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  1. If spending a skill point is to big of deal my suggestion would be to loot a couple gas stations. Did a play through once and after looting 3 of them I had enough for a bike and it was only day 2 🙂
  2. Normally I spend the first few days in an existing POI and then I build a base by day 7 that is my everything base. I’m very plain and basic by just building a square structure. Normally I have a basement main floor and 2nd story. I’ll add to it as time goes like outer towers/walls... underground tunnels to get to other parts of the base and to run electricity. im not very creative but it gets the job done...
  3. I’ve never understood aim assist. Does getting assisted every time you shoot really make you feel accomplished with your skill level?
  4. I remember something like this happening in A17 if you jumped off your bike to soon and it ran you over. I would assume it’s a bug saying you are stunned like a Zombie (getting knocked down).
  5. Interesting stat with the hatch. Zombies being able to go in between 1 block holes might fix this. Also I’ve never built a hatch base as I like to just build 4 walls and defend on top.
  6. Is this a @%$#ing trap?
  7. They are getting combined into 1 biome...
  8. Random gen updates in A20 will give us so many more options similar to nitro. They also said they’re working on the maps generate 1 min per square KM.
  9. Saw it on Twitter as well. It’s a song Rick from the funpimps put out with his band.
  10. Maybe don’t push E next time? Every survival game I’ve played always use E to exit as well as major games like battlefield. And yes if you hit it in mid air you will fall do your death lol... if you don’t like it change it. No need to act like you are 4 years old when every game works like this lol
  11. Alpha 20 will give us the ability to select quests from previous tiers. Prime mention in the last stream we will have the ability to do this. Not sure if each page will have 5 quests per tier, but Atleast that’s a start. Also currently when you go to accept the quest it does give what location the quest is for. Yea, it is the file name, but they will be changing that at some point to..
  12. No matter what what build/skill tree I decide to focus, I always go into strength a bit to get Sexual Tyranosaurus. I prefer to do melee as much as possible so the sustain is super helpful. 1 point into master chief makes early game easier as you aren’t counting on RNG recipe drop the first couple days. One mistake I use to always make is going heavy into lucky loot early game. Since it’s a % boost it really doesn’t do anything the first 7 days or so until your game stage gets higher. At the end of they day go with what’s best for your play style. I always seem to go he
  13. With the new random gen how will the traders work with the new districts? It was mentioned in the last stream there might be 2 traders in the forest, and then 1 per the other biomes. I guess the question I have is will the traders still be in the cities or will they move back out in the “country” so to speak like A17? I defiantly think them moving out of the city would help make the trader quest more valuable as it would be harder to find them.
  14. Had this alpha 16 preview video come up in my YouTube feed. Any chance we get this flamethrower trap added to the game? Looks like a model was made at one point in time.
  15. So with the change to armor/clothing will the night vision goggles be moved to a helmet mod like the headlight?
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