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  1. Click on the Starting Splash Screen, then click on the Blue Folder. You Can select a new location. After you set it, you can copy the files manually from C:\ to the new location.
  2. My wife uses a controller. I asked what she does: 1) Add 7D2D Mod Launcher to Steam as a non-Steam game 2) Start Steam Big Picture 3) Launch 7D2D Mod Launcher from Steam 4) Launch modded Game. She did say that sometimes it doesn't work, but a reboot of her computer makes it work the second time. She is not sure if it works better if the controller is on before seeing the menu of 7 Days To Die or not, so it may need some experimenting. Thank you for your kind words. That description is managed by the modder, so it's not uniformly used, b
  3. Thank you for your valuable and in-depth feedback. As always, feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to take a look at Vortex as an alternative: https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/
  4. Thank you for the log. I'll spin up my Linux VM and test. Was this Winterween on 19.2 or 19.3? There's two different downloads depending on which one you were using.
  5. Hmm.. it is not a lot to go on. What was happening before? Were you just logging in? Just died, etc?
  6. I pushed a new update to the Mod Launcher's DMT copy which will allow it to work on Alpha 19.3. The Mod Launcher itself won't update, but the new version of DMT will auto-update when you press Play again.
  7. This seems to be another gitlab issue. Both are hosted on Gitlab. Can you click on Delete Downloads, then click on Experimental Features, then try to pre-sync again?
  8. Let me know how it goes. I've tried it here on various patched windows PC, and I've always got the prompt to allow. I'm sorry that you are having an issue. If you could let me know what is the precise problem you are experiencing, I might be able to help you out. I am tracking a gitlab hosting issue (again) that is causing people some grief.
  9. I'm not sure about the controller, but you can remove the mod launcher from steam and re-add it. The path should be around: "C:\Program Files\SphereII Software\7D2D Mod Launcher Installer\"
  10. Buenas.

    Cuando instalo el mod launcher me tira un error 1001 (dice que no pueden obtener los tipos de instalador en el ensamblado.

    Que no se pueden cargar  uno o varios tipos requeridos. 

    Recupere la propiedad loaderexceptions para mas informacion...


    Me podrian dar una mano por favor.


    1. sphereii



      Dice lo que falta? Algo como System Interop?

    2. carokunz


      sme here, any help? thanks

  11. I appreciate the feedback. My Mods was originally developed to add your own overhaul, etc. With modlets coming into play, they become more important, but the feature was never really pushed. I do plan on fixing that in the future, but as you said, Steam Workshop would replace that functionality (I hope). But the mod launcher is already 4 years old. Performance can be spotty, it's not cross-platform, etc. I am looking at a new design that would be cross platform, and would be putting more of a focus on the modlet system for that version, and by extension, "My Mods".
  12. My wife does the same for her steam controller. The Installed Mods can be a bit wonky. Make sure that your target folder is the same as it was. For example, default, all mods are installed under C:\7D2D\. You can change this by clicking on Starting Splash Screen and clicking on the Blue Folder
  13. Have you tried rebooting? Typically that error comes having two mod launchers opened, or some kind of security software blocking it. Either anti-virus, or spyware, or something that.
  14. Take a look here: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/HowtomakeaModLauncherConfigurati.html You'll need a configuration file, hosted somewhere. Usually in the same github as your overhaul. When you have it written, then send me a message and I'll take a look at it before postingit live.
  15. That is intentional. This particular fix only applies to new instances of Trader Hugh's base. Other conditions may cause him to disappear, and I'd be interested in investigating them more. Trader Hugh's base has a lot of experimental stuff in it.
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