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"breadcrumbs"... comes from the Hansel & Gretal story about leaving a 'trail of breadcrumbs' so you don't get lost in the woods.

In 7-days:

Breadcrumbs is an invisible "trail" that your character leaves. The zombies will be able to 'sense' this "breadcrumb trail".

So if you live in a deep cave, or up in a high building... now you will leave a "heat marker" that the zombies will follow . The more you use the path.. or the more recently you have used it... the stronger the "heat signature".


So whereas, before, you could feel safe in obscure hidey-holes... now you can expect house calls from zombies :)


I knew what they where from hansel and gretal, but I was unsure about how it was going to be effecting the game, but that sounds fun, and would walking around with meat increase they strength of these "breadcrumbs"?

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I remember playing in 9.3. I found this cabin at the lake in Naz. I had to break down the door. I patched it up and on my first night I heard this

"Helllloooo" just before this cheerleader zed came smashing through the door. Killed it quickly.


After a few days of scrounging I got cocky and made more noise than I should. The next think I know I get raided by a whole group of zombies including dogs.

They had almost broke down the door so I open it and start blasting. My pistol broke on me so I switched over to my ax but I was not fast enough and got hit by the last two zeds. I managed to kill them but died myself. Bled out. I got killed a few more times running back to the cabin.

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My first one was also back in 9.3. I was really new and the settings were so hard that I did not last seven seconds much less seven days.

So I turned zombies off till I learned the basics. I wondered Naz till I found a camp fire at a logging camp north west of the high school. (I did know how to make camp fires yet.)


I foraged and slowly learned how the game worked before adding zombies.


I set up a wall around the camp with medal boxes. Made two mistakes. The first was that the wall was only one block high and the other is that I did not realize that POI's were spawning points for zeds. So this camp that I had made a base was suddenly flooded with zeds. Thankfully it was the day time.


Latter I built a house on stilts. I did not know anything about S.I. or block resistance and ended up using logs and those cheap bricks (paver)(both had the lowest defense rate. Used the brick paver for the legs.


It was at night and I attracted some zeds that ran over. I got attacked by some buzzing thing on the roof. I latter found out it was a bee. Never saw it before. Then was surprised again when a zed (later found out it was a spider zombie) was looking at me on the second floor through the windows. Did not realize at the time that they could climb and so did not make the window small. It busted through and I shot it with my pistol.


Meanwhile. The zombies tore through the floor of my house on stilts only two blocks high. I could see them below. I was in the proses of repairing the floor when I heard this crashing sound and I was on the ground. I could not run. Must have been stunned. Got pounded and killed.


Latter when I got back I found that three out of the four legs were gone and so was the building I was in. That's when I soon learned about SI in the game.

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I guess for me it would be my last playthrough. Instead of doing my usual nomadic playstle, I decided to actually start base building. First attempt was ok, just the bog standard house with a wall around it. Eventually I got sick of having to spend so much time on maintenance. So I decided to make an underground base. Started out as a simple hole in the ground, eventually that got boring. So I started to tunnel outwards until I made a decent sized bunker with three small rooms. At first the only defence I had was the wooden hatch and the stone and dirt surrounding me. Eventually I added wooden walls, a roof, and a floor. After a couple weeks it was upgraded to iron, and finally concrete. The doors and hatch were upgraded to vault doors and a vault hatch. After that, I built a small little concrete shack outside my bunkers hatch with metal bars to fight off zombies.


After this, I was pretty much safe, 6 hordes later, I started to get really bored. So I created a little mine. And just like the dwarves in LOTR, I delved too deeply and too greedily, only instead of finding the Balrog. The entire mine caved in, bringing my bunker with it.


Safe to say I went straight back to being a nomad after that.

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Nephew and i


So my nephew and I have been playing 7 days to die for some time now. We were on our usual newest map where neither of us have died yet. It was day 21 and we don't play cheats so we were out looking for lead, brass, coal and nitrate powder to craft some more ammo. Well we ended up in the wrong neighborhood and had to take on the largest horde of z's we've ever come across and had to take them out with our fire axes. After all was said and done, we counted 68 zombies and 12 dogs. It was a blood bath, and my nephew is only 11. I'm truly impressed with his skill and composure as my wingman.

