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  1. thanks for replying - and @mm too, i saw your reply too i followed lazmans instructions to someone else and used the launcher to clear out old stuff and it is fine now. i reckon this is the best iteration yet in terms of eye candy and balance. love the new content too. well done tfp! the best game in the world definitely got better this week!
  2. anyone having trouble with quest to find trader? two out of two times both on pregen maps i follow the sprite and no trader... trying my own random gen now
  3. bro! my fave game ever is gonna be better. isnt that in itself awesome?
  4. I hit something on the motorbike the other day that made me do a 360 degree skid. that was unexpected. I was on a rampage smacking down any z I could find so was doing all sorts of random controller movements. one day I am going to build a loop de loop and see if a vehicle can go around it. I reckon that would be classy way to build a zombie proof vehicle entrance... I am assuming they cant walk on the roof yet.
  5. especially when backpedalling whilst fighting
  6. lol. tell that to the auzzie nrl
  7. bro. its not the size. its the fit.
  8. larry nivern! edit = help! - the winky face is following me!
  9. i hate this new format especiaespecially on mobile really HATE likes this is bs i dont need or care to know if others LIKE what i have to say. its my opinion and y'all just have to suck it up imo lol
  10. i wish the damned mechanics thought that way. just got an estimate for 3600 bucks to finish fixing the head on my ranger. aaargh
  11. fuel tank throttle fuel lines air filter fuel filter bearings handle kill switch spark plug primer bulb warranty lol and after thinking about it on the way home... hose clips pull cord dynamo (is that the thing that makes electrickery for the spark plug?) carburetor shear pin
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