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  1. I will try typing dm then We. This is my normal game it happens in, no special menu like where you can summon zombies or can teleport or set time. It's like I'm playing my normal game all normal stuff just completely unkillable with the little buff telling me so. Thanks, typing dm in the console then q did infact work.
  2. This should probably go here rather than the other page.
  3. Tried editing tools, broke my game. Keeps me stuck in God mode. Steps: Started a new game played for a few hours. Decided to check out the map a little and clicked on editing tools. Clicked world editor Clicked "Pregen02" Flew around a bit, noticed that I was holding all my regular inventory. I thought that was wierd but quit out after I found a trader. Started up my game again and was stuck in God mode. I'm kind of sad I could ruin my game like that with no indication that everything would be instantly broken. TFP any help????
  4. TFP long loong looong time player here just wanted to chime in. Finally played some real time in 17.1 and it is very good. Positives: Zombies jog on normal nights walk during the day and Sprint during blood moons. This makes for a great middle ground when playing with my wife. Guns! And steel ammo. Finally I am shooting zombies with the guns I find. Before ammo was so rare it was late game before I actually allowed myself to use guns for regular zombies. The pois are great, I was a bit worried about the "dungeon" aspect being cheesey but you guys did it well. There are 1 or two things I would change but overall I think the game now finally feels like a finished product. It still needs polish and balancing and I would still love updates and new content but I'm very happy with how it has turned out.
  5. Yes make a mod request. It's relatively easy to mod out.
  6. No no no no!!!!!! The random wepon parts was the worst most nonsensical system ever. Guns don't go bad. Gun parts are never stored separately. Parts are not interchangeable unless the guns are the exact same make and model.
  7. Can one of the devs explain why I need to punch my corn to harvest it? Really not understanding that design change. I still am not a huge fan of elimination of fertilizer either.
  8. BTW I am enjoying the game in a 17 overall. Just wanted to mention that in with my attempted constructive criticism. Game has bugs and balance to work out but it's feeling pretty good.
  9. O really? I must have missed that part. Ok then that solves the leveling problem. You have to grind to get 20 and iron tools, as long as you can kill zombies and level up all you want that's vaid design.
  10. Another piece of feedback, I'm feeling that stamina is not very clearly explained. Or simply doesn't feel right. It feels like my stamina is never going to be full. I wish that it only got "damaged" when I was under 50% hungry or thirsty. Also @madmole I really like your level up skills system. But it feels a bit too hit and miss. There are too many points required and levels are far too high for many of the perks. I'm not looking at the game to know for sure but I believe there is something like 50 points required to Max out your "special" And then there are an additional ±50 points to Max out the perks under a specific special attribute. Along with this you are not going to be able to get any of the unique perk levels until you are level 60+ by that time most of them won't be really that impressive. The concept of requiring level 100 (max level) for so many perks and stats means that we are going to have to stop spending any points for 20+ levels just to buy what we want at level 100 when they finally unlock. Long story short, giving us less than 1/2 the points required to Max out our characters AND adding random level gates to skills and perks doesn't make for fun progression. Either open it up so we can focus on what ever we want, if we end up being a no combat master tool maker by level 20 great. We are very useful yet very weak at the same time. Or give us enough points to buy everything and keep the level gates in and we will just grind to become masters at survival. The way it is now there are only a few logical things to put your points in and I'm willing to bet once people learn the game 25%-50% of the perks will never be used simply because there are better options and because of level gates you will need to be level 60+ before some of the perks become interesting.
  11. Honestly it depends on the deal I'm getting. I'm guessing if someone comes offering 20 guns to me I would free up some capital to buy them. I would do so even more in the apocalypse. That being said it is a totally reasonable design decision. You can always come back in a few days and sell more.
  12. So far A17 is pretty good. Couple notes. The pallets of random items are very unintuitive. If I see a pallet of bags of cement it's awkward that I get virtually nothing from them. Melee feels kind of clunky, overall it's better but still is lacking. Ai is better and worse at the same time. It is obviously much better at getting to me. But some of the pathing makes no sense. It was kind of cool but still didn't make sense. A Zombie ran away then up stairs then attacked the floor to drop on me. It still got to me but it was odd. I really like the new skill system. But I don't like the arbitrary player level required to unlock things. It is definitely harder now though. Also THANK YOU for ditching gun parts.
  13. Really? Then please explain how they built that dump truck honest question here that didn't look possible.
  14. Adding recipies and new blocks doesn't count as modded? I still don't get the issue with building for fun part. I build quite a bit but never had issues with lcb. Idk how it ruins anything when I never used them. I'm assuming most of that is built in creative mode and it can now be saved and exported out via the new system.
  15. Did you say 5,000 players. Pretty sure if you had a 5,000 player base I would have at least heard of you. Looking at that stuff in your video it was not created in the default game anyway so what is the problem this is causing you?
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