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  1. Please do! I remember being so scared of them, but the last few alphas I didn't feel worried about them at all! Have you posted anything on the new animals coming?
  2. Even better would be something super creep like these! This game scared the crap out of me!
  3. How would a store all suck? Just as there is a "take all" it would be nice to have the opposite. I also love the idea of a button to send all the duplicates into the chest! The game is really shaping up to be something awesome! Can't wait to see how you guys implement bandits as well as some new zombie types!
  4. Agreed! Would really keep things fresh and new if that was the case. Have it randomized where you cant always predict how they are going to act.
  5. So does that mean we cant have npc's as guards in our base? I remember that being spoken about.
  6. I dont see it mentioned anywhere, this forum is too big! But will limb dismemberment and zombie screaming make it back in? What about skycrappers in RWG? Thanks pimps!
  7. Faatal will dismemberment make it back into alpha 17?
  8. lets start a movement!! #ScreamsAndDismemberment :bump: Copy and share!!!! Spread the word and keep on fighting!
  9. Really hope alpha 17 brings this back and also Skycrappers back to RWG. I notice they take features away often that they once were really proud of and excited for. And then to don't see them anymore. I know things change of course just seem like we've been in alpha for years.
  10. So Awesome that something I mentioned a month ago is in the game!! Jumping spider zombies are soo good! - - - Updated - - - Why did they take out zombie decapitation out??
  11. Skycrappers arent in random gen alpha 17 :bump::bump:
  12. will Skyscrappers make their way into Alpha 17 stable? Please
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