spinning.


As my vision slowly clears, the shadows start to become clearer and in focus. How many were there, my pounding head asked itself. Why does it matter, it answered itself.


Then I heard it. It came out of nowhere, and jolted me to my senses. There was no build up to it. From hearing nothing to a loud, piercing screech that sent a shiver through my very soul. It was a sound I had only heard once more, and I knew what it meant.


I turned and ran towards the oppressive desert. I didn't look back. I never stopped running. Snarling, snatching, and growling sounds followed me...


The horde was coming.


How I missed the silence now.

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(Co-op game, for the sake of the story let's pretend we found each other by pure luck. For future patches I hope there'll be a co-op option where you spawn at the same spot)


Day 1

I woke up shivering. What happened? I couldn't remember anything.

Why am I shivering? I slowly adjust my eyes and realize that I am half naked in some pine forest. It's very quiet around me. I find a note from some Noah. Who is Noah? I am too panicked to take in what he wrote, but there are some instructions. Not knowing what to do, I blindly follow these and build myself a pretty lousy stone axe with the materials around me.

There is lots of grass, some trees and dead shrubs, some loose stones lying around. I collect enough grass to be able to follow the instructions on how to make myself some plant fiber clothes. Not very fashionable, but that's the least of my worries. I feel a little warmer and less exposed. The task of making clothes has calmed me a little and I finally take a closer look at my surroundings.

I seem to be in the middle of nowhere, just trees and grass and some boulders as far as the eye can see... no life whatsoever.

Seriously, what happened to me? I knew my name and who I was. I knew where I lived, but I had no idea where I was and how I got here.

Why wasn't I wearing my clothes? Why couldn't I remember anything from the last...? I don't know? Hopefully hours? Days? Months?

I scour through my backpack. Well it wasn't my backpack, or was it? But it was there when I woke up and nobody else was here to claim it. Maybe there was some money in it, my passport, any clues despite this ominous note from a Noah, whom I didn't even remember...

The backpack was pretty empty, despite a can of chili, a jar of water - hopefully clean, a torch - ooh that might come in handy, and some bandages...

Whatever happened, I am not going to find out more if I stay in this abandoned area. I look at Noahs instructions again and find something about a wooden club and a bow and arrow. Am I really going to need weapons? But I guess better safe than sorry. I have never even used a bow and after building it, it feels like it's not going to even last one single arrow. Pretty bad job. But oh well, I might look more intimidating holding it in my hands, in case I meet some people. Not sure if I am hoping or dreading to meet some.


I gather up everything and start walking into a random direction. I think it's north as the sun is still pretty low, but gathering in strength, to the right of me. The forest is slowly starting to change, it's getting darker and foggier. I slow down, not sure I want to keep going in this direction. Everything is starting to look burnt and I can see ashes still glowing hot on the ground. There must have been a huge forest fire here not too long ago. I probably shouldn't walk into this burnt area, but my gut feeling tells me that north might be the way home.

Not really wanting to spend much time here, I start to run. Hoping that this wasn't as huge a forest fire as first predicted.

I run, dodging hot looking ashes on the ground, some glowing timbers... woah? Is that a house? In the middle of the forest? How did it not burn down? I catch my breath and carefully approach the house. There is a person on the front porch. Maybe my salvation?

Quietly I get a little closer. That person on the porch looks like a woman in a nurse costume, one of those cliche ones. Kind of weird to be wearing costumes in this place if you ask me.

Getting even closer I notice that she seems a little odd. She's walking around on the porch, it looks a little stiff and jerky.

What is she even doing? Close enough I can finally hear her. Is she talking to somebody? No! Those aren't words, she's grunting and groaning.

I get scared and not even making a conscious decision I run off. Why didn't I help her? I have no clue, but before I can feel bad about it, I see more people walking towards me. My instinct tells me that this is bad, really bad!

They all seem to be grunting and groaning. Are they all mad? Escaped from some mental institution? Totally overwhelmed I start running again, and keep running and running. Out of the corner of my eye I see a burning man. I can't help him. I just keep running.


Panicked as I am I hardly notice that there aren't any more burnt trees, everything seems grey and there are some broken down houses, that look like they've been broken for decades.

I still keep running and suddenly see a road ahead of me! That's good, I guess. I slow down a little and find some trash bags and cars parked in the middle of the road. The cars look as if the people driving it, just stopped and left their cars in a hurry. Why?