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I was teamed up with this lady from California, and we were living inside a lake in an underwater base. All of a sudden, we hear explosions, someone was trying to raid our garden, and they'd get into our entrance! I told my teammate to open and close chests a lot, but in a random order to make it sound like we were grabbing all the good stuff to run, and I snuck out the back tunnel to my secret exit, which led to the roof of the garden through a cliff. We grew trees around the garden, so I had the perfect cover to take out my raiders and protect my crop. Perfect teamwork and strategy led to us taking down an opponent with twice the firepower we had.



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I wasn't really expecting such a suprise. I had already put a good 80 hours into the game and thought I had all the tricks figured out. One day I was running through the biomes. I was about 6 hours (game hours) away from any known towns and night was only a couple hours away. I could cut some wood and build a scrappy little shelter. But I was getting a little to brave, "bring the night on, I ain't scared, I'll take anything that comes my way". with 200 iron arrows for my Xbow, a blunderbuss with another 100 rounds, sledgehammer, machete, and a sniper rifle with a good 50 rounds I was feeling tough. Usually in the middle of nowhere I don't run into more then 5-6 Zombs, so I figured I'd just travel through the night and kill whatever came my way.


Night hits, I look up, oh ****, it's a red moon night!!! I messed up on my math!!! They wasted no time, I look behind me 20 zombies heading my way. But I'm feeling tough, so I start taking them on. Running and shooting. When all the sudden my guy gets stuck, "oh crap im getting eaten", while I was shooting the zombs behind me I walked into a horde of another 20 or so. I'm almost dead by the time I slip away and almost completely out of stamina. I run about 20 feet and bam I run out of stamina. So I'm having to shoot the Zombs that are getting closest to me in order to slow them down just long enough to build up some stamina that would only last maybe another 20 feet.


After running out of stamina for the tenth time, using two med kits because I started bleeding out twice, I'm now infected with the zombs disease, and a trail of 50 dead zombs behind me, there's only a couple left, "I'm going to make it!!! I'm going to live!!!", I got some stamina built up, so I turn around and run, when I run out, I turn back around to shoot some zombs, oh look at that, there's 30 of them right on my tail. WHERED THEY COME FROM!!! Just like that my "I'll take on an army" attitude flushed right out of me. I'm scared again, just like I was when I first started the game. I panic, luckily I have some cobblestone frames on me. I go into my inventory, all while being mauled by zombies. I build a cobblestone tower about 4 blocks high. Take another med kit because I was bleeding out once again. I'm thinking "the nights got to be almost over, I'll just wait it out". I look at the time, it's only one in the morning. OH ****!!!


I'm trying to fend my tower off but it seems like every zomb I kill is replaced. I run out of ammo, my tower falls, and I was violently mauled to death by 30 zombies. It was awesome.

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I was dressing a stag earlier today when suddenly I heard rapid footsteps. I looked around but nobody to be seen. About to go back to the carcass when a feral zombie emerges through the nearest bush and flings itself at me. I nearly dropped my mouse in surprise.


I had forgotten I'd modded that feral variation in :D

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Life and Death events happen all the time in 7D2D, sometimes they take on an emersion level that draws you in completely, and you are THERE.


My current game is the best game ever, not for the time of survival or number of kills, but my internal dialog and imagination have run wild!


Let me try to explain.


Day 1 started as a hundred other games have. But the night found me perched on a big rock with three sides covered by wooden blocks and the forth side open, to danger. Staring at the open side, I started to imagine zombies, hundreds of them running at me all of them too glad I was foolish to leave one side open! I quickly built another frame... a thought was growing: "You bastards are not going to kill me! Not this time!"


Day 2 was the turning point that changed everything and will be my new, permanent playstyle.

I found the underground bunker POI all by itself as far as the eye could see, which triggered thoughts: Who lived there? They KNEW trouble was coming, what happened?


It was then as I pinged away at the metal door, I could almost smell the wet concrete!


I found three guys there, two were half eaten and one was whole ... the story of there deaths was right there! One was infected and the other two were too loyal to kick him out in the wild.... I could see the events in my minds eye as the virus destroyed the bonds of love and friendship and the others did not put up a fight. Did the last one, feeling the Zombie corruption taking him over take is own life, with the last of his strength?





