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Skills and perks recommendations


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Hello everyone,

I got back into the game after a long break. I am loving it so far.


I would like to ask your suggestions/recommendations/experiences with skills and perks. What do you normally buy? What is most important/convenient? What works well together? What is most fun? What do you start with and what do you end with?



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No matter what what build/skill tree I decide to focus, I always go into strength a bit to get Sexual Tyranosaurus. I prefer to do melee as much as possible so the sustain is super helpful. 

1 point into master chief makes early game easier as you aren’t counting on RNG recipe drop the first couple days. 

One mistake I use to always make is going heavy into lucky loot early game. Since it’s a % boost it really doesn’t do anything the first 7 days or so until your game stage gets higher. 

At the end of they day go with what’s best for your play style. I always seem to go heavy into strength and intellect, because it feel like they are so many must have perks, but that is partially due to my play style. Great thing about this game is there are so many ways to play the game to have fun!


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I always start with a couple of points in Sexual Tyrannosaurus and try to max this out asap. The reduced stamina cost is really important to me early game and helps with resource management and combat.


I also will try to get a Forge on day 1 so if I don't find the schematic, I'll put a point into Advanced Engineering to ensure I have this.


By the second day, I'd like to have Iron tools so I also dump a point into Miner 69er to unlock them.


These would be the key starting points for me. From there, I usually go for increasing strength (as I main clubs), Living off the land (so I can start farming) and Grease Monkey to try and get a vehicle as soon as possible.

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My first four points almost always go to:


Living off the Land - Double the harvests is a huge benefit early game

Sexual Tyrannosaurus - Who doesn't need more stamina?

Lucky Looter - I've found it is majorly helpful, even early on.


The last one varies a bit but mostly Miner 69'er, sometimes a weapon, sometimes something else depending on the map and my starting location.  Well Insulated can be huge if you start in desert or snow and are leveling fast.  Advanced Engineering can be important if you like to jump to iron tools quickly or require other forge items.


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It depends on how I am playing the playthrough.  My previous game was Strength / Intelligent  where I could not use anything other than those items I crafted (if it wasn't craftable, I was able to use it)  so this is what I went by:


Early Game - Sledgehammer, Sex Rex, Miner 69er, Master Chef (Rank 1) ,Living off the Land (Rank 1), Salvage operations (Rank 1)

Mid to end of Game (I played until I died during blood horde so I only made it to Day 49 before I made a mistake) - Intelligence tree (Adv Engineering to Rank 3), Adventurer to Rank 3, Continue increase in Strength tree


My current playthrough I am going Agility / Knife so right now (I believe I am only on Day 4):

I am up to 2 levels with Knife,

All these are Rank 1 - Sex Rex, Adv Engineer, Master Chef, Natural Healing


It just depends on how you want to play the game but I tend to get the first rank of Master Chef, Living off the land, Advanced Engineering, and Sex Rex within the first week.

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for me its advance eng, live off land, sex rex leaving a spare , and i save up points from there. and save and earn as many dukes as i can


then we see what happens and what the rng gods provide 


when a useful weapon appears or a magazine with extra special perk like the one you get 20% to sprint on a hit with machine gun  then its time to spend dukes and points to push hard into a theme.


current game had full set of machine gun mags before horde 2 on 2hr days.  bought a lvl 1 tac rifle about day 2, still using it, and have maxed int and adv eng and robotics, none in fortitude.l, that will be after str and more mining perks as i gonna need bullets. theme is lots if automatic weapons mwah ha ha ha


most playthroughs are different but it feels like my character has a bit of bite from early on

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