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  1. They already exist, it’s called not allowing thrm to play a game rated M
  2. okay……so do something about it. Mod it so you get the loot progression you want. It’s not hard to do. You might not like TFP vision, but they gave us the tools to change it the way we want to.
  3. which by my count is 1 person. 😄
  4. I am going hardcore. My modlet I am working on for Alpha 20, you can't get any guns from looting (just parts), you can't unlock the recipes via perks, and the only weapons that traders have are Q6 weapons at inflated prices. So you are going to have to track down the schematics for the weapons (which by the way only the traders sell and they all don't sell the same ones) and find enough parts to craft them. No more toilet pistols, no more toilet knives. It's going to be interesting to see how brutal it will be once I start playing with it.
  5. Depends on my avatar and how old they are 😁
  6. eh The company name is The Fun Pimps. Should they also change their name since pimps in real life objectify women?
  7. It's weird that people talk about motion sickness when gaming. I suffer from motion sickness in real life (have to take medicine when flying or riding in a car on long trips, no boating or rollercoaster activities for me). But I have never gotten sick from playing a video game. But I figure it is the same reason I never get motion sickness when I drive - I am in control, even when the game tries to say I am not in control 😉
  8. My endgame goal has always been watch the sun set and die of old age in this game. Unfortunately, the zombies never allow me to reach my end goals 😉
  9. Um check your hierarchy on your file. If you open the biomes.xml file, the first layer should be worldgeneration, not biomes. That is why your pathing is not working. I just loaded biomes in notepad++ <set xpath="/biomes/biome[@name='pine_forest']"> should be <set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome[@name='pine_forest']"> or you can try <set xpath="//biomes/biome[@name='pine_forest']">
  10. Sorry got to ask…If you are adding your block to the biome, would it be easier to just append the new block to the code rather than replace it all like you did in your blocks file?
  11. I am relatively new to modding, but if you are trying to modify the biomes config file, should it be in a file called biomes.xml in your mod, not called vanblam? I made changes to the trader file in my mod, so I created a trader.xml file that starts with <trader> and ends with <\trader>
  12. Hopefully someone will be able to assist you. Another possible link of information, this is for setting up servers like you described https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/7_Days_to_Die_Dedicated_Server You might already have seen this, but I didn't want to assume.
  13. might be helpful to provide some more information (game version, DF version, screenshots) so that Khaine has more information to help you. Also mods list in case you have a mod conflict going on.
  14. Couple of things (but take these with a grain of salt, I am a Noob when it comes to setting up servers) ST has a great pinned post on sever setups, especially ports Also, based on your error messages, have you tried reinstalling Steam as you may have some bad files there. Recommended action on the internet is to go into your Steam folder and delete everything but the steamapps folder (your installed games) and steam.exe. Then launch steam.exe and allow it to redownload all the files it needs.
  15. I have had playthroughs were I loaded up my 4x4, drove to a far away town, setup an outpost base with bench and forge, and just started looting the town. Then when it came close to BM night, load everything back up, drive back to my base location, upgrade and prep for the horde. Sometimes I would even just take over a sturdy POI for an one and done BM base.
  16. Did you make sure that your router ports are open to allow people to connect? Also, is anyone able to connect to this dedi server?
  17. You need to clone the 7D2D game with the version you want to stay at. ModLauncher does an excellent job of this, but you should be able to manually do it by just copying the current Steam folder for 7D2D into a new folder. Recommend you place the folder in a different location. I have copies of the game folder in D:/7D2D/ along with the original folder in D:/Steam/
  18. logfiles would really help. Otherwise we are just shooting in the dark hoping to get lucky.
  19. 🤔😬😒 Just the thought of creating a bunch of loot containers, then opening each one individually and writing down the results to check loot probability. With Alpha 20 just around the corner, I paused on my modlet creation for that reason alone. Still working on the code here and there, but I realized that it be best to wait until after A20 releases so I can see if I need to make any changes to my code before I start testing it out in the game. By then I hope to drop my OCD about writing down loot probability results via individual containers and just go with starting and ending numbers after X containers, especially if I decide to make X significant
  20. Past testing by Naz showed restricted 7D2D to physical cores only improved performance.
  21. Regarding bandits, I say we let the developers work on the code and not clutter up the development diary with doom and gloom on how they are going to work. The developers are pretty smart people, I am sure they are going to get it figured out.
  22. Can you post on how you did your schematics code? I checked khzmusik's code out and it should do it for all of them, including yours.
  23. List of information if you want people to help: List of all mods installed How you installed the mods Modlauncher or manual installation Copied game to new folder or just modified the base game What mods are not working What version where you on when you installed vs now What files did you modify or did you create a modlet Where are those file locations at Paste your console logs to see what errors you are getting
  24. You literally have given everyone nothing to help you on. No list of mods, no pastebin of logs. I doubt Steam was the culprit. We been on Alpha 19.6 b8 since the end of July. No new updates have been pushed by TFP since then.
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