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  1. I'll look to see if I can find the shared exp Unfortunately, the Sphere-Core is not save game safe, as it needs to make changes to the player's profile to allow for some features.
  2. Does the wasteland mod contain a Localization.txt? I don't see in the log where it's loading anything from it, so maybe the copy is bad?
  3. Added new branch for Alpha 19.1: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.ModsA19/tree/alpha19.1experimental I pushed an update to both the main brain and experimental branch, that makes a change for headshots. I've limited it to player damage, so fire and traps should still work as expected. I'm not sure if that defeats the purpose of headshot-only, but thought I'd add it and see what the players think.
  4. Sounds like your Localization file is being messed up somehow. Without a log, I cannot say what the issue would be.
  5. I'll post an update for A19.1 in a little bit. What is this group xp icon? I don't typically play on MP.
  6. I pushed out a new change for NPCs and their WanderSDX AI Task. PathingCube blocks have now been changed to a custom Sign block. You may place a few of these invisible signs around your base, entering in a numeric value in its Text box. Then, for hired NPCs, there's a new dialog option that allows you to Set Pathing Code. Enter in the matching number, and the NPC will scan the surrounding areas for PathingCubes, and only path to the code matching. The NPC stores its pathing code as a cvar. This will allow you to set up multiple PathingCubes around your base, and have different NPCs patrol different routes, using different codes. Special Codes: NPCs with Codes set to 0 will path to all PathingCubes. NPCs with Codes set to -1 will not patrol but stand where they are. By default, all NPCs spawn with a Code of 0. They should preserve their codes between game sessions, if changed. Prefabs, when built, can now include PathingCubes as part of construction. You can enter in Codes and have them saved and distributed with your Prefabs, preserving the numbers. This will allow you to create new sleeper volumes with NPCs to auto-spawn and start patrolling in a prefab. When setting in the Sleepers, you may place a PathingCube in the block next to the sleeper, and set a code on it. When the sleeper wakes up, it does a short scan for PathingCubes to look for a code to use. If it finds one, it'll auto-set its PathingCode cvar to that code, and begin patrolling.
  7. The Advanced Scrapping recipes make a new in-memory recipe to handle giving the output. I'll take a look and scrap a can and see what I can get, and see if it makes sense. It should be possible to toggle on and off, with only a restart for the effects to take effect.
  8. For Localization, please see the bottom half of this post:
  9. This mod would require using the DMT tool, and building the mod in. Some people have tried to move the xui element way off screen so its a bit safer to use. I'm not familiar with that method.
  10. [HarmonyPatch(typeof(XUiC_CollectedItemList))] [HarmonyPatch("AddIconNotification")] public class SphereII_XPIconRemover { static bool Prefix() { return false; } } You could create your own Harmony Modlet with this code.
  11. Log File? Did you do an update of the latest 0-SphereIICore?
  12. Its the 0-SphereIICore causing the issue. You could still include the Legacy Distant Terrain mod on your clients, and turn off EAC, and have it work for you.
  13. The 0-SphereIICore isn't save-game safe, so if you include it, or remove it, you'll need a new world
  14. Was this on a brand new world?
  15. It should compile and run even with it. I'd have to see your full log to even make a guess on what the issue will be. It's been awhile since I was on A18.4, but it all worked last time.
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