What has happened to this world? It looks like war zone.

I search through the trunk of a car, it wasn't even locked, when I hear a noise right behind me. I turn around with the beating of my heart right in my ears. It's a man... or is it? He looks pretty beat down and is groaning and moving weirdly.

I tell him to stop! He keeps walking towards me. I shout at him and show him my bow. My mind hazes over in my panick and with shaking hands I take an arrow and somehow aim it towards him... why doesn't he stop?

I shoot, once, twice and even a third time. He moans in pain, a sound that doesn't even sound like a human being anymore. He finally falls to the ground and stops moving. Everything is quiet, except my blood rushing through my ears.

With tears in my eyes I start running along the road, down a hill. Not really looking where I am going I am almost next to - what looks like a town, a city even. An hour ago this would be exactly what I was looking for! Now this city scares me.

There are no cars driving around, no people walking on the sidewalks, no children playing... there aren't really any of the typical city sounds.

I stay close to the city, but not too close. Suddenly I see a dog right in front of me, just standing there. It doesn't look like one of those friendly muts, more like a guard dog. I jump into the bushes and keep a safe distant.

It would have been safe, but there seem to be more of these moaning and grunting men and women inside these bushes.

I even see a police office, but at this point I don't trust anyone or anything, so I just run right through them.


Finally I see some water, grass and trees again! If I wasn't in such a panick, I would be able to hear birds chirping.

It looks so much nicer here. No destruction, no fires, just pure nature!

I leave the city behind me and finally stop running as I am totally out of breath now. I stop for a short while, but what's that?

Can't I catch a break? Someone is running towards me. I hear arrows wooshing. I pick up my bow and get an arrow ready.

If this person knows how to shoot arrows, I am totally going to be toast. I take aim when this person suddenly shouts at me. I don't understand her, but can see that it's a woman. An arrow wooshes past my ear and I hear a sound of pain close behind me.

I turn around and see a police officer pretty close. He doesn't seem happy, but he also doesn't seem normal and he isn't alone.

A couple of those mad people must have followed me, grunting and groaning they're all coming closer.

This other woman keeps shooting arrows at them, so I do the only thing left for me to do and help her.


We're pretty successful, but the police officer is a tough nut. While that strange woman is fighting two of these things at once I keep shooting arrows at him. I realize that my aim isn't that louzy as a lot of my arrows hit his chest or at least his arms. He seems to be in pain, but at the same time not really bothered by them. Out of the blue he starts making really weird sounds and what? He pukes at me?

Oh my gawd this really hurts! This is definitely not normal! I dodge some more of his puking, when he suddenly explodes!

Maybe I am starting to get mad myself, but I feel some sort of relief!?

There don't seem to be anymore people or whatever they've become and I see this other woman - for lack of a better word - looting them.

This seems like a good idea and I search through the pockets of some of these "victims" and find football helmet.

At normal times I would never even consider walking around in a football helmet, but these aren't normal times, so I put it on.


That woman waves at me to follow her, which seems a good idea, as more of these creatures are coming from the city direction.

We run for awhile until we find a house, smack in the middle of the forest.

It looks neat, but there is one bulky looking man, who isn't a man, walking around the house and another one crawling on the ground.

I am getting the hang of my bow, which miracously is still intact. The bulky man has some food and ammunition.

I don't have any weapons beside my trusty bow, but I put the ammo into my backpack and run around the house to check for more creatures. No, I don't want to keep calling them people. I don't think they are anymore.

I help the other woman to break down the entrance door with my stone axe. It's starting to get dark outside.

Feeling that we'll have enough time to introduce ourselves during a long night, we get to work and start to secure the house at least rudimentary.

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I have many stories but I will tell the one I watched on Twitch before I became a player. I was the only viewer of a streamer I picked at random, I'll call Jim. It was Alpha 10-something, my introduction to the game.


Jim had built a nice wood base and was ready to explore a little. He explained to me that he'd hunted out the deer in the immediate vicinity, so although his goal was to look for a town, every time he saw a deer on his long trek through the maple forest, he could not resist the temptation to hunt it down for food. "I am tired of eating nothing but canned food!" He had a crossbow and an empty pack, and the hunting was good. His pack grew heavier as the day went on. He chatted as he hunted, explaining things to me.


You can guess what happened. He suddenly realized that the sun would be setting soon, he had not found a town or any building at all, and by now he was quite a distance from his base. He decided to go for broke and began running in a beeline for his base. Of course, the sun did set and he ran on blindly in the night.


