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  1. silencer is hiding from me at the moment. makes me wonder if it is true rng or a random list of stuff is rolled at the beginning and they are extra hard to find. sounds like a #gazz thing....
  2. hmmm latest play thru on int and food is not a concern but a factor to be aware of. buckled and got living off land to get 2 from harvests. made a difference. rotten flesh seems less abundant therefore slower to build farm plots day 12 2 hr days and finally got enough farm plots and recipes and finding enough cans for fish tacos and sham chowder that i am starting to build a bit of a store so took 24 hrs of gameplay to get on top of it. balance feels right imo still eat out the store atm fast during a night of serious mining. thank god for black strap coffee . just found potatoe seed recipe so i think food woes over now i neeeeeeed gunpowder for day 14 as cops turned up in last wandering horde. gs must be increasing. man i need a crucible about now. int 10 and ramping up advanced engineering so will get it in time but will need to mine iron for a bit. im not panicked but am aware of the bits i need to survive, a noob would freak if they knew what was coming. 1600 hours game time so kinda know the ropes 🙂 kinda like the need to smelt. dunno why, just feels right to do it that way.
  3. how is these traders qiest supposed to work? the first few times i took a quest at first trader. when out and about would find another but they dont offer quests. do some quests for the first one and or horde night comes and goes then you get the special quest to the next trader, who now offers other quests. this time thru trader 1 has all quests over a km away. didnt take one as too far on day 1. messed about and managed to get motorbike day 6 miidday so thougjt race over there where i saw a big town and see if there is a trader and any good stuff before day 7 reset. there was and they offered quests. went bacm to first and got a quest from him too. before the special quest... should this happen?
  4. ha ha in other words stfu its a game
  5. one of those ones with a jelly tip?
  6. that apartment complex. is that the big bock of 7 stories or so with 4 apartments per level? thats a great nighttime activity that you can nicely fortify as you go to isolate the floors ahead and behind to give warning. loot the crap out of it for food and recipes in all those juicy kitchens. wrench everything for lots of materials with some nice stashes thrown in. perfect for the first night you get a head light. if its a different one then @%$# knows
  7. imho you are just too opinionated
  8. i seem to have stumbled on a horde base design that so far seems pretty much unbeatable. only done to day 21 and got bored to be honest. granted havent seen a demolisher yet but the puking cops are the only time i have been hit. and after the fight i only have about 2 minutes repair work. does one of the devs want me to pm the design? it seems to play on a pathing issue?feature?whatever. stand here and they line up there. stand there and they line up there instead. bunch up actually. the hardest part about mowing them down is compensating for recoil.
  9. ffs aĺl of you. this thing is far too complex to balance (whatever that means) to suit everone. just play the game and enjoy it. i start each game and see what the rmg offers then pick stats to suit in tandem with what mags i find every play thru is therefore different and FUN. stfu and play
  10. i think i have found a bit of an exploit. if you have a quest marker on a poi that you have previously cleared, activate the quest marker to reload/refresh ready tfor the quest. and quit and come back in. the poi is still refreshed and the quest marker is back. clear poi, reactivate quest marker, clear poi again. 3 clears for 1 poi. nice when its crack a book 🙂 *************************************** thanks for heads up but for now its allowed and hopefully will be addressed in a future alpha QA Tester-unholyjoe ***************************************
  11. funny how all discussion atm seems to be about balance which is gradients of settings rather than content, graphics or performance let alone glitches. .. saying that, nothing i have seen so far has given me cause to be interrupted or wrenched from the game zone things are looking as promising as i had hoped. im so looking forward to modding the final product! unless the weather improves and i get to go fishing. hint hint
  12. just started a playthrough on the latest build. i died 2 times in the first day!! i havent died for probably a year (i usually play dead is dead so am normally 100% committed to not dying) freaking dire wolf before lunch. i supposed that defined lunch actually. then got cornered and wrecked. than a bear underground got me down to 2 health. than a bear above ground got me to single digits again but with broken body bits. haha! great fun! that was on default and i normally turn things up a bit. bit of a shift so far with the guns harder to get. was lucky to dig up 2 treasure maps on day 7 (i had a l3 pistol but sod all rounds and no workstation amywhere at all). and found an ak and marksman rifle at the traders on the way home. would have stood absolutely no chance on horde night without that.
  13. thats because very little of any of this makes any sense at all. i defy you to disagree. lol
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