Ever since day 2, I kill the Zombies out of mercy now, were they still alive inside when they killed their loved ones, do they remember even now?


So, by God I will live, so that I can put them all to rest! Someday, maybe I will find the guy in the plane and everything will be back to normal, I could rest, close my eyes without them flying open at the slightest sound.


I will find peace there ...

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The Boy and the Bear


I bought a PS4 and a second tv just to play this game. In the first few days, my five year old wanted to see what I was doing upstairs. I restarted a fresh game to let him punch grass and run about a little, thinking at least there won't be any scary zombies that early on.


We spawned in the snow by the edge of the map at a house, and he was enjoying just walking around when I saw a bear across the road. I took the controller and tried to sneak back around the house when he said "Punch the bear in the butt, Daddy."


So I snuck up behind the bear and landed a solid right across it's ass. It roared and I took off back into the house while he was squealing "Run Daddy!" The bear chased me inside and up the stairs, where I punched out a window and jumped to the front awning and back to the street. The bear followed me out so I ran back in. After a couple laps, the bear lost interest and my son asked for the controller back.


"Where is the punch button, Daddy?"

"On the right side, under here."


He then walked back over to the bear and thwacked him again and ran a few yards away, but then he stopped and watched as the bear charged closer.


"You better run, he's gonna get you."

But he didn't move an inch. The bear took two swings and that was it.


"Why didn't you run?"

"I wanted to see what would happen if the bear ate your character." he said happily. "Let's do that again."

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"Why didn't you run?"

"I wanted to see what would happen if the bear ate your character." he said happily. "Let's do that again."


So cute, just like a kid. :) We are seeing our life flash before our eyes and they see the fun of letting Daddy die, safe in the knowledge that Daddy is really still alive.

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Mistakes were made...


One day, I had decided to get an air drop. I was in need of some first aid kits after i had visited Deirsville. I had managed to track the air drop right next to the desert junkyard. When I started to open it however, I notice a big furry blob in the corner of the screen, and it was getting bigger. By the time I managed to loot the air drop, the bear had already suplexed me into the ground. As i started to panic, I limped into the junk yard. When i saw the guard dogs, I new i was dead. After being passed around by the bear and the 3 dogs, I awoke to find that I had 1 hour till horde night (day 7). Best part was i didn't put down a bed roll so i was in the middle of no where. The only thing I had on me was 12 med kits, 15 beer, a bow, 31 iron arrows, and a torch. I did the best I could by kiting the zombies about with my bow until I ran out of arrows. Then the real fun started... I used my fists to kill the zombies. I spent the whole night trying to kill them. I managed to kill them all, but I found out that i had no more med kits.


That was the day I realized that fists aren't great to use on zombies...

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The Collapse


Ok, so I got this for PS4, it's still my first playthrough and I'm on day 63 alone, and doing well. I have a good system going with a main supply base in the snowy wastes to the north, and I spend my nights in an old expendable lodge up the road. The kind with the stairs on the outside to the second floor and the roofed balcony.


Anyway, this old building had seen better days, with part of the ground floor in tatters and balcony half gone already due to nights of sustained puke attacks. This night was going to be a red moon night, so I decided this old place probably needed some reinforcing, so for the whole day I set about upgrading the wooden walls , putting up defences and digging a spike trench around the perimeter, right up until it was almost horde time.


Quickly I retreated to the second floor, removed the ladder and replaced the blocks in the entrance gap before walking out onto the balcony to get a better look as ten o'clock hit. As if on cue, for seemingly no reason whatsoever, I see blocks of wood fly past me as the entire balcony pulsates. It's collapsing!!


All at once I'm tumbling to the ground level as wood piles up around me. Disorientated and confused I look up and realise I'm still alive and seemingly unhurt, but at the same time the whole lodge seems to be collapsing around me! I have no time to react though as I see through the falling debris the tall pale frames of three Ferals slinking forwards, inside the room!


I don't know if they're responsible for the collapse nor do I have time to ponder on the subject. I only know I'm in deep doo-doo, and I need to get out, fast! I take off, out through the front door, taking hits along the way that would have killed most I'm sure, all while swamped by Ferals and regular infected who had somehow bypassed my trenches.


