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  1. Due to recent changes on GitLab, some people are having download issues (most notably Darkness Falls / Ravenhearst ). Random errors would happen during Pre-Sync, ranging from index errors to time outs. This occurs mostly when internet access is fairly slow and the mod is rather large. I have added an experimental feature to the mod launcher in order to address this, and I am looking for volunteers to try out a beta version, regardless if you are experiencing trouble downloading now. https://github.com/7D2DModLauncher/ThickInstaller/raw/master/Beta-SetupInstaller.msi Next to the Pre-Sync button is a checkbox called Experimental Features. If you select that, it'll use another method to download the mods, opening up another window to show progress. It also uses another way of copying files over.
  2. The system must be seeing that desktop.ini is in the download package, and is treating it as special. Maybe check in with Subquake? You are also using My Mods, which isn't as fully featured as using a configuration link. Have you tried adding the 7D2D Mod Launcher to steam as a non-steam game, and launching from there with Big Picture Mode? This is what my wife does for her Steam Controller.
  3. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    That's a good tip. Might have to check to make sure they can fit in their area they want to teleport too.
  4. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I understand, and sympathize. It is somewhat limited, and I've expanded areas where I could. There's more I can do, of course, but I also don't like to deviate too much on how these things are intended to be laid out. I do like your ideas, no question. Making a more vibrant world is a goal for us, and this includes the chatter with NPC.
  5. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    The game has an Alternative Text option, which is the alternative for the "Hide", but I don't think it's hooked up too much. I think changing the Start opening dialog would be a bit tricky. When you complete a quest, I think they'll say what the quest tells then. Then when you talk to them again, it displays Start. Try to focus away from changing the Start opening dialog. Instead, customize your Responses (hiding the ones that aren't relevant), and working through it that way. I think the dialog system will see some love in the base game, and its impossible to predict what it will be like.
  6. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Dynamically swapping out the NPCID would require new code, as would just swapping out the dialog_id, which would also accomplish what you've said. I don't know what kind of effect changing NPCID would have; It'd change more than dialog option, such as changing what it sells, etc. I can look into the dialog_Id swap for A19. It might break existing worlds / spawned NPCs. I can think of a few use cases where it might be easier to maintain seperate dialog chains, than add complexity to a single dialog chain. If you wanted to completely swap the NPCID, I could look into that too, but this potentially has greater impact that we don't quite know, although the code itself would be simple to do it.
  7. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Hire cost is expecting a specific value. Might make more sense for range, but not sure. It needs to be more flexible.
  8. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I would need to see your actual xml implementation to spot what was incorrect / correct.
  9. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    It's a file I was using as a test piece; it's not actually used. What did you try to set their hire cost?
  10. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I am genering my own unique keys, so there'd be low chance of conflicts. The reference keys are tied to the dialogs.xml entries. I'm looking at the tool today to do minor fixes. CVars are not as complicated as they may seem. There is two parts: a name, and a value. the name is a unique identifier. The value is a float ( a number that can contain decimals). It's up to the buffs, dialogs, etc, on what to do with the name and numbers. Here's an example from Samara Quest line in Winter Project's: ( https://github.com/SphereII/WinterProject-2019/tree/master/Mods/Samara/Config ) In Samara's Quests.xml <action type="GiveCVarBuffSDX, Mods" id="quest_Samara_Diary" value="1" /> [/CODE] As an action, it sets the Cvar "quest_Samara_Diary" to 1, when the quest is complete. In her dialogs.xml, we have this check: [CODE] <requirement type="HasCVarSDX, Mods" value="1" requirementtype="Hide" operator="GTE" id="quest_Samara_Diary" Hash="Requirement_-2138114132" /> [/CODE] In this case, the CVar is called "quest_Samara_Diary". If i's GreaterThanorEqual to 1, it passes the requirement. Otherwise, it hides the dialog, and you don't see it. If you complete the first part of her quest, the cvar quest_Samara_Diary is set to 1. Next time you go talk to the trader, that dialog option will magically appear, as it now passes the requirement check.
  11. All mods are known to be working in this list. Do you have any errors in your log?
  12. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    The localization.txt was just kind of added at the end of the dev cycle, as it was originally just writing everything to the dialogs.xml, rather than relying on Localization.txt. This was preferred (by me) because Localization.txt doesn't push from servers, so it made sense to bundle it together. However, it does make sense to allow merging of localization. I'll set aside some time to give the dialog update some love. Manually, you can remove the top of the file on the 2nd Localization, the header, and just copy and paste the contents from the file into the other one.
  13. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Your version of DMT is quite old. I suggest you update it to the latest. DMT no longer does anything with localization.
  14. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    New 0-SphereIICore update to fix stamina drain in water
  15. sphereii

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Thank you for your kind words. The tool is complete, however I was concerned about flowing and how usable it was from a user perspective. I can probably release it tomorrow when I get back to my dev PC. It was a project to go along with the NPCs to add more variety in them.
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