Then he attracted some zombies. They never quite caught up with him but they did not give up. He came to a lake and plowed in. Zombies can't swim! He was out of stamina, but it is from Jim I learned the best lesson: never go anywhere without some wood frames. Somehow he managed to slap down a tower of wood frames. just a one-block spire, to get him up out of the water and out of reach of the zombies at lake's bottom.


And there Jim perched until sunrise. They screamed and battered the frames but miraculously did not break them. Once the sun was up, he dispatched the zombies and returned to his base, which as it happened was just over the hill. He had almost made it back without knowing it! He laughed and said, "One day I'll tell my grandkids how I spent the night on a frame tower in a lake!"

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Whether it was eagerness or greed that kept Omni and Potterz looting the small town of Diersville, it was of little importance to them as they had made quite the find that day, and between them now had firearms, and the means to repair them, along with a few other useful books that would help them survive horrors they were yet to face. Ammo supplies though, were not good.


Approaching Omni, who is crouched, dressed all in black, keeping watch down the barrel of a hunting rifle at the north west corner of the town, Potterz, of a military mind and attire, a shotgun strapped over his shoulder, creeps quietly across to him "What's the situation?" Potterz asks, "There're shamblers on the hill between us and home, the farm is crawling with dogs, and the town behind us is becoming very 'busy'". The pair decide to head north east into the forest, cutting off the path to give the farm a wide birth into territory as yet unexplored, crouching the whole time, sprinting in bursts between trees and rocks, hardly making a sound. The forest gives way to harsh snows as foothills quickly became mountains and before long their route takes them to a junction in a small gravel pathway that seems to meander off to the north further still.


Taking the initiative and with light fleeting as the sun had almost disappeared for the day, Omni and Potterz headed down the smaller of the paths, hoping it might lead them somewhere to shake off the cold and bed down for the night. Luck, or perhaps geography was on their side, as a hunting lodge lay at the end of the path, its outline barely visible at first as the wind blew the snow in gusts creating a blanket of white, obscuring much of their surroundings. Footsteps in the snow that had only been a distant echo in the trees were now becoming very much louder, but upon approaching the front of the lodge the undead where nowhere to be seen. As the pair sat below a window on the south side of the building Potterz turns to Omni and asks "Do you think that they'll hear us breaking this window?",

"There's only one way to find out" Says Omni before grabbing his claw hammer and quickly smashing the glass. A chilling roar followed.


Beyond what little remained of the window lay the interior of the hunting lodge, the foyer was little more than access to the various rooms, including a staircase that the pair happened to be at the foot of. Footsteps could be heard coming from the other side of the building, so as Potterz approached the source of the sound, and prepared to open the door, Omni crouched with his rifle aimed at the doorway, concentrating on the door and the footsteps beyond. Omni took a snapshot the moment Potterz opened the door, the shot striking the zombie in the shoulder, after which Potterz laid into the zombie with a club, not relenting until the dead thing had ceased all movement. Looking on at the scene going on before him Omni was caught off-guard by a blow from behind, as another zombie, one that could only be described as a lumberjack, had found its way to the open window.


Desperately, Omni staggers up the stairs turning to bring his rifle to bear as the zombie climbs through the window and enters the building proper. His head clearing the survivor fires two shots as quickly as he can manage hitting the zombie in the head and chest, with little regard for the wounds taken the lumberjack begins to take to the stairs in great strides, almost sprinting. Potterz, running to the foot of the stairs, turns and manages to get a shot off at the zombie just as it draws its long powerful arm back to strike Omni who is busy applying a bandage with his back against a closed door. The blow lands, but the zombie's attention wavers easily, it turns to find this new source of food and lunges towards the shotgun-wielding survivor who was stood, at the top of the staircase. Potters fires a shot, then another as the lumberjack sprints towards him, Omni pulls out his knife and jumps wildly at the zombie, plunging blade deep into its skull.


After barricading the window to prevent any more surprises, the pair sit down to warm themselves around a hastily prepared camp fire, eat and drink from their provisions, and prepare to face another day.

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((Lemme preface by saying I don't remember which Alpha it was that I joined 7 days. But I do remember it was 2 Alphas before they removed the red dot sight.))