All at once I'm free, running down the road, leaving the rumble behind me... but... after about forty meters something within me calls out for blood. I have hid and ran every single time. And for what? To be chased again? To lose another base to the hordes? Not this time!


I turned, readied my Magnum, and returned to the half a lodge that remained, drawing the zombies out in smaller groups at a time and picking them off for the rest of the night.


By morning, I had killed at least six Ferals, seven Cops and over twenty normals and dogs, but the lodge was now missing one whole side...


It's now a week later and the lodge has been rebuilt from the ground up, and the latest Feral horde didn't even reach the walls before succumbing to spikes and gunfire. Yes, I'm doing well, for now...

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This was basically my review some years ago


There was this one time I was playing random gen, just when character customization was introduced I believe.

So, I'm scavving in a wasteland city, I came across one of those massive hotels and I've broken into the bathroom of one of the flats, I noticed there were glass shower blocks and I decided to break them with my stone axe. I saw that it dropped glass shards and I picked them up. Curiously, I put them in my hotbar and I accidentally ate them. And so, my adventure was cut short because of some stupid accident. Life lesson of the day: Don't eat glass, or you'll die.:acne:

probably one of my most memorable experiences and the most silly.:satellite:

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Alpha 8: I was on my first day on a server, just after A8 launched, so everyone on the server were fresh spawns. Anyways, I had a crossbow and a few bolts, but it was getting close to night. Stealth might have been in the game by then, I don't recall. Either way, I was terrified to be out in the dark that night, so I was happily surprised when I saw a wood house in a crevasse. This was before prefabs could be found outside of towns, so I knew a player had built it, but it had no door. I figured whoever built it hadn't finished it and had logged for the night, so I ran inside and placed a door real fast in case I was being chased by some zambies. I turned and saw two guys crouched in a corner pointing their crossbows at me.


We didn't say a word, and I didn't move my mouse for fear that they would shoot me and kill me. We sat like that all night until dawn, when I opened the door and ran out, never looking back. I don't know their names or if they were even at the keyboard all night, but man I'll never forget that pants-crapping moment. xD

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Thought I was prepared


Just have to say first, I did plenty of homework before picking up 7 days to die. My twin sister has had it since shortly after steam launch. I had read her review on steam, and swore to myself that I wouldn't be in the same boat. I actually ended up not picking the game up until March of this year. I picked it up in steam and while it was downloading, I started watching lets plays and beginner guides on youtube. Sadly I didn't listen to the one part that said Navezgane isn't always best for new players. That random gen can be easier for some.


So I went in and loaded into a snow biome, thinking well **** the one place I didn't want to spawn. I went north east on the road, and found a cabin. Thinking I would have a wonderful semi safe night night in it if the need arose. I looted the house, gathered some nearby trees, grass, and stone. I setup on the second floor. As night neared I finally had my first bow and arrows. I didn't know just how much I would need it. Finally 12pm hits, I light my campfire to avoid freezing to death.


With the fire lit so would begin my decent into madness. By noon, I hear movement outside. I convinced myself If I stayed crouching I would be okay. Without pause the groans roll in, it sounded like 2 or 3 outside. Then i'm suddenly sensed, and the attack begins. They are beating on the house, breaking windows. I think to dart out the back door, but I know they can follow me. They can also certainly survive the cold longer too.


My mind begins to race, how do I get out of this? My twin will never let me live this down if I die!


I just start stacking frames, and break a hole through the roof. Now I can feel the cold air on my back, in my undies is not a great way to go. But i'm resolved to have anything but a zombie kill me. By 2pm they are through the outer wall and standing below me. I take a chance with the few arrows I have to take at least one of them with me. Lumberjacks I have learned a certain amount of hatred is needed to truly enjoy killing these ones. After 7 shots with my very poor quality bow, I rejoice as one is dead. I try to move them back to the front, to put me closer to my fire if need be. I thought I had 2 left, turns out I had 4 and not 3. So now I still have 3 to kill, and my arrows are almost gone by the time I have 2 left.


Time is now 2:45pm, I move to the back of the roof hoping to just jump down and run for it. But there is a not to friendly bear spitting distance from the back door. A moment of relief that I didn't bolt out the back door earlier. I look again to the north east, I see a line where the snow ends and some kind of brown ground starts. Thinking perhaps I could get lucky and have a better biome this close. I jumped down and ran for it. Laughing as I think I have gotten away from the zombies, to find a better place to spend the night.


