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  1. Not sure if you tried these steps yet: 1) Open up Steam and click on the link at the upper right (labeled Steam). Select Check for Steam Client upgrades and see if it needs to download an update 2) Shutdown steam and relaunch it. And by shutdown, I mean shut the program down. Don't minimize it, select Exit. Open up Program Manager and make sure all instances of Steam have closed.
  2. 1 - we are not the military, we are one (or a few if Co-Op) person/people trying to survive the end of the world....and the lever action rifle was the rifle of the common person. 2 - The US has several signature weapons besides the AR15/M16. The M1911 pistol was a very popular sidearm in the US before being replaced by the Glock series. Remington was known as a very good manufacturer of shotguns and the Remington 870 pump action was popular. Lever action rifle was requested by a lot of players and it's signature feel / animation distinguishes it from the single shot rifles and assault rifles in the game already. Replacing it with just another assault rifle will cause us to lose something that is unique in this game (and replace it with something else we can play with in countless FPS out there). Lets just keep the weapons we have today in vanilla and maybe a modder will introduce weapons that you want down the road.
  3. In my mind, yes. In anyone else's, probably not ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Remember to wipe all your old data files when going to Alpha 20 ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. I thought it was just lootstage that changed via biome, not gamestage
  6. Are you sure they weren't just the military boots? I just checked both the loot and traders xml files and armorMilitaryStealthBoots are not in either of those files. It is a craftable only item in vanilla 7D2D that you can get to Quality 5. Search for armorMilitaryBoots Search for armorMilitaryStealthBoots If you are playing a modded game, they might have been added in those files.
  7. Not a link, but I can direct you there- Red banner link above, click on known issues link (The Known issues) in the thread to pull up Google matrix, row 231 (or just search for blades)
  8. More than likely (never done it myself). You should look at the items xml file for armor to see the tag for those bits and then just add it where you want to. Also, with the code above, you are doubling headshot damage by players at all times. If you look in the progression xml file, it shows how they do it based on leveling up attributes.
  9. You're welcome. If you decide to swap any guns to 44 cal, they would need the revolver tag to work correctly in regards to damage.
  10. Correct. LoTL 2 and 3 just speed up the process and reduce the costs for a bad harvest. - Clarification by costs I mean your ratio of harvests vs crops needed to convert seeds. I should have said your excess increases, not costs decreases.
  11. Good thing TFP didnโ€™t add the debuff โ€œsmall bladderโ€
  12. You got to add the 9mm tag to it. Look at the pistol for reference.
  13. It might be some time before a fix comes out for this issue. They (TFP QA) first have to confirm and reproduce the bug in their test games and then report the details out to the developers who will then start looking through the code to find what might be causing the issue. FYI This is a reported bug in the bug list
  14. BFT2020


    Heck, I am just glad they are using the terms cement and concrete correctly..... You got to take your victories, no matter how small they are ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. The thing is, in my mod, I removed all the recipes from the perks so you have to either find them in loot or buy them from the traders; yet I am still able to setup farms with Alpha20. It's all about patience. Until I find the seed recipes, I just plant the seeds I find while looting. Then once I get the recipe, I can convert my harvests into seeds to replant if I fall low on them.
  16. Farming now requires actual effort and you have a chance for failure. I typically start farming once I got LoTL at perk 2 and then start making a sustainable farm at LoTL 3.
  17. Pssst https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/consensus-mechanisms/pow/mining/ https://minerstat.com/miner/lolminer
  18. Maybe not mine ethereum while running a game that is known to use a lot of resources?
  19. Interesting. I was looking into the xml file for this and the question I have is, how is the layer depth specified between the very top layer and the bedrock area <layers> <layer depth="1" blockname="terrForestGround"/> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrDirt"/> <layer depth="*" blockname="terrStone"> <resource blockname="terrOreIron" prob="0.6500" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrGravel" prob="0.7830" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrBedrock"/> </layers> Would you just change the value * to a specific number? I assume that, when the game reads *, this is hard coded in the game files. If you were to change * to, say 10, that would override what the game normally does and would only go 10 layers down of stone / oreIron/Gravel after the top 4 layers, and then add the 3 layers of bedrock. After posting this, now I am thinking that wouldn't work as the game wants to make the bedrock at a specific distance down from 0 height. The * is used because of elevation changes at the surface so it would account for hills and such. That way, the game always specifies the bedrock layer as X, the top layer as 4 layers deep, and everything in between is filler to match the contour.
  20. This is the starter quest to get the survivor to go to the nearest trader in the pine forest <objective type="Goto" id="trader" value="5" phase="1"> <property name="biome_filter_type" value="OnlyBiome" /> <property name="biome_filter" value="pine_forest" /> <!-- <property name="biome_filter_type" value="ExcludeBiome" /> --> <!-- <property name="biome_filter" value="wasteland" /> --> <property name="nav_object" value="go_to_trader" /> </objective> The comment lines allow you to exclude specific biomes (in this case wasteland). You can comment out the first two and uncomment the ones that are and the quest will look for the nearest trader not in the wasteland So I believe you need something similar to start out the quest (since you are not going to a trader first) but I am not sure what values you would enter for ID or Value on the objective type
  21. I don't know man. If you connect the dots......... TFP changes farming where you have to replant each time and may not get seeds back..... TFP removes the farmer zombie from the game..... TFP increases the number of farms in the game....... We see additional farming equipment in the game, like combines...... Therefore, TFP is changing 7D2D to 7D2D: Farming simulator ๐Ÿ˜ /s
  22. That was my way to indicate action rather than words. I am not as hip as the young people with Social media so I probably using the wrong characters or something ๐Ÿ˜‰
  23. Safety first (If 7D2D had safety glasses in it, I would be wearing them in game) ๐Ÿ™‚
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