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  1. im gonna guess and say within a tile they may connect if the poi has sewer connecty bits and it happens to line up with the tile sewer connecty bits but the sewers dont connect from tile to tile. but its only a guess.
  2. excellent! thanks for clearing that up 🙂
  3. hi @faatal and @roland i havent heard much about the 'events system' (or was it 'random events') that i think was meant to help make it feel as if there are more zombies around, and to trigger quests, and well, events.. has the feral sense taken this role?
  4. sorry, just space. google 'machete kills again in space'... nope. fixed reference above
  5. ill bring the grass, you bring the naked. both the 'she' type... and yes snowdog, you may bring your camera.
  6. it would be nice if their corpses could be looted.
  7. lol! for me, mostly a straight shot that lands that i actually tried to do! spray and pray is my motto. others are perhaps a headshot while the z is jumping, or falling, or rag dolled after being shot. 3 in 1 shot with penetrator any other shot that after it happens you say to yourself if i could do 3 of those in a row that would be really cool yeah this is probably the case, although as above i dont really do it, it kinda just happens
  8. let me be clearer 🙂 i work hard in real life and have most of what i earn and work for taken in taxes, interest, rates, fees, commissions, levys etc. then there are the corporates that saturate us and our children with advertising crap to try and get what is left. if there is a mechanic in a game i am playing to enjoy, that takes away what i have spent my precious time and energy to build up (eg saving up dukes to get the 4x4 accessories to finish off the vehicle) that takes that resource earned after so much effort away... that is simply not fun @madmole - havent heard from you for a while bro, can you please calm me down
  9. honestly if they take my stuff and there is no option to stop that i will cease playing this game. there are enough a s s h o l e s irl taking my stuff that it does not appeal as a game play mechanic
  10. is it just me or do loot bags drop more frequently if you kill a z with what could be classified as a trick shot? it just seems that if i could watch a montage of zds dropping bags, they would on average be more entertaining and or lucky and or flat out gud kills rather than my standard 2 in the chest and 1 to finish them off on the ground. i do tend to simply process them in that way. remember 'spaced invaders'? please line up so we can execute you in an orderly manner
  11. simple. higher damage. it could mean the difference between having to use 2 or 3 bullets to drop them. even if it is 3 or 4 bullets, that drops them 25% faster, or 25% less bullets. yes more reloads but i find normally i only get in real trouble if i sm dumb and forget to reload straight away. i play pistols a lot and love it when your perks get to the point where it goes from 3 body shots to 2 for lesser zds to kill them. quick double tap with the second one killing them mid air lol.
  12. nah. at low gs the t5 buildings arent too hard and the loot is more abundant, if not a bit better also. and more zds so xp comes quicker.
  13. we all eat cat food and dog food irl. its called sausage. im picking most of us like sausage.
  14. lol. fishing bro, fishing... actually caught 1 of the 3 fish left on my bucket list yesterday. a 22lb bluenose 🙂 fishing seems to be going well at the moment.
  15. soooooo your new games are not exclusively multiplayer ? which by extension means should be able to played offline? that would please me immensely. i think your current model is perfect. i prefer sp and internet is limited...
  16. had a very special opportunity once to take my 4 boys to a shooting range to try out different guns. was supervised by 2 very experienced range masters, and my boys are proficient with a 12 gauge and a 22. goddamn rabbits. one of my proudest fatherly moments is when #4 at 10 years old was determined to unload the whole mag of a gloc. he tried but just couldnt hold the gun up for the last shot. they gently took it off him. yes we are all ba#&$#t crazy. btw he perked up when the next toy on offer was a fully auto slr...
  17. actually, hell yeah! hang on, is that a hint? an online multiplayer universe where you can be a survivor or a zombie, choose sides and slog it out?
  18. god no now i cant get that out of my brain. my blurry morning eyes first read that as snowdog and his testicles its gonna be a bad day...
  19. i was a bit slow sorry. been a long week. but sometimes the insiders do let things slip...
  20. hold on. bears, check dogs, check wolves, check coyotes, check snakes, check vultures, check lions?? did i miss something?
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