Suddenly I am taking damage, I have found the radiation zone. FML I groan as I attempt to retreat. The last thing I see are the two lumberjacks stomping towards me. The world goes black, and I wake up in a forest. Second chances are always nice I think as I stand up. It is now 3:30pm, night is only 6 and a half hours away. I no longer have food or water, I cannot hope to retrieve my backpack before night fall. I make an attempt to gather supplies, but ultimately refuse to spend my first in a hole in the ground I dug. So I call it quits to try a random gen world, perhaps then I would stand a chance. Maybe Murphy is kinder in random gen. He sure got his laughs in on Navezgane.


I have found much more success and fun in random gen. Playing solo of with the Clone (twin sis). My sister and I both love horror survival and games related to zombies. Thank you so much fun pimps for making this game so wonderful. I already have over 100 hours played, and everyday it increases. I can't wait for all the changes yet to come!

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The farmhouse... early Alpha...


It was a warm clear day, me and my wife had been out harvesting corn and combing through trash along the road. We head back to the farmhouse as the evening approaches. We've made a nice little home in the attic, where we fight off zombies each night as they wander into our neighborhood. Perched in the attic window, I empty my 9mm into the walking corpses each night (when I am not off harvesting trees with my shot gun). This night seems off though, more zombies than I've ever seen are outside. They start wandering towards the farmhouse...


I fight them off as best as I can, my wife also taking shots and holding back the invasion. Soon the porch is gone and the front wall begins to cave. Zombies poor into the living room - as more continue to beat against the sides of the front of our fine little farmhouse... Then I hear a load collapse and the entire living room floor falls in with zombies tumbling into the basement. The second floor is not secured by the fact there is no way to get to the stairs without having super levitating skills.


Then it hits us, we have now the perfect fortress. Killing floor pit in the front, under our perch where we cut out some holes in the floor to shoot down on them... A strategy was born, still effective several Alphas, Model Updates, Unity Engine update and many added features later...


Killing floor pits.. Much Win, Much Wow!

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I was playing with my 2 irl friends. We decided to mine a cave in the side of a cliff in the wasteland to make our base. We had just placed our first door on the front of the cliff when we heard screaming coming from outside, and realized it was the fabled day 7. With barely no ammo, we decided the barricade ourselves in the best we could. We placed literally everything we could in front of the door to block the cave entrance, wood frames, metal frames, metal plates, wood stairs.. We even tore apart the cave roof we built to get wood supplies for reinforcements.


I was wondering why I we couldn't repair our structures fast enough, when I realized that one of my buddies had dug a small hole in the ground and buried himself alive in it. His funny self preservation strategy left the other two of us out to dry.


Before too long, we ran out of materials and were cowering in the dark corners of the cave and the zombies were pounding away outside still. Closing in on us every minute, we needed a plan, since hiding wasn't going to last. We sent our one guy who had all our mining tools, to make an escape tunnel around the side of the base. As he was digging, I was repairing the few walls we had left, the zombies arms beginning to claw through the holes.


Finally his tunnel broke out around the corner of the cliff and just in time too. We couldn't leave our friend in the hole behind so we quickly dug him out and the three of us escaped through the tunnel, emerging no more than 50 meters from our destroyed cave. The zombies chased after us down the tunnel but got clogged up in the narrow passage. All three of us made it out alive that night, and it was the last time we tried setting up in the wastelands.

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Survival story. Alpha 15 unstable Day 5.


I was in day five I think and getting late. I was spending time at the traders. The one in the pine forest and wanting to see if I really would be locked out at night. Well I did. The trader locked me out ten minutes before night. My base was located east of were I was. On the other side of the lake, miles from my positon.


So I did what any crazy survivalist would do. Drink a stimulate and run for it. ;)


It didn't take long till I heard the sounds of chased. I expected that. But what I did not expect is that these zombies don't give up. Well maybe some did but I have no idea. IT sounded like I was always being chased. Thankfully the simulate worked and I was able to run for miles around the lake, both keeping ahead and avoiding the zombies that popped up right in front of me. Really scary in the dead of night going at full speed and seeing some ugly sounding thing come charging strait at you.


