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  1. kinda feel we know how to rush it and are planning a few moves ahead. a true survival scramble would start with the cheap blocks and upgrade as mats came to hand. then the xp is imho earned, you are figuring out the game and how to survive. for the long termers, we want a base (forge, w bench, chem station etc) operational stat. therefore there is a reduced gain for slamming down high end stuff. fair enuff i reckon. if you want to boost xp grind away upgrading then fill your boots. in contrast to what i just said - a great way to boost xp is to auger/chainsaw up sooo much stuff and turn it all into cobble and concrete and upgrade the living f&$k out of everything you can with a nail gun. oh yeah - with a learning elixer on. and you attract screamers while using motor tools...
  2. didnt they remove snowberries but leave in the plant?
  3. lol bro, having 4 sons, my kitchen IS a defensive perimeter!! protect the fridge!!!
  4. ok, just had a weird one started the game while modem was off but rebooting. usual 'start game offline' from steam launcher and 7dtd itself. loaded up and got the hand wiping and moaning like when you start a new game. i was in the middle of nowhere and had the starting stuff in inventory- at day 18ish and 3:48 in the morning. which is where i was at in the play thru, but i had been spawned in like a noob. quit and reloaded - same thing. ok, restart pc. windows had an update of course. (i do shut down every night so this is anew one) all settled after the win update, start 7dtd. steam had an update - dont think it was 7dtd as i had taken the new build first thing this morning. voila! back in my base surrounded by all my stuff. alls well that ends well, but sommat wasnt right... i doubt i could replicate that one...
  5. im glad im not the only one WoW !
  6. fixed. yoos are sooooooo far behind i see you have started to talk to yourself. dont believe the answers, they may be a little cray cray..
  7. why is this important? seems to me if you figure it out the game would be less x x could equal: interesting. tense on a horde night. exciting . rewarding to survive. fun. i just dont understand the need to fully unpack the ai so you can process the zombies. that seems to me the intent of this thread. what is the point of that? and thats a question not a criticism 🙂 and what about the ones that seem to run away? that cracks me up when that happens. is there some crossover between ai profiles or suchlike where a z inherits a coyote run like a @%$# urge. sniper rifle between the shoulder blades sorts them ha ha
  8. hey @roland looks like most of the gang is lurking around here and there any chance @madmole can come out and play?
  9. ha ha laughed at this heartily 1 i got/had a wife, sister, aunt, uncle, mother inlaw AND father inlaw who are/were teachers. i know how to deal with teachers. have done since i was about 10. and more importantly 2 why the hell would you argue with anyone unless you personally witnessed it or you can prove it with recognised science. aka wikipedia 😉 ha ha ha ha ha ha i see someone else knows how to deal with teachers
  10. ummmm... previous comments about grass.
  11. show me a brick wall so i can bang someone's head against it! whatever attribute you choose to max out, you will run out of perks to buy before it gets too tough. for arguments sake i choose to max out int first. i have steel. i have 2 turrets. i have better barter. i have lots. then i have all of these extra points to spend. what should i do? agility to max parkour and pistols to be john wick or knives to be a samurai strength for shotguns to be ash fort hoping for the m60 to be rambo (poor afganis @%$#ed over by russia then hollywood then usa...) you get the drift... i would peg maxing one tree at mid game. more serious stuff is coming. i worry more about support skills than i do about the chosen 'path'... in a pinch i would bash a z with a feather if it gave me that nth degree better damage... the goal is to survive btw, books seem to give the best overall qol pekrs imho hard to beat no encumbrance at night land mines dont detonate when stepped on cigar and more i forget right now.... cheers 🙂 hic
  12. sorry but i doubt its kindness i would say its business
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