I found a cabin in desert. It was the one with the stairs on the outside leading up to the second floor. Had black leather furniture inside. I was a complete newb. Nightfall was fast approaching and I'd already high tailed it away from 2 wandering hordes that were passing through so I took shelter in this cabin. I was low on wood so I fixed what I could and stuffed leather couch arms in the broken windows and the cushions in the doorway. It didn't really do much, the place still looked like swiss cheese. I busted out all of the lights, hoping that it would keep the zombies away then found the darkest corner of the room I could find and made a fort around myself out of leather arms and cushions with my crossbow peeking out.


It was a little past midnight and I heard the most terrifying sound ever; a spider zombie. It was bad enough that this one was close by, but somehow he got stuck on a cactus and started going off like an air raid siren. I swear to god, the horde that he called up was too big to count. Either he got free or another spider was called up because right outside the door that god awful shrill went off and I nearly whimpered in real life. My deepest oath given here on this forum, I swear, my hands were shaking and at the worst possible time, my fingertips started to get cold and go numb. Then a bloated walker lumbered up the steps outside and without hesitation, proceeded to tear through my crappy defenses like it was Christmas paper.


I thought about bailing and jumping over the rail to my right, which would have put me on the steps down to the first floor, but as soon as I decided on it. I heard a dog growling outside. And outside the first floor door. I couldn't believe it. I didn't have enough crossbow bolts to deal with the fat man and the horde that was rapidly descending on me, so in a last ditch effort, I shot out of my couch cushion fort, ran up to the bloated walker, put the crossbow right up to his face and let him have the 4 bolts I had left. That spider and walker tagged me pretty hard a few times, but I managed to get free. I ran across the desert in game and saying "Woooooop!!! Woop woop wooop woop wooop!!!" Like Curly from the 3 Stooges in real life. I stopped running after about 10 seconds then turned and in real life said "SUCK IT!!!" to the zombies and promptly turned back around to run again and ran face first into a cactus.


Which freakin killed me...

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(Didn't see this thread when I posted my story earlier XD.)


My epic minibike rescue.



Day 22:

Survived the day 21 horde and am now off to explore.


Day 24:

Have found my share of loot and am on my way back to drop stuff off at HQ. Driving through town looking around at buildings and zombies when suddenly a wild cliff appears...




I jump into the water to locate my bike and figure out a way to save it... No sign of it... Where could it be?...




I spot it rapidly bouncing up and down as it floats away. It gradually sinks deeper and deeper as it moves along until it eventually hits a block and comes to a dead stop. The bike still bouncing deep in the water I swim underneath then push it towards the surface as it bounces off my head ever so forcefully. Placing frames below me as I swim up, I successfully build a platform for the bike to sit near the surface. The final touch being the addition and removal of frames within water to remove water blocks in order to rest the submerged bike onto dry land.




Trying to decide what to do next, I notice that the only visible land is a small island in the distance.




I make my way over to it and decide that the best course of action would be to dig a mega tunnel across the ocean floor.




Digging a tunnel across the bottom of the ocean takes a long, long time. I decide to dig up to the dirt level in hopes that it will reduce my digging time... Which caused a few flooding incidents... Corked holes with frames. Problem solved.




Hmm, only 6 images allowed per message... To be continued...



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My epic minibike rescue continued.



Day 25:

Tunnel complete, phew! Mining skill now at 100. With the epic tunnel complete I return to my bike and construct a bridge to be able to get my bike to the island.




Get on bike.... Left lights on... Battery dead... Luckily have crappy spare in cart!. OMW home finally!!! Get stuck in hole where it wouldn't let me place a block...




Dig down till bike begins to bounce then slide a frame underneath and make a ramp back up to the bridge. OMW home... Again!!!




Go up ramp and completely shoot past bridge... :'(... Bike is bouncing through the water once again...




Is that... Land?!




Bike bounces all the way to land.




Day 26:

Mega tunnel and bridge complete waste of time, but my bike is back home safe and sound.



The End.



Yes yes I know dismantling is way easier, but I never dismantle (except to add better parts). It is more fun to build/dig my way out of trouble :p.



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My epic minibike rescue continued.



Day 25:

Tunnel complete, phew! Mining skill now at 100. With the epic tunnel complete I return to my bike and construct a bridge to be able to get my bike to the island.




Get on bike.... Left lights on... Battery dead... Luckily have crappy spare in cart!. OMW home finally!!! Get stuck in hole where it wouldn't let me place a block...




