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  1. Oh, see they are unity assets they have in the game but aren't used? Or is this a thing I need to buy to be able to include it in my mod? haha
  2. Oh wow!! Thanks! This will save me some time! This is why I love this community, modding is an act of collaboration! It looks like I also need to get that AfroShamanSounds mod? For the record, I will include a credits section for all the people who help me add pieces to it, of coarse! :3
  3. The whisperers allow me a lot of freedom in terms of balancing. My plan is to make the "dumb zombies" like in previous versions for the normal zombies. However "feral" zombies are being lead by whisperers and are much more intelligent and dangerous. Non lore things such as zombies climbing ladders will be disabled, except for whisperers themselves. I will likely use the model of the ring-ghost looking girl (the screamer) for the whisperers themselves, Especially if I can make it whisper instead of scream! So it should be pretty distinct from old versions of the mod, and from the nor
  4. I believe there are POI mods already made by other users for most of the locations in TWD and possibly FTWD as well! I don't make those myself, but many users on this site are amazing at them. I know at the height of this mods popularity back in the day another user actually kept together a pack of POIs with a heavy walking dead influence and I directed everyone to it. It had a really great prison POI I used myself once. If anyone happens to have any links to any such POIs I'm sure those in this thread would appreciate them, myself included! I'll go looking for them myself later, but the mo
  5. It's an XML mod, and should work on servers, I know the previous versions where quite popular on servers! Unless something about how the game handles mods has fundamentally changed. I am going to do what I can to get the hoards big, but the performance of the game is what's kept me from making an update for A16! So I'll see what I can do about it now. The hoards will not be the size they were in older updates, that's for sure, but I'm pretty crafty so maybe I can find some cheap tricks to up the count without butchering the framerate.
  6. A17 The Walking Dead Mod! -[RELEASE PENDING!]- After a long Hiatus I've decided to reboot this long running mod! With Alpha 17 and Season 9 of the Walking Dead, it seemed like a great time! (Also I got multiple PMs requesting me to do so!) If you are unfamiliar, this is a simple, yet expertly balanced mod to make the game feel more like something that could exist in the Walking Dead universe, that has been developed on and off since Alpha 11! It's not ready yet, but I'm already working on the mod, and I've decided to open this thread to request suggestions! Planned Features: -
  7. That's um... A lot of things. o_o I hope A13's crafting changes don't set you back to far... I'm waiting on that before I start working on my mods seriously again. I have a really good eye for balance, I'll see about taking a look at it and giving you my feedback some time! ^_^ Balance is a really tricky beast to tame!... Especially with that much new content!
  8. Chaosocks

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Ahh, I kinda skimmed past the bottom half of the post, sorry! ^_^|| Thanks <3 You're awesome!
  9. Chaosocks

    A16 Valmod Pack

    This is badass! You are becoming one of my favorite modders-to-watch! Could I possibly use your breakable door locks and working oven/sinks mods in my Walking Dead mod? ^_^ I already need to add a credits section for my next update, hehe
  10. Gee, that's totally a serious logical thing for me to do that won't totally destroy any attempt at actually playing the game. [/sarcasm] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where is badgering total strangers for having a different opinion a logical, fair way to act in a forum dependent on the community discussion to create anything? Being defensive is one thing, but people in this thread are becoming downright belligerent towards anyone with any sort of suggestions. Modding is a community effort, if peo
  11. This would make a HUGE difference! It would actually be possible for the average user to tweak it then. That would only be like, 10~30 minutes of tweaking instead of literally days and days. You already know which prefabs are which, but we don't. That's why people ask you instead. Just finding out which is which is the hard part for the typical user. I mean, it literally takes the typical user days of testing, relaunching the game over and over dozens of times, writing notes down on a notebook, taking screen shots, etc, etc just to figure out which prefabs are which. Removing them is NOT the h
  12. I kinda agree though... I don't use this pack personally because I don't have the time to spend 2~3 days testing and tweaking and editing to remove the totally out of place looking buildings or the ones made out of really incorrect weird materials like shower blocks and the error blocks. >.< I certainly know how, but that's way to much effort just to tweak a mod to fit with the totally unmodded game. I certainly appreciate all his work, but it just seems like such a shame that most people can't even enjoy it do to the lack of knowledge or time required to literally put hours and hou
  13. Woo! I am so glad to hear this will be ready so soon! I will make sure my mod comes out quickly too, I love how well your mod compliments with it (or any similar gameplay overhaul mods)
  14. From my understanding, it comes mostly down to block IDs. Blocks used in the old prefab either no longer exist, or now the IDs linked to them link to different blocks and any new block added in uses a totally new, different ID. Some blocks even get shifted from one ID to another for no particular reason. And all it takes is one little missed block and we get very weird, noticeable errors.
  15. Based on similar programs for Skyrim I know what he is talking about, generally. basically, what it would do, is when someone installs your mods, it could give them options to pick from. Pack A] Full version Pack B] Performance version with larger prefabs removed Pack C] Full immersive/realistic only version Pack D] Performance immersive/realistic only version etc. That or simply have a 'core' part everyone installs, and then you pick which additions you want, like the high performance, or the unrealistic/unimmersive ones.
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