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  1. So I’ve played 4 hours (4 in game days) of A20 so far. Overall I think it’s much improvement from A19, but will say spawns are hit and miss at times. I’ve had times running through town where I don’t see, but 1 or 2… but again I’m running through town and zombies are walking… might not be a lack of Zeds, but the fact I’m faster. With Feral sense set to “all” I don’t feel I can go into town at night atm. I tried to do a tier 2 restore power and had to go through down town… short story is I couldn’t make it due to 15+ zeds running at me and ended up dying. So that is a good improvement imo… Are spawns as good as alphas 1-12? No, but I think it is much better than A19 and I’m sure things may get tweaked a bit more.
  2. Wow… just wow!!! This alpha was so worth the wait!!! Could write a book of the fun things in my few hour play session tonight. one highlight was finishing a downtown filler quest right when the time hit 22:00… we were stuck for a few in game hours as there were so many spawned zombies trying to get to us (we have feral sense turned to all). After we killed a bunch of Zeds we finally jumped out a window to get to our bike and made a run for it! PS… also having so much fun with the new POi’s. Don’t want to give spoilers so I’ll keep it vague. Had a small POI on edge of town that I though would be an easy tier 1, and thought I could handle at night on day 2… ended up being bigger than expected and got wrecked lol… Thank you Fun Pimps for all the hard work!!!!
  3. I get it sucks to wait another week, but since you've been waiting 1.5 years what is 1 more week. That is like 1.2% of the time you've waited.
  4. Yeah I get that, but can’t you just destroy the door and replace it?
  5. @Laz Man Are there plans to add the switches/triggers to most existing POI’s? Also roughly how many POI’s are questable with the restore power quest type? I noticed in a stream there were some from the trader, but were 3+ kilometers away… I’m assuming this will improve the more POI’s get this quest type? P.S. love all the work you and team have put into the new POI’s. Can’t wait till Monday!!!
  6. @faatal Is there going to be something displayed on the HUD when going into the different Biomes that show the modifier, Or will this be all hidden and behind the scenes so to speak?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked already. They stated in the stream that 25 HD zombies have been completed since A19. Does this include the ones done in A19, or is this in addition to what was completed for A19?
  8. Yeah, the pics that have been posted on A20’s RWG have been amazing and I know those have only just scratched the surface from afar… Our current game is the first game I haven’t gone into the intellect skill tree. Before I thought the crafting skills were must have, but I have been proven wrong. Only schematic we had trouble finding was the chemistry station. My next challenge will be avoiding the strength tree. Not sure how much I’ll like not having the mining perks, and reduced stam cost… 🙂
  9. So I've been playing 7DTD since Alpha 11 and is by far my favorite game. I mainly play Co-op with my wife, but also play solo here and there. A problem we've had with A18-A19 is getting board after day 30-40ish. Usually we get to the point of having all level 5 (some level 6) tier 3 weapons/tools, endless food/crafting supplies, and our base nearly complete. Yes we have some weapons/tools that we still need to get level 6, but there are only a hand full of tier 4 and 5 POI's that doing them over and over gets old quick. The tier 1-3's can be quite dull as well since we have almost all max weapons/skills and are not "challenging" enough. Usually we just start over and changes a few settings to change things up. We normally don't have many hoards with Demolishers since we start over before we really get to them. Our current game we are doing hoard every night which has been a blast since have been fighting the Demolisher for about 10 days now, but are once again reaching the point of just waiting every night for the hoard since we have almost max gear/supplies. I feel like A20 with address some of the dullness we've had with the game with Random Gen, new POI's, new loot progressions (pipe weapons), Biome difficulties, power quests, etc... In the meantime though what is everyone else doing when you get to "End Game"? Do you start over or is there something you do to keep you busy or find fun in doing?
  10. If spending a skill point is to big of deal my suggestion would be to loot a couple gas stations. Did a play through once and after looting 3 of them I had enough for a bike and it was only day 2 🙂
  11. Normally I spend the first few days in an existing POI and then I build a base by day 7 that is my everything base. I’m very plain and basic by just building a square structure. Normally I have a basement main floor and 2nd story. I’ll add to it as time goes like outer towers/walls... underground tunnels to get to other parts of the base and to run electricity. im not very creative but it gets the job done...
  12. I’ve never understood aim assist. Does getting assisted every time you shoot really make you feel accomplished with your skill level?
  13. I remember something like this happening in A17 if you jumped off your bike to soon and it ran you over. I would assume it’s a bug saying you are stunned like a Zombie (getting knocked down).
  14. Interesting stat with the hatch. Zombies being able to go in between 1 block holes might fix this. Also I’ve never built a hatch base as I like to just build 4 walls and defend on top.
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