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  1. ill have a go if theres no other choice dont fancy my chances though
  2. thank you for replying Roland. for me this quite a big issues. i dont feel like playing the way it is now.
  3. its just change bro. that makes most of us uneasy. imagine how different 7dtd 2 will be from a19. that makes me exited. how can the same process make me uneasy and exited at the same time? apart from me being a bit weird that is... answer? i dont know and cant be bothered working it out im still enjoying the ride as it changes. when it settles down, i will learn to mod it, and then the true fun begins. i got sooooo many ideas....
  4. for me its advance eng, live off land, sex rex leaving a spare , and i save up points from there. and save and earn as many dukes as i can then we see what happens and what the rng gods provide when a useful weapon appears or a magazine with extra special perk like the one you get 20% to sprint on a hit with machine gun then its time to spend dukes and points to push hard into a theme. current game had full set of machine gun mags before horde 2 on 2hr days. bought a lvl 1 tac rifle about day 2, still using it, and have maxed int and adv eng and robotics,
  5. @madmole i cant recall discussion about 'things' lying about in the world. currently some items are represented by a graphic that looks like the item for example an ak 47 when ypu drop it on the ground, and others are that brown bag thing. these things all despawn after a while. any reason against them persisting? i think it would be nice to have them on a shelf or table rather than have to put them in a storage container. of course more graphics for the ones currently with bags would be nice watched the latter part of the stream yesterday. is there
  6. is there an emoji where you roll your eyes up so far your head falls off backwards?
  7. really? the post that set this sheeite off, optimise a19 ahead of 20, looks like it will happen.... how stupid the rest of you look....
  8. ok wait. didnt see there was an update. i will retract my comment until i have a go on the new update.... ok tried it. i agree it is terrrible., cant drive in a straight line. this is NOT fun
  9. ok, bring it on,i can take it. i like the controls. except the gyro, i simply cant get that working. if i could i might actually use it. ok wait. didnt see there was an update. i will retract my comment until i have a go on the new update....
  10. nitro remote control, calls the vehicle to you. that would be hilarious on a bike self destruct via remote. great pvp trap ooga ooga horn junk collecter that picks up trashbags as you go including whats in them lawnower blades bullet proof glass mod to allow vehicle to run on grain alcohol or animal fat sawn off mufflers to wake them zds up
  11. ha! come to new zealand and drive on our roads. then you will see some jank roads and they are full of busses and damned camper vans too
  12. bloody and under done? same here blue in fact
  13. straight to bedrock under the home base. make smeltimg area. strike out on straight line until hit a pocket of ore dig up following the vein. dig back down clearing it out. not in one go, get enough for a while, maybe 10k. go back to base and strike out another direction to find the other ores. its a crap shoot and fantastic when you find one or more ores on the way down initially. once i have an auger then ill clear the whole lot out
  14. i build horde base from scratch, exactly so, symmetrical and perfect
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