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  1. @%$# piss @%$# @%$# @%$# sucker mother @%$#er that about covers it who would have thought the the english language tape would end up being a test script... ha ha piss piss piss piss piss piss piss piss
  2. really? is "been there done that got the t shirt" that important?
  3. hmmmmmmm im quite protective of my leg.... as per avatar lol
  4. 30 secs digging in snow. water sorted.
  5. @madmole this has evolved into a most interesting thread how often have we built our game up to the point where we think we have either beaten the game or we are bored. imagine an OPTIONAL switch that says 'bring it on' flick that and trigger a non stop horde until we is ded. penalty on death is world deletion that is a super cool way to end a play thru.
  6. ha ha ha! this thread is funny 🙂 i dont use the gyro cause im old and slow to react and learn. plus it sucks on the controller, it simply doesnt respond to my magnificent mind control powers
  7. i gonna want lots of them, not just 1. 2 maybeeeeeeeee like junk turrets, 1 would have turned me off, 2 is freakin awesome
  8. i would love a spotlight variant that had a tighter spot but it swept back and forth like the junk turret currently does, either in a pattern or randomly. maybe choose a pattern and then aim it kind of like smg turrets even cooler if it locked on a target and followed it options like follow nearest furthest or stay locked on current
  9. blood from birds splatters over windscreen so you cant see where you are going? that would make it interestng...
  10. i dont like the current lock pick anyway. i dont think watching a timer go down that randomly fails is fun. especially when it burns thru all your picks and you have to smash it open anyway. i just smash them open. got a pick anyways so why waste a slot in inventory for picks or 2 if you gave jailbreakers. id rather it always worked, always cost a pick, and length of time got shorter with perks, or can only pick harder containers as you perk up. not the current rng frustration
  11. ? did i miss something? just got 10% xp loss from dying havent died in ages. how long has this been in and why?
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