Dig down till bike begins to bounce then slide a frame underneath and make a ramp back up to the bridge. OMW home... Again!!!




Go up ramp and completely shoot past bridge... :'(... Bike is bouncing through the water once again...




Is that... Land?!




Bike bounces all the way to land.




Day 26:

Mega tunnel and bridge complete waste of time, but my bike is back home safe and sound.



The End.



Yes yes I know dismantling is way easier, but I never dismantle (except to add better parts). It is more fun to build/dig my way out of trouble :p.



Well at least you had a happy ending and we congratulate you on your perseverance.

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This happened back in Alpha 12.5. I put it in my Steam review of the game.


Day 21 Aftermath

Come nightfall, I lasted for less than an hour before the zombies got me. They clustered on the north wall until they broke through, climbing over each other's corpses. At least I could see them better this time with the torches I'd placed. I picked off some with arrows, but I should've used my meager supply of bullets. In the end they surrounded me from the inner staircase and the 2nd floor balcony. They chewed through the wall, the doors, and even halfway into the foundation, though the building's still structurally sound.


Goals for next week: forge a pickaxe and start an escape tunnel from my base to the natural cavern I found earlier. Mine for iron in the process. Add another layer of spikes around the base and repair/strengthen the walls. Stretch goal: start a garden with the corn & potatoes I've scavenged.



P.S. Suggestion to others: write your story like you're telling a friend what happened in your game. In my humble opinion, they don't need embellishment or to be written like fan fiction.

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The first night and day 2




We went upstairs and put down our bedrolls. There was a bed, but it looked as if the sheets hadn't been changed in a long time.

The floor it was, oh joy.

To say we settled down would be an exaggeration, but we sat down and listened for footsteps outside of "our" house. We heard at least one of those creatures. This wouldn't be a restfull night.

I talked to my new companion, her name was Cleo. She didn't remember what happened to her either and she also had a note from this Noah guy. I felt like I could trust her. We spent the night tossing ideas and theories around, but one was worse than the other.

She called these creatures zombies. I guess that's the best word for it.

At dawn we decided to stay nearby the house and find water and food, get some ressources for more arrows, before moving on and finding... I don't even know what to hope for anymore? Shelter? Some human beings? An explanation?


I took all the empty jars and cans we had gathered on our first day and went outside when there was enough light.

Soon I found a stag and shot it with my bow and arrow. I felt bad for causing him pain, but I was very hungry.

He fled and doing so led me to some lake where he died. Quickly I tried to get some of his hide and meat, I found a large bone and sharpened it to cut some better pieces. It wasn't the best output, but I wouldn't starve today. Hearing steps around me, I realized that I was pretty close to the city, so I rushed to the water and filled every container that would hold water before running back to safety... or so I thought, because suddenly a dog was chasing after me. I suppose he smelled the meat. I ran like the devil and getting closer to the house shouted to Cleo to be careful. Luckily she had left the door wide open, I sprinted inside and shut the door.

This was almost too much excitement for the day. I went upstairs on the balcony, seemed that the dog had stopped chasing me, he wasn't anywhere near the house.

With a grumbling stomach a checked Noah's instructions again and built a campfire to cook my meat, it turned out a little charred, but super delicious. A cooking pot would be nice to boil the water, but since I didn't want to drink the water without boiling it, I held some of the cans over the fire.

The rest of the day was spent chopping would, mining some rocks and looking for nests. We also found another house similar to ours on the other side of the road, there was some neat stuff in it, but also a couple of those zombies.


We decided to move on come the next morning and hopefully get some desperately needed sleep this night.

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The sun is going down and they will be here soon. I did very well so far, first time playing in the desert. I'm giving that final touch, a last row of small spikes. The plains that I found at the edge of the desert yielded enough wood to fix all the holes in the building I'm living now. It's almost time, better get inside quick.


From one of the windows in the first floor I could se them coming from south-west, it could not be worse. The south is the side where the old entrance used to be, I blocked using wood and they will gonna tear that side so quick. So I ran to the west side and removed the wood frames blocking a hole in the wall, dragging their attention to a stronger side. The battle begins, walls are holding, the spikes didn't last very long. I'm trying to clear most of them with pipe bombs and arrows, but I fell of the edge.


