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  1. god no now i cant get that out of my brain. my blurry morning eyes first read that as snowdog and his testicles its gonna be a bad day...
  2. i was a bit slow sorry. been a long week. but sometimes the insiders do let things slip...
  3. hold on. bears, check dogs, check wolves, check coyotes, check snakes, check vultures, check lions?? did i miss something?
  4. personally i decide what sort of game i want to play before i start. current is to build a base that can defend itself without my help. therefore i chose strength first, for mining, straight to lvl7 to max miner and mother. sex rex and masterchef are nice qol gate openers. then int lvl 10 to guarantee steel and the crafting efficiency and turrets to get 2 going at once and of course a motor bike. im level 55 ish now and dont have anything i feel i NEED to perk into. i have started on the rifles and penetrator as that really sorts them out if you build kill corridors ( with sledges to knock them off the walkway down to bedrock where they have to climb up past heaps of smg turrets ha ha. any way to my point.... skill trees work well together if you have a goal in mind. you are your own team i suppose and ill say it again, weapons work just fine without perks. just takes a few more shots is all. and for the zds lying down topic that's also going on, double tap. i shoot lots of zombies lying down and i also shoot a lot of dead zombies, and i dont often get surprised... actually i mèlee single normals, and swpa to guns only if it looks dicey. steel axe one shots most low level zds. and thankfully there are plenty of wandering hordes still. smg turrets normally let me know its play time ( if i can get there in time.) and shot gun turrets are awsome for keeping vultures off the roof on horde nights. god this game is awesome
  5. how many hits with feather would it take?
  6. i must not have explained myself correctly. i didnt mean perking in doesnt matter or make a difference. i meant why choose to not use a weapon just because it is not a an uber god slayer. current game i am on i am using a lvl 1 pistol when char is lvl 25ish. it still drops them fine is all im saying. of course ill probably up a weapon speciality later on, or a few. or none. or that could be the point in this play thru. mabe the base defenses have to stand on their own.... i have discovered that a steel axe fs them up real good with maxed miner 69er when looting. thats 0% ammo expenditure. in fact its an ammo profit situation 🙂 there you go. minimumed that out the park lol
  7. i am a min maxer if being honest but dont understand the problem some have with using a so called weaker weapon. lets say a zombie has 100 hp and a weapon does 50 damage. it takes 2 shots to drop a z. then you perk in the weapon and it does an extra 40 damage. first shot 90 second another 90. still 2 shots... a bit simple but you get the idea.
  8. i must admit i tried. btw the worst trolling i have had involved a wrench...
  9. believe me, if i had to listen to duran duran id want to die i was thinking an in game stereo super system radio for in home base for ambient music - and a lot of time is spent crafting, getting a beer, building, texting organising the nect fishing trip and all sorts of family maintenance tasks plus car stereo mod to listen while driving - and a lot of time is spent driving by many plus headphones for when mining, or running - and a lot of time is spent mining and or running by many plus many cool ideas that others come up with my main idea is you can adjust volumes in specific settings, and have it quiet when elements are deliberately absent. jump out the car and it is quiet. you get the drift just interested in the current feeling is all. im surprised by the number of responses tbh
  10. saw a reference in a conversation about an old topic on instant travel. i must have missed that one. so what do folks reckon now? personally i would pass on this one. would rather effort was spent on an in game stereo system that played your nominated spotify playlist...
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