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  1. honestly, have you tried running with 0 movement penalties and all possible speed and stamina buffs? i hear benny hill music playing in the back of my head...
  2. i get theflu. ha ha! i too like to run a lot early game. if you take all your clothes off, sorry armor, you run really fast on the way to say a distant quest. chuck in steroids, mega crush and perks and books and stuff, it can be quite fun. i like the unburdened at night book perk combined with mega crush as a funny way to run home loaded to the gunnels just after nightfall 🙂 especially with the college jacket. i think it could be as fast as a 4x4... seems like it and you can jump so go in a straight line and over fences etc. who would win? fully perked on foot vs 4x4 for 100m, 1000m, 10000m
  3. can you stone a chicken to death? in game i mean
  4. what @badman82 said @roland we need a new emoji please - one that simply indicates we agree with a post. not a like, mind you, more a, well, "i agree"
  5. ive just retired 2 days ago (at 50) for fishing purposes. i thoroughly recommend it
  6. im gonna guess and say within a tile they may connect if the poi has sewer connecty bits and it happens to line up with the tile sewer connecty bits but the sewers dont connect from tile to tile. but its only a guess.
  7. excellent! thanks for clearing that up 🙂
  8. hi @faatal and @roland i havent heard much about the 'events system' (or was it 'random events') that i think was meant to help make it feel as if there are more zombies around, and to trigger quests, and well, events.. has the feral sense taken this role?
  9. sorry, just space. google 'machete kills again in space'... nope. fixed reference above
  10. ill bring the grass, you bring the naked. both the 'she' type... and yes snowdog, you may bring your camera.
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