I knew that my base that was a burned out house that I barley fortified would not stop them and I would be dead if they caught me.


I was getting desperate at this point. Then I had this crazy idea to jump in the lake that I spent so long running around. I realized two things. First zombies can't swim. Second, the water was really cold.

My body temperature was dropping fast and knew that if I didn't do anything soon that I would die of hyperthermia.


Then it happened. I accidently went under and while I was under I noticed that my body heat went back up. Not much. It was still freezing but at least I wasn't freezing to death. I kept doing that raising my body heat and only coming up long enough for air. I now remembered that water warms and cools more slowly in real life and this effect must have been added to the game.


I soon realized something else. Did you know that your bow works the same above the water as it does below??? It was like shooting fish in a barrel. I took care of the group of zeds and swam ashore and snuck to my base. Got warm and waited for daylight.



While waiting I put my time to good use and worked quietly on my skills. Things like grinding tools

(the thing that Madmole thinks is little girl stuff) and reading up on skill points and knowing what they do.


In the morning I went back out and continued exploring.

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My Survival story.2 Alpha 15 unstable. Day 7 (The night of the red moon).


Just to note. I have yet to see a red moon. It's always storms that night and I don't get to see it.


Anyways I am working on a base in the Maple forest which was made out of cobblestone blocks. I chose this matereal because it is easier to make in my opinion and is stronger than brick. I how the walls three blocks high and had to really work on it to get it there working from a base located miles away to the east on the other side of a long lake.

Well it's 9:30pm and I am rushing to bring in the supply's that I had outside. It took longed than expected and I never seen a seven day hoard attack like this. At the stoke of 10pm I heard them and before I could close anything the zombies came poring in. I had no door, I was not prepared, still carrying in supply's from outside and trying to close the gap. no way to climb the wall to get out. The only exit was the one that the zombies were poring though. I ran around realizing that I had seconds to live.


I did something really crazy. I ran though the gap. True I took a few hits but I managed to get out of my own death trap and jump into the river located just in front of my base. This short river led to a small lake (Spillaway lake) I think. The zombies followed me and I took a few hits so I had to stay in the center of the water were it was deepest.


I knew there was a standalone pier in the lake so I swam to it hoping to spend the night. These standalone wharfs or pier are not pontoons. Rather they are on stilts. So they can fall if enough supports are taken out. They also have two ladders but only one of them works. The one on the end of the pier. Neither latter goes all the way down (and why should it) so zombies can't climb them.


I climbed up and started to freeze. Soaked to the skin I broke down a door and got inside. I started to warm up some. Using what I had on me when I had to run and some materials from the building. I was able to make a door which seemed to help me stay warmer.


I stayed the whole night. Doing things to stay busy. I just happened to have some upgraded pieces for my pistol to I worked on that. I also swam and watched what the zombies were doing. They knocked out some supports but I was still safe. The hoard of six or so stayed at the bottom all night. In the morning I swam ashore. Got hit in the back so sprinted/swam and took care of them on the land. I could have shot them but did not want to waist the ammo. Plus I would lose the loot they might be carrying.


You can also harvest there copses for rotten meat (needed stuff for fertilizer), bone and fat from them.


These narrow escapes are a lot of fun.

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Short story Alpha 12 daytime.


One time I raided Shotgun messiah and the place was surrounded by zombies including both dogs and cop ones. I happen to find this augur and with it drilled through a wall and charged past the zombies, augur running. Using it to clear a path through the zeds.

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Zombie Bait...


its another RWG day, day 1 to be specific and I just finished the starter quest and slowly working my way towards the trader about 10 clicks S by SE from my location.


killing and looting along the way and making stone axes and clubs in groups of five to raise my skills. Since I started in the desert I stocked up on ALOE, Yucca fruit and fiber and making ALOE cream as well


I finally have enough hides to make a bellows and than a poncho. these are great for the -20F and also for rain days.


level 5 and stopping for the night, found a cabin, clear the Zs and crafting/crouching till morning.


4am start my run again, I see the trader finally over the hill, I am now in full sprint in the grass biome.


Baam!! I run right into a big ass bear who proceeds to stun and dismantle me.


Welcome to day 2!

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