I respawn naked, no backup weapons and I can't recover my stuff while they are running. So I started to search for something to close that hole. I pick up two frames that I was using to plan a room for my bed, but is too late. As soon as I place the frames in my hotbar a spider zombie climb the wall and enters. Suddenly all the noise from the zombies hitting the walls disapeared, in my mind I had only a thought "close that hole", I managed to avoid him and close the wall, but as I placed the last frame he hits me. I turned running backwards trying to avoid him. "Now I'm trapped in a death loop." "If I had a weapon." "Something to fight back." Then I looked at my hands, "I have one". I started to punch him, at first I was a little unsure, but as soon as I noticed that he stunned, I entered a frenzy of punches. I don't have any idea how long that lasted, but after he died and my attention turned to the zombies destroying the building I noticed that I only had 12hp left.

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My first game of 7DtD (alpha 11 or something):


Scopus appeared at a random spawn point, near a wrecked car with a dead dude, backpack, box, cooler, etc., in the middle of a burning forest. Way cool. I looted the lootables and started hoofing it up the road, wondering if a) there was an end to the burned area, and b) if the flaming bunnies squealing nearby were edible. The pigs were.


Finally, playing with buttons, I noticed I could make a stone axe. Did so after gathering the materials. Lookie at all the recipes... I went to work, knowing I'd need a shelter before nightfall. I had made it to a pine forest back when trees yielded logs.


Not knowing how to play, I made log cabin wood blocks and built a hut with a wooden door. Just before nightime, I huddled. Spent the whole night not bored at all, simply playing with the UI, and reading everything. The next morning, I knew to make spikes. Why, it was almost too easy.


Then, the bear found me. I hid in my cabin while it destroyed the one-row of spikes and started destroying my wall. I finally just ran away, leading it off toward an old gas station.


I repaired the cabin, and made sure my one row of spikes went all the way around. Put a wooden fence up, too. Yeah. Total safety.


I spent the first week just running from zombies and looting everything lootable. There's a megaton of bags and debris out there if you lower your graphics and can see it amid the grass.


Then, one night, a horde of dogs and zombies burst through my door and killed me.


Not deterred, and loving the game, I played again. But then, one night a horde arrived and slaughtered me in my wood (reinforced, even) house.


My wife, who watches me play these things, was the first to get a clue. She said, "waitaminute... was it the 7th night? What is the game called, again?"


At that point, the game became even better to me. Challenge accepted.

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This took place in Alpha 12.5...


After a busy night of fending off the Day 21 horde, I became determined to explore the small prairie town several kilometers to the north. My base was secure and only needed a few repairs, but I knew that it had only been my tendency to over-fortify that had allowed me to survive the night. Corpses blanketed the plain before my walls where I had shot the zombie horde down one by one, using only my bow and arrows. If I was to survive the next horde, I would need to learn how to build some kind of firearm and maybe discover improved building materials.


I ate a hearty breakfast, packed my travel bag, and headed up the state highway towards the north. As I ran, I stopped at occasional cars to search their trunks and killed stray zombies with well placed shots. I accumulated a small pile of minor trinkets and decided that most of my loot would be valuable later. As I neared the outskirts of the town, I started to search the surrounding lands for a good place to make a base. Ultimately I settled on a steep hillside near the southeast corner of town. I quickly hollowed out a little alcove in the hillside and covered its entrance with sod to camouflage it. Then I set up my campfire and ventured outside to check out the town.


I spent most of the afternoon sneaking into houses and businesses in search of loot, and assembled quite a stash of valuables. As dusk neared, I returned to my hiding place to prepare a quick dinner and await the dawn. As I crouched by my fire, I suddenly became aware of the shuffling of many feet nearby. I froze in fear, praying that the roaming zombie horde would not sniff me out. After a time, the shuffling of feet gradually passed me by, fading into the distance, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I ate breakfast and readied myself for the light of the dawn and another day of looting.


Dawn came, and I popped out of my hiding spot, ready to go. And down the hill, a bear raised his head inquisitively at the sound. We stared at each other for just a second, then the bear charged toward me. As I sprinted away at top speed, I thought to myself, "Here goes another day in the zombie apocalypse...".

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Yesterday I was running around a bit and for the first time I saw a militairy camp so I approached it...huh...whats that on the ground?_? BOOM.....wtf.....damn landmines. I had to run back for some 600 loot I found that day (2 magnum parts) I was so focused getting my loot asap back (didnt equip anything new cause my bag was full) that I didn't saw the bear I was running towards and yeah he killed me.....damn all my nice shinny loot gone.

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