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  1. I would like to see the adding of a thirst and hunger bar above the stamina and health bar, along with a better system for temperature. Going to the character screen to find out how hungry, thirsty or how hot, cold you are can be a bind, especially when it takes time to load in the visualisation of your character in their gear. Not everyone uses degrees Fahrenheit and I am sure the figures are out. http://www.webmd.boots.com/a-to-z-guides/normal-body-temperature My character has recently survived being at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_body_temperature
  2. I came too feeling cold, the sun dazzled my eyes and reflected off the white snow to my left and right. (Where the hell am I?) Ahead a wrecked car had strewn its contents on the road. (had I been in a car accident?) (Where are my clothes?) That is when I noticed the body. Drowsily I staggered forward, (Who was this guy?) (Who the hell was I?) searching through the wreckage I found a few things and put them in a handy bag I had on my back which already contained some water and food. (Had I been naked rambling?) {Suddenly I had the urge to gather some grass and make myself some clothes out of the grass fibres. Then I crafted a stone axe for some reason.} Looking around I decided to follow the road South, perhaps I could find a house and call for help. Eventually the snow petered out and a rolling grass plain stretched out before me, then I saw movement. (Hey, I need help here.) The figure turned, that's when I noticed its face. Gums and teeth grinned unceasingly at me as the rag torn figure lumbered towards me groaning. (WTF!) I ran. I do not remember how far, I just remember collapsing to the ground exhausted. (What the hell was that!) I looked around and saw feathers poking out of a nest on the ground. Scooping them up I had an idea. Using my stone axe, I chopped down a huge tree and smashed a boulder to smithereens. Using more grass I fashioned a bow and fletched some arrows. {How I knew how to do this I have no idea.} Following a road I found a house, around it two more grotesque figures shambled. (Either this was a zombie comic-con convention being held in the outdoors or some really surreal ♥♥♥♥ was going down.) I strung an arrow to my bow and drew it back, "Thwack" went the string and the arrow sailed through the air, landing deep in the beasts chest. It staggered, half of me thought (What the hell am I doing?) any moment the guy would rip off his mask and I would be in deep trouble...he didn`t, he took the arrow with a stagger and then surged forward. I hastily strung another arrow and loosed it at his head. Blood spurted skyward like a fountain, the torso writhed before collapsing to the ground still. Transfixed I didn't hear the other zombie close to within breathing range. My heart jumped as I leapt backwards fumbling for another arrow to nock. {I could really do with a quiver} This zombie looked bloated, its guns looked like it had worked out in the gym a lot. I rallied my nerves and took aim. "Thwack" the arrow flew by its head..(Oh poo) running backwards I notched {No MC reference here} another arrow and at point blank range loosed it into the fat gut of the beast. It staggered then came at me again. "Thwack" "thwack" "thwack" the lumbering beast fell, planting its face into the dirt motionless. By now I needed somewhere to lie down. The house looked the obvious choice. Sneaking in I held a wooden club I had fashioned out of the tree trunk and began to search tentatively. Finding some worn clothes and a few useful items I stepped back outside and gathered some cotton plants to fashion a bedroll. It was in that house I spent my first night, listening in the dark at every sound or scuffle unable to sleep. As if in a dream or due to traumatic stress, a portion of my previous life came to me. (I know how to make concrete) All I needed now was concrete mixer.
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