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  1. Question! With the Mod Launcher if i select "Ravenhearst mod" Can you also select other mods along with it to play with? Or only one at a time?
  2. Just confirm the download labeled Current version is: COMPOPACK_29(for_alpha16.3) with work for alpha 16.3? Also any tips on having this mod work with dying lands? Thanks!
  3. Pimps, great alpha!! Do you think for 16 stable you can please fix the bug where you can peek through the ground and see other player bases? I know this isn't the PVP update but it would benefit all players! Also I look forward to all the AI and challenge improvements for the next alpha! Thanks! cant wait for some PVP Love for this game <3
  4. Great work with all the updates pimps! Just a few suggestions/questions! 1. I would love to see the hit distance for zombies/dogs cleaned up a little. Seems like many other have voiced this! 2. Getting very strange shadows on water. 3. Zombie spawn distance could also use some love. 4 and of course some intense optimization with the game overall. I have a great rig and even run a game booster/close unwanted programs. Very choppy. 5. Has the bike glitches been completely fixed? 6. When sneaking and interacting with items (example) cutting down trees/breaking something
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